Staying In The Closet
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  1. DZ

    It must be nice to have spirits around to answer such lame questions.

    • othorlimmis

      lets be happy that these are the kind of questions she asks them and not the “impending doom” kinda questions.

    • thomas

      okay first off..just totaly awsome a name like tarot and the powers. i love the eye of ra necklace art that.

      • FoxBlood

        She has the guidance of the Almighty spirits at her whim, and not even they can find the remote! It’s true! The remote is more Almighty then even the gods!

    • Max Wolfe

      I wonder if she’s gonna ask them to make more popcorn next time o_o

  2. Kajex

    Win. X3

  3. Just-This-Guy

    Thats not insane…i can never find the remote:(

  4. falconfox01

    Cool Spirits! The problem I have is not WHERE the remote is, it’s how to get it BACK!

  5. Slippy

    Ah, the fresh smell of possesion in the morning. Well, time to call Father Gregory, brb.

    • Schrodinger

      I’ll get the bible.

      • Watcher

        I’ll bring the shotty… Has anyone seen Gordon?

        • Kiuma

          I think I saw him running off with Annabelle….

          Funny, I just got done replaying HL2.

        • Unsilenced

          Just make sure you get the right one… Frohman would not be good.

  6. Sleet

    Eh, she’s still cute.

    • Megaket

      Possessed, but cute.

  7. Rider098

    *tilts head* A Wizard of Earthsea? Never read it, heard good things though (aside from the Sci-Fi… er Syfy adaptation).

    With all this crazy magic going on, I am totally expecting a familiar griffin to just walk by at any moment! XD

  8. LucifersAngelFeather

    iwouldnt say INSANE… more like, slightly mentally disordered

  9. Kas

    Ha. Haha. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Awe Peanut. Once again you make Grape absolutely want to strangle you for your own good.

  10. Kumori Getsuei

    I love Tarot, she is such an interesting character.
    I adore Grape’s expression in the last panel.

  11. Kamron

    While you’re at it, get the spirits to order some more pizza.

  12. Arcanewind

    hahaha, with all that commotion I almost neglected to pay attention to the closet hahahaha XD

  13. GameCobra

    You know, i can’t help but see a resemblance, but when i see Tarot in the third panel, i actually think about Sabrina, the Teenage Witch comic series. using her powers to help people, but instead often backfire.

  14. Kalance

    That seems like a gross misappropriation of limitless cosmic powers…

    • wingedwolfgirl

      The whole, great power…and great resposibility…all that jazz
      sorta comes to mind.

  15. Odos

    Ehn… I still think Tarot is pretty normal… I mean, communing with spirits, causing a fancy green light show, Making things fly around, making popcorn… All pretty normal in my book…


  16. LazarCotoron

    God. I want her to be my girlfriend! She’s awesome.

  17. StainedSword

    Ah, misusing the power of the spirits. Truly Tarot is a trustworthy companion!

  18. toboe

    Dawww, Peanut’s so cute when he’s indiscriminately accepting of others.

  19. alazarramir

    Grape in the last panel is excellent. I get the distinct feeling of her thinking “Must resist urge to beat the stupid out of you.”

  20. J.J.

    Oh I LOVE Grape’s look in the last panel. It’s so…, DEAD Pan.

  21. Able

    I don’t see anything wrong with her. *looks at mysterious green glow* … that’s circumstantial at best

  22. ALIENwolve

    We seem to be entering Dr. Orpheus territory with the nonchalant use of magic.

    “A mere whisper from my lips could open your minds to a WORLD OF ARCANE TORTURES!”

    • redwolfmatt

      that’s similar to what i was thinking xD


      • Zekermeme

        I kind of thought that was one of his lines at first.

  23. Fuzzy

    Don’t put … I mean don’t date the crazy. Actually, the only thing worse than Tarot being crazy, is Tarot not being crazy.

  24. JB

    Insane, nah, just….unique in a special way and come on, having Tarot around would be amusing. I’m just surprised that Mr. or Mrs. Sandwich aren’t around seeing this. Besides talking to unknown supernatural beings, I wonder if she can summon creatures too.

    • Lucien

      For everyone’s sake let’s hope not…

  25. Residentfriendly

    Oh dang… I gotta get me one of those flying glowing remote finding thing xD

  26. james319

    LOL aww thats kinda cute XD again, i like the third panel XD

    she looks shorter than the others

  27. black cat

    aw peanut looks slightly offended in the second panle

  28. kyugjk

    second panel, grape goes super saiyan.
    love the annoyed ears My cat does the same.

  29. flora

    must help find remote

  30. Rawrimaducky

    Man, I wish I could do that. No more dealing with paid progaming for lack of remote. :)

  31. RGD

    It’s not really insanity if you have the power you calm to have.

    Just like its not paranoia if someone is out to get you.

  32. NightScrawler

    Eenie-meenie, chili beanie…the spirits are about to speak!

  33. TD

    LOL; she’s a keeper Peanut, hold onto her.

    Seriously, though, why is everyone claiming that she’s crazy just cause she says she talks to spirits? Just becuase YOU can’t do something doesn’t mean that it can’t be done; keep an open mind, people.

  34. BlueAnubis

    Well, the set is almost complete. We have a dog that dresses like a cat, a dog who dates cats, and a dog who can speak to the dead. Now all we need are a ninja, a pirate, and a cyborg (or some combination of them). >83

    • Alexander

      Ninja pirate cyborg cat-dog with a fetish for mice.

      • Lucien

        (I can see SPO as A Ninja Mouse)

  35. Salen

    Okay, can I start guessing this is a dream sequence again? I hope Pete shows up!

  36. tuddy

    You say “insane”, I say “unique”.

  37. Loki Impisi

    Wait… See is actually DOING stuff. That stuff is FLYING and GLOWING……. I think Grape needs to call a priest.

    • Lucien

      “THE POWER OF CHR- What the?! Leavitating popcorn? Cool!!”

  38. Fesworks


  39. Alexander

    Having been in Peanut’s position before, I can actually relate to what’s going on here. He’s so desperate and alone that he basically took in the first person that showed even a remote interest in him, hence why he’s trying to defend himself against Grape. He doesn’t want to lose his one chance.

    Or maybe Grape’s just jealous. >_> <_<

    • GameCobra

      Not sure about the desperation part. Tarot seems to be on the same page with him in that she wants to help him, so she already got points with Peanut for that XD

      It’s moreso Peanut’s lack of observation i find. here, we have this dog that can go around asking spirits to do who knows what and pretty much is ‘psychic’ and he thinks it’s all normal. the only thing that seemed abnormal to him, humorously, is Tarot’s lack of memory =3

  40. Zaiki

    Does this mean Peanut and Grape will come out of the closet?

    • Lucien

      Wow that’s one cliched line…

      • toboe

        cliched or not, you know you were thinking it

  41. Fuzzypaws

    I was going to remark on the Dr Orpheus thing but someone already did, so I’ll just say this is a another great one and I like Grape’s expressions =)

    • Zekermeme

      You know, somehow I can’t help but think Orpheus will turn out to be her dad.

  42. wingedwolfgirl

    I repeat,
    And I was right! …she’s mental.
    I’m surprised, no one has brought up the whole “alone in the closet” situation.

  43. TLV

    Unless they take over your body and turn you into a shade.

  44. LH wolf

    I just keep picturing her talking like Mickey Mouse while the green fx’s. It’s insanily….INSANE!!

    • tuddy

      Now I’ve picked up your bad habit. CURSE YOU!

    • Alexander

      I keep picturing her sounding like the female Gnomes from World of Warcraft.

  45. Mamoru

    2ed panel like Peanut looks like a teenager explaining to his mother

  46. SmashFiles

    Peanut and Grape in a closet?

  47. Mowo64

    Lol I love it! Tarot is totally hilarious! Insane, but hilarious!!

    And, OMG Peanut and Grape are ALONE in the CLOSET?!?!

    • Littleaeris

      Time for them to show their real feelings and take the next step!! =D

  48. dragonnutds

    rick, i have a question… is the green glow real, or is it just the Pomeranian

    • dragonnutds

      oh, and the floating objects, cant forget those

  49. Spirit of the Wolf

    I love Grapes expression in panel 4.

  50. Kit nomara

    As always the spirits helps those that are vary close to them…tarot must be vary close… or she summoned a demon and made it her pet. Weird concepts… *walks off rubbing his forehead. * Oww..Ow…Ow…

  51. Java

    She’s not insane! Just AWESOME :D

    • RageReaper

      There’s a difference?

  52. Silfer the fox

    Heh, inside a closet… alone… perfect opportunity for Peanut to make his move LOL… hey Rick! Remember me? >:3

    • Accursed

      I don’t think that would -ever- occur to Peanut. XP

      • hennessyvenom

        Didn’t he already try that at their uncle’s farm?

  53. e1nh4nd3r

    She’s not insane, she’s just utilizing the Universe and bending it to her advantage!

    Any pagan would tell you this. ;)

  54. William Frost

    Bwahahaha. This is hilarious.
    Btw, remember me?

  55. William Frost

    I forgot to say, Grape looks really feminine in this one.

    • IronCrux0

      It’s the angry faces. ^^

  56. Xanaboy

    Man, I wish I had divine powers to help me find the remote…

    • no space

      I know, I was just thinking… “Best superpower ever?”

      • RageReaper

        Nah. Best superpower ever is the power to never misplace the remote. That, or just do what I did and get a pager for it.

  57. MagicalSarai

    I love Grape’s facial expression in panel four… it’s perfect!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      I totally agree.

      • RageReaper


  58. flora

    your taking your powers for granted just to find a remote

    • RageReaper

      I do not see a problem with it. *Uses power of flame to make kettle corn* Mmm, cholesterol.

  59. DarkRexx

    Exotic character with mystical name and strange powers that can forsee and solve everyone’s problems?

    I think I see a Mary Sue.

    • RageReaper

      Forgot to mention that she’s entirely oblivious that she freaks everyone else out, lost the remote already (When Peanut had it just a moment ago), has no backstory yet, and up until now has not been seen.

      Yep, she’s a sue. But it’s his first one, so I’ll let him slide this time.

  60. Leina Wolfe

    I can forsee this going one of two ways…
    Peanut begins spending more and more time with tarot, until Grape learns she is hypnotizing him in order to ‘take over the world’ or somesuch, resulting in either peanut turning against Grape and getting turned back through friendship, or Grape and Tarot have an epic Cat-e-Pomeranian *cough* catfight *cough*….
    Or, Tarot pulling some kind of ‘oops, wrong address’ and being foisted off on another, secondary character, only to be heard from in some kind of Brick Joke. (see here ->

  61. BillyMT

    …What’s so strange? If I’d had psychics I’d bother my ancestors for the remote too! It’s always coming up in the weirdest spots of this house! XD

    • RageReaper

      Your ancestors put it there.

  62. Justice193

    LOL mistake… the glow on bot peanut ant jelly should be green :D

    I’ve been here for a while if anyone’s wondering, I just sorta lurk and laugh at what some people post :)

    • RageReaper

      I lurk, laugh and comment on people’s comments. I disappear sometimes, but I come back and harass people every so often. Wish I had been here for that yarn ball though. I certainly found some mistakes with the music selection that the cat was listing.

  63. Clarke M

    Why would she want the remote? That’s rude, changing the channel when they’re watching a romantic movie marathon.

  64. Trefoiler

    At first, Rick, I thought this girl was an embodiment of your underlying desire to break the fourth wall. While that is still a possibility, I love that she uses her power to its fullest extent!

    You just won’t stop. The comic is still awesome!