Canine Scene Investigation

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  1. Herecius

    HAHA, oh David Coruso, you tool.

    • cannon fodder

      I dun get it

      • Tyrell

        David Caruso plays the character “Horatio Caine” in CSI: Miami. The character’s trademark is to make some sort of pun/wisecrack about the upcoming case and slip on a pair of sunglasses just before it breaks into the intro. (hence the “YEEEEAAAH!” meta-tag)

        In this case, an “erudite” is someone who is learned or knowledgeable. an “eROOdite”, would be a kangaroo who is learned or knowledgeable. And it does sound EXACTLY like the kind of thing Caruso’s character would come up with.

        To Rick’s credit, it was a clever (if painful) pun.

        • flora

          your explanation makes my brain hurt

          • MagicalSarai

            I think the one thing that cinches it all… is the fact that spo is also putting on the glasses. That’s what made me chuckle.

          • wingedwolfgirl

            Double brain hurt,
            but thanx fr explain’in it.

          • macDeviant

            I just noticed that while spo and fido were putting ON their glasses, the other two were taking theirs OFF… Pure AWESOME!

        • deathshadow1991

          i dont know if you noticed the other pun of CSI concidering the name of the strip is called canine Scene Investigation

        • Junior

          Thank you for explaining. It’s amusing, too, because I just tuned into an episode of ‘CSI: Miami’.

        • black cat


        • Farallon

          Link for anyone who doesn’t get the Caruso reference…

          Fair warning: this probably qualifies as “cruel and unusual” :-)

        • cannon fodder

          Hit and Pun

    • ravagefox
  2. Oblivion

    Murder? In MY Housepets??

    • Arcanewind

      m-murder??? where? O.O’

      • Cthulhu

        AHA! A suspect!

        • Pencil

          Would not Cthuhlu and Oblivion be more likely to be the murderers than Arcanewinds? >:c I mean come on, you’re a cosmic horror for crying out loud.

    • flora

      who said its yours!

  3. Zanzawolf

    Heh took a little googling to find out the pun Fido put down in the last frame but anyways funny and can’t wait to see where this is heading.

    • Chibikitsune

      Since “One off” is in the tags, I doubt it’s gonna go anywhere, sorry. ^^

  4. Sleet

    I found this especially funny since a few weeks ago xkcd had a strip that made the same reference and:

    1.) Was one big pun/pun setup
    2.) Had putting on the sunglasses in the second to last panel
    3.) Had the same alt text

    I don’t know if this was a coincidence or a reference (to a reference!), but either way, way funny.

    (The strip is here:

    • Pencil

      Its a reference by both comics on the same source, CSI: Miami, and a certain detective’s knack for spitting out corny one-liners before the opening credits. Watch the Soup sometime, they make the joke all the time :B

  5. Eric

    I love how Ralph and Kevin take off their shades so Fido (and Spo) can have his “Caruso Moment.”

  6. Aspiring Champion of the Internet

    You left off a panel there. Lemme get it

    • Turaiel

      Actually… it’s there, but it’s in the hover text. :P

  7. Midnightwolf

    ……Oh! Now I get it! Funny!

  8. Keeshah

    Fido is going to get Mauled for that pun!!

  9. 54viruses

    That clinches it… no more CSI Miami for you.

  10. Fuzzypaws

    Impending smackdown!

  11. Kalance

    This makes the third comic that I’ve seen using the CSI: Miami theme. And the second one to use dogs.

    Is the series finale creeping up or something? There’s gotta be a reason for it…

    • CW Tyger

      XKCD, and Dandy & Company?

      • Kalance

        Thems’d be the ones.

  12. Slippery-Q


  13. J.J.

    Dang! Someone beat me to the David Coruso spoof…

    “We DON’T get fooled again!”

  14. Rooboy

    …………………… really? o.o horrible puns..

  15. Yami

    lol even spoo has sunglasses now.

  16. BlueAnubis

    *Ba-dum tss* Ohh, you clever dog you.

    One of the things I have to wonder though, Who made Spo’s sunglasses? Did they come with a Barbie or something? (Although they do make him look exponetially more hardcore)

    I suppose they’ll have to charge him in Kangaroo Court?

    • Tyrell


      • BlueAnubis

        *ow* sorry, one bad pun deserves another

  17. DocFlareon

    Evil, bad pun.

  18. Whiskers

    Looks like this joke…
    …has gone to the dogs.

    • no space


    • Pencil


      • Whiskers


    • spoony


  19. Ben Anderson

    I would just like to point out a little spelling error.
    It’s ErUdite, not Erodite. :)

    • Cthulhu

      Looks like that pun didn’t just flew over your head, it went straight into orbit. Scientists have given it a name: The meteor Youdidntgetthejoke.

      • Monkeyulize


    • Pencil

      ErOOdite. A kangaroo who reads books is an erOOdite.


    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Time for you to take a ride on your FAIL boat…

  20. Jutah

    I have to ask, since I have been wondering this for a while, why do all the policedogs wear shades? And how come Fido’s are glasses while the other’s are more like goggles?

    • D_Leo

      Probably to help with sun glare. And Fido is cool enough to wear glasses just with his nose.

    • Trefoiler

      Apparently it’s just something your average American government agency takes no expense to supply its officials. They buy those shades in bulk.

      Probably for aesthetic/psychological effect. Or so I hear.

  21. A Deepness in the Sky

    /golfclap for the pun

  22. james319

    man thats so cool XD
    LOL Spo with Shades XD

  23. Odos

    What is it with CSI Jokes all the sudden? They seem to be happening all the time now >.>…

    • Trefoiler

      I think people are just starting to notice the pattern. I saw it coming since the first episode I watched, but that’s beside the point.

      It can be quite elusive.

  24. othorlimmis

    i could’nt help but choke in laughter.

  25. Rokas


    So awesome.

  26. mon0

    crap, this video is not available in my country

  27. Cargoss-CCK

    hahaha, CSI, I get it. =P

  28. Parou

    Groooaannnn…….. Mate, that pun is so painful……. they’re almost Rootine after the last few weeks!

    • gagi

      nice one ^^

    • Echo

      Not another! It’s….too much….tell my mother I love her…..argh…

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      ARGH!!! And people tell me that I make bad puns…

      Don’t worry, though, some of my best ones really are bad.

      • othorlimmis

        that challenge, is accepted.
        what is a pirate land vehicle?

        a cARRRR!

  29. supervanman64

    Omigosh, that is awesome. I laughed so hard when I saw this.
    It seems everyone likes to parody the guy from CSI:Miami…

  30. DZ

    Oh jeez, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take Fido seriously again ;p.

  31. Asteri

    ROFL Spo put them on too hahahaa

    • Monkeyulize

      Haha just noticed that. Oh Rick, does your cleverness know no bounds?

  32. Tayigi

    The Science of Crime, it’s forensically boring!

  33. Salen

    That joke should be punishable using the full force of the law. There’s no place for puns that bad in civil society. :P

    • Trefoiler

      You’re right. Without a doubt, this is one of the most punishable offenses to which I have ever bore witness.

      I recommend death, by elocution.

  34. Xu-kitty


  35. R-One

    *cringe* CSI puns… lol.

  36. Calico Jacque

    That, sir, is the greatest comic sequence I have ever seen. And I really sincerely mean that. Your timing on it is perfect and I cracked up.

    Nice one!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Don’t you mean ‘purrrrfect’?

      • gagi

        *looks at your previous comment*
        ooo i see what you mean :P … just kidding … bad puns are great :D

  37. wingedwolfgirl

    CSI jokes?
    Does everyone watch that show?
    Oh well…
    Popular show is popular.
    Personally I prefer NCIS ; but that’s just me. :]

    • Turaiel

      I’m with you on NCIS, not sure about NCIS:LA though.

  38. redwolfmatt

    ah… geeze…. bad pun is bad –_– still, good comic: spo shades = cuteness and expressions of displeasure and impending beating = hilarity

  39. Leina Wolfe

    i like the dog’s expressions in the 2nd panel. they’re fully expecting it, nut that doesn’t make it any less painful.

  40. CalaverX11

    I think the “We’re looking for one that’s…” should have been in the third panel, and the word “…eroodite.” in the last.


  41. Rangershot13

    I love Spo’s glasses

  42. Icedtea16

    Rofl CSI puns XD

  43. thewhitedragon

    YEEEHA lol..
    csi puns.. XD
    and theres SPOO! :D

  44. Ada

    I laughed so freaking hard at this. This is hands down my favorite Housepets joke.
    A perfect CSI parody. XD

    Also Rick still unequivocally proves I’m a Fido fangirlie. He’s so good looking in his gear. <3

  45. Toggleroo


  46. Turtle

    i love how when Fido has his glasses on his toravish(comrade in Russian) take their’s off XD

  47. God_of_Awesome

    I get the ref but I don’t get the pun.

    • gagi

      you should change your nick then …

      jk jk .. read all the comments … you’ll find some really good explanations :P .. took me a while to get it too (cause i don’t watch CSI) … but its awesome ..

    • thewhitedragon

      erudite + kangaroo joke = e ROO dite = eroodite, thats the pun

  48. galenpepys

    *holds head* ow…

  49. yoji

    why are they messing with a kangaroo?

  50. Wolfspawn

    WHy is that rat still with him! Sho little mouse thing!

  51. Trefoiler

    The police dogs look decidedly hardcore in this strip. Artistic drift FTW!;

    The reference was flawless, if a bit PUNishing.;

    And Spo… ohh, Spo…

    I’d say another amazing strip, but I offer this quote instead:
    “WOOT!!! ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS!” – Newgrounds 0-5 Rating Gadget

  52. tahrey

    O U… rofl… we ought to hate you for it, but it had to be done. The Horatio comes to everyone, in the end.

  53. TLV

    I ought to kill you for that.

  54. taco

    look at spo at the top

  55. black

    I feel this is fitting, and Fido… oh you.

  56. weazal


  57. Musimba

    Did Spo put on a pair of sunglasses in the last panel?