Increasingly Bizarre Implications

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  1. dragonnutds

    first comment?

    • dragonnutds

      ya, first try… wait… what have i become…
      lol, great comic as always

      • Unsilenced

        You have become a monster…

        • Littleaeris

          A horrible creature preying on new comic pages…

          • Lucas H.C.

            … always lurking in the dark of your room, just expecting for the next update…


          • Zaiki

            Get the pitchforks and torches!

          • BlueAnubis

            Quick! Kill it with FIRE!!!

      • cool_bloody_beans

        Haha, you stayed up that late to post first comment, wow no wonder why your tired in the morning, oh yea you have become a sleep neglected zombie! luv yas bro!

        • taco

          zombie? i kill and eat zombies

          • Lucas H.C.

            I prefer to pray on cookies… sometimes they are difficult to take out of their jar.

          • Pencil

            Wouldn’t eating a zombie make you a zombie? Infected flesh and all.

          • Zaiki

            taco = zombie

      • person

        yeah its great being that kind of monster

        • Valerio

          go werewolf! arroo!

          • Hephaestus

            go nixion ARooo

          • Zaiki

            Lycanthropy is awesome

          • wingedwolfgirl

            Lycanthropy is VERY awesome! *auuuuuu!
            BTW, nice chain you guys got going.

          • BlueAnubis

            I concur, Lycanthropy is the most awesome of the monstrosities. Zombies are only good in large groups. and vampires… well they just suck (figuratively and literally)

  2. Kas

    Hahaha hurray identity confusion!

  3. someone

    dang too late

  4. flora

    idky but both mr.bigglesworth look asian very wierd

    • Whiskers

      well they’re Siamese cats…

      • lolparty

        Got em coach.

  5. Repicheep22

    Haha, yeah. Wait, what?!

  6. person

    there should be a number for each one to straiten this stuff out

    • Toaster Lord

      Haha, “straighten”… wut?

  7. falconfox01

    oh my! Awkward!

    • Severedevil

      It doesn’t have to be…

      • falconfox01

        Yes, very true, but the looks on their faces kinda shows they didn’t expect that.

        • taco

          if you look at it is like…
          one was a guy and they thought the other was a guy and vis-versa…
          cinda sick

          • Zaiki

            It can still work out!

          • Xaer QwickBlade

            wait, so which gender is which? I must say I am somewhat befuddled

  8. Reo

    XDD Hahahaha awwwwkkkwwwaaaard!

  9. RSLaehnart

    Pow! Right in the kisser! lol

  10. omega_fox123

    they’re both thinking…”aww man, not again.” :(

    funny as always rick, but now i wonder if the biggles’ owner is as bad sighted as they say she did name the all Mr. B, so far.

    • omega_fox123

      checking this strip i think that ther may be two Ms. bigglesworths, the one on the table and maybe one of the two behind the couch….un less were looking at them in todays comic.

      • taco

        there are 12

        • Buckdida

          And possibly more than that.

  11. Just-This-Guy

    HAHXD awwwwwwwwwwwkward…… play it cool and pretend your just eating out and talking about………sports.

    • gagi

      hah … nice save ….. but i doubt anyone would buy it ^^

  12. GameCobra

    Key phrase of the day: Don’t assume =P

    • Lucien

      yes you must always ask if you do not know… even if you get hit for it…
      *Curse you Identity Confusion*
      (yet this was pretty funny)

    • Zaiki

      Unless you don’t care which gender they are. :3

  13. Ellix

    I guess all the Mr. Bigglesworths must have really androgynous voices as well…

    • Severedevil

      It’s the scents that puzzle me most.

      • Ada

        If you’re wondering how Rick eats or breaths or other science facts,
        la la la!
        Just repeat to yourself it’s just a strip, I should really just relax!

        • Pencil

          High five for the mantra!

  14. kennyfox


  15. TLV


    Seriosuly, they should file for name changes. Or get numbers.

    • gagi

      odd number for female, even numbers for male :D

      • Alex

        More like, pink numbers for females, blue numbers for males.

        • taco

          or just color the collor

  16. J.J.

    “We are Siamese if you please….”

    Yikes.. now THAT is a odd couple.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      …we are Siamese if you don’t please…
      The fact 2 Bigglesworths would be dating implies that their NOT all related.

    • Zaiki

      Not necessarily. :3

  17. crazyredemu

    Wait, what gender are they now… I iz confuzed

    • Max Wolfe

      I believe its obvious they’re both guys o.o

      • taco

        no one is a girl
        but one thought it was 2 boys and one thought it was 2 girls

        • no space

          No, they are both guys. They each thought the other was a girl.

          • toboe

            Seems clear to me it’s a guy and girl, otherwise the dialogue would have read something more like

            “and you’re a girl, right?”

          • Zaiki

            @toboe: He just didn’t respond because they both realized the other is male.

  18. kuisbright

    So their voices are not feminine/masculine?

    • JB

      Siamese cats probably have the same tone of voice.

      • Rick Griffin

        But it’s really funny if you imagine only one of them having the voice of Dr. Girlfriend

        • Zaiki

          You owe me a new kidney, I broke one laughing at that.

          • Max Wolfe

            Lol i’d be like

  19. JB

    -laughs- This was really funny, awkward, and embarrassing on their part. Maybe they should have the females wear pink collars and males blue; this only an example.

  20. DarkRexx

    This strip strengthens my theory that this comic world is an idealistic future in which androgynous biological creatures termed ‘pets’ are created to amuse and accompany thier human overlords.

    Did I say ‘overlords’? I meant ‘protectors’.

    • jb6330

      what about when the dogs burnt down a house trying to find easter eggs? doesn’t seem like an overlo, i mean protector would find amusing

      • Zaiki

        It’s amusing to the ones who don’t live in the house.

        • DarkRexx

          Also, when you’re trying to program homegrown genetic creations to mimic complex emotion patterns, there’s bound to be a few hiccups in the system.

          Believe you me, once it hits that ‘free will’ wall, it’s better to just start over…

  21. james319

    woaw….hehe…awkward… XD

    • Zaiki

      Doesn’t have to be though!

  22. Kobrag

    I had that moment before, I went out with an androgenus female once, thinking she was a guy.
    I cried myself to sleep.

    • Zaiki

      So… are you a guy or a girl?

    • Xaer QwickBlade

      just tell the next guy you date you “went strait for him”. he will get a kick outta that.

  23. TD

    Ohhhhhh, boy; talk about awkward.

    The funny/scary thing is I’m willing to bet that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to the Bigglesworths.

    • TD

      Oh, just saw the Alt Text

  24. alazarramir

    Awkward wouldn’t even describe that situation. At least they found out that way and not in any way private.

  25. othorlimmis

    a fifteen seconds silence, in wich that alien-whistle-sound plays.

  26. vnbuchholz

    I’m guessing these might be the two hugging behind the couch last time we saw them?

  27. Valerio

    well, they *did* date because they liked each other, right? It’s the XXI, century, kitties! Can you feel the love tonight?

    • screennameless

      But the fact that they thought they were both of the opposite gender and they liked each other, that doesn’t mean their gay.

  28. Squival

    ooooh awkward ><

  29. Gears

    Dear god, this comic is losing it’s E10 rating FAST.

  30. 1337

    lol thats lifes way of slapping you in the face =p

  31. Rawrimaducky

    aaaaakwaaaaarrd XP

  32. Mandy

    They’re both guys. Both of them assumed the other was a girl.

    All the “Mr. B’s” are the PETS of the same owner, but they aren’t all related. They’re just all Siamese cats and thus look pretty much identical.

  33. Starcat5

    Ok, scratch that last part. I haven’t read the cast page since before we found out Grape was a girl. …wait… Did we even HAVE a cast page back then?

  34. Ace

    AHAHAHA!That’s brilliant.And I couldn’t breath when I imagined the girl Mr.B having Dr. Girlfriend’s voice XD

    • no space

      There is no girl Mr. B in this strip, what are you talking about?

  35. RockstarRaccoon

    Oh boy… I like the place where this is going…..

  36. Fuzzy

    Did you change the text in the third panel, or have I been nipping? I’d swear it said something else this morning.

    • Rick Griffin

      I did change the wording a little yes

      • Fuzzy

        What a relief, then my mind’s not completely gone yet :)

      • gagi

        i find the previous version a bit more funny … but thats just me :D

        but its still awesome how ever you look at it :D

        • Hephaestus

          what did it say before?

          • Two_Twig

            “….Aren’t you a girl?”

  37. wingedwolfgirl


  38. DeathJam

    I rather the old 3rd panel, seemed more funny :P

  39. Yami

    If i remember right Grape made the point that Peanut and the others should have known she was a female because they’re always naked. I guess no one takes the time to look down often.

    • Valerio

      it’s a minor glitch, I know, but I find it spoils the fun. I prefer coherence, even in humor. Sorry!

  40. haejrf

    O.O…………………………… no comment

  41. Draven Darklight

    I meant left. I meant the one on the left didn’t answer.

  42. Gears

    As I said, FAMILY FRIENDLY DROPPEN FAST! I highly recommend aborting this storyline.

  43. Lax

    HEY! No fair!! you changed the dialogue message of the right cat in panel 3! It was perfect the way it was, ya know >:(

  44. Lax

    This looks like something from
    The two on the right corner of the comic :D

  45. Ann

    Oh this is much too cute. Its bound to happen. Sweet as can be.

  46. Ann

    I think its cute Support all walks of life. Even little pumpkin patch witch kitties.

  47. Cthulhu

    I just noticed something. All those Siamese cats are called Mr. Bigglesworth.

    I end up killing a Mr. Bigglesworth in World of Warcraft every time I enter Naxxramas.

    Oh god…O-Oh god. What have I done?

  48. Yami

    Maybe they should put a blue dot on the B if they’re a boy, and a pink if they’re a girl, or wear gender symbols.

  49. Angela

    HAHA HA!
    Yeah…so…um, how’s the fish?

  50. Alex

    Absolutely love their faces in the last panel xD.

  51. BlueAnubis

    Well… That’s kind of awkward… now Grape is the only girl there… Stop thinking like that! You know who you are!
    This reminds me of that strip in The Far Side “Classic Conversation Stoppers”

  52. BillyMT

    You know when the awkwardness’s so tight, you cut through it with a butter knife in the air? XD

  53. Flame

    LOL, awkward silence!!! XD

    • gagi

      not silence …. there is that *cough* echoing in the back ally … :P making everyone even more tense :D

      • whisp the foxx

        i think its actually max coughing but this is still a very awkward moment, i wonder if they will continue the date as normal

  54. wierdsnake

    oh no… this cant end well… or will it?

  55. spoony

    “……so…….uh…….. you guys like…….. not ever want to talk about this again…..?”

    • Repicheep22

      “Um…..yeah…..I think we’ll just be going now…..”

  56. Aristocles

    They just have fish bones on their plates. Is that what they’re eating or are they done? I would’ve thought that there would be at least scraps of meat left, not highly choke-able bones.

    • Valerio

      ach, that’s the typical Heathcliff’s meal. Either I’m really getting old or Rick knows a lot about old comics :P

  57. Turaiel

    Poor Grape :(

  58. Dylan

    No matter how many times i read this its still funny.

  59. Wolfspawn

    Teehee ^^

  60. Mystery Ezekude

    Heh heh…There’s a gender bender at the diner.