Just a heads up, the comment box is not a place for politicking (or however you spell that) or discussing things of a nature that don’t have to do with the comic at hand and are considered impolite or rude. The comment box really ought to be a HAPPY place and I have attempted to regulate the site for maximum enjoyment of everyone.

(Also, the comment rating says G but that’s only because the PG setting is actually PG13.)

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  1. ben

    LOL people commenting about politics on this comics website?
    that is so sad!

  2. Thomas

    seriously? who would rather talk about politics than about an awesome comic like this? i fell sorry for ya rick, having to hear all this political nonsensical nonsense, on your website.

    • Thomas

      whoops thats “feel” not “fell”; my bad.

  3. Lucheek

    Oh gosh. This is going to be a “Willy Wonka” parody isnt it?