Something Went Wrong Somewhere
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  1. GameCobra

    oh snap… (literally)

  2. Sleet

    Gushers(R) pieces.

  3. Zaiki

    ROMs are fun!

  4. Dylan

    At this rate Bino gonna hurt himself trying to win that prize…wait he already did!
    He should try a new plan.

    • Victor

      he wont try a new plan if it came and bit him on the a**

  5. Flame

    LOL, ferrets are to fascinated in technology and shiny things! XD I wonder if Bino is alright……

    • james319

      he probably fell on his head…poor guy

      • taco

        or other persons head

      • Lucas H.C.

        So he would be just fine (considering how thick the bone of his head is)!

        • Victor

          his skull bones are bigger then his brain he is ok

      • Buckdida

        Actually, I’m fairly sure he belly flopped onto a hard marble floor.

        • Drakel

          The sound was “Thamp”. I would think you are right.

          • Shadow Wolf X7

            …uh…so how would it have sounded like if he had landed on his head? O_o’l'l

    • Salen

      A ferret after my own heart. Except it’s a blackberry, which I tend to hate only slightly less than iPhones. But hey, at least he’s got the sense to put some good games on the thing.

      • Sir Sniper

        Shun the nonbeliever! Shuuuuuuuuuuuun!

        • Valerio

          the nonbeliever must be zapped!

          • Lucien

            Look he’s next to the “Magical Leopluradon” let’s all go to candy mountain!!

        • hephaestus


          • The Spirit of the Wolf


          • Victor

            oh god charlie the unicorn refrence…put a bannana in your ear

  6. james319


  7. Kovu

    That storyline boring. Get back to Peanut and Grape!

    • Victor

      agreed i want to see if peanuts emo my friend thinks he might be emo is he emo please rick griffin tell me

      • Valerio

        Victor, you are being morbid sir

        • Ada

          Peanut is listening to Country music. The music of pain. X3

        • Victor

          wats morbid?

        • CyberCorn Entropic

          The morbid the merrier. :P

          Victor – To be morbid is to be excessively gloomy, often to the point of unwholesomeness.

          • Victor

            ooooohhhhh let me fix my last comment is … peanut … morbid!

      • Alex

        I wouldn’t like that at all. I always loved to see Peanut’s happy face, if he becomes an emo I will never see it again :( He mustn’t become an emo, he just mustn’t.

        • Victor

          yea that would stink but u have to admit u would like to see him emo maybe in the bonuses

          • Valerio

            so far you are the ONLY one to have expressed such desire. Morbid!

          • kiki

            Yeah you’ve got to admit that him being emo would suck, but i still wanna gte back to peanut and grape

          • Victor

            i am not the first one someone here thinks peanut might be emo but idont know who so leave me alone!

  8. Valerio

    Bino, surrender! You CAN’T outweasel them ferrets! :D
    Oh, yes, and be aware: they could decide to put you out of your misery if you keep hurting yourself like that… .(

    • Valerio

      PS – if that is Zelda: Twilight Princess, I approve of that choice

      • Paranoid

        Zelda 3 is A Link to the Past. It’s the pinnacle of the series.

        • Shadow Wolf X7

          Ah yes, the purple-haired Link…

          Funny thing was is that he was turned into a rabbit in “Link to the past” upon entering the Dark World.

  9. Watcher

    The best Zelda ever was “Link’s Awakening” for the GameBoy…

    @ Valerio, keen observation and wordplay about ferrets being weasels.

  10. Eric

    Oh, that Bino!

    I sure do loves me some Housepets!(R) comics.

  11. kennyfox


  12. Zekermeme

    I love it when a plan comes… together…?

  13. Yami

    ow -,o;;

    I think rex did that on purpose.

  14. Chip Uni

    If he wanted their attention, he just needed to wrap himself in aluminum foil…

  15. Rawrimaducky

    I want that Zelda game!!

  16. Loki Impisi

    I see a triforce.

  17. Valerio

    and our next stop: Bino with a multiple trauma!

  18. xtwincashx

    Poor Bino. All though he is trying a little too hard to get the grand prize (which I predocted it to be something not important. But I could be wrong.) and I don’t think him being saved from falling would get him any closer from winning either. XD

  19. kiki

    OOoooo,that’s GOTTA hurt!

  20. Valerio

    I forgot: white ferret WINS!

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      You just made me lose the game.

  21. BlackKat

    Gotta love the short attention span of ferrets. Ehh, Dog hanging from balcony…ooooo Zelda Game!

    • Silver

      Somehow, it’s quite fitting, since ferrets are usually so energetic. xD

  22. Tak

    I’m not sure why, but this arc totally fails to captivate me.

    • Zekermeme

      It’s because it went straight from “aw, Peanut’s depressed” to “ooh, dead guy”.

  23. toboe

    I’d have thought he’d surely be playing Kid Icarus.

    Shun the nonbelievers, I like this arc.

  24. NickCole

    I want those little nifty devices. :B

  25. RageReaper

    Another concussion? Grape’s going to be angry.

  26. Victor

    waaaah i miss grape

  27. TD

    Bino, you fail; Epicly. On the bright side, maybe that fall finally knocked some sense into that thick skull of your’s. Somehow, though, I doubt it.

  28. Supuhstar

    Oh, bino… X3

  29. AceyWinters

    LOL I’d so do that :P

  30. S0d

    SPLAT gos the binoooo♪♪♪

  31. Mackeran

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