The Delicious Bold Taste That Money Can’t Buy
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  1. mch_89

    At long last… I’m first! I like Spo’s expression… He’s my favorite character. =3

  2. Luu

    I do believe Spo is going to have a panic room attached to that collar at this point.

  3. Shnurui


  4. Repicheep22

    Apparently ferrets aren’t big on moral fiber.

    • toboe

      On the contrary, mouse fur is very high in fiber and–…
      Oh. THAT kind of fiber.

      • Naya

        I see what you did there XD

      • Repicheep22

        How’d I know someone would say that?

      • Accursed

        You get points for that one, Toboe. ^^

  5. Yami

    Ferrets like boiled eggs. I looked up what to give my aunt’s ferrets when i was house sitting for her, and i found it on a article, and now her ferrets are going crazy for boiled eggs

  6. Yami

    Wait, is that ferret the first to notice Spoo? Everyone else seems to not notice him, and think Fido is talking to himself.

    • Zaiki

      Things tend to notice potential food.

      • Sabine

        Hit the nail on the head

  7. Loki Impisi

    Well. That’s Fido gone up the pipe. Swimming pool? Does anyone else have a voice in their head screaming “CHOCOLATE RIVER!”? Next room is probably going to be along the lines of the “inventing room”…

  8. toboe

    What I want to know is, how does the author know that mouse is delicious and bold? hmmmm??

    • Shnurui

      because, The Author is?

  9. Zaiki

    If I were in the ferret’s place, I would do no different.

  10. Flame

    LOL, that ferret has a one tracked mind! :D

  11. Valerio

    heck! Let’s admit it, folks: we SHOULD have seen THIS coming, yup!

  12. Draco_2k

    Never got why they don’t make mice-flavoured cat chow.

    • Indagare

      I think it’s largely because the flavor formulas are geared towards what humans tend to eat. Presumably someone would have to think outside of most human experience to come up with the right flavor for mouse.

  13. Valerio

    the cuteness of Spo in the last panel is TOTAL WIN

  14. Valerio

    In the last panel, Fido just SO looks like Bino :D

  15. Ada

    Anyone else notice Fido’s physique here? <3

    • Valerio

      oh, *I* did, I did, mrr

    • Echo

      <3 So muscular
      I love him in third panel, with his little tailwag.

      • Valerio

        as someone else stated in previus comments, Rick has been blessed by the gods of cuteness.

      • Valerio

        Ach! I noticed at last: Fido’s FOREARMS. They aren’t overpumped any longer, makes them more ‘harmonized’ with the rest of his body. O yay!

  16. TLV

    Don’t think he’s joking.

  17. Drakel


  18. james319

    ferrets eat mice? LOL XD

    Spo looks cute tucked in Fido’s Collar XD

  19. kennyfox

    when we had bunnies and ferrets the ferrets would try to eat the bunnies. so we had to keep them separated.

    • Zaiki

      …What? How could a ferret eat a bunny?

      • Echo

        Well, in the wild, weasels kill and eat rabbits which can be up to three times their size. And ferrets are bigger than weasels…

      • D_Leo

        One bite at a time.

  20. Squival

    Indeed time to flee it seems

  21. Mia

    Ferrets were used to hunt rabbits – let them go, they’d run down the burrows and the rabbits would flee and you had traps set at the exits and whammo. But you had to be quick or the ferrets would then start eating the trapped rabbits.

    So mice, sure, the entree!

    Love this strip hehe :) Spo hiding in Fido’s collar is epic cuteness!

  22. Valerio

    ferrets and genets have been used many centuries before cats, especially in the mediterranean area.

  23. Rawrimaducky

    The ferret sounds like when i’m hungry. :)

  24. SCKnight

    I’m getting the feeling that the ferrets spent all of the money already. Is that the debt collectors coming up the driveway!?

    • Valerio

      15 BILLION dollars?
      if they managed such a task, i want to be the first to shake paws with ‘em!

      • Zaiki

        Maybe they bid 15 million dollars on EBay

        • Valerio

          yop. they could have.
          Nevah underestimate a ferret :D

          • Hoppie

            put it all on the giant foil ball, put all on the giant foil ball!!!!!!!

  25. queso


  26. S0d


  27. The Bronze Gryphon

    I have to admit, I really love Spo. I’ve named a Void Rat character in one of my adventure games after him.

    Also, is it just me, or are these ferrets going to turn out to be bad news for the entire neighborhood…?

    • Valerio

      rich, selfish, eccentric, shiny things-loving ferrets?
      Bad news? No
      Apocalypse? quite probably!

  28. Orroann

    Lol! i started reading this comic today, and it’s awesome! It’s made my day! i especially love the expression on the ferret’s face in the third panel

  29. Valerio

    Fido better weasel himself out of this mess!

    • trace7021

      that is a bad pun.

  30. Spoony

    nice transparency effect on Fido’s glasses.

    • R-One

      It’s a pretty easy Adobe Photoshop/Corel Painter trick, really: Put the lens part of the image on it’s own layer, paint whatever color you want (guessing black in this case), set the transparency percent for that one layer to whatever looks best to you, and you’ve got a transparent lens, while the rest of the image is unaffected. = )

      • Spoony

        excellent. now i know how to make cool transparency effects. now if only i could draw.

  31. R-One

    Well, Spo’s certainly going to keep a low-profile the rest of the tour, that much is clear, lol. :D

  32. Fuzzypaws

    Meep, Spo needs to arm himself!

  33. hephaestus

    just read the entire archive in one day, it has become a new favorite. good job :D

    although in retrospect all you have to do to get on my good comics list is to be inteligent and even in the slightest bit funny.

    but a compliment is still a compliment right?

  34. Crystal

    bye bye spo

  35. Supuhstar

    X3 wow… poor fido and his love for mice…