Dear You Just Look FABULOUS
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  1. rtlstien

    First Comment!
    Eyelashes really do change things, huh?

    • Zaiki

      1. This isn’t the Housepets! 500 Race

      2. Not really, I’ve never head of one account of somebody looking at a girl’s eyebrows and saying “That’s a deal breaker.”

      • U:

        2. a. Lashes, not brows.
        2. b. I have actually, but that’s only referring to brows, not lashes. It doesn’t matter anyway, because:

        • Zaiki

          It twas a typo.

      • Rangershot13

        You said that last time someone got first.

  2. Zaiki

    Took a while for me to realize the difference. Still cute though.

    • flora

      her coller is differnt too

      • Zaiki

        Probably her ‘dress’ collar.

      • cannon fodder

        I didn’t even notice it till you said it

        • RageReaper

          I did.

  3. BlueAnubis

    OMIGOSH!!! She looks so pretty!! she was cute before, and now she’s gorgous.
    So, is this how she will look from now on I wonder? I hope so! *Glee*

  4. Repicheep22

    And don’t forget the jeweled collar, and wow, she actually looks kinda pretty

    • flora

      wat do u mean kinda ill hurt u *cyber punch*

  5. Trauts

    Awww. Peanut’s so…helpful. ^^

    It’s rather endearing how much he always insists on helping.

  6. Kas

    Awe. how so sweet! Though Peanut seems to be now becoming immensely more metro. *Gasp* is Peanut actually planning an angle =O!? *shotdead*

  7. Zurr

    Oh Peanut, you say the darndest things…

  8. Aristocles

    I have always said that an INteresting cat should have an INteresting hairdo, don’t you think?

    • Rawrimaducky

      This is making me feel stupid cause I can’t remember what that INteresting thing is from.

      • Winterstorm

        Its an old Loony Toons referance.

      • Blue_Elite

        More specifically, “Hair-Raising Hare” featuring Bugs Bunny and Gossamer (and “Peter Lorre”).
        Read about half way through the 5th paragraph of the wiki article for Bug’s dialog.

  9. Theo

    How long HAS Peanut spent watching Pet Makeover?

  10. Rider098

    Wow… those little details do make a difference!

    I can only imagine how she would react to others reactions in seeing her now, though alot of what I’m thinking involves some black eyes. XD

  11. RHJunior

    The freaky thing is, it DOES make a difference.

  12. GameCobra

    Grape, my dear…. you look Faaaaablous!

    • victor

      u know wats wierd one time at school i said it like a gay person exactly typed creepy

  13. TLV

    Hole shiz sticks, Grape actually looks like a GIRL now!

  14. FerretWithASpork


  15. flora

    she looks fabulous darling if only i was a guy

    • person

      or acharacter on the comic thats even better i want to be fox cause there awsome no hints rick

      • Rangershot13

        I think a part wolf part porcupine would be awesome ( no hints either).

    • Zaiki

      Who says you have to be a guy?

      • flora

        id be a guy if grape wasnt into … u know

  16. JB

    Grape no longer looks like a tomboy…wait, I meant tomcat…or should I say tomboycat?…nevermind, she appears feminine. Did Peanut really need the scissor? Oh, I realized Grape has a new collar.

  17. Just-This-Guy

    Wow. it really does make a difference. and the new collar too. cant wait to see how crazy the date will go!
    and on a completly random note. i wanna see some more raccoons:D

  18. chrisQ

    …very cute ‘n all… but… is it just me or are their upper arms becoming skinnier and skinnier and their lower arms fatter and fatter ?…

    • Loki Impisi

      1 Explanation: Its because they have wolverine claws.
      2 Explanation: Magic.
      3 Explanation: Zerg infestation. Penute is a Zergling and Grape is a Hydralisk.

      • The Spirit of the Wolf

        Ok, explanation 3 was a nice StarCrack reference, but…

        4.REALISTIC explanation: That’s the way Rick draws them.

        • Valerio

          I appreciate the ’skinnier’ arms. Makes ‘em characters more realistic!

  19. james319

    WOW…just…wow XD

    those eyelashes make a big difference XD

  20. tahrey

    haha… clever… it’s the little details (and the playing with comic cliche) that make this strip, sometimes :D

  21. TD

    Wow! Grape looks like a lady; I didn’t think it was possible.

  22. vnbuchholz

    The eyelashes were the key all along!

  23. slacks

    is it just me or does her hair look different?

  24. Theolis Wolfpaw

    *gasp* Grape looks like a girl now!

  25. Rawrimaducky

    They just had to use the “do not disturb” sign. XP

    • Ddragon

      my word…. That has so many possibly terrible interpretations, lol. Was that an accident, Rick? :P

      • GameCobra

        Nope. Just because they are alone together with that sign doesn’t mean it is subjected to that kind of thinking. >_>

        • Ddragon

          Of course not, but hey. It’s not very often that you see a do not disturb thing anymore unless you’re doing something… productive.

          I never caught on to the possible misinterpretations that could come about from that sign until Rawr gave mention.

          • Rangershot13

            Hey, its a PG rated comic, no awkward events like that would happen.

  26. Yami

    wow she looks like a girl now.

  27. Ddragon

    And I do agree with lots of people here. The eyelashes really DO stand out. They add like 100 points to feminity lol. I wonder how her date wil receive this fabu makeover. XD

  28. Yami

    oh yeah, nice bugs bunny reference.

    • Yami

      i wonder if anyone else caught that?

      • Arc

        Was bugging me today tryin to figure that out. I know I had heard it before and I even sounded it out in my head the way Bugs did but never clicked.

  29. Valerio

    the collar becomes her a lot :D
    As for the makeup… well, I find it a bit heavy and not suited for a gentlecat :P
    Anyone else thinks that this newfound attitude of Peanut for cosmetics is…odd?

  30. wingedwolfgirl

    she remides me of the barn cats.

  31. flora

    cant to see the next strip if u think max will pass out when he sees her say I

    • person


      • Arc

        I figured he was gonna pass out regardless *shrugs*

  32. Fuzzypaws

    I like the before shot. *giggles*

    • Sienna

      Is that the feline equivalent to snapping a photo while she’s in the shower?

    • Valerio

      me too :D

  33. Residentfriendly

    I bet there’s gonna be a huge shock from the other cats when they realize grape is actually a GIRL!

  34. kennyfox

    haha. nice.

  35. Mario_Dan

    Pretty nice. Looks a lot better. xD

  36. Hitei Kan

    Wait, why would peanut so readily help Grape on her date. Doesn’t he understand the difference between friend and BOYfriend?

    • Valerio

      you know…’The things you do for love’.
      Peanut is in that condition in which he’d do anything to make her happy, while patiently waiting for his occasion to come. As far as she remains his best friend, he’ll be happy as well.

      • Rangershot13

        Are you using a Courage the Cowardly Dog reference, or is that a known phrase?

        • Valerio

          CTCD reference. Shamelessely :D

  37. Rennis Tora

    He had to do the lashes… She wouldn’t let near her chest fur, ;3

  38. Rennis Tora

    Oops, I meant to say “him” not her…-_-

  39. Rennis Tora

    Gah! another mistake sorry, what I meant was I forgot to place “him” in the last bit since it only says “wouldn’t let near” instead of “wouldn’t let him near” -_-’

  40. Rennis Tora

    Also, the lashes do make difference, for Grape anyway.

  41. toboe

    The before shot is perfect.
    I love the way your characters never loose touch with their feral side

  42. Rangershot13

    Wow, thats a change

  43. Flame

    Simple, but it makes a huge difference! For example, you can tell she’s a girl. :D

    • Flame

      I hope this look is permanent! :P

  44. Crystal

    I’m surpised, I’m surpised that Penut waches that stuff. Hope things go well with grapes date with MMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXXXXX. hehe

  45. RageReaper

    And everyone is going to really notice it like it’s some big deal or something. And the date will go bad.

  46. FoxBlood


  47. J.J.

    Oh my goodness!

    Jelly’s a GIRL! Nice lashes sweet cheeks ;-)

  48. Snowy

    lol dammmm

  49. The Bronze Gryphon

    He also seems to have combed her pupils out some. They’re much bigger in the second panel… Not quite anime eyes, but still larger than normal.

  50. Pyre moonshadow

    oh my :3 she sure looks good now ^^

  51. JasonF

    Lol! This reminds me of my daughter’s drawings. The main way to tell boy from girl is that the girls have eyelashes.

    Max will be dumbstruck!

  52. hephaestus

    wow its weird though, it actually makes a difference

    • Lax

      Heh, yeah. You’d think that it wouldn’t at first, but I guess seeing is believing :D

  53. Zekermeme

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks silly? Like the amount of emphasis suddenly placed on one feature makes it look like a caricature?

    • Ada


    • The Bronze Gryphon

      Would you rather he just suddenly and inexplicably emphasized breasts? I honestly think it’s better this way, as it stays kid-friendly, still makes the point, and doesn’t make all that much more work for Rick to make her look a tad more feminine.

      • Sir Sniper

        Actually, and at the risk of seeming perverted, if you go to the comic before, and compare the picture of Grape in that one to this one, you’ll notice the the poof of fur on her chest is bigger.

        • black cat

          would you rather she wore a silly biright coloured dress?

  54. Forvet

    Totally blinged out the collar with a bit of Bedazzler. xD

  55. Aerion

    Meh, I liked the old Grape.
    Hopefully, it’s temporary.
    If it is, this serves as a way to teach all the thick-headed people that yes, Grape’s female.

  56. August wind

    hey i just started looking at these comics and its pretty good peanuts personalty kinda matches mine

  57. Mystery Ezekude

    Yay! Grape is finally licking her own paws! I’ve been waiting to see something like this! And Grape finally looks more feminine.

  58. Supuhstar

    Hahaha! That’s great. It really does make a difference!