Tiger Minus Tiger
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  1. Teh Brawler

    rofl, wow. Great start after that long story arc.

  2. Odos

    Hehehe… “Meanwhile”

    Poor rabbit, scared hareless (Lol, rabbit joke!)

  3. Dylan

    Nice to see Zach again!

  4. Monkeyulize

    Still under n-ple Date arc?

    First time posting, I love Housepets so freaking much I stay up till 12:00 just so I can be one of the first to see it.

    <3 you Rick!

  5. mch_89

    Someone;s jumpy! :D =3 Also…. 1st to reply!!

    • mch_89

      never mind. =<

      • cannon fodder

        You are a mere padawan in the art known as comment leaching.

        • Lucien

          but soon you shall master it’s ways through diligence and cunning

  6. Flame

    I guess he’s lonley without Tiger! ROFL :D

    • Teh Brawler

      Either that, or Tiger’s psychosis is wearing off on Zach.

      • Teh Brawler

        Sorry, “rubbing off”

      • Flame

        Sadly, that might be the case. :D

  7. Zaiki

    Cute Bunny is Cute

  8. Peanut-Lover

    poor bunny

  9. james319

    LOL Poor dude XD

  10. LucifersAngelFeather

    thats gonna give some serious tramatic child hood years D:

  11. Zurr

    Wow. I was really slow to get the title joke :3

  12. The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

    Why do most of the pets refer to their owners as “mom” or “dad”, whlie Tiger refers to his owner using his first name?

    • Blue_Elite

      Perhaps difference of relationship. You may recall Rufus didn’t call his former owner “dad” but rather just “last owner”. http://www.housepetscomic.com/2009/07/03/pushing-up-daisies/

      For all we know Marvin (Tiger is the dog, you got the names mixed up) has had multiple owners so he goes with a first-name basis; or perhaps was adopted late in life and so doesn’t have that sort of bond with his owner.

      Only time, character development and background story will tell.

  13. STail

    OMG, that nose! So cute.

    • MTB

      I agree. The first panel sets the mood extremely well.

      That is exactly how a rabbit carefully enters into a new room.

  14. Taay


    • Schrodinger

      Very much so.

  15. Yami

    This a play on those Garfield minus Garfield comics?

    • Trefoiler

      Tiger is based directly on the character Garfield, yes. Apparently Tiger is one of the first characters the Griffin conceived as a child. Kid, reads a lot of Garfield comics, starts drawing his own comic… what would you expect? :P

      • Rick Griffin

        No, my brother came up with Tiger! Bino was my version of that

        • Trefoiler

          Oh! I stand corrected.

          Bino is also great!

  16. Tomfox

    Love the title of this one :D

  17. othorlimmis

    bunny take a chill pill.

  18. Rawrimaducky

    Ah yes, the pink bunny. :P

  19. vnbuchholz

    Eh TIger isn’t that bad….

    Is he?

    • Trefoiler

      The potential horrors of off-panel relationships!

  20. 3v3rgr33n

    Natural rabbit instinct:
    If something touches you and you don’t know what it is PANIC! Happens with a species that are eaten by 80% of the predators in their environment.

    • 3v3rgr33n

      PS. MMMMM Rabbit

    • D_Leo

      Doesn’t help that cheetahs use barely-living bunnies as teaching tools for their kittens…

      • BlueAnubis

        Great, now all I can think about is Fatal Attraction

        • Trefoiler

          Wow, I hadn’t even thought of tha– Oh, darn you! Now I’m infected!

    • Hodgelett

      My best mate’s rabbit’s instinct = non-existent. Other than to hop around the garden and dig through wooden floorboards. I heard of lops being dumb, but never seen one that sits in your lap like a cat before.

  21. Rangershot13

    Their back……..

  22. gagi

    yeyyy bunny … *pokes* heyy where did he go :P

    i wonder if Marvin feels bad for giving Zack a heart attack ..

  23. yoji

    *poke* boom! your dead! *rabbit heart-attack*

  24. Clarke M

    Is that a cat or a dog, I really can’t tell.

  25. Shady Kitsune

    Well, he seems more than a bit JUMPY.

  26. EdgeFerret

    Poke of doom >=P

  27. 54viruses

    Would it be wrong to assume the next update will be delayed until the rabbit has been revived? =)

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Yea! I knew housepets wasn’t over!
      /\ Also, funny comment is funny! /\

  28. flora


  29. Trefoiler

    Return of the dysfunctional Arbelt clan! Gotta love those rascals. :D

  30. thewhitedragon

    that poor bunny never gets a break XD

  31. RageReaper

    Jumpy much?

    … No pun intended.

    • Shady Kitsune

      Blasphemy! Puns are what the people on the internet strive on!
      It’s a world wide punomenom!
      … Did I spell that right?

      • Disconnected

        I think it should be Punomenon, but I’m not sure.

        • Trefoiler

          Apparently, ‘Punom’ may serve as shorthand. Though I must admit, these aren’t words I use often.

      • R-One

        That one was sneaky, lol.

      • The Bronze Gryphon

        I think you mean “thrive” on, but good pun afterward. Well done indeed.

        • no space

          Good… pun…?

          I’ve got some… things… to think about.

  32. Fuzzypaws

    Bunny needs hugs.

  33. MagicalSarai

    I have to say that the rabbit’s face in the third panel made me laugh for a good two minutes solid. I don’t know why? I guess it’s probably becaus I’ve done that exact same thing to people, where you come up behind them and they freak… and they really do look like that.