Which Is Why She Doesn’t Talk About It Much
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  1. GameCobra

    D’aaaaaw <3

    • toboe

      Double D’aaaaaww!

      • Drakel

        Triple D’aaaaaww! =3

        • Ddragon

          D’aaaaww. This is really just too too cute. ^.=.^

          • Rawrimaducky

            Quadruple D’awwwwww

          • Zaiki

            D’aaaaaaaw to the infinitieth power

          • person

            D’aaaaawwws all around

          • WiseIdiot

            C-C-C-C-Combo breaker! Sorry, had to do it.

            This was a cute one. I like it a lot, well done =D

          • The Spirit of the Wolf

            Nice Killer Instinct allusion, but I must say….


            Awww to the (Chuck Norris + Bruce Lee) to the power of Light Yagami.

  2. Repicheep22

    *snif* Peanut looks so sad in the first panel.
    Glad to see he’s feeling better now.

  3. Fuzzypaws

    Super waggy tail!

  4. pkjo

    This is just adorable! I’m glad the problem’s resolved.

  5. JB

    Peanut wasn’t feeling good and Grape was the cure. n wn

  6. Miles Rose

    Grape flavored medicine is always the best :D

    • BluFox

      … that actually works. ^^

  7. VanDerSpar

    Lovely! What a lovely littly puppy :D And wow! Grape got big ears, when they’re laying down.

  8. flora

    hooray peanut and grape i missed them i love this strip im kinda a glad peanut peanut isnt emo be i wished peanut told grape his feelings so she could blush and then makeout withhim and then … srry i cant say the rest

    • victor

      awww come on tell us i want to know what happends next in this story of peanut n grape hint hint ^-^

      • Chip Uni

        They get in the car and drive home.

        The end.

        • Rawrimaducky


        • flora

          not wat i was thinking read my comment carefully

          • DZ

            I’m sure Chip Uni caught the subtlety and just chose to take it in a different direction.

          • flora

            maybe i should tell u and chip uni my ending giggle

        • Rangershot13

          Do’h! You ruined the ending!

  9. victor

    wierd when peanuts ears are down he kinda looks like bino

  10. victor

    heh in the last panellook at grapes i she is angry

    • GameCobra

      I said the same thing too.

      judging from the smile and extreme tail wagging, i bet he’s crushing her or hugging her much more than she normally can handle @_@

      i wonder if this would count as the third time she wish she’d kill him on this trip? >.> <.<

  11. Just-This-Guy

    i suspects the next comic shall have Peanut injured in one way or anotherXD

  12. Just-This-Guy's shadow

    EPIC ♥.=.♥

    • Just-This-Guy

      cooooooooooool. i have a shadow. AND IT CAN TALK!!

      • Lucien

        I want a shadow that talks…. T-T

  13. Silverpaws

    awww so cute but peanust should have confesed his fealings for her that would have been more intresting hehe but this one it’s very good too

  14. Sweetygirl

    Oh my gosh…. this… is far too cute. I was worried when I actually saw peanut crying. Hes too sweet to be hurt that way… even if she doesnt know

  15. Flame

    Awwwwwwwwwww!!! It’s been a while that we have seen those two!!! :D

  16. ben

    awww, i wanted her to date peanut :P

    • Thomas

      *monicle slips*

  17. Faved

    I will be one of a million people to say it, but… THAT WAS SO CUTE!!!!!!

  18. Draco_2k


  19. TLV

    -Mauls viciously and repeatedly with a serrated edge, cheetah-bone-hilt dagger-

    I feel the cheetah bone makes it both somewhat ironic and fitting.

    • Thomas

      yes, quite… *monicle*

  20. slacks


    Poor Peanut.

    • Thomas

      better than nothing

  21. person

    i kinda that when he was gonne hug intead he was gonna french kiss her and grapes face would be suprised and have those red blush cheeks on her

    • Thomas

      wow! uhh that’s a little strong for PG content… O_o

      • person

        didnt rick say it was pg13 or am i wrong

        • Thomas

          in that case… :3 :3 :3 :3 ;)

        • Rangershot13

          No, its PG, remember the aborted comic? It was removed to keep the comic PG.

      • person

        wait thomas look at the other comments on this page look for floras is way stonger then mine

        • Thomas

          O_o true.. i didn’t see that one.

          • flora

            thank u for reading my comment tell me if u want to know the rest

  22. LucifersAngelFeather

    :3 cute :3 <3

  23. Thomas

    i’ve read this strip 10 times and counting… :)

  24. james319

    D’awww!!! thats so adorable!!! RICK! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

  25. TD

    YAY! The return of Grape and Peanut, and it’s just as cute as I had hoped. Double Yay for glompage too!

  26. vnbuchholz

    That’s always heartwarming to see….

    But I’m still wondering how this “date” is going to go down…..

  27. Kovu

    Finally Grape & Peanut again! :)
    I sooo hope Grape isn’t just one of the “let’s just be friend” types. :(

    • Severedevil

      She’s a ‘tomcat’, so I doubt she shares some females’ friend–>boyfriend taboo.

  28. Kegan

    If Peanut wasn’t so innocent, Id love to see him try to get a girl dog or cat, to try to make Grape Jealous so she would have to admit her feelings, after covertly dropping the the competition over a bridge in a burlap sack. XD lol to Oc for these guys I think though. Lol is typing this with three sleeping Chihuahua’s on my lap

  29. Tre

    They both look so sad in panel 2. And nice recovery there Peanut.

  30. Saruchan28

    Peanut goes to Sabrina / Fido for help o3o

    Just my two bits :3

  31. Salen

    *points towards the artisti* GET’UM! *chases said artist around to Benny Hill music*

    • BlueAnubis

      WAIT! you forgot the pitchforks and torches! *joins in with angry mob supplies*

      • Rangershot13

        YOU forgot the chainsaws to break through doors/hedges.

  32. Beth

    My first thought: “but dogs don’t cry”…
    2nd thought: “oh, but I’m fine with them TALKING, yes?”
    okay, okay artistic license allowed.
    and Peanut is just such a cutie!

  33. Rawrimaducky

    It’s not a good idea to read this with a sad coldplay song on the radio. *sob*

  34. Pyre moonshadow


  35. White Tiger

    Peanut is so cute in that last panel!

  36. xtwincashx

    Yay. I soooo glad Peanut is happy. Hugs are the best cure!

    • person

      but look at grape she is a little “im going to maul if u dont let go soon”

      • TD

        Isn’t that how she usually is?

  37. Toaster Lord

    Warm and fuzzy feeling; how doth I love thee.

  38. Zanzawolf

    Awww quite a heartfelt ending to this strip. Good to see Peanut happy again ^^. Love the lil tail wag in the last frame.

  39. wingedwolfgirl

    I LOVE this. Its so remiecent of me and my siblings. you alway love them, and yet (as the last panel proves) they alway find some way to tick you off!
    Ha, Ha, -good job.

  40. queso

    nothing quite like that special hug that lasts a little TOO long :P

  41. kennyfox

    aww ^_^

  42. Bella

    I really love the second panel for some reason. ^^~

    • Alex

      Join the club ;)

      Also: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  43. Kumori Getsuei

    This is so cute. I love the 2nd and 4th panels :3 ~♥

  44. 1337

    woo nice to see peanut and grape again

  45. Rangershot13

    Yay! Happy Peanut!

  46. Osvaldo

    just when i begin miss GRAPE, appears in this comic and is so cute, and, of course, peanut. He is a bit of innocent C:

  47. Muskie

    Do I detect young romance? *plays random lovey dovey theme*

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      *begins playing Sweet’s “Love Is Like Oxygen”*

  48. Orochium

    Random aside. Why is it every time I read Grape’s dialogue I hear Blue’s (from Fosters home for imaginary friends) voice?

    • Rangershot13

      It may be that you see similarities between them, and you at one point thought Grape was a guy. I personally don’t see the similarities, except the odd name-to-color ratio…. thing.

  49. Roguebfl

    The dangers of have a dog friend, glomps!

  50. BlueAnubis

    Peanut’s face in pannel 4 makes me think of this emoticon X3
    and now for something completely different:
    DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! IT’S TOO CUTE!!! HUGS ALL AROUND!! *passes out from adorable overload*

  51. RockstarRaccoon

    This comic scares me….. O!o

  52. Chris

    1, 2, 3:

    Dogs, you gotta love their cheerish attitude.

    • Reo

      No, You gotta love PEANUT’S cheerish attitude xD

  53. JC

    …didn’t anyone else find this ending terrible? I feel like I was kinda set up – I was expecting this awesome plot line, great character interaction, and pure awesomeness partially because Rick made us wait so long for the next part of the love story and because he set up the situation so well.

    This…? This is BS! Peanut doesn’t CARE about being Grape’s friend, they already are and he KNOWS that! This didn’t resolve ANYTHING in the love story! Why would Peanut be happy with Grape saying “We’re friends, and nothing is going to change that”? That’s a slap in the face in any cheesy Hallmark love-movie – why would it be any different here? Why did Rick make us wait for such a terrible ending? Why does everyone like it so much? WHY?!


    • Two_Twig

      First off, its not the ending… this is the start of a whole NEW arc okay? How in the world is anyone going in any “awesome plot line, great character interaction, and pure awesomeness,” when the arc hasn’t even stared yet?! Second, who said Peanut was just happy with being Grape’s friend forever? He’s just happy right now because he was worried she didn’t want to hang with him anymore AT ALL. Didn’t you see the end of the last arc with them? Obviously, but seriously, RELAX. I’m sure Rick has a lot more to present if you just wait a little, jeez.

    • Two_Twig

      I also want to add, because everyone seems to be so worried about it, a little something. The phrase “you’re the best friend I’ve ever had,” doesn’t mean “I’m sorry I don’t feel the same way about you, I only see you as a friend”. Why? Because A. She is just to comfort Peanut, and B. She DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT PEANUTS FEELINGS FOR HER.

      • Two_Twig


      • JC

        But… this is it. This is the end of the farm arc. After (most of) an entire arc dedicated to exploring Peanut’s feelings for Grape, this isn’t what I was picturing. I went back and read the comments under it, and the readers felt really bad for Peanut because Rick did a great job setting up the situation.

        Do you really think Peanut is that worried about being friends? Even after all the set-up and the inner conflict? No. No no no. And, yes, I know Grape doesn’t mean it as an insult, but I’m still right – it just says to Peanut is “We’re friends! And do you really want to go and ruin that?”

        • Two_Twig

          Oh man, if someone isn’t overreacting a bit too much. Look, the entire purpose of the last arc was just to guide us too this point, just because it seemed like the end doesn’t mean it was. Peanut HAS GONE through some character development with this feelings for Grape, and at the climax of it all, he finds out that Grape wants to see more cats. Its heartbreaking, yes, but then we see that Grape reassures Peanut that Max will not affect their friendship, letting the reader feel relieved that Peanut is not under the impression that Grape doesn’t want to be his friend AT ALL. Peanut has a very child like premise when dealing with situations sometimes, so I’ll repeat, he’s not worried about being “Friend zone’d” so as he is that he doesn’t have a friend AT ALL. The relationship between Grape and Peanut has not changed AT ALL. The only thing that has happened is that now we know that Peanut has stronger feelings for Grape. He still has the opportunity to confess, the story will go on, JUST WAIT PLEASE.

          • Two_Twig

            I’m sorry if this post sounds kind of aggressive in its tone, its just that I hate to see people get so worked up over nothing.

          • JC

            That’s a great explanation – I wasn’t seeing it quite that way before, but I see your point. It makes sense – I just didn’t get that from the comic. I didn’t realize Peanut was so worried about not having a friend at all… the only problem I see is that the comic didn’t explain that very well.

            What I’m trying to say now is that the comic (personally) didn’t explain things as well as you just did, but what you said makes perfect sense.

  54. CalaverX11

    Grape, I am so, so sorry.

  55. RageReaper

    Yay. All gushy feeling good comic line thingy. If you were able to follow that easily, kudos to you. I can’t even follow it, and I wrote it. :?

  56. Anonymous

    *gets mauled*
    Poor, poor Rick.
    Also, “er… wanna be friends anymore.” Poor Peanut doesn’t want to admit WHATEVER just yet. It’s a perfectly fine ending to an arc. *nods*
    I *heart* this comic.

  57. Crystal

    AWWWW, Thats so cute

  58. Mystery Ezekude

    Heh heh…That was quick.