The Uncanny Adventures Of Spot

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  1. Teh Brawler

    WHO”S ED???????????????

  2. Takum

    Peanut needs to learn how to make his comments less…obtrusive.

    • Eriisu-chan

      “Obtrusive”…. lol Good choice of words! I agree! ;)

  3. rtlstien

    It’s been a while since we’ve last seen Spot (Superdog) Can’t wait to see what happens next

  4. Flame

    LOL, isn’t it bad when your identity is so noticeable, yet glasses keep people from figuring out your true identity! Like Superman for exampe! 0o0 And god peanut, enough with pointing out the obvious!!! XD

    • MagicalSarai

      I may have been the only person to associate it with this… but all the “*” and notes reminds me of the Sonic the Hedgehog comics. It seems like every page they are making some form of editor’s notes to let people remember what happened last…. because apparently we aren’t smart enough to either a) remember or b) go back to our previous issues to refresh… so rather we get 90 boxes of notes per issue that remind us what happened in the past!! You will never get alzhiemer’s disease with Sonic the Hedgehog!

      Anyhow, this comic was hilarious to me because of said association. XP

      • Sleet

        I associated it with Sonic too, but I figured it was just because those are the only comics I ever read frequently. I just assumed lots of them did it.

        • black cat

          iv never read an actual book comic only web comics

          • duke

            i would like to make mention that some of us started the sonic comics late and a) dont know what happened and b) dont have previous issues

            secondly anyone else think spots face in the last panel is priceless?

          • MagicalSarai

            Point taken… but there ARE some times when the “helpful” little boxes are just insane in quantity. And I can understand referencings issue number 66 when we are in issue 203… but referencing four points from issue 199 when you are in isse 200… that’s just a bit rediculous.

  5. GameCobra

    All of this time i been waiting for a new important plot… then superdog appears!

    you’ll pay for this, superdog! (insert overly ranting critique here)

  6. Slippery-Q

    Ahahahaha.. wait, its not a mask? WUT!?

  7. Littleaeris

    At least he’s close to his girlfriend who is despite all appearances not a cat!

  8. Koalaman13

    Wow…..I can’t believe I was waiting to see the unveiling, not even realizing he does not have a mask…….I R dum.

  9. Ada

    Hmm. I wonder if red orphanite makes Spot evil?
    I wonder if evil Spot would commit crimes?
    I wonder if they would then be ‘white collar’ crimes?

    *Runs away from rotten vegetable projectiles.*

    • MagicalSarai

      Smallville has ruined superman’s image!! XD

    • Profesor Rod


    • Indagare

      No, no it’s blue orphanite for the blue collar crimes and white orphanite for the white collar crimes. Red orphanite just causes him to turn communist. Yellow orphanite makes him oriental. Green orphanite turns him into a member of the green party.

  10. vnbuchholz

    Spot (Superdog)’s face in the last panel is priceless…..

    Besides it’s the glasses that reveals his true identity!

  11. kennyfox


  12. Subakuryu

    Oh lord what atrocities will spot the superdog go through now?

    laser pointing temptation?
    having to watch his captors eat bacon right in front of im?
    …tickle torture? D:

    Guess we’ll have to wait for the next issue. :3

    • Drakel

      Or, my favourite, THE STICK!

  13. james319

    LOL he has a firm grasp of the obvious XD (panel 6)

  14. Ringtail

    Oh gods, it’s like any REAL superhero comic….

  15. tahrey

    every time i see these, it’s just like the stupid ass comics me and my bro used to make on summer vacation to while away the more boring days, once the beach and swimming pool had lost some of their sparkle…
    didn’t even bother with poorly drawn bodies though, our main characters were little round blobs (like the Jellies from various RPGs) and a couple of rather boxy humans occasionally appeared.
    crap kiddie comics ftw

    • wingedwolfgirl


  16. Repicheep22

    “Last time, on Spot (Superdog)”*
    * See previous issue
    A bit redundant, huh?

  17. BlueAnubis

    The look on Stripe’s face in the last pannel is priceless.

    The Nefarious villan in a dress is a criminal mastermind, you all know it.

  18. wingedwolfgirl

    having taken a look at the previous comics, you can tell Peanut’s drawing skills have impoved.
    …or is that Griffin’s.
    either way!

  19. Rawrimaducky

    What’s that kryptonyte stuff called in this comic?

  20. TLV

    Wait, nevermind, THIS I ought to kill you for.

  21. supervanman64

    Seems Peanut is getting better at this drawing business…

  22. Max Wolfe

    The “See first panel -ed” box on panel 5 looks like a floating bazooka :D

  23. Fuzzypaws

    Peanut is getting better at art over time!