But Happiness Is Not Dramatic!
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  1. nihl

    Grape seems confused. So am I

    • Lax

      More like surprised :D

  2. Fuzzypaws

    Cue predictions of jealousy and matchmaking!

  3. Valerio

    And atta sweet surprise, I daresay :D :D

  4. Serp

    is that a dollar sign?

    • Ken

      Looks like one of those stylized Egyptian eyes.

      • isk84waffles

        looks like a capital SP

        • Sweetygirl

          No Ken’s Right, its an “Eye of Ra” it was the symbol of the king of egyptian gods.

          • othorlimmis

            i thought it was th eye of horus.

          • MagicalSarai

            Yes, that is the eye of Horus… though if that is an eyebrow/eyelash over the top of the eye then it would be the eye of Isis.

          • Kahuna

            Seriously, it doesn’t matter you wikipedians.

          • wingedwolfgirl

            not wikipedians…researchers.

  5. Thomas

    WOOT! oh… yeeeeaah!

  6. RC104

    hey look at Tarot collar is the eye of ra. Do you think she know sabrina?

    • Valerio

      given the apparent IQ, I fear she might be more in touch with Daisy.
      Anyway, great choice for a new character Rick!

      • RC104

        Does everyone think she is relate to sabrina because of the Egyptian collar?

        • BlueAnubis

          I was wondering the same thing… Maybe they have the same mom/dad?

  7. Valerio

    Rick, be honest with us. How many laughters are you having at our expenses right now?
    Peanut, you sly doggie!! :D

    • Thomas

      for some bizzare reason, i think we’ll all be feeling sorry for grape in the near future…but for now.. OH YEAH1!

      • Valerio

        You SOOOO said it, man.
        Karma wins!

      • ILikeMrBigglesworthBest

        Well, her name is Tarot so I can only assume it’s a symbol from tarot cards…

        • ILikeMrBigglesworthBest

          And I put the comment in the wrong spot. XD I fail!

  8. LucifersAngelFeather

    a new challenger has entered – Pomeranian :D
    oh this is gonna be awkward :D

  9. Kalance

    Way to go Peanut!

    Hmm…How come every time I watch a Don Bluth marathon(Best films EVER!), a random cute girl doesn’t show up in my living room bearing food?

    • Just-This-Guy

      It only happens to the lucky ones…the rest of us can only dream…

    • spoony

      you must be doing it wrong……

      • Severedevil

        I’m pretty sure I can arrange a Don Bluth marathon with a cute girl bringing me food.

        Really gotta try this…

        • Kalance

          If you manage to pull it off, post a list of the movies and their order.

  10. V

    oh this doesn’t bode well….yet, awesome at the same time.

  11. Repicheep22


  12. Enty

    Just when ya think it couldn’t get any more complicated… XD *checks off a box on the list of Korean drama basics*

  13. GameCobra

    Meanwhile~ At Rick Griffin’s House:

    Rick: It’s all going according to plan… Dance, my puppets, Dance! Mwahahahaha!

    ~~~But of course, this is all a dream~~~

  14. CamKitty

    Yay Don Bluth!

    I love you!

  15. Jendrek

    Nice, with all the “relationship issues” it’s nice to see a – forgive the pun – bone thrown to Peanut in the shape of the Pomeranian.

  16. Tre

    Can anyone say REBOUND? lol

  17. Adept Omega

    … ha. Okay, she’s really cute. It’s just how small she is, I think. So cute~

  18. Just-This-Guy

    AND PEANUT SCORES!!!!! She’s really cute too=p

  19. Valerio

    pomeranian spitz are known for their short temper and their possessiveness.
    Hmm, maybe the only way for Grape to have his best friend back will be to openly confess his feelings to the lady? Just in time for Christmas?

    • Rick Griffin

      Just so you know, this plot (which has been dragged out for most of the summer now) has nothing to do with what I have planned for Christmas

      • GameCobra

        I think you could use the break after this arc =)

      • Peanut-lover

        You dominate the furry webcomic world. But dont let this new girl ruin a good friendship. Keep rockin’ and writin’

  20. Oblivion


    Griffin, you sly dog!

  21. Odos

    O.o!! Ok… wait… WHAT? Alright… umm… I must admit, good sir, you have bested me…

    I like to think I’m REALLY good at seeing where things are going and catching a plot twist in the making, but this is NOT what I was expecting and it has me… umm… well… REELING. I’m dumbfounded to be honest (that’s a good thing)

    Other then that, cute! This gives me a whole LOT of things to think about in the future, and so many things to theorize and try to predict! YAY!

    • CSutra

      Ahhhh but remember that Grape did mention not wanting to get involved in a human-relationship-love-triangle. Now all this means is we’ll either have Grape being “the other girl” down the line instead of Peanut being “the other guy”.

      ….or we’ll end up with a love-square.

      Though it could be worse…we could be dealing with a love-octahedron.

      • GameCobra

        I really think this is technically suppose to be a good end to the love problems. Grape, as far as we know it, was content with Max and Peanut looks to be content with himself for once.

        That, however, depends on how Grape reacts to this newcomer. I think she would be jealous, but that depends on what she has to be jealous about. >.>

        • Zekermeme

          Really? It kinda just seems like something Rick pulled out of his ass…

      • Teh Brawler (formerly Sir Sniper)

        As my signature says on the forums, Hey, just be glad its not a love triforce.

  22. Valerio

    Housepets, MAI un attimo di noia!

  23. Terinas

    You know, it’s nice to see that Peanut isn’t all tortured over Grape. I mean, don’t get me wrong, his crush was cute, but it’s either a sign of maturity or short attention span that he was able to get that Grape hasn’t consciously considered him a romantic suitor and not get all jealous and mopey over the fact that she went out with Max.

    In short: Go Peanut! Whoo!

  24. Gamerkitty

    I’m gonna say she seems like a complete space cadet maybe. I don’t think Grape will be as jealous as one would think. However i think Peanut will be happier than a pig in mud.

  25. Cyb-009

    “…Your not mom.”
    Mwahaha, Grape’s reaction is just great, total mindfreeze.

    And Grape’s “body language” is getting a lot more feminine lately.
    This looks likea number 15: Suprise and insecurity. (^_^)

    And thus… a new challenger appears!

    • GameCobra

      Most of that could be from the way she was with Max at the theater i would presume.

  26. Duskyo


  27. kennyfox

    omg so cute ^^

  28. Lavitz Skall

    Oh my god, way to go Peanut! He scored himself a Pomeranian xD

  29. falconfox01

    hehehe yet again full of suprises! I like the way Tarot is drawn.

  30. Raven

    Lord! It seems like most female dogs aren’t all that bright!…granted, with Peanut and most the members of the “Good ol’ Dogs Club” the males don’t come off much better, but the females seem a bit more dim.

  31. TLV

    I’m gonna have to side with “Confuzzled” on this one.

  32. Draco_2k

    A dog named “cat”… Why can’t I see this ending in anything good…

    • DZ

      I think that was Tarot addressing Grape.

  33. JB

    At least Peanut found someone, but I bet some of you fans won’t stand for that. Yea~, a new face and she looks so cute plus fluffy.

    Will this pomeranian steal Peanut’s heart or will Grape finally realize her true feelings and win him back? Please stay tuned after this long commercial.

  34. Naskatan

    The plot thickens…

    Ho ho ho

  35. Sierra

    Why are all the girls except for grape so ditzy?

    • JB

      Don’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe one of them just acts that way to hid their true self.

      • Naskatan

        That dog is actually a criminal genius who sports a deep british accent and maniacal habits with the social demeanor of a ditzy chick in order to fool the masses. :D

  36. Zekermeme

    You know, I’d kinda expect him to at LEAST tell Grape he had a date himself so, y’know, she doesn’t walk in on the, um… I mean, so she doesn’t come home and be surprised to find a strange dog in the house.

  37. othorlimmis

    rick, i see what you did there.

  38. TD


    How did Peanut get this random girl? For that matter, where did she even come from!?!!? And I don’t want to hear that ‘when one dog loves another…’ line.

  39. Valerio

    seeing Peanut smile like that just brings to meltdown…

  40. james319

    satisfying, not what i expected but satisfying.Im still in favor of the whole “Peanut & Grape” thing

    • Valerio

      many of us are. But Rick the Teaser won’t give us a pause. After all, this new development *is* so interesting….

  41. Peanut-lover

    YES! Peanut has a girl now. But how did she show up so fast? It was only a few
    (comic) hours since Grape left with Max. Plus she is so tiny. Grape and peanut are the samm size and she is shorter then Grape. Plus she is cute. Peanut you dog. (Dont kill me for that)

  42. Jasper-must-speak

    Yeah… I still haven’t gotten the ferrets straight. But she’s such a cute pomeranian! I suppose I’ll let this one slide.

  43. Asteri

    hahahaha I’m confused as well :D

  44. Aloisyous

    To be totally honest, I hope this spells the end of the “Peanut crushes on Grape” thing, and I hope there’s no “oh noes now Grape has feelings”, and her reaction is more “holy hell, Peanut actually notices girls?”. It’d be a nice bit so S*P-esque “no it won’t happen so stop asking”, only without the S*P-eque dark cynicism because that’s not this strip’s style. The crush was a cute throwaway gag, but as a sustained plot device, bleh. And as a wise Crow T. Robot once so cheerfully said (mind you I’m paraphrasing): “And once the awkwardness from your almost sibling-like relationship sends your date plunging into the crapper, you’ll feel the hot sting of shame on your cheeks for months!”

  45. Mamoru

    WOW looks like peanut has gotten over grape already

  46. Maniko

    Seems like the love-triangle just turned into a love-octogon…

  47. Sleet

    Tarot is adorable! I want her.

  48. Turaiel

    Erm… I’m kinda hoping that Peanut and Grape still happens. I’m disliking the way that this is going.

  49. Anti-Theory

    I knew it . ( ¯◡◡¯)

  50. R-One

    Rofl, still baiting the audience, eh? Friday’s always the best day for that in a M-W-F update cycle… gives ‘em an extra day to rant, rave, speculate, and all that, before you start baiting again on Monday! XD

    Doubt this is the last we’ve seen of the Peanut-Grape relationship, but looks like it’s splitting off on different tangents for now… which means many more months of hilarity and “drama*”, woot! :D

    *If you can call it that…

  51. Rawrimaducky

    Mmmmm, popcorn. *drool*

  52. Tibarus

    Uh oh…. The plot thickens

  53. Zanit

    now i feel less sympathetic for Peanut :3 sneaky dog XP evry1 thought he was alone & sad & we find out he’s got a lady friend lol

    • Valerio

      blame it on karma :D

    • cannon fodder

      I got totally blind sighted by this, wait what’s up with the eye of ra dog collar is it significant or just plugging a new story he’s gonna do.

      • Kalthare

        According to the tags, her name is Tarot. So, I’m thinking her owner’s into new-age stuff.

        • Saruchan28

          Sabrina has an ankh on her collar…. Just sayin’…

          • Sir Sniper

            I’m pretty sure that’s a fish

          • Sir Sniper

            Whoops, sorry, thought you said grape, not Sabrina

          • D_Leo

            Well, she could be a goth. Or they own the same humans.

          • duke

            its not an ankh its one of those egyptian eyes (i know i spelled that wrong)

            then two other things one does blonde fur lead to the equivelent of blonde hair? (seems so) and two did anyone else notice where shes holding the popcorn?

  54. Lucas H.C.

    Hahahaha, that’s it, Peanut! Provoke jealously in Grape and you might have a chance!

  55. thewhitedragon

    I wonder if its a plot by PEanut to try to make grape jealous XD

    • Shen HIbiki

      I honestly don’t think Peanut may think like that… he’s quite innocent.
      He may not even see that lady as anything but a new friend XD

      • Blackgatomon

        No estoy muy seguro, talvez si… pero… me pregunto que pensara Grape.
        al menos no vi que fueron al cine… Diablos, esa escena me dolio.

        • Megaket

          Erm… Say what?

          • gagi

            google translate

            I’m not sure, maybe yes … but … I wonder who thought Grape.
            at least I did not see were the movies … Hell, that scene hurt.

        • Sierra

          I’m not sure, maybe yes … but … I wonder who thought Grape.
          at least I did not see were the movies … Hell, that scene hurt…… (quick google trans,)

    • Valerio

      no he wouldn’t. Heck, Peanut would cut his tail rather than hurt Grape in ANY way.

  56. BlueAnubis

    *Record stops* *Crickets chirping*
    Grape: Umm… Hi?

    Hey look! Peanut has a not-a-cat gitlfriend, but this time, she really isn’t a cat!

    Ohmigawd! So many questions, so little time! Where did they meet? When did they meet? Does she live in Babylon Gardens? She’s so fluffy and cute, can we keep her? Do we know the people she lives with? Is she a show dog? Do they even have dogshows there? Why is the Sad Cebu sad? *runs off spouting random questions like a lunatic until he passes out*

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Whoa, slow down.
      the story shall be made known, in time…

  57. Whiskers

    Does she have the eye of Ra for a collar tag? Wasn’t there another animal with an Egyptian symbol like that? Maybe Sabrina or something…

    • Jason

      Sabrina had an ankh.

  58. Draegwolf

    Lover pomeranian’s, same type of dog I have :)

  59. NightScrawler

    Straightening out ferrets is indeed a tough job. They’re just like slinkies — they’ll just curl back up again the moment you’re finished.

  60. flora

    who the heck is she if this story goes to a bad direction i will kill someone

    • BlueAnubis

      please make sure, if worse comes to worse, that you choose someone that nobody likes. Like a morning talkshow host.

      • flora

        ill choose the one who dissed better days

        • BlueAnubis

          Ooh, good choice. Should I bring the torches or the pitchforks?

          • flora

            no were doing this slow and painful hahaha get me a meal butter knife

  61. Dreama

    The alt text pretty much said it for me XD

  62. no space

    Tarot is adorable. I knew Peanut would get over Grape soon after her date. Rainbows and chocolate chips.

    Now, could we please, please, please address the grammatical error in the third panel? “I suppose you wouldn’t NOT ALONE?!” At least make it, “I suppose you wouldn’t be.” I’m begging you, every time I look at this my eye gets drawn first to Tarot, and then to that sentence. I can’t help it, it’s like a really small rock in my sock or something.


    • DeathJam

      No space, it says “I suppose you wouldn’t, with mum around”
      Look carefully, theres a comma just……….^……….there, where the arrow is (let’s hope this appears how i typed it)

      • no space

        I’m sorry, perhaps I wasn’t clear.

        Peanut says, “…I’m not alone.”

        Grape then responds, “Oh, I suppose you wouldn’t,” as if she is saying, “Oh, I suppose you wouldn’t ‘alone’ ”

        The phrasing of Grape’s response suggests that Peanut used a gerund, which he did not. Grammatically correct, it should be, “I suppose you wouldn’t be (alone,)” or, “I suppose you aren’t.”

        Just imagine that you actually hear that small exchange in real life, and you’ll notice it too, because it just rings wrong.

        • Applemonkies

          You do realize that fixing that would require re doing the entire bubble, and perhaps panel depending on how the comic is drawn. Why not just let it be? It’s fairly obvious what it should say. It’s just a typo. leave it aone.

          • no space

            I know. But it’s there!

            I was more just wondering why no one else said anything, especially with the reputation people have for picking apart webcomics, and even more especially on ones that have a comment section.

          • Two_Twig

            If it makes you feel any better I noticed it too, but really it’s just a typo. Let it be.

        • Jason

          People are rarely grammatically perfect when they speak. It’s the sort of thing people’d carelessly say here and there.

        • Enty

          With an implied “be” stuck in there.

        • Sir Jerric

          Well, technically, I would suggest that a wording error like this is part of a character’s natural dialect. I wouldn’t make a big deal over it. But for an additional thought, perhaps Grape intended it to be taken more like this:

          Grape: “I wanted to apologize; I didn’t mean to leave you home alone like this.”
          Peanut: “No, It’s fine. I’m not alone.”
          Grape: “Oh, I suppose you wouldn’t (mind), with Mom around.”

          Now, if you want to comment on punctuation in the second panel, one could make a case there. [Note the two changes I made ;) ]

  63. wolfsangel

    two out of three, grape gets jealous and they get on un friendly terms which leads them down the path to them arguing and finding out they love each other OR grape is fin with it and peanut gets all depressed cause it didn’t work

    • no space

      Or they are both fine with it, because they are both getting into- what at least appear to be- happy, healthy relationships.

      • Two_Twig

        Yes, but where’s the drama in that?

  64. wingedwolfgirl

    HA-HA-HA! …Pomeranian.
    I don’t think ANYONE saw this-one coming. :)

  65. Yami

    it would be funny if she’s just like him, and they both wake grape up and act the same like twins. Grape would be traumatized to no end.

  66. The (lazy) Readers

    Interesting development

  67. jinxtigr

    She is ADORABLE, and Grape’s feelings are now almost impossibly complicated :)

  68. omega_fox123

    eather tarot is peanuts friend and thats all he sees tarot as…

    or tarot is the anti-grape: a dog, super friendly, not to bright, and is the reverse of grape- a male mistaken for a female…that would be haliarious, and would explain why peanut and tarot aren’t togather as far as we know

    listen to the foolish rambelings of a bored speculating fan-boy^^

  69. Mishi

    I SO KNEW that a new character was coming that was going to be a female that possibly isn’t completely dull. And I SO KNEW THAT IT WOULD BE A POMERANIAN TOO. Cause they kind of look like cats. :D

  70. Rangershot13

    dun Dun DUN!

  71. Shadow Wolf X7

    Whoa, what the heck? A pomeranian? :o

    Pameranians are so fluffy. :3

    • Shadow Wolf X7

      Oh wow, I just realized that the Pomeranian girl’s eyelashes are flipped out just like Grape’s. Did Peanut do her eyes too?

      Peanut should be like a make-up artist or something. :3

  72. Tobias Rhdoes

    *facepalm* God help us….not another one.

  73. Kumori Getsuei

    She is so cute ~♥

  74. Kojivsleo

    Just a question, their still at the farm right?

    • Parou

      Nah, at home now… hence Grape’s night out with Max.

  75. DarkRexx

    And so, here we are again. You messed up, and I came back with flaming judgment. Megas XLR won’t be saving you from MY bitter critique, oh hoh no. NOT THIS TIME.

    First, the most GLARING mistake you’ve made with this falls-fla-…

    …The Boondocks is done downloading. I gotta go. But I WILL BE BACK.

  76. Shnurui

    Grape is just so cute when she’s jealous…

    Strike that….

    Grape is just plain cute:)

  77. Musimba

    LOL. After reading the last strip, I was wondering what Grape’s reaction would be if Peanut got a friend that he really liked and happened to be a girl. Even if she is just his friend and nothing more.

    • Valerio

      do i sense another slap-in-your-face (or any of its equivalent) incoooming?

  78. Alexander

    I imagine Tarot sounding EXACTLY like the female gnomes from World of Warcraft.

    • Sleet

      Thanks. Now I can’t un-hear it. :P

  79. Leina Wolfe

    i get the feeling Grape and this new dog won’t get along too well.
    I can’t help but think of the “cute but psycho” shirts…

  80. Lenn

    he’s totally trying to make Grape jealous

  81. Loki Impisi

    A small yappy dog character… Claw to the face please.

  82. LimeWolf

    Pomeranian? Absolute yes!

    Woah, first comment on this site for me. Love the comic, by the way!

  83. RageReaper

    New dog is short.

    • TD

      Pomeranians are small dogs.

      • RageReaper

        Kinda figured that out when the dog that came up was about half the size of Princess Periwinkle.

  84. Silverpaws

    weeeeeeeeeee yay for peanut, he got a new friend, phew now I dont feel so sad about him , but what will happen, didn’t he was a cat lover and he liked grape, hmm…., but this new spin in the plot it’s exelent hehehe

  85. Mystery Ezekude

    Wow. You sure are good at introducing new cute female characters. Tarot sort of reminds me of Misa from Death Note.

  86. Teh Brawler (formerly Sir Sniper)

    All I have to say is, onto the forums!

  87. Tobias Rhdoes

    The fact that she is sporting a tag that is the Pharoah’s eye makes me think she is the dog couterpart to Sabrina, a.k.a. she lives with Sabrina.

    • RageReaper

      It’s not the eye of the Pharoah. It’s the eye of Amehn Ra.

      • Tobias Rhdoes

        My bad. I remembered that after I posted, but it didn’t seem like a big enough thing to go about the task of mentioning my mistake. Overall though, I thank you for pointing it out, as it did give me a reason to correct myself.

  88. Blackthorn

    Yaa! Peanut finds happiness!

  89. Spirit of the Wolf

    My GF has a Pom… and while she loves the thing, her family doesn’t so much… I have a feeling this is going to be a “love it or hate it” kind of deal with Grape.

  90. Valtz

    I’m hoping that this isn’t a story direction and that she’s just crazy.

    Because crazy would be funnyer

  91. Wolfspawn

    Awww such a fuzzywuzzy cute girl… eh friend he has ^^