So Close And Yet So Far
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  1. GameCobra

    Something tells me Bino is going to get the Ferrets to have a different opinion of the town by the time this arc is over XD

    • BluFox

      Or that the ferrets will die laughing at Bino and the entire town gets the money, meaning Bino himself only gets five dollars. Ten, if he’s a good dog (which he’s not, but one can hope).

  2. Yami

    lol reminds me of the marketing people on the dilbert show.

  3. toboe

    Oh that Bino, he’s such a schemer. And so very bad at it.

    Fox looks especially cute in panel 3

  4. Zaiki

    Close, but no cigar.

  5. Valerio

    bino’s position in the GOOD OL’ DOGS CLUB is more and more precarious…

  6. Fuzzypaws

    Bino would be wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice if he was only on Madison Avenue instead of this neighborhood. ;3

  7. hamster

    ferret fountain? nice :)

  8. Watcher

    How Fox feels is how I felt at work yesterday trying to explain to an indian gentalman what was in the pepper-spray…

  9. Flame

    LOL, Bino never gives up!!! I guess he wouldn’t be Bino if he did. XD

  10. Loki Impisi

    I mental cringed. I hate execs

  11. Valerio

    anyone wants to pet Fox in the last panel?

  12. james319

    there’s no one more genuine than peanut :D

  13. Valerio

    PS – for once, Bino in the 4th panel is just WIN! :D

  14. Valerio

    seeing Fox acting as the voice of reason makes me wonder how can he be so closeminded about cat lovers…

    • Two_Twig

      Perhaps its because he’s so intelligent that he realizes that it would be best not to try an go against the principles the entire dog community, to avoid unneeded problems.

      • Victor

        i agree he is intelligent but it occurs to me that the only intelligent seems to be grape and fox
        and whenevers theres a smart person there has to be a clueless one to make more sense then the intelligent

      • Victor

        i agree he is intelligent but it occurs to me that the only intelligent seems to be grape and fox
        and whenevers theres a smart person there has to be a clueless one to make more sense then the intelligent person

    • Mouko

      You can’t be intelligent and closedminded? They’re not exactly mutually exclusive.

      • Zekermeme

        Actually, I’d say it’s rather the opposite. Generally you have at least some inkling of your intelligence. If you are intelligent, it can give you a sense of superiority. If you have a sense of superiority, you might think your own ways are best. If you think your own ways are best, you might behave like a bigot. And also, since you’re intelligent and you know you’re intelligent, it never occurs to you that you could be wrong about any of this.

        • Victor

          i couldnt follow could u give me a shorter version?

  15. Zekermeme

    I want to say this reminds me of a movie or video game, especially the first two panels, but I can’t think of it.

  16. Alex

    Rex’s left, I guess….. wonder if Bino will request him to use violence to find out the rules……

  17. Rawrimaducky

    To think Bino is doing all of this just to get a can opener. :P

  18. Eric

    Bino: I’ll just fake being genuine! There is nothing wrong with this plan.

  19. Ixthrael

    Anybody realize yet that Fox wears Dogtags? And I would so do more than pet 4th panel Fox.

    • Valerio

      and yes, I think we all noticed since his first appearance

  20. Valerio

    no naughty thoughts :P

  21. babafisa

    It is the second entry I read tonight. Thank you.

  22. TLV

    So very, very far.

  23. Alex

    I never actually realized how Fox looks cute when he’s angry. It’s probably because we didn’t get to see his angry face that much. Actually, I think the only time he was really angry is when PETA pet-napped him.

  24. Valerio

    Rick works magic with upset/angry expressions: rabid fox in the PETA arc was awesome to look at.

  25. falconfox01

    i feel for fox, i work with several…err…persons…. (and i use that trem with utmost sarcasm) who are exactly like Bino in this story arc so far.

  26. kennyfox


  27. Oblivion


  28. BlueAnubis

    Fox is probably my favorite of the dogs. He is intelligent, kind, and thoughtful, and does not use people (or pets) for his own gain.

    • Valerio

      and pretty to heaven .)

      • Victor

        i agree but grape is intelligent too … omg what if fox and grape were a couple!

  29. Alex

    Hmm, so if we’ll see Rex in the next comic, I believe that we’ll see 2 or 3 more comics in this arc, and then hopefully Rick will return to the events on the farm. I wanna know what’ll happen to Peanut.

    • Rangershot13

      Or, the pets on the farm will come and see the mansion.

  30. The Bronze Gryphon

    This must be happening while Grape and Peanut are away. I would kill to see Grape’s reaction to all this fooferall.

  31. The Brigeeda Rocks

    Why do I get the real winner will be Daisy?

    “Hi! I’m Daisy!”

    “Hi Daisy! You win!”

  32. RageReaper

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Bino looks kinda like a girl?