They Pity The Foo
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  1. The Brigeeda Rocks

    A copious-amounts-of-alcohol laugh, of course!

  2. GameCobra

    Bah. picking on Joey. BAH i say!

    • Victor

      im with him bah!

      • Drakel

        I concur, bah.

        I loled at the ferret bust in the backround! =3

    • Valerio

      totally BAH! Bino will get due retribution for this, one day…

  3. Flame

    LOL, little big to be a ferret! And I would laugh too Joey, in fact, I am laughing! lololololol XD

  4. Loki Impisi

    Hahahahahaha! Bwahahah- [nuclear launch detected] Wait-what?

    … I hope Joey actually pulls off a successful infiltration someday. That would be AWESOME.

    • God_of_Awesome

      He has. Remember that cat party? Only Grape recognized him.

      • Chiry

        Cause she already knew! Peanut told her about him and his cat suit!

    • cannon fodder

      maybe he should sneak around by hiding under a box, or maybe learn “ninja spire jump”.

      • The Spirit of the Wolf

        You fail. Metal Gear and Sly Cooper should never be used in the same scentence.

        • Loki Impisi

          Due to the fact that metal gear murders people while sly cooper sucks them up with a vacuum?

  5. Repicheep22

    Bino would make such a good villian. He’s already got the evil grin down.

    • Zekermeme

      Wait, I thought he WAS the villain.

      (Also, I thought Joey was Bino for a few seconds.)

  6. Zaiki

    That was a rather convincing outfit. Not convincing enough to fool the animal you’re dressing up as, but still.

  7. Yokel

    He pulls off a suprisingly good ferret.
    A-Team, woo.

  8. The Spirit of the Wolf

    This is going to turn into a military tactics bonanza… Riff from Sluggy Freelance would be perfect for this…

    (SluggyPets Supporter)

  9. Fuzzypaws

    Joey deserves better! Lots of love and respect, for instance. ^.^

  10. Valerio

    there’s only one problem with this strip: Was Joey walking in his kness?!? I mean, that or those ferrets have considerably grown up since there were six of ‘em in a box!!
    PS – Bino’s evil grin WINS

    • Buckdida

      Well, keep in mind that Fido is taller than most pets. Bino is normal sized, and Joey is shorter. So the sizes match up, actually.

      • Valerio

        hmm, I’d say that Joey is tall like Peanut (see the bookstore arc), and the ferrets ARE small

        • Buckdida

          Ferrets are small, that is agreed. However, in the “Fall of the Pridelands” arc, Joey is sitting on a chair. In all likelihood, his feet don’t touch the floor, making him shorter than Peanut. Also, Peanut is the same height as Bino: Check the ZAP! arc. Joey, very simply, is a shorter pet. Being the runt of the litter, this does make sense.

          The ferrets would probably come up to neck height on a normal sized pet.

          • Dissension

            As far as I know, Joey is roughly cat-height. (Meaning roughly a head shorter than most dogs.)

  11. Yami

    Reminds me of a previous comment of mine where i mentioned my curiosity of joey getting into a relationship with one of the female ferrets.

  12. Alex

    Aw man, Bino’s so mean to Joey………

    • Alex

      And I never saw Joey this angry…… he’s cute when he’s angry :)

  13. Faved

    Joey is so cute =P

  14. TLV

    Actually, Fido does seem to be rather good at this disguise stuff.

  15. TLV

    I’m sorry, Joey. I get their names mixed up too often e_e

  16. falconfox01

    hehehe, way too cute! Bino’s evil grin is totally sweet!

  17. Valerio

    hey, Bino’s plan was flawless: when you inherit a fortune, there’ll always show up a long-lost cousin!
    And yes, Joey is cute when he’s angry :D

    • Rawrimaducky

      Alot more than long-lost cousins show up when a giant fourtune shows up in your possesion. :P Like that kid in your kindergarden class that gave you his juice box.

  18. james319

    LOL poor guy XD

  19. chrisQ

    …oh, oh, oh – look ! … simply -love- that marble bust of a ferret in the background !^^… who wrote that they probably spent all their money already is probably right^^… I bet they’re gonna charge an entrance fee off everybody at the end^^…

  20. Eric

    LOL! Poor Joey. Why is it that older brothers can be so persuasive even in the most ridiculous things?

  21. Severedevil

    Something’s gone horribly wrong when Joey is the straight man of a comic.

  22. Gamerkitty

    Wasn’t it “Mad dog” Murdoc that was always dressing in costumes? I though face was the pretty boy who met most of the clients first.

    • Rick Griffin

      Actually? I have no idea, I just went with what seemed right. From the intro is actually looked like Hannibal did the stupid costumes. *Checks again*

  23. toboe

    Joey tied his ears down! best costume ever

    • Rawrimaducky

      Wouldn’t that hurt. :P

      • D_Leo

        Not really, they’re pretty floppy.

    • Frank

      I thought it was cute

  24. Alex

    No wonder Joey & Fido are cat-lovers, having Bino as your brother makes you hate all dogs >_>

  25. Tobias Rhdoes

    did his spot change eyes?

    • Dissension

      Nope; it’s always been ’round the left.

    • Frank

      Oh, you mean because of Toboe’s avatar? He probably flipped the image. One of the basic rules for inserting an image in the margin is that it should face the text

  26. Accursed

    Joey looks cute with his ears tied back. ^^

  27. Thomas

    poor joey.

  28. Drac-o-carinist

    I am under the correct assumption that the title of this comic was dedicated to one of your watchers?

  29. Crystal

    oh man Bino’s brother, fido, is mean.

  30. Zekermeme

    I love it when a plan comes together.

  31. Thomas

    a tribute? : the music is funky but awesome!

  32. Spoony

    uhh….. wait, wasn’t Joeys spot on the other eye before?

    *is hit with a frying pan*

    • Rick Griffin

      It’s always been on his left eye

    • Alex

      Joey has the spot on his right eye in toboe’s avatar, but his image is flipped horizontally, so it looks like his right eye. Don’t let that confuse you ;)

      • toboe

        I apologize for the mayhem I may have caused

  33. redwolfmatt

    WOO! the website started working for me again <3

    anyway… is that a reference to how he got away at the end of "silence of the lambs" in panel 2? o_o….

  34. Severedevil

    “Not Hannibal Lector”? Is this the same dog who said, “I want to wear her skin”?

  35. Watcher

    Poor Joey…

  36. J.J.

    Poor Joey. He’s full of “Bino.”

    Better than being “Full of Prunes” at least.

  37. Yoji

    Lol poor Joey…can’t blame him for trying ^^;

  38. Chris

    LIES, Hannibal was the boss of the A-team, not the costume man…
    That was the ladys man who always wore suits, ever!