Paper Faces On Parade
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  1. Fuzzypaws

    *feels sad for Peanut* :(

    • cannon fodder

      Me too

      • person

        to me he looks like “my little girl growing up”

        • Duskyo

          Ya, I agree. I think Peanut’s more glad than sad for Grape by his expression.

          • alazarramir

            But I suppose with the floating broken heart in the picture it changes the perspective a little.

          • Parou

            If you love someone, let them go…..etc etc.. you know the corny cliché….
            Peanut is putting Grape’s happiness ahead of his…. selfless, but painful.

          • Lucas H.C.

            I was hoping for it to turn another direction… poor, poor Peanut!

            “Come here, let me hug you and we shall cry together!”

          • victor

            i hate dumb cliche’ if there suposed to be together and u know they will be u think he should let her go bah!

  2. Flame

    Man. I feel bad for Peanut. :(

  3. Black Rabt

    Aww poor Peaut. iv’e been there. also, second comment! hooray.

  4. Theo

    Second post. Not bad. (Just means I have to do something about my insomnia).

    Oh Grape X3

    • Theo

      Darnit, took too long.

  5. Paranoidman

    Such pain…

  6. Kas

    Awe. We always root for the unlikely couples. Sadly that makes it unlikely to actually happen. Poor Peanut.

  7. Loki Impisi

    Max: Next stop, Bino in traction!
    Bino: *groan* NOT AGAIN!

  8. LucifersAngelFeather

    aaaww peanut is considerent and CUTE!!!

  9. Yami

    poor peanut. oh well its for the best. Relationships usually don’t work when you refer to the same people as your parents (mom and dad) lol

    • R-One

      They’re pets tho, and unrelated at that (they share adoptive parents, aka “owners”)… so who knows what would happen. Could be fine and dandy for all we know, lol.

  10. GameCobra

    I hope Max buys him something super special for Christmas for this. Max seems like such a nice guy =)

    On a side note, seems he too dressed for the occassion. <3

  11. Repicheep22

    *is a little teary-eyed*
    So sweet, so sad, I love it.
    And I really like Max’s collar-collar.

  12. Valerio

    Peanut is a gentleman’s gentleman. *shed a tear for Peanut*

  13. Valerio

    notice how her eyes makeup is less heavy now. MUCH better!

  14. Zanzawolf

    Awww such a sweet scene. Kind of sad for Peanut but it’s nice that he is considerate of this matter.

  15. Valerio

    he who’s in love would even break his own heart for the happiness of his true love

    • Sweetygirl

      Very poetic Valerio <3 And in almost every case I've seen its true too, I know a guy right now… who is sitting by and being the best friend anyone would want for the girl he's in love with… while she leans to him for support with her boyfriend. He'd rather see her happy even if it means not with him.

    • Li


  16. Hitei Kan

    Haha I love Max’s collar collar.

  17. R-One

    Knew it – Peanut cares so much for Grape, he’s willing to do anything her happy, even if it tears him up on the inside. Hence the “makeover” from earlier this week, and the last panel today. Kudos, Rick – this arcs not even close to finished, and it’s already spectacular. ;)

    • R-One

      Wow… that’s an odd glitch, post dumped out two words: should read “do anything TO MAKE her happy,” weird. *shrugs*

  18. flora

    i so wish i was max

  19. Rolf Rogers

    Aww. :c
    I just want to give Peanut a huge hug ;~;

  20. Whiskers

    My heart’s breaking for little Peanut… OH THE DRAMA

  21. JB

    What a nice scene but I wonder how many “Aww~” comments we’ll get for poor heartbroken Peanut. Do you think he’ll try dating other dogs like…ummm…Daisy? Sorry, I couldn’t think of anyone else. She is the only female dog I know.

  22. Husky

    or peanut could try things out with sasha (i dont know if she has anybody, i forgot xP). but i love daisy. its kinda neat how much like her i am o.O. also, peanut has a heart of gold.

  23. Thomas

    O_O O~O X( :( :”( =’(

  24. redwolfmatt

    aww… poor peanut…. geze that “i’m happy she’s happy, but i wish she’d be happy with me” feeling really.. really sucks… i’ll hug you peanut *hug*

  25. Watcher


    Next person to get that reference gets a pipe-organ brush…

    • Aaron T.

      I was humming the song out loud as soon as I saw the title. xD

  26. Blackgatomon

    Grape NO D:

  27. falconfox01

    Nice! This comic is just full of Awwww! in every form.

  28. Indagare

    A regular Cyrano de Bergerac, our poor, brave Peanut.

    • Sweetygirl

      A Romantic in the truest form.

  29. Just-This-Guy

    and so it begins…..

  30. james319

    ouch poor guy :(

  31. james319

    i wanna give em a big hug D:

  32. Rabid_Fox

    Implied – or implode?

  33. NewfDraggie

    Awr…poor little peanut and his facade, I doubt he’ll be able to keep it up long though.

  34. black cat

    anyone else just want to give peanut the biggest hug ever?

    • Rawrimaducky

      i would but it’d be really wierd cause im a guy :P

      • Sir Sniper

        nothing wrong with guys comforting guys

        • no space

          Especially when that guy is as adorable as Peanut. And also a pet.

          • BlueAnubis

            yah, I’m a guy, and pretty much every time something sad or romantic happens, I just want to hug somebody.

    • Valerio

      I’d hug him long and then help him to a BIG candy bowl.
      Peanut should ask help from Fido, really!

    • The Bronze Gryphon

      He looks like he needs one. And a whacking great ham sandwich and someone to play video games with for a couple hours. I guarantee he’d feel a bit better.

  35. TLV

    It just hurts to see his little heart broken like that.

  36. Max

    I like it that a cat with my name gets to date Grape, but i would like it even better when Peanut would get to date her.

  37. Baree

    So many sacrifices made for others that go completely unnoticed…

    I’m proud of Peanut though.

  38. kennyfox

    *giggle* bino in traction. i like this comic for many reasons ^^

  39. vnbuchholz


    (sorry peanut)

  40. Foxtailhigh

    aww…Peanut is so sweet doing that for Grape, Max is really lucky! (XD)…i wonder if Peanut is happy or sad…=[

    • Indagare

      Probably a little bit of both.

  41. Rawrimaducky

    im speechless (and sad) :(

  42. no space

    Well, I have to say, from experience, I think this might actually help Peanut get over Grape. It always seems like, once that person finds someone else that they’re happy with, all residual feelings vanish. Maybe it’s just for ex’s though, I dunno.

  43. Drakel

    Flirts that don’t work N.645 – I guess you weren’t kidding about the girl part!

  44. Crystal

    AWWWWW thats so sweet. poor Penut he was lin love with grape and now who knows

  45. Yami

    So he still wasn’t sure she was a female?

  46. Wolfspawn

    Awww! So sweet ^^

  47. techdude300

    He has a popped collar on!

  48. moonchild

    awww peanut!

  49. VanDerSpar

    Man… Max seems pretty superficial and annoying. That relationship can’t go on! (At least i hope it doesn’t xd)

    • Kajex

      I doubt it will, personally. The fact that Peanut is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for Grape’s seems indication that this will go in another direction. If she comes to understand that, maybe we’ll see what we hope to see in the end. Bless Peanut for his selflessness, he deserves hugs, love and tons of treats for his good heart.

  50. V

    Peanut needs some love! Grape, go back and hug on him super hard!!!

  51. The Bronze Gryphon

    Selflessness is a definite canine trait. But when you try to mix it with human emotions, as these pets have… actually, I’m not sure how that works, but they’re just as much people as the humans in this comic are. More so, sometimes. Balancing that selfless love with his own love for Grape must be really hard on Peanut. I can’t help but feel for him.

    Also, I demand good Karma for Peanut for handling this so well.

    Great character development and great writing, Rick. You never cease to amaze me.

    • Aristocles

      I agree with Bronzie. Peanut MUST have something good happen to him, and it must happen to him soon. He is far to sad and adorable to suffer any longer.

      • Ada

        Some writers pride themselves on the suffering of their characters. =p

    • Valerio

      We ALL demand good karma for peanut, Rick!

      • Musimba

        Yes! We all demand good caramel for Peanut.
        Mmmm. Caramel and Peanuts.

        • RageReaper

          FAIL! *Stamps a FAIL! stamp on Musimba’s forehead in tatoo ink.*

          • Hephaestus

            shakes head slowly. let him have his joke.

    • Naskatan

      He’s gonna go cry in a dark corner somewhere and spite his own existence. All done behind the scenes so as not to scare the children. :D

    • Westwood

      I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you are now my most favorite person, Bronze.
      Your name is “the bronze Gryphon.” – my Favorite animal.
      You actually spell it “Gryphon”
      And you have an avatar of it, drawn by you, I imagine.

  52. Ozzy pup

    Aww poor Peanut… :(

    Anyone else get the impression that max might be compensating for something with that huge bell?

    • RageReaper

      Why must you people always indclude incepite remarks of lewd natures?

      • WiseIdiot

        Human nature.

        • Chiry


      • lol


        • Chiry


    • joness

      Could be to take attention away from his right ear possibly.

      • FoxBlood

        True there. Once you see that bell, it’s almost impossible to look at him eye to eye.

        • taco

          i was the one who ate it

          • wingedwolfgirl

            bad taco. bad.

          • taco

            ne no bad

    • God_of_Awesome

      Both are correct.

      We are furries by human nature.

      My inner animal spirit is a homo sapien.

  53. Tom

    hehe, very telling of peanut to be happy by making others happy.

    • RageReaper

      Peanut isn’t happy.

  54. hippiewolf

    thats a regular old tear jerker

  55. J.J.

    Oh… I hope Grape has some good common sense: Max has a shifty look about him.

    • no space

      I was thinking that too. Five seconds into the date and he’s already going on with the “Rowrs” and sly smiles? Bad form. Though, he probably really is a very nice guy; just very bold with his flirting.

      • Chris

        Well of course he´s shady. He has a bitten off ear, probably from the rough nights on the Streets, yo.

        Gangstah style XD

        Well, im interested into seeing this go on, and seeing Peanut develop a forth emotion other then happy, sad and brain failure…jealousy.

        • Chris

          That huge bell is just his Bling Bling…

          sorry couldn´t resist.

          • BlueAnubis

            Bling Bling that goes Ding-a-ling
            that was worse.

          • no space

            Yes. It was, quite possibly, the worst. You should feel shamed.

          • RageReaper

            Yes you could have resisted, but you just chose not to. Bad Chris. No more breathing privleges for you.

  56. Ruffy

    Poor Peanut, love is hard and its harder to love someone enough to let them go

    and its usually those beautiful hearts that get hurt in the end

  57. Ariana

    Bino in traction…..ahahahahaha

    • Chris

      Total awesome line!

      Sad Peanut, i tripple the good Karma!

  58. TD

    If you listen REALLY closely when you read; you can hear Peanut’s heart break.

    • Thomas

      it was actually quite loud….

      • TD


        • Kajex

          Ever hear the San Andreas Fault shift? This was like that, only sadder, and a bigger tragedy. <=(

          • Lucien

            It’s like another drop in his tear filled lake of sorrow…

            I Quadruple Peanut’s Karma

  59. Gwenhwyvar

    I love it that Max has a collar on his collar…looks like he decided to dress up a bit too.

  60. Asteri

    poor Peanut D:

  61. Ddragon

    …Really it’s all been said for me. Peanut WILL have a good thing happen.

    • Echo

      He deserves a million dollars to fall from the sky into his hands.

  62. haejrf

    omg poor Peanut

  63. Kumori Getsuei

    Grape is quite lovely with her eyelashes. :3
    Max looks so cute with that collar around his collar. Creative idea X3

    • RageReaper

      I called it when I said that everyone would notice it and say that it really does do something!

  64. Quik_Coyote

    The last panel just broke my heart. Peanut, I feel for ya bro! :(
    As stated above, and it’s worth repeating, great character development!

  65. Shnurui

    Would love to see it fall into his lap, litterally, maybe a new character (feline possibly) out of a tree or off a roof.


    Yea, some writers get you coming and going.

    Lubs the entire series, Rick.

    • Sir Sniper

      I second the motion, that could be the funniest storyline yet, and appease everyone’s desires to see Grape and Peanut get together. :P

      • Trefoiler

        “MY FEMUR!”

        • Aristocles



  66. Littleaeris

    *Is sobbing in a corner, feeling Peanut’s feelings T.T*

  67. othorlimmis

    new here!
    i started reading this webcomic this morning, and suddenly it was 4 hours later and i had’nt eaten yet.

    you, sir, posses a gift!

    • Trefoiler


      And yes he does. Of this, we are quite aware!

      • Lucien

        XD wow 4 hrs. now that a new record for reading this comic I do belive

        • Trefoiler

          Impressive, yes. It seems attainable with quick reading and a reliable connection. Cheers, Othorlimmis, but consider rereading. You might find a great many things you missed! For example: Commentary. You can observe the ebb and flow of reception, and see how, in those rare, wonderful strips, the fans really can force the author’s hand. Beautiful.

          Glory be to the Griffin, of course. We love you, Rick.

        • RageReaper

          I don’t know. I spent 3 syad straight reading this comic. I don’t even rmbemeer sleeping…

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Woha, really?
      that breaks MY record, I started reading this comic a week ago.

      • Thomas

        been reading it since december of 08… only now, i have started commenting tho =P

        • August wind

          i started reading these comics on the 14th and they seem real intresting they certantly caught my attentoin good job rick

  68. Trefoiler

    one-hundred-and-second comment WOO

    So Max finally gets his date. Then, he probably wasn’t worried in the least ;)
    What a sharp dresser, too! Seems he put a collar– …around his collar? Surprisingly simple!

    I like it, Rick!

    • wingedwolfgirl

      You’ve been counting?

      • Trefoiler

        What? Why? Are you saying that putting in the _th comment means absolutely NOTHING!?
        How dare you insult my my perfectly appropriate and well-placed enthusiasm!!

        – And on the off chance that you were actually curious: No. When I looked, the current comment count was 101. Mine would have made lucky #102.

        • RageReaper

          I like this guy. He’s crazy. You’re ok.

        • wingedwolfgirl

          hey calm down, I only just realized there is a counter on the side of the box! (which proves how dumd I am -yet again)
          I’m sorry.
          *runs away, ears down tail tucked under.

          • RageReaper

            I tell this to allot of people, because it’s true. You’re not dumb (Even though you spelled it wrong). You’re just oblivious to certain things.

          • wingedwolfgirl

            on a serious note,
            no more insults. -done.

  69. Pyre moonshadow

    awwwww poor peanut

  70. Kegan

    Throws a chihuahua at Peanut, because they are tiny, cute and act like cats (at least mine do) in a socially acceptable dog form!

    • Rangershot13

      Why would you throw a dog at Peanut? Throw it TO him.

      • Trefoiler

        It’s a chihuahua. Throw it, pass it, you’ll still get: “Oh, fancy that. I’ve acquired a tiny form of life.”

        Come to think of it– a Housepets! chihuahua should be no taller than… the ferrets Milton! Genius!

        • Kegan

          Thank you ^_^ I think it comes from owning several. And no I would throw her at him. Because then he could catch her and be her knight in shining armor.

  71. Rennis Tora

    Poor Peanut T-T

  72. BlueAnubis

    *sniff* “My little girl is growing up, and going off with other cats… and not me… I need a hug… and some not-chocolate.”

    • Aristocles

      Not-chocolate is the best kind of chocolate
      It’s the best kind because it’s not!

      • Rangershot13

        Nice rhyme.

        • RageReaper

          I don’t see it.

          • Echo

            Eh…Hot chocolate, Not chocolate.

  73. Epsilon

    Just read the entire comic for the first time, start to finish, over the course of 2 days so I’m all caught up. Excellent comic, characters, and storyline. I hope it continues to go in the right direction, especially between Grape and Peanut.

    • August wind

      are u kidding me i read these in an 1 hour and 45 mintues

  74. The (lazy) Readers

    on behalf of all those voices to lazy to post a comment STOP HURTING PEANUT

    • RageReaper

      I MAX PEANUT’S GOOD KARMA! Pun not intended.

  75. Rokas

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    I know how Peanut feels. There’s this girl, you like her a lot, but she’s not interested in you, but you still care for her nonetheless. So you’re willing to break your own heart into a thousand pieces so that she can be happy.

    Bittersweet. Nicely done.

  76. DancingRock

    *General Warning: This is just a thought/opinion*

    Well from past accords in reading (and writing), you can easily see something obviously good (and or goofy) is on the horizon as most high traffic based comics are. But like life and near life-like accounts reveal, self sacrifice has always been an unspoken level of up most strength and hope. An odd, yet over powering life changing lesson. He will be rewarded but thats something we cannot fore see. Peanut has grown up and I hope he will become more stronger with each prevailing day.

    Great work as always, you started off great and going on just as strong. Thank you!

  77. Aristocles

    OMG! I just noticed that peanut’s hand over his bone makes a little heart over his chest. Nice touch!

  78. Kajex

    In the end, I don’t think we need to worry.

    You can’t separate Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly- makes for too awesome a sammich. ^_^

  79. August wind

    u know this is the longest comment box out of all of them and i agree i kinda feel bad for peanut but he is a dog