I Dare You To Do Otherwise

Well that’s all for this storyline! Time to get cracking on something else now that this whole thing took up pretty much all summer . . .

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  1. Odos

    Say it with me… “AWWWWW!!”

    • Ken


    • gagi


    • GameCobra

      Awwwwwwwww… <3

    • Ada

      D’awwww, I mean, awwwwww!

    • TLV


      I have seen a cat use the puppy-dog face, and it is HEART WRENCHING.

      • Corpy

        AWWWWW. Totally not what I expected, but surprises are fun!

        • FoxHax

          c-c-c-combo breaker. sorry had to

        • Lupa

          D’aaaawwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Das so Kyooot!

    • Jer-oh-me


    • othorlimmis

      SHEEPLE! D:

      • BlueAnubis

        If this makes us sheeple, then I say

    • TD


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    • Ryan


    • Chip Uni



      Perfect ending!

    • gagi


      i just have to say it again

    • Turaiel

      But I still think the creepy one should leave.

    • God_of_Awesome

      CAW! CAW!

    • leeukaji

      AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW so cute !!!! poor max

    • cannon fodder

      AWWW Wait the story is over, well atleast it was a good ending.

    • gagi

      @odos :
      this is the best first comment anyone has ever made !!!!! much better than “first”

      and AWWWWW again :P

    • Loki Impisi

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwright then. Guess there won’t be any face scratching. *Disappointment*

    • flora

      AWWWWWW so much cutenes *faints*

      • taco

        this is the biggest comment (with reply’s) on the site

    • wingedwolfgirl


    • Odos

      O.o!! Wow! I mean… I expected replies, but not THIS many.

      And in other news… Awwwwwwwww! (I know, I started it, but it’s just that cute!)

  2. Teh Brawler (formerly Sir Sniper)

    RICK!!!!! How dare you!!!! Jk, good ending.

    • Teh Brawler (formerly Sir Sniper)

      btw, anyone mind telling me what the last line is from?

      • Check Source

        Secret of Nimph I belive.

        • Odos

          I’m not sure about the quote… but I DO know that the movie you’re trying to say is “The Secret of NIMH*” (sorry, was a favorite movie while I was younger)

          • Odos

            Further research into the quotes of the movie, yes, this quote IS from the “Secret of NIHM” (I’m a nerd like that… went to IMDB)

          • GameCobra

            I can’t believe it, but it took me a few minutes of thinking to remember this movie.

            This movie was awesome. now i got nostalgia. :lol:

        • Tyrell

          Somehow, “Secret of Nymph” sounds to me like one of those movies in the “special room” at the back of a video store…Right there next to “Secret of Satyr”.

  3. Fuzzypaws

    Very d’aww and at the same time likely to frustrate lots of people who had different pairings in mind. *giggles*

    • Odos

      As long as both Grape and Peanut are happy, I don’t mind the pairings at all, and really, they’re all just cute there.

  4. V

    awwwwww, cutest ending!!! And Max couldn’t be more cute! If Grape isn’t gonna end up with Peanut, then at least Max is freaking adorable all over.

  5. CampSoup1988

    Shoots. I did not see the booth when it was still open. -

  6. Thomas

    AWESOME! however it doesnt… settle right…. oh well, great job Rick! Woot

    • Teh Brawler

      Go to the thread “Current comic” in the forums and read the last three pages. Then, it’ll settle perfectly . :P

  7. Epsilon

    Please keep these characters in future arcs (max and tarot)

  8. LucifersAngelFeather

    hmmm? take a look at peanuts right ear (the one between them) i think thats something a gamer would call an easter-egg, and something i would call a hint

    • Odos

      Oh, I see it!

    • Teh Brawler

      As much as I’d love to agree with you, I’m thinking you might be reading into it too much

      • Odos

        doesn’t change the fact that there are 3 hearts in the scene =P… I don’t think it means anything though.

        • Teh Brawler

          4. Look at Tarot’s ear.

          • CSutra

            I count 6 ;p

            The two floaty hearts.
            BOTH of Peanut’s ears.
            Tarot’s ear.
            And what’s visible of Peanut’s dogtag.

          • Ada

            What I saw as the easter egg is that Peanut’s ear is draped over Grape’s. Almost like a very subtle form of holding hands. Pet style.

          • sirbacon

            I see all six hearts that CSutra pointed out, plus (and this might be stretching things a bit) Max’s entire head(or the parts with dark fur, anyways).

          • Ada

            I saw a heart in my toast this morning! =O

    • TLV

      His right or my right?

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Wait, so what are we all staring at?
      His ears’ a heart?

  9. DZ

    For the witty and snarky side that we usually see of Max, it’s interesting to see him look so vulnerable. Come what may, it’s cool to see so many dimensions in your characters, Rick.

  10. Repicheep22

    Great ending, Rick. As much as I wanted to see Grape and Peanut together, you have managed to make me happy for them as they are. It will be interesting to see how these relationships play out in the future.

  11. Westwood

    Max was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

  12. Terinas

    This was a really interesting way to have it turn out. I didn’t see it coming at all.

    That being said, Tarot’s an odd duck. Maybe it’s just that we’ve only seen 3 strips worth of her, but the way she’s talked I get the distinct impression that she’s really only here because Grape DIDN’T decide to give romance with Peanut a chance. Phrases like “his hour of need” and “I cannot leave unless you decide to accept Peanut fully” just make me kinda confused about whether she really likes him, or if she’s just there because her spirits told her she should be.

    Then again, like I said, Tarot’s an odd duck. From what little we’ve seen of her thus far it’s kinda hard to tell entirely what she’s thinking. Actually, I kinda like her, and hope to see more of her in the future.

    • Odos

      I like her… She’s shown a tad bit of comedy in her weirdness. She’s weird, yes, but she’s normal for the strip, which is “a bit off-center”.

      There are a TON of possibilities to come of this, but right now, Peanut has someone, so he’s not going to complain (it’s not like him to question a gift, even if it is odd or coincidental). But things like Peanut actually questioning if Tarot actually loves him and isn’t just there…

      All I can say is, if Tarot become a regular, then things’ll get really interesting from here on out :)

      • Kajex

        She’s adorable. ^_^ Like kinda mystical weird, but really cuddly-looking, and nice to boot. ^_^ And Peanut was right- between a tomboy girlcat, a self-injuring opportunist, a cookie-baking bulldog, a cat-loving dog, a dog-loving cat, “Hi, I’m Daisy”, several hard-to-figure-out-Mr.-Bigglesworth, and a catsuit-wearing pup with a mouse ladyfriend, there’s really no point in being picky as far as quirks are concerned. :3

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          Not to mention the ferret horde.

        • Severedevil

          Reminds me… we need to see more of Joey and his mouse ladyfriend!

    • GameCobra

      Same here.

      Tarot the way she is is humorous in it’s own rights. She’s a huge believer, and so is Peanut. Grape and Maxwell are moreso thinkers, and good thinkers.

      i’m sure if Peanut was in Tarot’s shoes, he’d say the same thing in some shape or form too, just without the mystical powers to support him >.>

    • JB

      Glad this became a happy ending but wait, what am I talking about? Housepets is going to stop right here and the comic will keep on continuing. Silly me.

      I had my doubts too. Although it doesn’t really matter for my opinion. Peanut’s new girlfriend can be is very mysterious, a bit weird, and lovable at the same time . Even if some spirits told her too, Tarot might actually fall in love with that pup given some time to know him better.

      I really want to find out where she’d comes form and who are the parents that is raising her.

    • MagicalSarai

      I have mixed feelings about the ending…. because I really really like grape. From strip one forward she’s been my favorite character (both her sarcasm and her personality match mine)… so it’s frustrating that she doesn’t see how much Peanut likes her. As a reader I really want to see that happen…

      As a writer I can understand not jumping into that mess just yet. We will still have Bino’s brother, who we know is dating a cat. We don’t even know how that’s going to turn out and I think it will be a catalyst for the Grape and Peanut romance (if it ever happens.)

      My mixed feelings come in… because I absolutely love Tarot. She’s quirk, odd, and quite blunt… which makes her my kind of person, and I have a feeling that she might actually be better for Peanut than Grape would be… Sigh… can’t believe I spend this much time thinking about webcomics.

  13. kennyfox

    so adorable ^^

  14. GameCobra

    Awesome. i’m speechless. again!

    I can’t stop loving this comic, and i’m happy that the cats get to stay together in the end. *is happy to have chose the right tickets too!*

  15. Odos

    Now, this still begs the question… Will Grape keep the lashes and the Collar? Or will those go back to normal as well?

    • GameCobra

      i’m sure they will be gone for now.

      Would be sad, but i can’t see Grape feeling comfy with them on at this point unless she decides to date Maxwell again.

      • Ada

        I think they add to the style.

        • BlueAnubis

          my guess is that she will decide to keep the lashes and change back to her regular collar since I think that this one is more of her dress collar.

  16. Faved


  17. Kalance

    Max just looks SO pathetic in the 4th panel. No wonder Grape let him stay. I’m thinking she’ll be the one wearing the pants in that relationship.

    Yay that Peanut found love.

    I’d watch SoN myself right now, but I have it memorized…

    “Well children, NOW you’ve done it.” – “It was Martin” – “The Shrew means well. She only wants to help.”

  18. Dari

    I still think that they Peanut and Grape would make a better couple. It’s all cute and all but I think Peanut and Grape would be better together.

    • BlackPanther1987

      seconded. would also be more interesting that cat/cat-couple and dog/dog-couple. :<

  19. Just-This-Guy

    that is the cutest thing EVER!!!!

  20. Lolparty

    Who started playing the sad violin solo Inside my head in the forth panel?

    • spoony



      *starts playing “Devil went down to Georgia”*

  21. IronCrux0

    …well that’s depressing…. One of the very few good comics…and now I have nothing to go to procrastinate school with Dx

    -wishes there was more of Zachary- T.T

  22. KonnerWolf

    Well that was a great storyline, even if it did have a very odd little twist in there. Nice way to wrap it all up.

    <3 the quote from Secret of NIMH to finish it all out. Aunty Shrew was always a hoot.

  23. Tyrell

    Does anybody else think that Max looks a little TOO comfortable in that last panel?

    • falconfox01

      I think he’s just asleep in her arms, kinda the role reversal thingy caause Grape is just so tomboy..er..catish…err…yea….cute how everyone’s smiling tho.

  24. othorlimmis

    great job on the shading, hope youl keep this up.

  25. james319

    THAT IS SO CUTE!!!! AND I MEAN CUTE!!!!! ^-^ im a little disappointed but MAN!!!

  26. Squanpie

    I have been reduced to speachlesness.

  27. Far Above Cayuga's Waters

    Okay, so if Grape said that she didn’t want to get serious with Max right outside the door, wouldn’t he have heard that and had his feelings hurt? In the lower panel, everyone is together with little hearts above their heads, but don’t Max and Grape have issues to sort out, since they apparently want different things out of their relationship.

  28. 1337

    i must say i did’t expect it to turn out like this. but i still love it anyway <3

    also max is so cute in that last pannel.

  29. Tapewolf

    Very cute indeed. Not question there.

    However, what intrigues me is that Tarot does actually seem to have some kind of power.
    The green stuff -might- have been a special effect (though the cupboard scene made that a bit less likely), but she knows far too much about Grape and Max – more than Grape herself does, by the looks. This makes her warning a few strips ago rather ominous, if she’s more than just some wandering lunatic

    Yes, I over-analyse these things…

    • MagicalSarai

      Hooray for putting too much thought into webcomics! Welcome to my club. We have jackets!

      I’m personally expecting great things from Tarot, just because of the prophesy. It could be “lunatic” but more often than not: FORESHADOWING! Which instantly makes me overanalyze the hell out of it. If we take it at face value… then something bad is going to happen and it won’t be fixed/prevented unless Peanut and Grape realize their feelings for one another. Until that time, Tarot is there to take care of Peanut’s mental well being (Because Grape can’t see the damage she’s doing to the poor guy). Peanut needs affection at the moment, and I think Tarot needs someone who won’t judge her because of the “crazzies”. It’s a good match up for the moment, and I like Max. I think all in all… it’s a good place to end the arc.

  30. Peanut-lover

    I can honestly say AWWWWWW. I think that is cute as hell. But i can think of two ways this could go now. Either Peanut will start dating Tarot and Grape will stay with Max, or Peanut will go with Grape and Max will get Tarot. But i dont really know. Im not the artist.

  31. JB

    Does everything have to end with a movie? -laughs-

    That is so sweet. And Max didn’t get dump! Harooy! And is Peanut seem happy too. This make me feel all warm and funny inside.

    • Severedevil

      Peanut was in the middle of a Don Bluth marathon. Nothing interrupts a Don Bluth marathon.

  32. Reo

    Its over..? ;-; NOOOOOOOO!! OTL

    Very cute.. but I think Peanut and Grape shoulda totally ended up together ;3;

  33. Mamoru


  34. JReq

    Cutest. Comic. Ever. Nuff said.

  35. Tom

    Not sure I fully understand this comic but cute last two panels.

  36. BlueAnubis

    Ok, as of pannel 4, I want to go bite Max’s dad.

    I must admit, I am a fan of seeing Grape and Peanut together. However, I am happy to see them with other pets. As long as they’re happy, I’m happy.

    Now if you’ll excuse me… *walks off sharpening his teeth with a file*

    • GameCobra

      And then suddenly… Maxwell reveals he was suppose to be back at midnight *which he of course didn’t promise XD*

  37. GameCobra

    TV! you are a character again!

  38. Lloxie

    *explodes from cuteness overload*

  39. Rawrimaducky

    Man, I lost ALOT of money in the betting booths > :(

    • Rawrimaducky

      Also, couldn’t Max just open the door to his house. I mean, they did mention they have thumbs. :P

      • R-One

        The door’s locked, and he doesn’t have a key. Kinda hard to open a locked door without one of those, and when no one answers when you knock… :P

  40. R-One

    Rick, just how long have you had that final image sitting on a hard drive, waiting for just this moment? XD

    Rofl, nice way to wrap up this story arc for the time being; should make the neighborhood dynamic a bit more interesting (as if that was possible!) with Tarot added to the mix. :D

  41. Replyguy

    Of course, the most painless way of getting Grape and Peanut together without really hurting Tarot and Max would be to have a Max/Tarot pairing. :)

  42. Shen Hibiki

    What I like?
    Even though they each have someone, they’re still leaning on eachother~…

    • JB

      Best friends can do that, right? There are just as close as there mates. Idk. -shrugs-

  43. Foxtailhigh


  44. microbuss

    UBER AWWWWWWW!!! good way to cuddle on rainy days or nights

  45. TGH

    You know for some reason
    after reading this
    I now have Maxwell’s Silver hammer running through my head…

    Which is better then the use it get put to in the song… Check behind that cats back he could have a shiny blunt object

  46. Nathan

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, they’re watching The Secret of Nimh 2 :)

    • Severedevil

      They’re having a Don Bluth marathon, so no… and the line is from The Secret of NiMH, so unless it’s copied in Timmy to the Rescue, they’re watching The Secret of NiMH.

      • Nathan

        Ahhh, your right it is from the first NIHM. Why did I think it was the second one? o.o

        Auntie Shrew!
        Oh antie!
        Oh no…

        XD I love that movie >^.^<

  47. Alexander

    Wow… so much going on in that last panel. Lots of subtle clues. Am I the only one seeing the makings of a very bizzare love square?

    $5 says Max and Tarot hook up. It would be the first time in the comic a female dog liked a male cat.

  48. Dragon Furry

    Awwwwwwwwwww for the like 50th of time XD But still… just plain awww

  49. Li the tanuki

    AAAHHH! It’s secret of Nyhm~!!!!!!

  50. Lax

    Guh! Too cute… must… resist!! Awwwwwwwww :D
    This must be made as a wallpaper!! PLEASE MAKE THIS A WALLPAPER!!!

  51. Kajex

    Wait- T.V. is a character? :3! *just noticed tag*

    • JB

      Not really…but TV can be everyone’s friend. o 3o

      • black cat

        their watchim mrs frisbe and the rats of nhim
        or the secret of nhim
        witch ever you want to call it

        • Li the Tanuki

          Yess! someone else knows it other than me!

          “Oh! Auntie Shrew!”
          “Oh Auntie!”
          “Oh NO.”

          • Cloudchaser Sakonige

            I watched that so many times I could recite the whole script word for word

  52. cannon fodder

    I’ll miss Housepets, I like the ending though.

    • The Sarcastic Spoon

      House pets ain’t over. Just this lovely story arc. XD And for the record, Max looks adorable.

      • Echo

        I love the third panel! He’s so cute when he’s sad!

        • Echo

          Fourth panel, I mean.

    • hennessyvenom

      Housepets is over!?

      • Rick Griffin

        Where in the world did I say that Housepets was over?

        • hennessyvenom

          from the caption i got the impression that it was over
          but im so relieved that its not
          thank you thank you

          • Lax

            Dude, don’t let that wild imagination of yours escape from your head, please :D

        • cannon fodder

          Wait it’s not over!
          *starts dancing*

        • flora

          hooray thank you rick griffin i hope there are relationship problems

          • The Bronze Gryphon

            Wishing ill on ANY of these characters? Shame on you, Flora. With the exception of thinking Tarot is a bit odd, I’m okay with this. Granted, it’s not my optimum choice, but hey, Rick’s gonna write what he wants to write, and I’ll read it because it’s great.

            Wishing them relationship problems is like wearing black to a wedding, or telling someone you hope their relatives die soon so they can inherit money. While it’s sort of a nice sentiment, that seems the exact wrong way to go about it.

            Or, I can just realize that this is a web comic, and this doesn’t matter at all.

  53. Eriisu-chan

    Is it just me or did they fall in love rather quickly? o_O

    Also, FREAKIN’ adorable!! ♥

  54. Barkum

    OUCH OUCH OUCH the painful cuteness! :3

  55. Gabriel LaVedier

    I haven’t followed this comic for very long. A friend suggested it most eagerly, while my internet was out. When I finally got it back, I read the entire archive in a day and became rather enamored of the whole thing. I always eagerly looked forward to new updates and found the whole thing rather cute.

    I think around “Paper faces on parade” (Nice “Phantom” ref, sir) my eyebrow quirked, hard. Admiration turned to confusion, the whole thing just kind of faded out into a misty and indistinct blur, the past turning into something like an illusion. It was hard to focus on the twists and turns when they led there. So I kept it up, thinking forward, not back. I anticipated more twists and curves and got them. And now, a brick wall.

    In inelegant terms, and being the statement most would make without preamble, I don’t think I will be continuing readership any longer. The past tales were as a dream. And all of Morpheus’ grand arts fade into dribbling pools of melted memory as the kingdom of Hypnos gives way to the light of day and our awakening. I enjoyed your shadows on the cave walls, and, for the sake of friends who will read on, hope they dance for a long time to come. But, the time has come to leave the cave and walk elsewhere.

    • Lingonius

      So… from the overly dramatic and descriptive comment from Gabriel LaVedier am I to understand that he had decided to stop reading because he feels that this panel is a fitting end to the story?

      I can enjoy getting all philosophical and metaphysical with the adjectives and metaphors a mile-a-minute, but there’s a point where it loses it’s magic and just becomes a mash-up of long words that don’t really state your point in a clear manner.

      P.S. It’s a webcomic, not a masterpiece. Don’t be so dramatic.

      • gagi

        hehe i think that for a webcomic, this IS a masterpiece !! ^^

        • Loki Impisi

          Besides. There is still the matter of tarots prophecy. Many characters have not even been fully developed yet. This isn’t the perfect end just yet. This would be a good end to the first book of the saga.

      • Trefoiler

        A wide and well-used vocabulary does not necessarily equate to dramatic presentation. We should all be as versed to say what we think as exquisitely as our former reader Gabriel.

        While it may not have been the most succinct manner of writing, I, for one, enjoyed the execution. If all you read was a ‘mash-up’ of confusing words, then I can’t really help you. In my opinion, this is English in one of it’s rarest and most beautiful forms.

        You are right that this is a webcomic, but be wary, these comments are not for you, or for you to police on the author’s behalf. They go to the author, who will do any necessary policing at his convenience. Please, if you do not like what someone says (or, God forbid, how they say it), try to maintain an open mind; be aware of what they said, leave a relevant reply, and move along. This is not (and I say this out of respect for any medium) a place to make enemies- especially with faceless blocks of text.

        Also know that nobody is forcing you to read these comments. Just as nobody is forcing Gabriel to read the comic. Or where nobody is forcing me to write this now. Any of us may stop at any time if we so choose, regardless of reasoning. We may also begin at any time if we so choose. In either case, I recommend choosing happiness over distress.

        • Chris

          Guys, i´m foreign, please use less Shakespear or Wilde and more English so i can make something out of your posts.
          It´s nice and all that you know the dictionary in and out, but there are boundaries that should not be crossed in public (after all, the internet is more public then your front yard) and so, try to make yourself understandable to the drooling 13year olds that roam the interwebs.
          It´s a matter of manner, for the sake of vodka and everything that´s holy.

          On behalf of the comic.
          3.2.1. DAWWW!
          Faces for the win.
          Can´t wait for the next arc

          • Trefoiler

            Point taken. However, I can’t imagine why I’d bother carrying on a conversation with a drooling 13-year-old. I make for a cruddy crutch- I really do. No offense to the fine, upstanding 13-year-old readers, of course; just the drooling ones.

            And I am inclined to agree: AAWW! All hail the Griffin and his godlike cartooning skills!

  56. Kumori Getsuei

    That picture is absolutely adorable ~♥
    And I love Max’s expression in the fourth panel, I love tears :3

  57. Two_Twig

    As you choose now to depart, I must simple ask, why? I’ll admit, reading an entire story (or what’s best just a smidgen with much to come) is hardly comparable to the task of reading it from the start as it progressed. As the tale shifts and manifests to the pace demanded, understanding the entire mythos within a short span of time wouldn’t felicitate well to criticism. Discarding the past for focus on the present could certainly make any previous event seem like a dream. But the past is not a dream once its been set in stone, or more suitably in this case, ink, and whats been said here will one day be apart of the past too. The past is not forgotten, and the present shapes the future from its archives. Before you bid farewell, let me tip my hat and guarantee, that when you leave a story unfinished, its plot, its characters, its efforts will have been meaningless as their purpose of telling you the tale from start to close becomes a unfinished, formless, forsaken and forgotten withering dream that never folded its last page.

    • Two_Twig

      I apologize Gabriel LaVedier, its appears my reply has been misplaced. Do forgive me.

    • Gabriel LaVedier

      Yes, it does seem rather callous of me, to depart midway, or in whatever percerntage this is. Very much like walking out of a movie in the middle of it, or like closing a book and resolving that it stay closed with the bulk of it left to see.

      It comes down, I suspect, to the idea of judgement. Some say we are disallowed to judge any thing, no matter what it may be. We accept it, all or none. Finish it all, or never start.

      I have always held we are not precluded from judgement. All forms of expression, when put up for general consumption, are open for acceptance or rejection by the consumers. They may take as much or as little as they desire, augmented by encouragement or dismissal by their peers or by critics. The pages that follow the dismissal of a book, or the scenes that come later in an unseen movie may, indeed, be wonderful. They may even bear later viewership or reading, in isolation. But not as a whole. The dream-world of the past scenes is wonderful indeed. And the future may or may not be. I’m sure peers will tell me which. Often. But I won’t be discovering for myself. One may say, the spell is broken. The mesmeric magic no longer holds, and I am not to be drawn back.

      • GameCobra

        the mesmeric magic is only on pause at the moment, my dear friend.

        for one to enjoy a melody, they gotta let the other instruments play sometimes.

        I feel at this point, a different tune has been played, and i fear it’s a tune that doesn’t play to your melody.

        should you ever return someday, as i will not try to stop you, know this: i hope the tune the next time you return for some reason or another is the way you remembered it and enjoyed it.

      • Two_Twig

        Well then I bid you ado. My words here, as it would seem, will have no effect here on your actions. Try as I might to understand your reasons of leaving, that goal wavers from an impossible point of no return. I can only hope that what ever story come your way, does not ultimately suffer from the same fate.

    • Eriisu-chan

      *snicker* Nicely put!

  58. cannon fodder

    Yeah Rick you should probably change the caption, the way you worded it sounded like it was over.

    • Rick Griffin

      Yes by the way I said ’storyline’ as though the comic only had one?

      • Lance

        “Storyline” is a term that all writers understand. It’s not one that we can depend upon a reader to understand. Some do, but I would bet that if you did a “man in the street” survey and asked people what a “storyline” was, the majority would not understand that it can be a subsection of a complete work.

  59. Rahnee

    Yeah, first time commenting…anyway, I thought the hearts were for Tarot and Max. Grape is enjoying the movie, but she doesn’t like Max falling asleep on her as much, so she has a little half-smile thing. And they’re watching “The Secret of NIMH”! Cool.

    • GameCobra

      Welcome, True Believer!

      As far as the half-smile goes, i think that’s Peanut pressing her cheek with his shoulder, seeing that Max and Peanut have her pretty much smothered @_@

      • Teh Brawler

        AGH, where’s Sinder when you need him?????

  60. Steeve

    I just noticed that both peanut/max, grape/tarot share the same eye colour.


    • Disconnected

      Max’s eyes are more of a greenish color while peanut’s are blue.

  61. Anti-Theory

    BAAAAAAAAWWWW!!!!!!!!!! =^_^=

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