The More Things Change
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  1. Sleet


    I was wondering about that very question.

  2. Dylan

    that was a fast change in tone.

  3. Fuzzypaws

    *pokes his cute nosey* :3

  4. Yami

    Ok….here i am with a degree in graphic design that i use for a mouse pad and no job, and I’m jealous of those ferrets….good thing we don’t have guns here….

  5. Cannon Fodder

    I was wondering about that too!

  6. Flame

    Ferrets are weird in this comic, but so are a lot of things in this comic. But that doesn’t necessarily mean weird is a bad thing! :D

    • RageReaper

      Weird is always a good thing. Creepy is a bad thing.

  7. Eric

    I love these ferrets! They are an awesome addition to Housepets!

  8. Valerio

    Like this history lesson about babylon gardens.
    Now I’m REALLY worried about what Milton’s evil nephews could do if they overrule the ferrets…

    • RageReaper

      They can’t. It was written in the will, thus the ferrets get it all. They can’t even challenge the will. It’s airtight.

  9. TLV

    You can talk and use a megaphone, but you have to go in a corner? What are you, feral?

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      More like so filthy, stinkin rich he can do whatever he wants.

    • D_Leo

      Dude, it’s a ferret.

  10. JB

    I just feel like the setting is taking place in Hollywood (which I know is not) and the ferrets are filming a movie. Anyways, power to the ferrets. I always wanted one or two as a pet.

  11. falconfox01

    hummm, Just how much independance do pets and other animals really have i wonder?

  12. Someone

    To see those furrets make me wonder…
    If someday. Someone give “Pets” an education. Teach “Pets” how to work and live on his own. Make “Pets” start to work and make money. Own business. Hire “Human” to work for them. And next step. Become a president…

    • D_Leo

      NO YOU FOOL! That must never occur! The day a ferret becomes president, the world would END!

    • Sleet

      A Furret, eh?

      • Frank

        Someone likes Pokémon *snicker*

  13. kennyfox


  14. LucifersAngelFeather

    what a humble person ‘-_’-

  15. james319

    jeeves XD yeah how many arnt? XD LOL

  16. Valerio

    something happened to the ferrets, we know who to blame…

    • RageReaper


  17. Tahoe

    Funny… I could see Fox enjoying that last line. Oh look, he’s smiling!

    • RageReaper

      I don’t think that that’s a smile. I think that that is a look of utter resignation coupled with an ironic look.

  18. Ezekiel

    With shades like those, he’s got to do something awesome soon. IT’S THE LAW.

  19. Alex

    Fox looks cute in the third panel

    • toboe

      Rick has been favored by the gods of Cute. That’s why he has powers like flying, and drawing things that break people’s hearts

  20. BlueAnubis

    the three things I want to know,
    1) Are the Sandwiches back from their trip yet?
    2) How is Peanut holding up? T^T
    3) How are Peanut and Grape going to react to this change?

  21. Hoppie

    *wonders if anyone else has noticed that’s a really big ferret* <..>

    • Valerio

      not unusual, considering the size of domestic cats here

      • RageReaper

        The cats are as big as the dogs save Rex.

  22. The Bronze Gryphon

    All right, this is mildly amusing, but I must protest that unless this storyline has some relevance to Grape, Peanut, and the other characters I actually CARE about, I would like to return to them as swiftly as possible, if you please.

    • Alex

      Yeah, I’d like that too, but I highly doubt that anything big will happen, since we don’t want Peanut & Grape changed, right? I can’t imagine them as a couple, nor as 2 pets that avoid each other. I think that Grape will go out with Max as planned, and Peanut will go over it.

      • Valerio

        actually, them as a couple would highly ENRICH the series. Maybe for some time things will go on with Peanut deluding himself into ‘being over with Grape’ and Grape trying to be the cat-type. And that will be cause of many humorous situations.
        But from now it’s difficult to imagine our favorite pets not to become a couple.

        • RageReaper

          Actually it’s pretty easy for me, but I’m weird.

          • Valerio

            veeeery weird….

    • Loki Impisi

      You are experiencing what is called a cliff-hanger. Its a torture device invented in the Victorian era.

      • RageReaper

        method, not device. And the CIA still uses it today.

    • Frank

      Probably this will lead to something happening to Max, preventing his “date” with Grape from occuring

      • RageReaper

        Doubtful, and hope not.

        • Alex

          Me too, Max is awesome, and seeing something happen to him (like a car hitting him as Grape said) would just make me sad.

  23. JasonF

    “Would you like me to hold it for you, Suh?”

  24. Rider098

    Those ferrets seem to give that sense of cuteness right before they do something not so innocent. XP

    I just know the greedy relatives will come up with some evil plot to overtake the ferrets to get the inheritance. We all know what that means… opaque shadows. XD

  25. trace7021

    penut will be depressed that’s for sure but this cliffhanger is so boring.

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      Dude, absoluteley LOVE your Natani avvy

      • RageReaper

        It’s still on TWC for Twokinds, I think. If not, you might be able to find it on Twokinds DA page.

        • The Spirit of the Wolf

          I know. But I would use a Keith avvy.

  26. Mystery Ezekude


    From the director of Housepets comes an all-new comedy spin-off, “Aristoferrets.”

    • crazyredemu

      Aristoferrets? … You know, I like it! I would read that comic for sure!

  27. SnowFox102

    Actually, the most famous Jeeves wasn’t a butler. He was a valet. :P

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      He was a car butler.

      • Loki Impisi

        He was a search engine.

        • The Spirit of the Wolf

          He still is a searchi engine… I think…

          • SnowFox102

            val-ET not val-AY, and the stories about him predate the internet, so you’re both wrong. :P Anyone that wants to know about the original Jeeves should look into the works of P.G Wodehouse, or just go the lazy route and look it up on Wikipedia. :P