My Love It Has Three Corners

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  1. slacks

    love it!

  2. Check Source

    Tom and Jerry?

    • Ellix

      Jasper and Jinx!

      • Loki Impisi

        But Jinx is a mou-……That makes three mouse pairs doesn’t it?

      • J.J.

        Pixy, Dixy & Jinx the Cat.

        I love the mouse (Spo, perhaps?) giving the cat a hot-foot, or is that a hot-paw?

        • Valerio

          the mouse is jinx. (furthermore, Spo’s fur is grey)

    • Yami

      i think its tom and jerry

      • Yami

        at least the reference line of the soul on fire line.

        • Yami

          the episode is Solid Serenade the female cats even look similar

          • FoxBlood

            It is Tom nd Jerry. I used to watch it as a kid, back in the day. And I love still this day. The episode you have up is the one that line is from.

          • no space

            Tom’s name was Jasper and Jerry’s name was Jinx in their very first episode, Puss Gets the Boot, hence the Jasper and Jinx tags.


            Also, “girlfriend cat” is probably Toodles Galore, albeit with a red bow instead of blue.

          • FoxBlood

            Ah the oldies. Got to love them, but yeah I knew about Jasper and Jinx.

  3. Valerio

    aww, *lies beside Peanut and hugs tight*

  4. Thomas

    TISH YOU! =D

    • J.J.


    • chrisQ

      …he means: “Gesundheit !”…^^

      • chrisQ

        …oh, or it could of course be: “she”, sorry^^…

        • RageReaper

          Auf vedesei

          • Thomas

            Будьте здоровы! !

          • Shen HIbiki

            Salud? o,o

          • Valerio


          • Valerio

            健康を祝して :D

          • chrisQ

            …ach, nein ! it is spellled: ‘Auf Wiedersehen !’… Ja ! (or maybe: Yah !^^)… :)

  5. lopiko

    Tish, you! haha so creative.

    • Valerio

      and you just noticed NOW?! It’s there sine Bino used to cry at the very same movie, incidentally :D

      • spoony

        apparently, all dogs cry for that movie.

        well according to Fido anyway.

        • flora

          come on its a great movie i always cry at the end but the second not that good

          • RageReaper

            I have to agree with the lady here. (Hopefully you’re really a female and not some guy with something that he really likes flowers. That’d just be another awkward silence moment.) The end of All Dogs Go to Heaven even brings a tear to my eye, and I watched Bridge to Terebithia and just laughed at the end… Maybe it’s just because I’m a cruel and heartless person when it comes to dealing with humans, but I have a soft spot for animals, but still, I watch all kinds of those sob stories and I laugh at most of their endings. Some I don’t laugh at, but still… I was trying to say a point or something up there, then I got horribly off track… What were we talking about?

          • cannon fodder

            I do too

    • Sleet

      Tish, You! is actually from here:

      • Lopiko

        Well, Homestar references make it even better!

  6. Fuzzypaws

    *gives comforting cuddles to the poor pup*

  7. LucifersAngelFeather

    aaaww peanut is so cute – is that ”all dogs go to heaven” or what its called, and Tom & Jerry

    • Sweetygirl

      Yeah its all Dogs go to heaven… Main dogs name was Charlie in that movie. … I’m with the dogs though.. that movie still makes me cry.

      • toboe

        I’m with you on that

    • Valerio

      the scene finale, when Charlie is allowed to go to the kid to give her the last goodbye.
      Yes, allright, I used a lot of tish you too!

      • Tibarus

        That scene still makes me tear up, even after all these years. Poor Peanut… I hope things work out for him.

        • Valerio

          who doesn’t, here?

  8. Dreama

    That took me a full minute of staring to figure out that was Tom and Jerry. XD

    • flora

      and of course tom trys to get a girl

  9. Lax

    Hahaha, just like in Tom and Jerry “The Zoot Suit” :D

  10. GameCobra

    *notices the TV tag*

    …TV? A character? :O

  11. Repicheep22

    Poor Jasper, poor Peanut, and poor Grape. This is just not their night.
    And I’m not sure which I like better, the “All Dogs Go to Heaven” reference or the “Tish Yous”

  12. Shoji

    LOL, I love that episode of Tom & Jerry! XD

  13. Loki Impisi

    That love triangle thing seems a little convienent. I think she ether knows or slightly suspects….. Yes techincaly part of him IS on fire…….. I should try that.

    • Zekermeme

      Either that, or she’s just genre savvy.

  14. Skann3r

    (sniff, sniff).
    (sniff, sniff).
    Say, something IS burning around here!

    • RG

      Now you made me wonder whether or not he’ll make the scream of agony and try to dunk it in the nearest water source.

  15. vnbuchholz

    Ahh the return of Tish, You!

  16. Valerio

    I don’t think Peanut will be able to disguise his emotional state for long…

  17. Fuzzy

    This comic just made my shortlist of home page tabs :)

  18. Valerio

    I daresay that, at this point, Grape still looks ‘masculine’ because she’s not mature enough. I mean, the barn cats were most definitely feminine even without the eyelashes, but the white cat lady in the first panel? Wammola!

    • chrisQ

      …well, I dunno… just as some girls/women are very girlish and female, so others are more boyish/male in character and appearance (and vice versa with boys/men)… Grape just is the way she just IS – if you know what I mean… she doesn’t have to be ‘girlish’ to be a believable female cat – just as a tomcat doesn’t -have- to be a lech to be a believable male^^… :)

      • DarkRexx

        Once again, I must submit my theory of androgynous creature mass production to the panel for approval.

  19. Valerio

    funny that a mouse could sneak in a restaurant cat without becoming the main course within the second…

    • Valerio

      I meant ‘cat reastaurant’

      • Fuzzy


      • Littleaeris

        “res⋅tau⋅rant” actually.. But your thoughts seem somewhere else, huh? ;)

        • Valerio

          you were saying? I was a li’l busy down in this ash pit….

    • JB

      They let in two dogs into a cat restaurant.

      • Valerio

        hey, after all Fido has the best reputation!

  20. kennyfox

    OMG i JUST saw the mouse. lmao

  21. Luu

    Now I want to watch All Dogs Go to Heaven again.

  22. Valerio

    I think that Peanut is watching that particular movie so that he can justify is sad state and the tears to Grape when she comes home…

    • Ada

      A solid theory. Ah, l’amour.

      Also, Valerio! What happened to your face! Your avatar is blank. It’s slightly harder to find you here.

      • Valerio

        hope it’s done.

  23. toboe

    And had it not three corners,
    It would not be my love.

  24. othorlimmis

    it is true, all dogs cry at “all dogs go to heaven”.
    also grape, too late.

  25. james319

    LOL its Tom and Jerry! XD

    aww poor peanut T_T i really REALLY REEEEAAALLLY wanna give that guy a hug right now!! (cant wait for the next update D:)

  26. TLV

    Burning… Burning… #$%& my foot is on fire!

  27. Samuel Black

    “Hey, somethin really is burnin around here.”

  28. Eric

    Oh, man! A Tom and Jerry reference AND an All Dogs Go to Heaven reference!? This is truly the greatest webcomic ever!

  29. Enty

    Mein gottt…. Tom and Jerry? I’ve been a long time reader, and I’ve always wanted to see a Tom and Jerry reference! :D

  30. Rawrimaducky

    me sad for peanut :(

  31. Zaiki

    Heheh, BURN! Heheh, BURN!

  32. BlueAnubis

    Heh heh, Hot foot. nice.
    Hmm, I just remembered something about Tom and Jerry. In the episodes that he lived with that lady who always beat him with a broom. She always called Tom “Jasper.” hmm, interesting link. I’m almost expecting him to start singing “Is You Is, Or Is You Ain’t, My Baby?”

    Oh and by the way. Too late for that, Grape, Much too late for that.

    • Rick Griffin

      It was only in the very first one. Otherwise she did call him ‘Thomas’

    • hephaestus

      t now i have that song stuck in my head

  33. othorlimmis

    is it me, or does max have a REALLY large bell..?

    • Valerio

      I hope that bell doesn’t ring. way to go deaf, kitty!

      • JB

        Max got it from Santa, only he can hear it. He rode the Polar Express last Christmas.

        • othorlimmis


  34. Applemonkies

    All dogs go to heaven!!!!

    My favorite movie. I love this comic FOREVER.

  35. hephaestus

    AWWW Peanut…. T.T

    • Valerio

      I hope that is caramel-covered popcorn.

  36. wingedwolfgirl

    And now we see how poor peanut is coping.
    Don’t worry peanut, you can do it, you can cope!
    *hugs peanut
    2 references, 1 comic, -love it!

  37. D_Leo

    I hope Jasper and Jinx make more cameos in the future

  38. Valerio

    I dunno. Our intrepid author has made an habit of introducing interesting minor characters only to relegate them into an oblivion….

  39. Devia_Luna

    ‘Tish. You!’

  40. PKMN-

    I always feel bad for Peanut, but eh I’m sure things’ll pan out

    Excellent work Rick. I’ve read the entire series thus far. =D

  41. Masky

    Okay, awesome. XD Tom and Jerry AND an All Dogs Go to Heaven reference in the same comic? Every new strip, I love Housepets even more.

  42. Tahoe

    >.> I didn’t even see the mouse until I read the alt-text.
    Great references!!!

  43. Rob


  44. JC

    It’s funny; the more I like Max as a character, the better the triangle becomes. The important question is whether Rick will make Max more interesting and dynamic- if he does, then there will be a heavier emphasis on the main story and character interactions. If not, then the story will stay like it is – cute, humorous slices-of-life that don’t extend very far. Maybe I just want this comic to be more epic like Lackadaisy or Dreamkeepers, but alas – we can’t always get what we want.

  45. JB

    New characters, right? Awesome! Anyways, are there really normal couples out there? Humans are just as insane and weird as pets. I’ve seen it.

    I think they are trying to act TOO normal. Normal is boring. The triangle has already been set, Grape’s fault.

    • Valerio

      aa-bsolutely so! She should’ve listened to her heart, not to some barn cat’s advice!! :(

  46. falconfox01

    awww poor Peanut!

  47. Cthulhu

    My love, it has three corners.

    Because it’s a shard of glass I picked up from the ground.

    I hope you can fast, my love.

    • Cthulhu

      Even Elder Gods make typo’s! “I hope you can RUN fast, my love.”


      • Drakel

        In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits undo-ing.

  48. Foxtailhigh

    AWWW!…Peanut with chocolates and tissues watching a romance film <:3

    • Drakel

      Not just tissues- Tish You!’s

  49. jinxtigr

    I don’t think it’s too late for Grape, but we’ll see :)

  50. Echo

    Another Tom and Jerry reference….”Hey, what’s cookin’?” “You are…stupid.”

  51. Wolfspawn

    HAhahaaaa! Awww that’s so adorable :P I love peanut ^^

  52. ADGTH...FTW

    am I the only one who noticed what movie Peanut was watching? I adore that movie! ^-^ A very fitting for movie a sad dog. <3

    • Lenn

      That movie scared the crap out of me when I was little. Do you remember that nightmare Charlie had? After I saw that, I couldn’t sleep for a week.

      • ADGTH...FTW

        I know, it messed with me for a while too. The little girl is one of the most adorable characters ever though. Don Bluth is amazing.

  53. Meyobrin

    Hah! Oh holy crap, I can’t believe I didn’t notice the mouse lighting the matchstick in his toes at first! X3

    I was /wondering/ what the alt_text’s quote was for, mehehehe.

  54. kokorospirit

    BURNING! <3 I love that Tom and Jerry reference in the hover text-box.

    • CSutra

      That’s not the only T&J reference in the comic. Took looking at it again for me to notice. The three foreground characters are obvious homages to Tom and Jerry. The girlfriend cat is totally Tom’s main squeeze Toodles Galore, Jasper was Tom’s name used in the first T&J short, and that mouse is a suspicious shade of light brown ;3

  55. Shadow Wolf X7

    Oh wow, I love Tom & Jerry, it’s practically my favorite cartoon. X3

    Wait…why is it a “J” on the collar? Shouldn’t it be a “T” for Tom? :|

    • CSutra

      “Jasper” was Tom’s name in the first Tom & Jerry cartoon short ;p

  56. Kit nomara

    …Hehehe! it’s the favorite brand of animal tissues. the tish-you. ^.^

  57. White Tiger

    I wanna hug poor peanut to bits!

  58. White Tiger

    well, not actually to bits.