Well, Why Didn’t You Say So!

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  1. Serp


    • Serp

      thats the girliest shes ever looked ever o.o

      • flora

        must think not about them doing something must think about peanut she must be with him not max him omg riick your killing me with greatness

  2. Devious_Psychopath

    Max, you do- er… cat!
    yes… cat.

    • Whiskers

      cool cat’s playin’ it hip, y’all

  3. Wow..

    wow, just wow… heart explodes into peices.. but Peanut has good karma! ???

  4. Yami

    James Bond couldn’t get a woman in his arms faster, nice work max.

  5. james319

    Grape looks cute :3

  6. Loki Impisi

    Max has a brilliant and cunning mind. He wins the day.

  7. Gamerkitty

    smooth, very very smooth. Bravo

    • othorlimmis

      the ticket thing could be a cheap trick to keep hold of her, but max seems pretty sincere when he says that, in my opinion, max and grape are a great couple and peanut will be happy when grape is, because thats his reward.

      he IS a dog after all.

  8. Thomas

    i’m done..

  9. GameCobra

    Maxwell. you are one cunning cat. and for that, i salute you.

    And Grape… you are too cute <3

  10. RC104

    DANG, Max is a player.

  11. Repicheep22

    Wait, wasn’t Petir the character she wrote herself with in her fanfiction?

    • Thomas


    • Repicheep22

      This reminds me of a female friend of mine. She’s got a boyfriend *and* a crush on Wolverine.

      • Thomas

        huh, interesting, kinda like how Peanut has a crush on grape, only peanut doesn’t have a date..

      • Megaket

        Reminds me of my sister, she got a crush on… One or two from TMNT, some dudes from mangas, and some guy from a movie. That’s as much I’ve understood.

        • DeathJam

          A crush on one or two of the TURTLES from TMNT?

          • Shinigami

            I always liked the turtles, but it was Casey I had a crush on. LOL.

    • Echo

      Oh no! That means….she wasn’t writing about herself and Peanut!

      • Thomas

        depends who her version of Petir was, although it was probably just the main character of the story..

  12. Tre

    Movies solve all awkward dates.

  13. Paranoidman

    Now I’m conflicted! Peanut or Max?!

    • Thomas

      same here

    • Valerio

      max is a good tomcat, he’s cunning, romantic, and has the species advantage.
      Peanut, after all, knows Grape better than anyone else, and his love is so strong such as breaking the species barrier AND strong enough to let her beloved one to go for her own good.
      Peanut wins.

      • GameCobra

        Peanut may know alot about her, but he certainly loves to annoy her X3

        But seriously, Maxwell and Peanut both are great characters in my opinion. Peanut let Maxwell have Grape since he knows it’s for the best and knows Maxwell is a good cat. Peanut is in a sense alot more thoughtful and respectful for Grape.

        Maxwell as we’ve seen likes to treat Grape to what she wants. Even though it didn’t go the way she wanted, he ended up treating her to something nice in the end to make up for it. This shows that he likes to make plans for her, showing his dedication to her.

        it’s arguable at this point which one is best for her i find, or if either of them can do better if they were in the other’s shoes. Peanut and Maxwell have both done well to make Grape happy, and i’m just happy she’s enjoying it <3

        • chrisQ

          …sorry, but: no-no-no-no-no^^… Peanut did -not- “let Maxwell have Grape” !…. quite apart from the expression itself being a bit, erm, ’strange’, really^^, Peanut let Grape go on this ‘date’, because Grape wanted to go !!!…. Peanut is the kind of guy who doesn’t want to infringe on a friend or a loved one… also: Peanut is far, far, far less experienced in this field than Max is: Max obviously knows, that a ticket to a good film will get you far in this particular field (by the way – I noticed Max has put the popcorn between his legs, Rick !^^)…

          • Valerio

            and that’s what cobra said, in fact: Grape wanted to go to this date, and Peanut helped her any possible way he could, at the cost of sacrificing his own interest.
            Let us not forget, in fact, that Peanut has recently become a hardcore fan of ‘Pridelands’. He knew there was a movie, he knew he could easily win Grape’s admiration with a couple of tickets himself… But he did not do so! (in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow arranged for those two tickets to end in Max’s paws)
            and no, pal, you cannot point out certain things about certain body parts.

          • chrisQ

            …what ?!? … why can’t I ???…

      • Thomas

        yeah, i’m gonna have to second that motion. =) he wins

        • The Spirit of the Wolf

          I’m gonna have to agree with Cobra. It IS debatable.

          - Knows more about her
          - Is kind enough to put her interests first
          - Shares similar interests
          - Treats Grape as a peer

          - Is a smooth talker
          - Shares similar interests
          - Plans ahead well
          - Is kind

          Sure, Peanut may have a slight advantage in personality, but his love for her is like, say, a human loving a naga (humanoid snake creature). He’s a dog, and she’s a cat. That is a pretty big barrier. Max, however, is a cat like she is.

          Max also has another advantage. Grape KNOWS he likes her, but has absolutely no idea about the way Peanut feels for her. So, in the end, Max gains the big advantage.

          Now we just have to wait until Peanut’s jealousy kicks in. THAT’S when the comic will get REALLY interesting!

          • Valerio

            the cat/dog barrier is overestimated
            Let’s take a look at the Fido/Sabrina relationship. Essentially, it’s going on smoothly (save for those awkward moments, y’know). The main obstacle to it for Fido is that he’s a cop and he fears is position may be compromised by going out of the closet, but, again, as cat and dog he and Sabrina are the sweetest couple around.

  14. LucifersAngelFeather

    women might have the power of the body – but a man has the power of the mind… or atlest the cinema

  15. LucifersAngelFeather

    women might have the power of the body – but a man has the power of the mind… or atlest the cinema :D

    • Littleaeris

      Men have the power of the mind? Since when?! In my experience, they always use the wrong head ¬¬

      • Bella

        Here, here!

      • Drakel

        You’ve made all us men sad now…

        • BlueAnubis

          Not to say they aren’t right about most of us, though.

          • GameCobra

            Special surprise guest appearance: A certain person who is not a cat who is a fan of Peanut’s comics!

  16. BlueAnubis

    I dont know what it is, but Max and Grape look way too cute in the last frame.
    It seems that Max DOES know just what to say to a girl.
    Hmm, it seems that Petir is a real character from the Pridelands storyline, and not a fan character as some of us thought. Not to say that Gapre isn’t though. X3

  17. Kalance

    If that doesn’t earn Max a second date, nothing will…

    • no space

      He could still blow it. In fact, I can think of at least twenty seven ways that the night could go horribly wrong within about twenty minutes of the events in the last panel, and only one involves Attila the Hun. No, wait, two, but that’s only because I just thought of a twenty-eighth.

  18. Valerio

    tail hugging grape=WIN

  19. Kovu

    I hate how the story is evolving so far. -_-

    • Valerio

      me too, but fair’s fair. Peanut is cumulating good karma by the tons. Heck, something good for him MUST be in store!

      • GameCobra

        I’m sure there’s alot of good karma for Peanut as well.

        As it goes right now, it’s very hard for me to see Peanut not rewarded in any sense after this, but it’s certainly going to be in a way that i’m sure that makes everyone happy.

        • Thomas

          so much karma.. so little time.

          • BlueAnubis

            at the current rate Peanut is going, he probably has enough good karma built up to get a feline supermodel/astrophysicist who plays videogames and draws comics in her spare time. 83

        • The Spirit of the Wolf

          Happiness is its own reward.

          • Valerio

            in fact, happy Peanut is not :(

  20. Fuzzy

    Awwww, that’s so sweet …

  21. Lax

    Dang! They looks so cute in the last panel!! :D

  22. Yokel

    Max is playin’ his cards right.

  23. Zekermeme

    Kinda sleazy, man.

  24. Just-This-Guy

    Maxwell you sly devil!
    and if anyones wondering why they look so cute in the last panel, i think its cuz it was done in a slightly different style

    • toboe

      I don’t wonder, I just soak in the happy

    • othorlimmis

      its the shading i tell ya.

  25. Wozzler

    Smooth move Max

  26. Kim Martin

    So cute all snuggled together in a single seat. XD now Grape has spoiler advantage over Peanut

  27. kennyfox

    the last one is a cuddle scene =D so adorable.

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      Take out the talk bubbles in panel 4 and you have T-shirt GOLD!!!

      • Midnightwolf


  28. toboe

    ……I feel like rooting for Max now

    (No Toboe! Don’t turn-tail!)

  29. Tibarus

    Oh gee… I hope Peanut wins her in the end… Poor dog deserves it.

    • Valerio

      he does, he does…

    • Thomas

      karma will have something in store for him.. ( hopefully it’s Grape), but for now we’ll just have to wait till friday at exactly 12:00 A.m. at night… or till next sunday at midnight… to see what happens

      • Valerio

        hmm, methinks we’ll have to wait ’till christmas to see if Grape will make a final decision for her love life.

  30. Scott

    Awwwright. Max is my favorite more and more.

  31. james319

    WHY RICK?!?!?!?!??!

  32. Littleaeris

    Or horribly disappointed by a future decision for Grape between Peanut and Max.

  33. Sleet

    I’m pretty sure not in this comic.

  34. Sleet

    As much as I (like everyone else) would rather see Grape with Peanut, that last panel was adorable.

  35. Enty

    While I realize that you love teasing us, and its your job to keep us watching and coming back to this comic……… I think I just died a little on the inside…… *goes to archive to relive happier moments*

    • Valerio

      Rick has just proven himself a weapon of mass hearts distruction :(

      • Enty

        hrmmm…. this needs to be fanfic-ed….. And I’m inspired…

  36. LavitzSkall

    Wait, Grape is a girl?!?!

    lol kidding

  37. Ranma_2k8

    Regarding Max:

    I think Groucho Marx said it best when he said, “You just said the magic word.”

  38. Rawrimaducky

    *holds up scorecard* 10!

  39. Lloxie

    That last frame is so a-dawww!-rable. >

    • Lloxie

      Er…. somehow my comment got cut off o_O; Here’s the rest:

      Sucks that she’ll have to choose between him and Peanut at some point, most likely. Unless they somehow end up in some unusual, non-traditional three-way polygroup like some people do. But yeah, I kind of doubt that in this comic. >>

  40. snowy

    max get lucky dun dun la dunnn

  41. flora

    whoo hoo go max i got some new thoughts to think about whoo!

  42. TLV

    It’s most disturbing how girly Grape looks in that last panel o_o

  43. Kegan

    I love the shading that was used in the last panel. Even a tom boy has girly moments

  44. victor

    wow victor aproves

  45. Wolfspawn

    Ain’t they the cutest :P

  46. Tom

    Aww max is so cute.

  47. wingedwolfgirl

    Bravo for Max,
    NICE save!

  48. microbuss

    awww thats awesome the cuddleness

  49. MinkMonsterAlpha

    Awww… My heart broke a little. But Peanut is getting good karma, I hope he gets something awesomesauce for it!

  50. Zurr

    I love Grape in the last panel

  51. The Spirit of the Wolf

    HEY!! I just noticed that Max has a shirt collar over his collar.

    • falconfox01

      I assume that’s because the “restarunt” (lol) was “semi formal”

  52. Thomas

    y’all biscuitheads…. XD

  53. TD

    Sorry if it’s already been asked; but, where did Max get those tickets?

  54. Peanut-Lover

    That’s just wrong. Grape needs to stop breaking Peanut’s heart like that. If he were to see them like they are in the last panel he would go into a deep depression. Rick, seriously, have Grape put Max down gently then have Peanut tell her how he feels, And do it quick. BTW love the comic. I have been reading it for about a week and i fell in love within 5 strips. I found it on accident.

    • othorlimmis

      in my opinion, that would rather cliche.
      scratch rather, make that pretty cliche.

      • Peanut-lover

        It should still happen to them all because Peanut has built up some massive good karma and we all know how Grape is so that would be the only ending that would equal all of the bad karma that Peanut has been through.

        • MunkyZero

          Yeah, but that would still be cliche. Just because you think that should happen doesn’t mean it would be good for the comic’s plot in the long run. Besides, Max doesn’t seem like a bad guy (besides the being manipulative with those movie tickets). :p

          • Peanut-Lover

            I don’t have anything against Max but at least have some other cat or dog show up to console Peanut. He’ s has had his heart broken.

            “All puppies need some love after heart break”
            -Russell DeArmond

      • Zekermeme

        I don’t think “cliche” is the word you’re looking for. More like… contrived. Just way too easy.

    • gagi

      your nicek is awesome/weird in a cool kind of way :P

      but yea i doubt peanut would be depressed, he would just put on a brave face, and smile for them (but be torn up inside) …

      still i wonder what could happen, and i don’t know why but i don’t think peanut should be with grape… they’re just too good friends to be able to have anything serious :D

  55. thewhitedragon

    they really look adorable!

  56. Lance

    Bought! Paid for!

  57. Roguebfl

    Sharing the same seat? no that mega cuddling 8)

  58. Yami

    this is also the second comic in a row with grape’s profile in the third panel.

  59. Novil

    Rick, listen what your fans have to say (sometimes they have good ideas), but do what YOU want to do with your characters. It’s impossible to please everyone anyway.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Don’t let the “shippers”
      (…which you grape/peanut-fans can officially be called…)
      tell you what to do. Continue the comic YOUR way.

  60. Fuzzypaws

    Max is a cunning rogue. :\

  61. flora

    max looks cute when he is sad kyaa^^

    • flora

      ok i saw this comment asking me if i was female yes im female i chose flora because hello twokinds

      • Peanut-Lover

        Two kinds rocks. Flora is so freaking cute it’s UN-bearable.

        • The Spirit of the Wolf

          Keith is my fav. We both share an ancestral last name (MY ancestors haveing the name “Kaiser”, not me)!!

          visit my DevArt page for some 2Kinds fan art:

  62. Roguebfl

    Which is considered more intimate? arms around the shoulder, or tail around the Waist?

  63. duke

    first just let me say i love this comic then secondly let me say, “i miss the days of the RAIN-ing king LOL. aaaaanyway is it just me or does it seem odd that they share the seat on the first date?

  64. Foxtailhigh

    They look so cute together! ^_^

  65. ILikeMrBigglesworthBest

    Lol not to be mean, but Grape is going to have one terrible crick in the neck tomorrow

  66. WildRoo

    Is.. is grape playing with his bells? ;p

  67. spoony

    suddenly and without warning, the date got much better.

  68. The (lazy) Readers

    did we not ask for penut to stop being mutilated …Please?

  69. Matsu

    Aw, I love the last panel! :D Grape and Max make a great couple, and I’d love to see Peanut fall in love with a dog, but what do I know? Anyway, love the comic! ^^

  70. Disconnected

    Max you smooth, smooth devil.