Heathcliff’s, A Subsidiary Of Roadkill Cafe

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  1. mch_89

    YAY! First! I though Fiddler and Key were both Dudes! O_o

    • Rick Griffin

      I don’t believe I ever said one way or the other!

      • GameCobra

        You have to admit, the art for Fiddler could be misleading, but we should’ve learned that lesson with Grape!

      • Chip Uni

        …and I believe that you still haven’t.

        • Zaiki

          Well, I guess sense they’re more human than regular animals…

      • August wind

        what does mean wensdaynight speacil on a monday night

      • August wind

        yeah and wich is wich cause i think fiddler is the girl

    • chrisQ

      …so what if they maybe are both dudes ? – it’s the year 2009, y’know !…

      • Drakel


      • Keeshah

        Maybe there both females..

        • chrisQ

          …could be – although that exclamation: “you’re suffocating me” seems just a tad camp^^… :)

          mind you: going through the menu list like Fiddler does is a typically female thing, really… you maybe know the kind of “dialogue” I mean: >> what were you going to have ? – really ? – well I kinda wanted something else, but if you think so… – no, that’s ok, I don’t mind having the same as you… – even though I was thinking of having something else… – but that’s fine with me… – mind you, that other one sounds nice… – so what were you going to have, again ? – really, there’s no need to shout… << XD

          • Zaiki

            Could just be a very effeminate male, like Matt from Concession…

      • someone

        or there to just eat that thougt ever cross the mind

  2. Tre

    Very feminine pose in panel 3. Everything looks great Rick, keep up the awesome work!

  3. thatguy

    I must say, I like the Waitress…

    • Zaiki

      Why do you assume it’s a girl? There’s not much to go off of…

      • BlueAnubis

        the tag that says “Cat Waitress” perhaps?

        • Watcher

          On top of that she has lashes…

          • Forvet

            Cross-dressing cat, ohnoes. D=>

            Lol, but, really, very nice. I’m liking this so far.

  4. james319

    ouch poor guys XD

  5. Zaiki

    …Why is it that whenever these kinds of things happen, saying I was surprised is usually a lie?

  6. BluFox

    I don’t really get the alt text. The Wednesday night special on Monday is what you think it is? But I don’t know what it is. Would I look like an idiot if I asked?

    • Zaiki

      It’s supposed to mean that it’s just as dumb as it sounds… I think…

    • lolparty

      Food left over from last Wednesday perhaps?

    • joness

      I think Fiddler is implying Keys is taking too long to pick his meal.

  7. Two_Twig

    Ah, Heathcliff…. I had a mild affection for that show, ahaha. Great Comic Rick.

    • Gaara1357

      i had to read the comic like 3 times before i noticed it had a Heathcliff joke in there (by joke i mean the place being called Heathcliff’s if u can’t tell)

    • Mz. Mowz

      Heathcliffe was actually a Sunday comic strip before it was a TV show (I’m pretty sure, could be wrong)
      And I know this because when I was a kid my grandparents had these Heathcliffe books, more of them comic strip books than anything.
      Haha, those poor dogs and mice.

      And garbagemen.

      • Two_Twig

        I did know there was a comic strip, unfortunately I never really got onto it so I watched the show instead.

  8. Flame

    LOL, Fiddler and Keys make a weird pair! :D

  9. BlueAnubis

    welp, a few things go through my mind:
    1. Do they actually have to pay for the food?
    2. If so, does Max get an allowance, or is Grape going to have to pay, or are they going Dutch?
    3. Is it just me, or does it seem like Keys needs to start hanging out with other friends more often?
    4. How is Peanut doing on his own? ;_;

    • Zaiki

      1. That depends, how much did they bring?

      2. Who knows?

      3. They could be anti-social?

      4. Peanut T-T

  10. Kas

    Wow, feminine Grape is so… unusual XD

    • flora

      i agree and also kinda disagree because i wanted to see her femine side since i foung she was a female and it unusaul cause your use to her as a tomboy wait tomcat no wait .. i dont know anymore

    • chrisQ

      …yes, I must say she looks nice, even a bit giggly-girlish; ‘ts funny !… – although really I’m against too much gender stereotyping^^… :)

  11. DZ

    I… never really would have imagined the cats to be fond of garbage to be honest.

    • Mz. Mowz

      Intelligent cats like this, no, one wouldn’t expect them to like trash.

      But real life cats, considering many are known for befriending skunks and raccoons, it’s not hard to imagine them eating throw aways.
      In fact, stray city cats DO.
      Don’t ask me how I know that. >.>;

  12. Rabid_Fox

    Well, I laughed at this one.

  13. person

    max looks weird i always thought he was spanish like when i saw the valentine one i dont know i compared to puss n boots in shrek 2 … puss n boots is awsome XD

  14. victor

    the cat waitress looks a gray tiger awsome ^^

  15. meeeeeeee

    i kinda thought peanut would be spying on them i dont know y

    • JB

      I would have think so too. I bet he is. Peanut probably hiding in one of those trash bins.

      • someone

        all you got to do is find the trash can coverd in tissuues and tears with peanut sobbing and saying “y him grape y not me” in one

  16. someone

    ok rick this isnt an insult i just other people to know about this other again nothing insulting ok … if u heard of this comic called better days its funny comic i just some to know about better days cause its funny in so many ways houspets not an insult its the truth read better days too and u know wat i mean

    • Saruchan28

      Just about anyone who reads this comic has probably heard of “TwoKinds” and Jay Naylor’s “Better Days”. No disrespect, but Housepets is relatively less-known than either one… So it does little good to advertise.

      Oh, and Naylor’s moved on, his new comic (taking place later in the lives of the “Better Days” characters) being “Original Life”

      • JB

        I wonder if anyone has ever read “Fuzzy Things” by Jonathan Sario. You can find it on google.

        • Zanzawolf

          Used to be an avid reader of that comic but have kind of slacked off from it for awhile. Hmm may have to look back into again.

      • someone

        i know about original life but i just love better days i stateyd up to 4 am read all the strips and i got halfway there thats how much i love it

        • Hodgelett

          Pfft. Better Days. Go read Badly Drawn Kitties instead. Although in the redraw all Naylor’s characters have been cut. Either way Matt >>>> J.N. A lot nicer person too from what I can tell.

          • wingedwolfgirl

            may I suggest catena manor?

  17. someone

    oh and twokinds

    • Echo

      <3 TwoKinds

  18. JB

    There going to eat leftover food that came from the garbage?…well, this really shouldn’t surprise me. Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino did the same thing in Los Vegas and what a buffet that was.

    So Fiddler is a girl, right? Or am I wrong?

    • someone

      or maybe there just there to eat or they are … *whispers* that way if u know wat i mean

      • DZ


    • Watcher

      It is hard to say… So far we lack any defining features of male/female. They both have the “cat-eyes”, but both lack lashes…

      We’ll have to wait for Rick to shed some light.

      He might just leave it a mystery, it’d make things interesting for sure.

      • someone

        if we saw a clooser look i bet we could determin if ones a girl or not

  19. Watcher

    Has anyone else noticed Max’s collar collar? I just did but it was also in the previous strip…

  20. Yami

    now that theme song is stuck in my head

    heathcliff, heathcliff no one should terrify their neighborhood.
    but heathcliff just won’t be undone playing pranks on everyone.

    Weird that the cats would dine like that, the dogs maybe but the cats?

    My grate dane would tear out the garbage for revenge but seldom did he do it for food. (he knew how to open the fridge, we learned that much when we found two empty containers of butter) He also helped himself to the bag of dog food (we weren’t going stop him)

    When we burned our trash he would also raid the fire pit for stuff, mostly because he got a taste for grilled food (he also could open the grill, and would lick the crap out of it)

    I miss that dog sometimes.

    I always imagined a place like their community would actually have restaurants that allowed pets to come in and eat. Maybe Daisy can open one with the bag of money she got from the ferrets.

  21. othorlimmis

    i knew max could be a smooth dude…
    glad characters arent that stereotype, keep up the good work.

    • chrisQ

      …yup, Max is really trying to make Grape feel comfortable about this dating-business; very gentlemanly and quite loveable^^…

      • GameCobra

        Same here. I honestly believed Grape’s reaction that she would want to bail out as soon as they got into the restaurant. It’s heartwarming to see Max keep her reassured at this point =)

  22. TLV

    I think it is about as intelligent as Tall, Gande, Vente.

    • Mz. Mowz


  23. TD

    Can someone tell me what Fiddler and Keys’ respective genders are? I honestly can’t tell if they’re both guys, both girls, or one boy and one girl.

    • Chip Uni


      They’re either two guys, two gals, or one guy and one gal.

      • Leina Wolfe

        I’m going to go with, based off their previous performance and this one, Fiddler (the light brown one) being a girl, and Key being a guy. Just ’cause.

  24. Mystery Ezekude

    I suppose this is a stray cat’s version of a premier diner. Very unique.

  25. vnbuchholz

    Hooray for gender confusion….

  26. The Sarcastic Spoon

    I think Rick’s let Key and Fiddler’s gender’s rather unknown so you can fill it in with what you like to think. Honestly, until they reappear, it shouldn’t really matter other than it’s funny. XD And that brings me to what do their genders really matter any way? They’re part of the BACKGROUND (Literally XD) right now.

  27. no space

    Mmm… chinese buffets… There’s this great one called Buffet Dynasty near me with delicious fried calamari.

    Also, methinks that Max looks a little young in the third panel. He’s got that whole baby face thing going on…

  28. wingedwolfgirl

    Dinner in the dumster with a double date?
    methinks there be trouble up ahead!
    I am LOVING this comic more by each page! plez keep it up!
    Aannnnd…on a side note, (or… romance, gender, etc aside)
    is Fiddler and Keys “code” for something?
    did they appear in a previous comic?
    I iz confused.
    Whoa, long coment, -I done now.

    • Two_Twig

      Fiddler plays the violin, and Keys plays the piano… no codes here.
      -side note, try clicking their names underneath the comic next to the “Tags”, it will show you all the comics that character was in.

      • wingedwolfgirl

        Ah, thanks!
        But Oy! i did it again.
        (somebody plz tell me to be more observant)

        • BlueAnubis

          Umm… okay…
          Be more observant!
          there, do you feel better now?

          • wingedwolfgirl

            now grant me 3 wishes

        • Lucien

          *Gives you a lamp*
          Make your own wishes

  29. Fuzzypaws

    As long as they don’t have a resident singer.

  30. ShrewdBiscuit

    Looks more like he’s suffocating himself the way he’s pressing his head against the table

  31. Lombax

    The background reminds me of the set for the musical ‘Cats’.
    Is Munkustrap going to make an appearance? lol Joking.

  32. RockstarRaccoon

    I’d eat there. :|

  33. Valerio

    Grape is *so* darn feminine, here. sweetie!

  34. Wolfspawn

    Awwrr ^^ Cuties they are :P