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  1. Teh Brawler


  2. Thomas

    XD i love food network, but bobby flay does try to make every dish full of flare and fancy .. XD

  3. whitewolfy123

    hahahaha… wait… did he add lobster tail to cereal?… ewwww xP

  4. Ellix

    “Maybe I added a little too much dijon mustard to the cereal?”

    • Qman3000

      Or it could have been the poblano peppers. He really can never get away from those.

      • MTB

        I think that might be part of his problem. Too many chili – could he have any working taste buds left?

  5. Odos

    You’d be surprised at what you can learn from Food Network! I actually made chicken soup from SCRATCH, just by remembering what I watched on food network, and it didn’t kill me at all! (actually, it was REALLY good)

    But… yea… I’d LOVE to see that throwdown :) (I never liked Bobby Flay… too arrogant if you ask me). Good Eats is LOVE!

    • Corpy

      Good Eats is the best show on Food Network!

      • Whiskers

        I seem to think of Good Eats as the Bill Nye show of food <:3c

        • Ariana

          Alton Brown FTW. :D

        • Odos

          This comment = Win… How come I never thought of that?

        • Disconnected

          Is Bill Nye’s show still around?

          • Applemonkies

            Bill nye ended T__T;

            What a shame. It was never meant to be long running I believe. T__T

            (Yaaaaaay Good Eats!!)

          • Sleet

            He does talks about the environment (and SCIENCE) now, at least. I saw him at my college. Yay!

    • sutherncross2006

      Good Eats is well…Good Eats

  6. GameCobra

    Peanut and the Food Network. I smell a Future Chef!

    • LucifersAngelFeather

      hmm… i think i smell, puke? – or is it Pie

      • Teh Brawler

        Its definitely not cake

        • cannon fodder

          The cake is a lie

          • taco

            GLaDOS say
            you will be baked and then there will be cake

          • lolparty

            The pudding is the truth

          • Sleet

            The pudding… Of your doom!

          • Roguebfl

            As long as the cake is not a lye

    • Odos

      Or writer/Author… Or an Author of some awesome fantasy cookbook that makes Magical soup that allows you to fly!

      I’m just sayin’ either career works… he does read a lot, watches food network, and is MAGICAL… >.>…

      • Trefoiler

        You forgot how he is naturally cute as all the world over.

        He could make a perfectly decent living appearing in dog food commercials.

        … For a dog food manufacturer he founded with his considerable culinary knowledge…

        following that success with a screenplay about his struggle to create the perfect dog food WHICH ULTIMATELY BECOMES AN AWARD-WINNING BLOCKBUSTER!

        Oh, cool, I fit everything together. Like a literary 3D puzzle!


  7. Ranma_2k8

    Hmm…maybe the lobster tail was left out too long? I mean, how can you note like lobster tail and chili-mango sauce with your cold cereal? XD

    • Ranma_2k8

      Er…how can you *not, rather.

  8. james319

    best episode indeed XD

  9. Repicheep22

    So, he watched Food Network and TLC. Peanut’s got well rounded tastes. Bobby Flay, on the other hand…

  10. Alexander

    (Forgive the pun) This strip is a fine example of copy-pasta! But it’s actually funny, so its forgivable. Just please, no lobster tail.

  11. DJ darkwolf420

    dude when bobby flay does something like that my reaction is just like peanuts


  12. Fuzzypaws

    I don’t need Food Network to cook well!

    • Odos

      Just need a good taste for food… Don’t really even need a cookbook…

      But food network and a cookbook helps >.>…

    • yoji


  13. Lax

    Love the way Peanut is sitting on the couch, looks more human

    • Trefoiler

      That was my first thought; it gives him such a relaxed professionalism in this strip.

      Somehow, the fact that he’s already an unnaturally adorable thing seems amplified by a factor of 5.


  14. RobbyThePerv

    Just more useless idea’s, Mustard is where its at!

  15. vnbuchholz


    • Max Wolfe


  16. Denaya

    Bah! Guy’s Big Bite is where it’s at! Forget everything else!

  17. redwolfmatt

    OH DEAR GOD! XD I was just thinking the same thing the other day! Food network aside, love Peanut’s expression in the last panel. <3

  18. Monkeyulize

    <3 Peanut's expression in the last panel.

  19. Darcin

    Hi, I’m Bobby Flay. I’m going to travel around the country, surprising various chefs in full public view while dangling a show offer at Food Network in front of them only to try to attempt to make their signature dish and do it better than they ever could hope to do.

    Also, chipotle.

    • Rick Griffin

      Actually, after you see a few episodes, you get the feeling that he throws most of these on purpose.

      • Darcin

        Oh, I know. You’d think he’d be able to win, say, beating some tortilla ladies in San Antonio, but nope. ‘Course, there are times when he’s just out of his element, like the gingerbread house one. Man, that was a slaughter.

        But if you ask me, he should’ve won the meatloaf battle.

        • Darcin

          “win beating” What a great day for the English language.

        • Pappy

          Have you had fresh home made tortillas in San Antonio, TX? Warm, thick, soft, fluffy pillows of delicious goodness! Mmmmm… :) I haven’t found anything even come close except the ones made fresh at the HEB grocery stores. So yeah, I can see how almost anyone would lose.

          • Darcin

            Personally, I’m more fond of Houston’s Tex-Mex. Mm mm, Lupe Tortilla’s. Best chile con queso I’ve ever had.

  20. othorlimmis

    throwing up….over there.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      *offers airplane-baggy.

  21. BlueAnubis

    Hmm, you know, hot lobster tail and chili-mango sauce are not the things I imagine putting on top of my corn flakes. chunks of fruit or something, maybe. But lobster? not likely.

    Oh Peanut, your reaction says it all.

  22. the dark ferret

    Bobby Flay must be a glutton for punishment, (that, or he knows the value of good television), because he always loses those Throwdowns. And he usually loses by doing something weird like putting lobster and hot sauce in a dish. If you’re trying to beat a regional favorite, it would probably be a good idea to stick TO THE REGIONAL FOODS! But, of course, that wouldn’t be good TV…

    • MTB

      Stands on cutting boards on top of a prep counter at the prompting of his crew…
      _Flays_ himself open with some of the worst knife work I’ve ever seen in a kitchen, while using the wrong knife…
      Can’t get away from several ingredients he can’t resist adding for no purpose to over-season a dish…
      His entire cuisine repertoire seems to be limited to “I took this recipe…and added peppers!”

      My roommates have been to culinary school, and I was taught several styles when growing up. Consequently, he makes us all cringe, laugh, and throw up. He’s like the Uwe Boll of the kitchen, you just have to see him in action with bad ideas. :D

      • Xial

        Oh god.

        Perfect comparison, since I’d love to punch both of them in the face.
        With gloves coated in glass shards and razors.

  23. Tre

    Peanut looks so mature in this strip for some reason.

  24. wingedwolfgirl

    I’m getting that he just added LOBSTER and MANGO SAUCE to… cereal?
    Not my personal choice but ookey.

    • Trefoiler

      I wouldn’t have gone in that particular direction, either. And I’m the rebellious type.

      Still, if you’re ever looking for a creative way to waste cereal, lobster, and mango sauce in one fell swoop…

  25. Flame

    LOL, the food channel is becoming disgusting! :D

  26. flora


  27. Loki Impisi

    Try everything once! It might not even be that bad?

  28. RageReaper

    From his expression, I surmise that it looked painful…

  29. wolfsangel

    Rick Griffin, i think i love you now, i hate that show and i HATE bobby flay! *hugs* you made me lawl hard

  30. Yojimaru

    I love watching Bobby flay lose on that show!

    Home grown Cooks: 53, “Professionally Trained/Iron Chef”: 23

  31. R-One

    … and this is why you never let young children (or housepets!) watch Television unsupervised, lol… XD

  32. falconfox01

    HUUUUURK sounds just about right! wonder what cereal base was used? hummm

  33. kirara

    I Met and hugged Alton Brown ^_^

  34. 54viruses

    Somehow; I’d like to see something like that on Food Network. My mom is addicted to that channel and just once I’d like to see something really exciting go down on one of those challenges.

  35. Trefoiler

    I don’t tend to watch Food Network much. Mostly because every show I see when I turn it on is that severely over-charged, over-dramatized genre of television called (with impressive irony) Reality.

    Though, I think I’d watch this. This ‘Flay’ of which you speak strikes me as the kind of person who would make a mixing spoon part of the recipe if it spends enough time in the bowl. That aught to be enough to distract me from my documentaries and sitcoms.

    A fine strip!

  36. Yami


  37. Clarke M

    You know, he SHOULD be watching NFL Opening Kickoff (the first *American* football game) on the TV.

    • Clarke M

      And by first I mean first of the SEASON. I’m so excited!

      • Trefoiler


        Honestly, football was never my forte in play or spectatorship, but I feel patriotic today.

        Hooray for us! Us, the US.

        .. being us. US.

  38. Rabid_Fox

    This seems to be discounting fried egg chilli chutney sandwiches washed down with a beer milkshake.

    • Ranma_2k8



  39. mon0

    i don’t get it

  40. Wolfspawn