Soul Scattering Will Do That
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  1. Tre

    Avoid the crazy ones peanut. AVOID!!!

    • Tre

      And I feel required to add *First*

      • Odos

        That’s fine, you know we now feel required to hunt you down and shoot you, right?

        Feel required… but won’t >.>… Actually, I’ll say at least you didn’t just make your post *FIRST* and then leave… but, if you feel required to, don’t… it’s still kinda annoying.

        • Tre

          Actually, I had this overpowering urge to injure myself after I posted the First as well. I get quite miffed about the whole “first” thing as well. But this was the first time I actually remembered to get on early, so it was my first first. And my last as well, because now I feel icky.

          • GameCobra

            Just for the record, this isn’t the kind of thing i would post “first” on. >.> being up at a certain period of time just to post ‘First’ isn’t something i would say that’s ‘first’ worthy <._> <_< *hides*

          • GameCobra

            and huh. my comment got ate up o_O

            But what i added was that ‘now if Rick Griffin made a comment and you were the first to reply to his comment however… <__> *hides again!*

  2. DZ

    So… she’s not quite on the same level as Sasha and Daisy…

    • Oblivion

      She is far beyond Sasha and even Daisy!

      • Megaket

        There’s no need to even try comparison. She breaks the line above them by far, and destroys the sky.

        And peanut look like he’s watching a movie in the fourth panel.

    • cannon fodder

      “I’m scared and I don’t know why”

  3. Ranma_2k8

    …This is the first comic in ages to actually make me say out loud, “What the crap, man?”

  4. Gamerkitty

    wooooaaah…ok big huge red flags going up.

  5. Repicheep22

    Um, are her eyes glowing in panel three? Creepy!

    • Odos

      Actually, if you look, her eyes start glowing in panel two.

      • Megaket

        Plus the collar disappears, leaving only the mark.

    • lolparty

      1000-yard stare FTW

  6. Just-This-Guy

    lmao. Now shes really awesome. i dont know if shes magic, or just insane, but…….i dont know where im going with this…

    • BlueAnubis

      In my opinion, it’s always the most fun when it is a combination of the two.

    • KathYonhneke

      I think she’s just big into future reading and such, hense the name

  7. Shoji


  8. Theo

    I wonder what her owners are like… D__D

    • Lucien

      if she even has owners….

  9. Two_Twig

    I can safely say that I did not see this one coming.

  10. Flame

    Wow!!! LOL, she’s PSYCHIC…. or PSYCHOTIC. ROFL XD

    • Fuzzypaws

      Or both!

  11. Buckdida

    Ooooooooooookay. Scaring me. A lot. This one’s crazy Peanut, RUN!

  12. BlueAnubis

    W…O…W… That was kinda frighening… She’s still kinda cute, though.


    I still have to wonder if she lives with Sabrina and her family. And if so, does Sabrina have “abilities” (since that us all I can think of to call it) like Tarot?

    • Odos

      There are a ton of names for it… Psychic, Spiritual, Supernatural… but “abilities” works best, and I like it.

  13. Fuzzypaws

    Uh oh, she’s a Psyker!

    • Loki Impisi

      Fear not the Psyker…

      • Xaer QwickBlade

        you need only kill
        the alien
        the mutant
        and the heretic

        • Loki Impisi

          …I bet he calls you mutant behind your back.

          • Xaer QwickBlade

            BY RUSS!
            Space wolves, Attack!

  14. Odos

    You know, with a name like Tarot… I saw a little thing like this coming… I figured she might be into “weird, mystical and unknown” stuff, but… well… she’s *INTO* “weird, mystical and unknown” stuff, which kinda puts me off guard…

    This is turning out to be interesting… and I don’t think she’s scary, nor crazy… but that’s because I’m weird…

    And a may or may not have already sold my soul… I’m not quite sure yet (darn psychics and their weird wavers you have to sign.)

    • Cyb-009

      I think he IS weird mystical stuff judging from panel 3. (^_^)

      • Cyb-009

        Typo! that should be “she is” of course.

    • Megaket

      Let me check…

      …No, your name is not here. Don’t worry, your soul is yours and intact. Now, is there something you require, I require something in repay…


  15. RC104

    talk about your crazyz (kooo kooo kooo)

  16. james319

    LOL cool XD

    • james319

      how do you write this stuff XD panel 3 is both cool and frightening XD

      hadn’t noticed the fact that her eyes change from yellow to green in the first to second panels…creepy :)

  17. Yami

    Anyone else hearing YUGIOH!!! in their head?

    I think Peanut is actually entertained with what the new girl is saying.

    • Odos

      I kinda wonder if green is the only color her eyes change… and if she can change them at will. That would be AWESOME, then she could use her glowing eyes to host SWEET RAVE PARTIES!

      A cookie to the first one to get that reference *dangles cookie in air*

      • JakJak

        POWERTHIRST!!! …no wait, ROCKET CAN!!!

        • Rawrimaducky

          POWERTH….. aww crap, I lost. Do I get a consolation prize?

        • Lucien

          talk about a SPYCHIC MALESTROME…

  18. Kris

    Oh god is it possible to love her even more now? She is a good contrast to Grape. Think about it. Grape is logical and is down to earth; as for Tarot, she’s very into the cosmic and isn’t as forceful of reality. Perfect foil, REALLY. I now adore Tarot. Seriously.

  19. Devious_Psychopath

    That’s a keeper, peanut!

    • Rawrimaducky

      Just sleep with one eye open. XP

      • Devious_Psychopath

        and something to defend yourself with

        • Lucien

          Maybe a lead blanket would help, by blocking her spychic powers…

          (yes I know it’s wierd i know this, no i don’t sleep with a lead blanket thing get’s rea stuffy XP)

  20. Whiskers

    Oh god I hope this is just a joke. I’ve seen lighthearted comics start down an “epic/dark” story path and just get crazy :x

    • Whiskers

      also why does COLON X make an angry face? :O

      • Roguebfl

        Thats what it means :X (colon X) is way diferne the X| (X pipe)

    • Odos

      This is true. Take a look at College Roomies from H— (censored). It’s just not funny anymore, and it really doesn’t work… Hopefully this isn’t a BIG change, just a random little quirk.

      • GameCobra

        I highly doubt the series will get dark just because we see a fortune-telling pup =P

  21. Kalance

    Ah, crazy chick. Better luck next time, Peanut!

    Although, I’m getting the sense that in this comic, as with life, it’ll come down to choosing which kind of crazy he prefers. Shasha seems like one continuous blonde joke, Tarot probably lives at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Daisy’s…well…*special*, and Grape has a tendency to solve problems with bouts of extreme violence.

    It’s like Winnie the Poo meets The Dating Game…

  22. Fuzzy

    Oh gods, it’s her again. We’ve met.

    • KathYonhneke

      you met?

      • Megaket

        He already met with a dog, that was recently introduced, from a comic. Makes perfect sense.

  23. Adept Omega

    Haha. Oh Rick. You’re still awesome. <3

  24. Loki Impisi

    Now I want Grape to scratch out tarot’s eyes even more.

  25. falconfox01

    Makes me wonder what Tarots owner’s are like….Hummmm!

  26. RC104

    If Max was there he would said “Can I buy Catnip from you” LOL

  27. Jer-oh-me

    Actually, I’m curious to see where this character goes, I was wondering why her name was Tarot (As I was judging by the tags on the previous comic) A medium dog, that could be an interesting character, and give him room to use some great monologues.

  28. gagi

    heyy am i the only one that likes the crazy ones ?!

    i say, go for it peanut :D better than being alone,… so what if she’s crazy, she is still very cute ^^

    • Xaer QwickBlade

      she is cute and she thinks of other people, she isnt selfish either.
      I don’t know about you people, but just because she sees dismal prophecies, is not enough to make her bad in my book.
      … got a real problem with bad women in my area.

  29. Epsilon

    She was cute until she did THAT…. hell she’s still cute :3

  30. Drakel



  31. IronCrux0

    Furry Rule #3….

    Don’t stick…-it-…in crazy.

    • gagi

      that’s a rule ??

      yea like anyone would follow that silly rule :P

  32. JB

    …and we’re back with an interesting twist.

    So Tarot is there to help Peanut, not because she has a crush on him? She communicates with spirits? Okay, one you of fans played matchmaker and set this up because you can’t help seeing the poor pup depressed. Speak right now! I believe having a tearful sad face is bad for your complexion, but I guess she wasn’t talking about that.

  33. KathYonhneke

    Guess thats why her name is Tarot, shesh o.O

  34. no space

    Great, now she will forever in my head sound like the psychic from Poltergeist.

    I don’t know why everyone’s jumping on the judgement train, she doesn’t even seem that interested in dating Peanut.

  35. othorlimmis

    thats quite peculiar.
    shes a keeper peanut, crazy people are the most interesting people on the face of the planet.

  36. Yokel

    You’re nuts, man.

  37. Rawrimaducky

    Geez, I leave for like 5 minutes for popcorn and this happens. Gawd.

  38. Sleet

    Crazy girls make me want them even more. :P

  39. Rane

    My first girlfriend all over again *SHUDDER*

  40. Gezrn

    Lol I love the fact her name is tarot. heh heh Perfect

  41. LoS

    the Eye of Ra was a nice touch to the character, but, why not use the Icon of Seth?
    that would seem a tad bit more fitting to the character…

    also does anyone else think that this would be funnier without the final panel?

  42. Foxtailhigh

    Very confusing and complex robot? <:3

  43. TLV

    The Pomeranian disturbs me.

  44. Raven

    Annnnd we back away slowly.

  45. Two_Twig

    Is she be here to assist Peanut with his love problem? Or does she just want a tip for her ‘predictions’?

  46. Tom

    Despite the demonic sort of inner personality, she’s kinda cute.

  47. Peanut-Lover

    I knew this girl would be crazy, i just knew it.

  48. Tobias Rhdoes

    Great…now I fear for the future. On the upside, aprat from the potential for crazy-ness, she seems like she would be very good with Peanut.

  49. techdude300

    Is that a alchemy circle in the background? Man, that brings me back to the days of Full Metal Alchemist. Please tell me she’s attempted human transmutations.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Yeah, I was thinking that too!

  50. wingedwolfgirl

    Aw, so Tarot is mental (no literally, like psychic).
    But her words sound more like end of the world stuff then the Grape/Peanut dilemma.
    Also her eyes in panel 4 make me think StarFire. :}

  51. RageReaper

    Totally not creepy at all.

  52. thewhitedragon

    isnt that the eye of the first boss of YU GI HO? o_O

    • Disconnected

      I’m not certain, but i think its the eye of Ra if your talking about the one around her neck.

      • Eriisu-chan

        Yu Gi OH!? Seriously? Dude, read a book, that symbol is thousands upon thousands of years old.

        Yes, disconnected, it is in fact the Eye of Ra. An Ancient Egyptian symbol of their Gods’ powers and protection.

        Yu Gi Oh Boss…. *shakes head*

        • FoxBlood

          Actually I think that’s Myian not Eygptian.

          • FoxBlood

            P.S. love how clueless Peanut looks, and I’m still waiting for her head to star spinning like the poltrugist.

          • Erkhyan

            Nope, Egyptian. That thing’s plastered all over the walls of a good dozen royal tombs… Trust me, I used to be a big archeology nerd.

        • thewhitedragon

          considering I hate Yugi-ho (and thats why I say “yu gi ho boss” )
          besides I remember he used to use it in a similar way.. Ie to “SEE” stuff.
          I decided to mention in, since Yugiho crap was “famous” with kids these days….and thus I tought it would have been clearer by using him as example. good to know Im wrong in that thing… since yugi sucks.
          anyway Im a MTG gamer.

      • MagicalSarai

        Actually I do believe it is the Eye of Isis (as I mentioned before). The Familial gods of ancient Egypt all had their own “eye” representations. Horus, Ra, and Isis were very similar… and you could only tell the difference because of subtle variations. For example: the tails at the bottom… for Horus they would be close to the inside corner of the eye, for Isis they were in the middle, and Ra’s were located on the outside. Also the outside corner was different, for Isis it was flat, Ra curved down to a point, and Horus didn’t have the extended line past the outside corner…

        It’s quite obviously Egyptian… but the eye on Tarot’s collar could easily be either Ra or Isis… i don’t think it really matters, because the point is that it’s supposed to denote that she’s a little “odd”. I would put my money on Isis, for the sheer fact that of all the Egyptian gods… she is the only one associated with “magic”.

        • Eriisu-chan

          @MagicalSarai : Ooooooooooooooooh… I do believe you are right! I am impressed! ♥ *lol*

          • MagicalSarai

            s’ank you! I was curious so I pulled out my researching skills… which basically means I went to the encyclopedia! XD

    • D_Leo

      Yeah…next time you have a thought, just…let it go.

      • William Frost

        Actually, I do belive that that is the ‘Wedjat’, or Eye of Horus. It may be something else, but I’ve studied ancient egyptians for years, so don’t DARE say I don’t know what I’m talking about.

        • MagicalSarai

          What’s the point of claiming knowledge and then telling people not to dispute it? It’s like saying: Don’t poke me again!! The person is going to poke just to see what the reaction is. XD

          That being said, I don’t think it’s the eye of Horus, because that symbol lacks several common points with Tarot’s collar (see my above comment so I don’t have to type it again). All that really matters though is that it’s ancient egyptian… I say it again. XD

  53. Mamoru

    it was bound to happen

  54. kusanagisama

    She’s… Wiccan? Plus, why do I only see three comments when there are supposedly 90 replies?

    • no space

      You gotta press the “Previous Comments” button to see the older ones. I’m not sure what the cutoff is, but after a certain number it goes to a kind of second page.

      • kusanagisama

        Oh, found it. Never noticed the
        ↓ Previous Comments link before

      • The Bronze Gryphon

        I think the cutoff’s about 70 comments. I ended up as the only post on the page a few comics back when I was actually #71.

    • Eriisu-chan

      Not necessarily Wiccan, as we have many “branches” in Wicca…. but I hope she is! I’m curious to see a Alexandrian Wiccan Dog (as opposed to a Wiccan God… hehehe)

    • wolfsangel

      not wiccan, most she would be is gypsy or the classical prophet of Egypt

  55. flora

    i like her ^^

  56. flora

    peanuts like huh wat u say i was busy stuffing my face with popcorn

  57. Ada

    Cute comic, but I saw something that I can’t unsee. If I tell all of you it then you will not be able to unsee it.

    • kennyfox

      i guess you mean how peanuts bone sticks up out of the blankey in a lovely way in the last panel?

    • Devious_Psychopath

      Tell us anyway

    • flora

      that looks sooooooo i canttell im not allowed

  58. Zekermeme

    A prophecy of a catastrophe, and love is the only thing that will save you. I’m pretty sure this is the first time that’s ever been seen except in fanfiction and religious writings.

  59. Disconnected

    Does my Avatar work?

  60. kennyfox

    lol fun

  61. Draven Darklight

    I think I should remind some of you of the “no, it wasn’t just a dream” feather in the griffin arc. I am thinking Rick is okay with letting a bit of magic and wonder int he comic for a guest appearance every so often, and it will be real.

  62. The Bronze Gryphon

    Great monologue, Tarot. Want to run that by me again, only with some dramatic organ music and a supervillain costume?

    • Kajex

      Reminds me more of a Galadriel moment. X3

  63. wolfsangel

    why does that prophecy line sound sooo familiar……

  64. Rangershot13

    Do eyes usually turn green when speaking of prophecies.

    • no space

      Well, they certainly wouldn’t turn purple!

  65. Lycanthrope

    I solved the Lost Desert Puzzle in Neopets, AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT MEANS.

    As for Tarot, not sure that Eye of Ra goes with wiccan. She could be a New Age Hash, or possibly Cult of Anubis. Obviously she would not be Cult of Bast….

    • Eriisu-chan

      I giggled at the “cult of Bast” thing… and then I got the “Cult of Anubis” thing! My first thought : But it’s RA’s eye [didn't notice it was Isis's at first], not Anubis’! The eye has nothing to do with Anu—-ooooooooooh! I get it, now! ^-^

  66. D_Leo

    Aww, what a cute little psycho pommie!…

  67. Shen HIbiki

    :3 Woah. I think I’m in love.
    No, wait. I just like her. A lot XD

  68. Rider098

    Ohhh pretty magic circle… and totally out of nowhere. XP

    Very interesting, can’t wait to see where this goes. As for the collar, I have my own theories of what it means. ;)

  69. flora

    sabrina also has an egyptain symbol coller cool

  70. Mystery Ezekude

    What…? Is she possessed or something…!?

  71. BluFox

    I really like Pomeranians and the fact that she was named Tarot just did it for me, but all this psychic (read: psycho) stuff creeps me out…

  72. DrakeZ07

    Brilliant political move!

  73. Wolfspawn

    First I thought, What’a cutie…. but really! Is She Mental?

  74. Alexander

    I know a girl that’s actually quite a lot like Tarot… D:

    • Alexander

      I also just noticed that her eyes went from yellow to green in the second panel, even before she went all “mystical-like”.

  75. Replyguy

    Why do I have the feeling that all that fortold doom is going to spell something bad for Bino? He’s the only one so far that I can think of that doesn’t have any love in his heart.

    • Alexander

      Having love in your heart and being loved / in love are two totally different things. The fact alone Peanut is a dog should tell you he’s got plenty of lovin’ in him. :-P

      • Alexander

        Wow. I’m a n00b. I just realized you were talking about Bino and not Peanut.

  76. TD

    I have to say, I would LOVE to see Tarot making regular appearances in the comic; she’s just so cute and lovable and she just the kind of insane that someone like me can relate to.

  77. Galen Pepys


  78. Zekermeme

    I know she was just introduced, and we haven’t had time to really get to know the character, and she doesn’t seem like she’s a badly-executed character… but something about her just screams “PLOT SUE!”

  79. Max Wolfe

    Tarot :”Plus it’s terrible for your complexion”
    Grape : “Umm…right…”
    Win 83

  80. Enty

    Heehee…. I’d analyze every sentence in there and post ‘em here, but my answers would make me sound like a complete… erm……. something bad.

  81. BillyMT

    Gotta love how Peanut’s all “whatever, I’ve popcorn” on the fourth panel XD