In A Laundry Bag With A Dollar Sign

Gasp, Spo isn’t on Fido’s head? He decided to stay at home.

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  1. Victor

    first comment funny stuff

  2. Flame

    God…. Bino got it bad! (panal #2) Why does Bino think of this stuff AFTER it happened!!! ROFL Daisy makes me laugh!!! XD

  3. GameCobra

    Man, Daisy doesn’t even have to try. She’s awesome just the way she is XD

    • Victor

      she could at least tone done the smile a little bit its like her teeth should be fangs

  4. The Brigeeda Rocks

    Holy crap, I predicted it!

    • Victor

      no u didnt u lucky guesd it

      • Zaiki

        That’s what predicting is.

        • Victor

          no predicting is u know it will happen he guesd it like “maybe that would happen”

          • BluFox

            The point is, he got it right, though, neh?

          • chrisQ

            …no: predicting is -pretending- to know what will happen^^… so it’s just the same as guessing – but with much more bull involved^^…

    • Cannon fodder

      Way to go!
      Quick tell me the winning lottery number!

    • toboe

      Me thinks Rick is spoiling us

    • Victor

      give it a rest he or she did not predict it read his comment he said “holy crap i predicted it” that means he was making a funny also this is off topic i havent seen daisy in a long time do u think she has a friend named peach

      • The Brigeeda Rocks

        Uh, actually, no…I (being of the female persuasion) did “guess” it in the last strip post, but apparently my comment was removed/deleted.

        And I now it was up there because I clearly saw it before I clicked off the site.

  5. Rider098

    Ahhaha… good stuff! Well, at least Bino got something for his efforts.

    I can’t help but think that Daisy would be a perfect greeter in a store or something. Also… where is Spo? O.o

    …just messing! XP

  6. Slippy

    Wow.. I would’ve never guessed that. That chick irks me.. I don’t know why.

    • Zaiki

      What are you talking about? I see no chickens…

    • Victor

      which chick daisy or the girl ferret

  7. Cyb-009

    You can also read the first sentence the other way around. “The fall broke” etc.
    I actually like Daisy, she’s so simple.
    I know a few real dogs (big ones) that share her personality type, very friendly, but nothing going on upstairs. (^_^)

  8. Yami

    :Insert Ms. Krabappel laugh:

  9. toboe

    …after all that stupidity i actually feel sorry for Bino… very sorry in fact.
    …although, he actually seems pretty pleased with himself. OH, THAT BINO.

  10. Valerio

    Bino is happy! (I guess that was the hint of a smile in the last panel)
    And this arc concludes well! *do the happy minidance*

  11. Victor

    i think bino want a little attention i got a big bag of it i call it pineapple express

  12. Alex

    Oh wow xD

  13. Valerio

    ain’t fox ADORABLE in the 2nd panel? <3

    • Alex

      When is Fox not adorable?

      • Valerio

        only time I didn’t like him was in the earlier ‘cat tail’ arc and his snobbish ‘totally felinophile’. Feh!

    • toboe

      emphatic yes.

  14. Valerio

    some raccoons are gonna be happy… ;)

  15. TD

    Looking at it, I can’t help but think that Daisy’s going to to think it’s food and try to eat it.

  16. falconfox01

    I bet spo bailed cause the ferrets thought he looked tasty, can’t blame him there.

  17. james319

    Ouch poor guy,that looks like it really hurt

    LOL thats a nice name for a trust fund XD

  18. AceyWinters


  19. Rawrimaducky

    YAY! I guess everyone is happy with the outcome to this. (Despite the injuries) :)

    • Sir Sniper

      I think its more of “because of the injuries” than “despite” :P

  20. Tom

    No one got the “Hi I’m daisy” reference? From Mario Kart? C’mon people.

  21. Valerio

    I am a heretic. The only Mario I ever liked, literally, was in the first Donkey Kong.
    PS – One day, Daisy will say something more than this phrase. And the world will hold its breath… (darth vader theme plays)

  22. wingedwolfgirl

    a near-death experiance always seems to leave the bearer a LITTLE smarter.

    • Valerio

      right you are: next time, there will be soft pillows conveniently (and casually, I’d add) placed to break the fall.

    • crazyredemu

      If that were true my mom would be the smartest person in the world

  23. Lucien

    XD “luckily your spine broke your fall… and your ribs!”
    i lol on that part.

    I want to see Grape and Peanut now! XP

  24. Fuzzypaws

    And Daisy’s big bag of money will never be seen nor heard of again!

  25. Supuhstar

    LOL, Mario Kart DD reference…

  26. Mystery Ezekude

    *facepalm* Of all people, DAISY won!? D’oh!

    • TD

      Honestly, that makes the most sense; give the money to the one person that won’t do anything with it. Plus, it serves as the punchline for this strip.

  27. florastripe

    bag of money is daisy’s i should of known that would happen

  28. vnbuchholz

    I think we’ll be seeing Daisy around more flaunting her cash around…..

  29. Gideon Kalve Jarvis

    I cannot think of anyone more deserving.