But Wasn’t That SHAZAM?

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  1. Teh Brawler

    She loves him, she knows she does

    • TLV

      She would love to beat him over the head with an Orphanite skillet, you mean. I would too.

      • Teh Brawler

        Don’t ruin my sense of romanticism!

        • MagicalSarai

          She does love him… it’s just going to take her some time to realize it.

          • TLV

            What he said.

  2. kennyfox


  3. Two_Twig

    I think you can also achieve that “realization” affect by just using spot dots and circles… or was that the effect of being drunk? I’m not entirely sure.

    • Kakurady

      I think three wide stripes emitting from the character’s head would probably do.

      • Dreama

        Using a “!” above the head works for me.

  4. cannon fodder

    Who needs super powers when you have guns.

    Aren’t I feeling punny?
    *puts sunglasses on*
    I just commited first degree Hit and pun.

    • Kamron

      That was a pretty good pun…

      *puts on sunglasses*

      …if you made it up on the Spot.


      • MagicalSarai

        This sense of humor is… Spot on . ;-)

        • no space

          It seems like this encounter will leave Stripe… seeings Spots.

          • othorlimmis

            OH GOD, MAKE THEM STOP!

          • no space

            Looks like someone… it getting a little catty.

          • Cannon Fodder

            It looks like someone’s getting… dogged.

          • DeathJam

            I swear to god i’m gonna kill you all for that XD

          • Teh Brawler

            How very………dogmatic of you.

  5. Just-This-Guy

    Stripe is so awesomeX3 i love the last panel!

  6. Drakel

    So funny!!

  7. Ebly

    i have to admit judging by the language and references peanut uses
    he knows a lot more than he puts on

    • Drakel

      Or he is still being helped by grape.

      Remember? “I don’t like where this is going…”?

  8. Kakurady

    Interesting how the artist draws angry characters so well (6th panel; I still couldn’t, heh) but couldn’t spell strength right.

  9. james319

    LOL you are king at experessions XD

  10. Theolis Wolfpaw

    I always wondered that about Superman and stuff, he has those bif bulging muscles but whenever kryptonite comes anywhere it’s like he loses all that strength for no real reason.

    • Indagare

      I did an entire LJ rant on the weird stuff about Superman. It’s here if you want to view it: http://wyld-b-wolfy.livejournal.com/40533.html I fear this makes about as much sense as anything in Superman ever did, and is far more humorous.

  11. Tom Flapwell

    Whoa, how many R’s in “surrender”?

  12. Fuzzypaws

    Hanging a lampshade on it ;)

    • Teh Brawler

      Hahaha, didn’t know what that meant until I remembered the TV Tropes page. :lol:

  13. Arbajor

    When did the nefarious villains untie Stripes mouth?

    • Peanut-Lover

      She probably bit through it till it fell off.

  14. BlueAnubis

    Fear the Rippling Pecs of Atlas!!!

    Stripe is cute when she’s angry >X3

  15. BillyMT

    He should use a “…” instead…

    Say, orphanite mess with Peanut as well? XD

  16. wingedwolfgirl

    Asterisk ?
    I thought realization way symbolized by “!”

    • Rick Griffin

      ! is more of a sudden realization
      * is a dawning realization (which is more appropriate I think since it’s in a panel apart from where he was told the obvious)
      . . . is just a pause

      • GameCobra

        wouldn’t a “…!” or “. . . !” be a dawning realization as well?

        • Rick Griffin

          No, that’s a pause before a sudden realization!

          • BillyMT

            Ok guys, we’re ruining the punchline… x3;

          • Teh Brawler

            You could always go with one of those anime faces that has nothing but little black dots for eyes.

          • GameCobra


  17. Flame

    Lol, she has a point. :D

  18. greek geek

    Love the Atlas reference. Mythology rocks. I wonder if this was Tarot’s doing?

  19. Rawrimaducky

    I guess his brawn doesn’t come with brains. :P

  20. Enty

    Peanut’s comics seem to have improved both in plot and art. Though his guns still look like bricks.

    And I had to bring this up, being the fanboy I am. I notice a striking similarity between Stripe and Grape, and Spot IS like Peanut’s version of Gapre… ;D (PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who saw that….)

  21. Lenn.n.n

    You tell him, stripe, you tell him!

  22. Score_Under

    The best part is, Peanut draws better than me.

  23. Profesor Rod

    DOHOHO :3c

  24. Supuhstar

    haha. *This is not a referenc asterisk