First Things First
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  1. Dylan

    uh oh. i think its gonna be one big party.

    • Dylan

      (A big noisy everlasting one.)

    • Victor

      i can tell its gonna be one hell of a party^_^

  2. CalaverX11


    • SmashFiles

      Safety is our number one priority. I never like ferrets, i knew they were trouble.

  3. Two_Twig

    A jacket made of diamonds… could you even move in that?

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      (Cue Michael Jackson)

      • Fire1052

        Too soon, man.

        • Victor

          it may be soon it still counts

        • Zaiki

          How is it too soon? This is Micheal Jackson, why would we suddenly stop making fun of him just because he died? If anything, it means more jokes all around.

          • Victor

            yea your right but thats when he turned withe thats why we made jokes because it all went down hill

        • Druid23

          Too soon? They were cracking jokes before his death was even confirmed.

          • Corpy

            Like the one about him being turned into legos!

  4. BluFox

    And the piano cat! I missed him at first… both our musicians made another entrance! Cool…

  5. Sleet

    To be fair, a diamond jacket for a ferret is going to be cheaper than one for a human.

  6. Loki Impisi


    • Two_Twig

      I think ‘deflect’ works better, that is to say if all the diamonds are connected to one another (see my comment above).

      • Loki Impisi

        They are connected by a metal mesh most likely. And deflect does work better.

        • redwolfmatt

          that’s so much bling, though, it could probably reflect them too x3

          • Ezekiel

            If they’re shiny enough, sure, hold a bullet up and you might see a reflection.

          • Blue_Elite


  7. cannon fodder

    I stayed up way passed what I should have just to see the new comic…
    Totally worth it!

  8. Gamerkitty

    Well, if your a large rodent like creature, and you suddenly had many many many millions of dollars. OF COURSE your gonna buy lots of large shiny objects, they are hypnotic.

  9. Loki Impisi

    How much shiny things did they buy? 3 trucks full? There goes 15 bill……..

    • Trefoiler

      Who says they bought them? I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of the late master’s twelve manufacturing plants specialized in the production of shiny things. Or, if not, I wouldn’t be surprised if all twelve now do under the new management.

  10. Tahoe

    Okay, I love your personification of ferrets. They’re great!

  11. falconfox01

    oooo! shiny!

  12. Flame

    Ferret + money = chaos!!! And shiny things! :P

  13. Valerio

    oooookay, now we know that rich ferrets can run their money.
    Now we know we’re all in danger!
    I’m worried, tho: what happens to babylon gardens if Milton’s nephews manage to run Milton’s inheritance?

  14. Valerio

    LOL, in the first panel Fox looks pregnant :D

    • Dylan

      LOL, That’s a funny optical illusion.

  15. Kobrag

    …So when are they going to by a harem? Important things first people!

  16. Nyrufa

    Ferrets… they don’t care how much it costs or even what it is…. as long as its shiny!

  17. swmidnight

    well that was an awkward quick summary of the founder in Babylon Gardens, not saying that it doesn’t work or anything like that just a bit awkward…and I just have to say…Why hasn’t anyone noticed that big house before!?

    • Valerio

      …and no one news about Babylon Gardens founder’s name?

    • toboe

      That’s why it’s funny! :P

  18. LucifersAngelFeather

    well….. i cant think of anything to say :(

  19. james319

    SHINY!!! (drools) :D

  20. The Spirit of the Wolf

    Kiki from Sluggy would fit in beautifully with this. Her brain would probably go *POOF*

  21. cenizo

    I’ve read it all, TONIGHT.
    I hope i don’t forget to keep checking in.

  22. Alpha

    Ok, cute panel, but where is this storyline going? The rest of the comic has been awesome up to this point, but isn’t it a bit contrived and silly to talk about ferrets receiving billions? Get back to Peanut and Grape out on the farm please.

    • Chiry

      >.> You’re just jealous that the ferret has more bling than you’ll ever dream of having.

      • taco

        very jellos more ferrets

    • Frank

      Oh? would you rather it was a dog? I personally am happy with (how should I put it?) the increase in biodiversity we’re getting

  23. Fell Wolf

    Local News Reports that Ferrets now own local gem store!

  24. Akwolf

    a jacket of diamonds is so xDD lol whatever I wonder what new rule they will take upon the house and maybe even the street xD

  25. Salen

    Oh dear sweet ferrety jeebus. SHINIES! I’m surprised that the largest shiny objects aren’t going under the couch.

  26. Denaya

    By the GODDESS those ferrets are adorable.

    • toboe

      Dook! …I mean, yeah!

  27. Trevor

    Laughed at the last frame xD
    Can’t wait for the next one!

  28. Flexico

    You know a comic is gold when I repeat the dialogue out loud multiple times! =3

  29. Zanzawolf

    Oh god, ferrets and their love of shinies XD. Well that money will be gone soon ^^.

    Also lol at the fact nobody seems to know of the founder of the neighborhood.

  30. Sir Sniper

    I wonder if Mr. Milton had a friend by the name of Mr. Bradley ;)

  31. Simperin' Fool

    The much-anticipated sequel to Gran Torino.

  32. Fuzzypaws

    Shinies are a ferret’s best friend!

  33. techdude300

    Wait, is that second panel a reference to keyboard cat?

    • Frank

      Look up the new year’s eve comic. He’s… (well, I was going to say recurring but it has been a while) He’s a character in the strip; not just put in as a reference.

  34. Shadow Wolfx7

    well, there goes all the money… I think they’re going to end up bankrupt soon…very soon…

  35. Trefoiler

    Hehehe! Gold. Solid gold. Made of gold. Shiny things made of gold.

    Things are bound to go downhill, but least Keene knows the importance of strategic distribution. The Milton enterprise may have hope yet!

    And I know I’ve seen a ferret in a diamond jacket somewhere! With just that same sentiment! Agh! Curse, you, déjà vu! Why you do this thing you do??

  36. Rider098

    Gah, and they looked so innocent too! You just know what they are into when they spend massive amounts of money on “shiny things” and diamond jackets. XD

  37. Wolfspawn

    Furpiles and parties ^^

  38. chrisQ

    …a question from Europe: do Americans really say: “What’s all the hubub, bub?” ? – I mean: even nowadays ?… or is that just a reference to a forties Warner Brothers Cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny ?

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      Well, I’ve never heard it be said in the states, so I guess it was just a Bugs Bunny thing.

    • Rick Griffin

      Yeah don’t worry, it’s just a Bugs Bunny thing

  39. Schrodinger

    Oooooooh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny~

  40. Ginga

    Woot ferrets :3

  41. Crystal

    I think giving them the money and that house will become a bad idea.

  42. Alex

    I want to know which one of them is Keene and which one Pit…. and of course what happened to Peanut. Hope to find it out tomorrow.

  43. Kaiseto

    I come from a town called Keene. Though the ferrets probably have more money than the entirety of my town :p

    Also, awesome to see ferrets in the comic. :D



  45. Supuhstar

    And the largest shiney things in my bedroom!