You got me, I’ve never actually watched a full episode of the A-Team. Hannibal was the one who wore the stupid costumes! Research fail on my part. Luckily, this does give me the opportunity to add in a joke I had initially thought of.

Oh, and as a bonus: Imagine Joey in the third panel speaking in a Mickey Mouse voice.

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  1. Valerio

    I used to be a fan of the series, and I forgot that it was Hannibal to put up disguises. I remember it was ‘face’ who all used false identites. Anyway, good correction, the ‘Hannibal’ joke is even better.

  2. Dissension

    Wait, what was the original? *laughs* Face? B.A.? xD

    I used to watch The A-Team. This is why you should run everything by me first.

  3. Thomas

    XD the voice fits perfect; in other news a tribute: by someone named “projec64″ the music is funky but pretty good.

  4. Spoony

    the comic became marginally more funny when i imagined joey speaking in a Micky mouse voice. which is awesome.