Muchas Smooches
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  1. Dylan

    Whoa Fido and Sasha?
    LOL Sasha.

    • Sweetygirl

      Bah Fido’s only there cuz Sasha prolly begged him. We all know Fido’s too good of a dog to cheat on his kitty X3.

      • Chiry

        Shhhhhh nobody’s supposed to know!

        • gagi

          Doesn’t Grape know?

          I wonder what she must be thinking right now.

  2. DZ

    I’d say poor Bino, but I can’t really feel sorry for him…

  3. person

    ha haaaaaaaaah! thats hilarious

  4. wingedwolfgirl

    I can has first comment?

  5. Thomas


    • Thomas

      .. to comment about awkwardness

      • Unsilenced

        Don’t care. We still need to burn you alive for saying “1st”

        • Lucien

          First we tie you down and
          second we get an angry mob to use torches
          Third we have a bonfire and make Smores

          • cannon fodder

            I’ll get the marshmellows

          • BlueAnubis

            I brought Not-Chocolate, for any canines who wish to join us.

          • Thomas

            Ooh! smores! oh wait, i’m burning alive… drats, they smell sooo good!

        • Thomas

          Sheesh! people here have a pretty strong hatred for the utterance of “1st”. Here in Ugoslavia where i live, we use it all the time.

  6. thatguy

    Oh Fido.

    I feel the pain, brah.

  7. flora

    were gonna need a dose of rejection and emotional scaring stat

    • victor

      right away doctor

    • person

      doctor the patient is going under rejection panic!

      • flora

        crap get ice cream before the patient reaches suicide thoughts

        • victor

          the patient is going under emo stage nurse get some bright colors and some more ice cream rocky road stat

          • flora

            ok now the patient is calm and unconsious remove the emo cyst before it turns into a tumor

          • Lucien

            Right away! *few moments later* uh…. aparently we took out too much pain now the paitent is completely optmistic…

  8. wingedwolfgirl

    now we now where her loyalties lies…

    • Dylan

      I think she was always after him since he came home.

    • Roguebfl

      She’s the lest loyal dog I’ve ever seen.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      I mean like, now we now what her hearts “realy” set on.

    • Valerio

      well, she *does* want his ‘poppies’ :D

  9. Just-This-Guy

    someone is a little….’overactive’

  10. TLV

    See Fido. See Fido run.

    Run Fido. Run.

    • falconfox01


  11. GameCobra

    Poor Grape XD

    and poor Fido too o_o

  12. Repicheep22

    “Okay….slowly backing away….”

  13. james319

    O.o umm….wow….. poor bino XD that must have really hurt to hear

    • alazarramir

      Probably under too much anesthetic to really notice.

      • spoony

        Indeed. i bet the conversation that he heard went something like this: “Hi Bino! I’m the severed head of Santa! Me and Jesus were about to go and beat up Hchohlkhdepu, the patron saint of carrots. want to come along?”

        …… morphine is powerful stuff.

  14. Two_Twig

    Well… At least Sasha is honest with Bino. Perhaps too blatantly, but still.

    • Valerio

      makes me wonder how Bino used to treat her…

      • Sweetygirl

        I wouldnt be worried about that…. Bino’s a jerk… but anytime he’s around her he’s been shown to be really sweet… to her… he’s insecure about her liking fido… and he does do some romantic stuff with her. Like when he and her were laying in the grass… I’d love to do something as simple as that with him

        • Sweetygirl

          o.o; my boyfriend I mean…

  15. victor

    sabrina would tear her head off im afraid like grape

    • black cat

      i think fido thought grape was sabrina lol

  16. Yami

    Watch out! she seems like the type to turn over tables, and has deadly skills with a spork!!!

    • Lucien

      *Ti’Fiona Spork Succession Technique* Three Pronged Scoop!!!!

    • Sir Sniper

      Its like a falcon punch, but with less fire and more plastic.

  17. kennyfox

    XD someones in heat >.>

    • Sleet

      I’m not sure that concept applies to this comic. I may be wrong.

    • CampSoup1988

      Thats what I was thinking too.

  18. Tre

    Just slowly back away Grape, just slowly back away… lol

  19. Check Source

    I wonder what would happen if Sabrina saw this.

    • JB

      1. There will another pet who will be also heartbroken.
      2. A certain dog is going to be in very big trouble.

      • crazyredemu

        Do I see a plot line in development??? I wont say what I am thinking but I’ll think it real loud (be quite and see if you can hear it)

  20. Takum

    Poor Fido. He can’t really say he’s involved with a cat, eh?

  21. Valerio

    lucky fido! He gets to get the best ladies in the neighborhood!! :D

  22. J.J.

    Hell hath no fury like a Sasha scorned… Dog biscuit?

  23. Stradivarius

    Fido: “AHH! Oh, Grape. I thought you were someone else.”

    Something tells me the date has Fido on edge. :P

    • Takum

      Also, “Grape, I thought you were someone else.”

    • Valerio

      call it ‘understatement’. Poor Fido must have been edgy like a cricket, what with coming to that place FILLED with cats…

      • lolparty

        …who are sure to tell sabrina eventually through the grapevine…

        • othorlimmis

          would be awkward if she’d show up eh?

  24. thrasherbladezoffury

    “Bino this is the worst date ever. I’m going to go make out with your brother, okay?”


    Oh well, Fido would be a perfect boyfriend for Sasha tho lol.

  25. yoji

    awww man… Bino got burned ^^;

  26. Valerio

    well, maybe this night out will, in the end, make Grape realizes how *really* Peanut loves her…

    • GameCobra

      That, or the neighbourhood is really, really creepy >.>

      • Valerio

        hey, variety *is* the spice of life :D

        • BlueAnubis

          If that’s true, then Babylon Gaurdens is the India of the pet world.

          • Valerio

            Zuper LOL :D

  27. Flame

    LOL, wow Sasha!!!! XP

    • Valerio

      she’s especially…*everything* in this strip. Fido, you lucky mutt!

  28. Tibarus

    Wow… How long did it take you to come up with that one liner? Your should win the Pulitzer for your way with words.

    On topic:

    Sahsa seems very… “determined”, poor Fido. I’m witht he others on Grape, I hope she comes around soon and realizes how much Peanut cares.

    Great comic as always.

  29. Lax

    Ha! She’s a playa :D

  30. Krillos

    Hehehe, I’am sorry. I should feel sorry for Bino, but he’s been such a lowsy schmuck I could only laugh at him. Ha-ha! xD

  31. JB

    Watch it, Sabrina might be around. Pet fight? Wait, Spo didn’t come along?
    Poor Bino and Fido. -sends a “Get Well” card with doggy treats to Bino-

  32. Valerio

    honestly, folks, who wouldn’t say no to Sasha right now? ;)

    • Drakel

      It would take a stronger man than I, but I still think we’ve learnt too much about Sasha’s… Hidden personality from her expression in that last panel.

      I loled at Grape in the last panel though.

  33. Wolfspawn

    *Growls* Such a Murry dog Sasha is :P I wouldn’t mind a bite of that ^^

  34. TD

    Why can I see Sasha reinacting Misery with Fido, against his will?

  35. vnbuchholz

    Wow I think Sasha is getting a little desperate for some Bino action now…..

    Wouldn’t it be suspicious to see Bino at a cat restaurant as well?

  36. crazyredemu

    On a side note I just imagined dogs making out…ewwwwww! Once you imagine it you can’t unimagine it!

    • ShrewdBiscuit


      • Valerio


        • black cat


    • no space

      You obviously haven’t been around furries very long, have you?

      • crazyredemu

        I stay away from the gross ones, I like talking animal movies not animals bumping uglies (that being said I like stories with romance, the kind that give you that warm fuzzy feeling)
        and again Ewwwww!
        also I am quietly judging you…

        • Valerio

          romance is good, very good in fact. A kiss scene in this comic is as far as it should go, then it’s gross :(
          But Sasha’s so smexy tonight!! Help!

          • Severedevil

            As long as the first kiss scene is between Joey and Squeak.

        • no space

          What’s wrong with a romantic kiss between furs? It’s not like, if it’s furry, it’s automatically smut or something; it can give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. But, you know, I guess it’s just not your thing.

          I kinda doubt Rick would go any further than showing a kiss. In fact, I doubt he will ever actually show a kiss, aside from a quick peck on the cheek or something.

          Also, your judgement tastes like chocolate chip muffins.

          • Valerio

            sorry, I had miswritten.
            I meant ‘beyond that’, implying that this comic will be doing fine with a fine dose of romance, but going smut would make it gross.

          • no space

            I know. I was saying, it’s extremely Rick would even come close to touching something like that in the comic- unless he decides to just change everything about it- so there’s no need to worry.

          • no space

            *extremely unlikely*

            Sorry, didn’t proof-read my edit.

          • crazyredemu

            My judgement does not taste like ch…. Holy cow it does. Mmmmm judgement

    • Thomas


  37. gagi

    Maybe it’s a full moon or something, but there is a lot of awkward moments this night. :)

    I can’t wait to see what kind of awkward thing will happen to Grape and Max. Well something is bound to happen!

  38. Max Wolfe

    Now we know Sasha’s true colors…(Wonders about Daisy >_>)

  39. R-One


    I think that one line, plus Grapes expression, more than make the gag for this strip, lol. :D

  40. DZ

    Sasha is acting less lady and more tramp…

  41. Rawrimaducky

    Sucks to be Bino
    Feel bad for Fido

  42. Alex

    Wow, sucks for both Bino & Fido. Last panel is made of win faces, though.

  43. Zekermeme

    And here I thought Bino was supposed to be the diabolical villain.

    …which is not to say he was ever any good at it, but hey. If he’s a villain, isn’t it better that he’s bad at it?

    • Sir Sniper

      He’s like Team Rocket: lousy at what he does, but determined.

  44. Rangershot13

    *cough* awkward

  45. WiseIdiot


  46. Yami

    Anyone else notice Fido’s left eye in the second panel is missing it’s outline?

  47. Valerio

    come to think of it, I believed dogs would eat at ‘Marmaduke’s’!

    • Rick Griffin

      Marmaduke’s was shut down for violating fire code, since the whole restaurant was inside a single doghouse

      • Valerio

        are you sure it wasn’t ‘Snoopy’s’??

  48. Rabid_Fox

    I laughed. Feels like the comic’s back on track.

  49. Fuzzypaws

    Cue Fido leaving the restaurant very soon. ;3

  50. Ray The Whimsical Lampshade

    Man, I feel for Fido and Grape., and Max. I mean he thought out this date but things and was a gentleman (gentlecat?), and now all this awkward stuff is going down. They’ll get to see Bino in traction anyway.

  51. Sir Sniper

    Hey, Max DID say it was only “semi formal.” Its not proper to be awkward at formal restaurants.

    • flora

      yes reject her like a gentlemen then when she turns to take a deep breath cheese it!

  52. Kibbles

    Haha, I hope Fido is Saved :P , Sasha’s smile is scaring me too!. And Poor Bino! I wonder if this arcs awkwardliy into a pity love comlication between Sabrina and Peanut :p. and then Grape and Fido will have t think about other things that never grossed their minds D:

    Or am i just thinking about new impossible pssibilitiys :P

  53. Rangershot13

    Grape’s face in the last panel is priceless.

  54. Rennis Tora


  55. BlueAnubis

    Quick! Someone get a bull whip and a chair!
    *whipcrack* BACK! BACK! it’s not working! Get a rolled up newspaper and a squirt bottle!

  56. snowy

    heh i bet that STILL wont work ;)