The Spirit Of Competition
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  1. Oblivion


  2. GameCobra

    Dibs on the prize being a pet!

  3. Zaiki

    Can openers are great for getting to the dog food!

  4. Sleet

    The prize of love? Dang.

  5. Fuzzypaws

    A chocolate factory would be a particularly ironic prize for a dog to win.

    • cannon fodeer

      Watch the in-side’s like Charlie and the chocolate factory

  6. Flame

    Bino doesn’t care! LOL

  7. Keijiei

    “…I mean, yes, the can opener would be a much better prize than a bag of money, but I’m not one to scoff at free stuff….”

  8. shnurui

    -Still not seeing the downside:)

  9. Victor

    i call can opener and bag of money ^-^

    • Cero

      Or for proper irony:

      A can of money…but no can opener =3

  10. X Intolerable X

    In the alt-text, what do you mean “satisfaction”?

    (Hoping it means a good belly-rub!)

    • RageReaper

      I’m not entirely sure that we want to know.

    • Unsilenced

      Um… how does one GET to the alt-text?

    • Silence

      “Satisfaction” of winning the prize, I’m guessing. ^^

      So the prize for winning is…the satisfaction of winning….

  11. Valerio

    I fear to imagine what that prize could be…

    • Unsilenced

      It’s a six-pack of BOOT TO THE HEAD!

  12. Drakel

    “Congratulations, Bino! You and your friends win… A FACTORY IN EUROPE!! We have quite a few spares for some reason…”
    “Uh… Can we just trade it in for a can opener?”

  13. Valerio

    Fido’s chest is SO scratchable!!!

  14. Ness2099

    I think… It’s the firts time that i can see Fido, Bino and Joey together.

  15. Rawrimaducky

    Im surprised the repo man hasn’t taken everything yet because the ferrets would have spent waaay past even the giant family fortiune. Btw, excelent comic, please keep it up. :)

  16. Yami

    I wonder if a certain species confused role playing dog is going fall for one of the female ferrets?

    • toboe

      Joey would be in over his head; Squeak would break his legs….. well, figuratively

      • Chiry

        Well, she might be able to actually do it…

  17. Doomwolf

    My guess for the prize is it’s going to be a piece of tin foil and as for the winner I’d Sasha because she wouldn’t care because it’s shiny.

  18. Valerio

    despite my delusion for temporarily abandoning the farm arc, this ferret story is becoming sooooo interesting. Ego te absolvo, Rick Griffin. Keep blessing us with your talent :D

    • chrisQ

      …delusion ?

  19. Valerio

    Wrongly spelled, ops. I meant, and am not the only one, that I didn’t like the farm arc to be temporarily abandoned by its author.

  20. Mystery Ezekude

    Oh man…I bet that if Bino and the others manage to win, they’ll end up going away with a CRAPPY grand prize. I bet you 50MB.

    • Alex

      Oh man I can just imagine the look on Bino’s face :D

      • Mystery Ezekude

        Yeah…He’ll probably end up looking like something from Bo-bobo.

  21. Loki Impisi

    5 pets? I bet only one wins the prizes (like in the book/movie)… And it going to be Joey.

  22. Squival

    hehe trust Fox to level it out ;)

  23. Chris

    Oh wonder oh wonder, what that “Satisfaction” is supposed to be.

  24. BlueAnubis

    OK, it is really easy to see how Fido, Bino, and Joey are related when they are on the same pannel.
    this just hit me: Isn’t it interesting that both Joey and Fido hang out with mice because they like cats (in some shape or form)?

    • Two_Twig

      One day we’ll see how Bino is just like his brothers, whether he cares to admit it or not. *wink, wink*

      • Valerio

        maybe he’s so mean with catlovers ’cause he knows he’s one and he’s in serious denial. :D

  25. Dissension

    Satisfaction? *raises eyebrows*

  26. JasonF

    Oh boy, do we get to see any pet Oompa Loompas?

  27. falconfox01

    “we are quite aware of the pun we requested it specifically”…LOL!

  28. Arc

    Not entirely sure what to say about the ’satisfaction’ bit…

  29. dragonnutds

    i bet at the end, something relay exiting happens and it turns out that peanut and grape miss it.

  30. Alex

    Uhm….. why is Bino touching Rex’ face?

  31. Draco_2k

    “Satisfaction”? This is still PG, right?

    • Silence

      I think by “satisfaction” he means the satisfaction of winning. ^^ That’s the joke, don’t let your mind choose dirtier possibilities instantly. ~_^

      • Arc

        But what if my mind just works that way?

  32. dragonnutds

    I SEE SPO, sorry, just noticed him

  33. Supuhstar

    X3 oh, us dogs…

  34. Cornix

    Yay! You make my inner nerd squee at the mention of Flatland :3

  35. Cenizo

    Lol, I forgot to check the tooltip last time, but I never expected to see a reference to Flatland. I, unfortunately, don’t have any original editions of the book, but i still love it. There’s also a book called VAS: An Opera in Flatland by Steve Tomasula and Designed by Stephen Farrell that’s turned out to be amazing!