Meanwhile Back In Babylon
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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Sapient ferrets with thumbs will rule the world! Or take it apart, whichever comes first. :3

    • Osric

      More likely the latter. Ferrets are cute, furry, and eternally energetic engines of mass destruction.

      • queso


  2. Buckdida

    Emancipated pets?!?!

    Ooooooohhhhhhh boy.

    • Victor

      i know theres cats dogs mouses rabbitz and a very confused dog whats next insect frogs birds ?

      • Buckdida

        You don’t know what emancipated means, do you?

        Also, pawed mammals are sentient and bipedal. Other mammals, birds, reptiles and large fish are sentient, but not bipedal. Check the forums!

  3. RobbyThePerv

    Why am I reminded of the Aristocats?

    • Lucas H.C.

      Same here!
      Saw that yesterday with my girlfriend

  4. Thomas

    HEY IT’S ME! 0_o i c wat u did there… :(

  5. Barker

    Wait, who died?

    • Victor

      yeah who died?

      • gagi

        yea who died?

        • Megaket

          someone died?

          • Satan

            I guess someone died.

          • Geek

            Pretty sure someone died.

          • Megaket

            Then someone did die?

          • Trefoiler

            It was Milton. Milton Died.

            Luckily, he was loaded.

    • Valerio

      this is officially creepy

      • Unsilenced

        Someone died?

        • Geek

          At this point its not THAT someone died, its Who? WHO?!??!?!??

          • omega_fox123

            some rich named milton who liked his pet ferrets

  6. VGmaster

    Lucky ferrets.

  7. GameCobra

    Rich pets in Babylon?

    Oh snap! What if the Pets hired Pets?!?

  8. Gregory

    OH GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE MAN! Giving ferrets thumbs AND 15 billion dollars! Are you mad!……….
    On second thought seeing this go down is soooo going to be interesting.

    • Geek

      Totally ditto.

      • Disconnected

        Ferret Power!!

  9. WirelessPB

    Permit me to go on record as saying…


    *ahem* Please resume the posts as normal. :D


    • Polar_Bear

      Dude! Ferrets are so cuuuute! Awesome!

  10. Odos

    And to my beloved nephew Thomas, and my wonderful niece Celia, the two who cared for me, loved me, and only wanted what was best for me, I leave… A boot to the head!

    • Tehya

      I thought that exact same thing when i started reading this lol

  11. The Brigeeda Rocks

    The Grammar Nazi in me compels me to tell you it’s “niece” not “neice”.

    Ferrets with thumbs?! CATASTROPHE!

    • Salen

      Next you know, Dogs and Cats will be living together….. Errr… Too late. Okay, time to go straight to Mass Hysteria, or Hilarity. One of the two.

  12. Flame

    LOL, cool! I was wondering when we’d see ferrets! :D

  13. swmidnight

    Please tell me Milton left Tomas and Celia several boots to da heads!?

    • AirTItan

      “Oh, there seems to be a bit more. ‘To my beloved niece and nephew, who loved me and took great care of me in my final months I leave…’ Excuse me for a moment, I’ll be back with a box.”

      “What could it be? Maybe a box of money? The old fool was going senile and yo-*Whack*

      “Arg, what was tha-*whack*

      “‘I leave them a box of boots, which will be thrown at their heads. The entire box, and they must all connect with their heads.’ Well it was his wish, here Lana have a boot.”



      Ah, that would be very amusing to see.

  14. falconfox01

    oh my! rich ferrets! RUN!

  15. Asteri

    Ferrets with thumbs + Money = ?!?!

    • Megaket

      Ferrets with thumbs+money = World Domination.

  16. Victor

    man i really want to see what happens next to peanut god why are you torchering me T-T

    • Megaket

      …Is torchering even a word? You COULD say “tormenting” instead.

  17. Sleet

    In an alternate universe, pets aren’t sapient. In that universe, things like this still happen.

  18. Tahoe

    I could NOT agree more with your subtext, lol
    Just like those that give them WINGS …. a scary thought

  19. Tango

    Ferrets? oh dear.

  20. Valerio

    Rick, you are some vicious artist!! You can’t leave us suspended like this, I…I…*foams, gurgles*
    On the other paw, billionaire ferrets IS quite an interesting item. Yay!

    • Thomas

      suspended indeed ;but I almost got 15 billion dollars… ALMOST! O_O

  21. TLV

    They look adorable, but I know: Ferrets stink to high heaven.

    • Valerio

      y’know, I met people who had a pet ferret… Not one of them used to stink, nossir. They rather smelled like dry hay.

    • the dark ferret

      I’ve owned ferrets for 20+ years. They do not stink. Their poop does… but doesn’t everyone’s? LOL!

      • Geek

        Not true. I’ve heard that, suprisingly, skunk poop is oderless.

  22. Squival

    lol awesome, ferrets with to much cash

  23. Squival

    and is it me or were the two adults there planning on giving those ferrets away? What with the box that they’re sitting in

    • Valerio

      ayup! and the bad hummins got a biiiig surprise for free, instead :P

  24. sessile

    argh! what happened to peanut?

  25. edgeferret

    yay ferrets ftw

  26. The Spirit of the Wolf

    Now we just need a Housepets/Sluggy Freelance crossover. Kiki would end up losing all of her money to Bun Bun though…

  27. james319

    LOL XD

  28. james319

    i must know what happens to Peanut and Grape XD

    • Megaket

      …As I use to say… “Game Over.”

  29. LucifersAngelFeather

    lucky ferrets :3

  30. Empa

    LMAO I love the Captain N Reference.

  31. Akwolf

    LOL OMFG YES x3 they look so cute

  32. Valerio

    Lana and Duke (if he’s the masked one standing before her) are my favorite ferrets. CUUUUUTIES!

  33. Eric

    The Captain N reference makes this strip twice as awesome!

  34. SuperNova

    I think this is just a way for the dead guy to force his family to take care of his pets.

  35. the dark ferret


  36. toboe

    Those ferrets are suddenly going to become very popular the the Wrong reason.
    (“Zomg they are sooo cute”, for instance, would of course be the right reason. :3)

  37. Ace

    I second the Sluggy-Housepets crossover.

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      Alright! Got one supporter! C’mon, let’s see SluggyPets!… or would it be Housey Freelance?

  38. Unsilenced

    What are the legal rights of pets in this universe?

    I mean, technically, they ARE able to use and manage the money…

    But are they allowed to legally?

    • Trefoiler

      I think it’s actually been done in our own universe. That aside:

      They’re technically family, so if there were nobody else, they would theoretically inherit all of his possessions. Even though there are at least two other such heirs, I’m assuming whatever the will says, goes. Besides, the ferrets probably have a really good lawyer.

  39. Geek

    If anyone reading this hasread any Dragonlance: I think ferrets may be a bit like kender. FTW.

  40. RGD

    AHAHAHAH if you want something when a family member dies you better give them a resin to do so when there alive.

  41. Tsuji

    This is where a truly cruel artist would drop the previous story-arc and make a brand new one!

    • no space

      Sadly, I believe that is going to be just the case, Tsuji. I expect that Peanut’s crush will come up again in a later arc, but it will lie more or less dormant for a while, with occasional feelings of jealousy. Perhaps Grape and Max will get together, perhaps nothing will come of their “date,” but either way Peanut will be so disheartened that he will give up for quite some time.

      Hopefully, however, I am completely wrong about this, and the previous story arc will resume after a short run of this one.

  42. techdude300

    … And that’s how Wikipedia was started!

  43. GodofKaos

    Reminds me of this lady in Ballston Spa NY, who was LOOOOOAAAADEDD….[[Wonder why she lived in Ballston Spa? One of the only true 'Ghettoes' of NY.]] who died and left everything to her Cats.
    And it reminds me of Catscratch.

  44. Adept Omega

    I’m in love with the alt text.

  45. Salen

    YAY! Ferrets! I wish I knew what they wrote and had scratched out, though. Heheh. I hope we get to see more ferrets!

  46. JasonF

    Dawwwww… Cute, energetic ferret pets. Scratch that – RICH, energetic ferret pets!

  47. John K

    I predict a lawsuit in the future.

  48. Toonycoon

    Yay ferrets!…Rich ferrets at that :P

  49. Xu-kitty

    Oooh! A Box of Fuzzy! <3

  50. Tomas catz

    this is all the funnier for me because i used to have ferrets….and they were named Rocky and Roxy Rockefeller ><;

  51. Vekar

    Heheheehhh, that was PERFECT. The greedy got what they deserved: Nothing.

  52. Jake Brown

    Oh dear, I know I’m gonna enjo… Wait! Someone died!?!?!? Is this gonna be… WHAT?!?!
    Can you do that?!?! A comedic arc at the expense of someones life?!?!?! Thats not right!!! That’s the most terrible thing I’ve ever heard. How horrible to do such a thing!!!! …

    Where was I? Oh yeah… I know I’m gonna enjoy this!!!

  53. AceyWinters


  54. Goldenear777

    this reminds me from that scene in the Aristocats where the rich lady tells her lawyer that she wants to leave all her property to her four cats.

    • R-One

      Something tells me that may have served as inspiration for this particular strip, lol.

    • dragonnutds

      i love that movie

  55. R-One

    Oh, sure, Rick… keep us all hanging on the Peanut/Grape story arc-affair, will ya….

    Rofl, I kid… but this strip certainly raises new questions concerning pets and legalities. Brace for incoming questions on the forums! =P

    • R-One

      Addendum: Is it just me, or does the ferret on the far left in panel 4 resemble someone’s avatar/fursona? (Thinking Tahoe for some reason, but could be mistaken.)

      • Bella

        You’re right! It does look a *lot* like him!

        • AJFerret

          It looks a lot like mine, too. Let’s fact it, a LOT of ferrets look like that. :3

  56. soniku64



  57. The Spirit of the Wolf

    Again, I’d like throw out the idea of the Sluggy Freelance/Housepets crossover.

  58. GoldenPaws

    I read the whole archive of this comic and yet I still don’t get this XP

    • Repicheep22

      I don’t think we’re meant to yet. This is either the start of a new arc, or a filler until we see Grape and Peanut again.

  59. nucleon

    It appears that before the ferrets came into this windfall, they were going to be given away. I believe that the ferret-obscured words are “Free” and crossed out below that is “For Sale”… not anymore!

  60. RAWR

    was thing something randomly thrown into the arc or will it hold some significance to the story later on? I’m confused but either way it’s cute and funny lol

  61. mch_89

    Can anyone say: “Filler Comic”?

  62. RageReaper

    I know that this is probably due to wondering what the next part of Housepets is, but, What does this have to do with the actual storyline at the moment?

  63. kennyfox

    maybe rick is coming up with something uber awesome for us. and its taking him longer than normal. have patience.

  64. ringer

    Give me peanut or give me death!

  65. dragonnutds

    wile we are getting into unique pets, i think it would be interesting in seeing a pet alligator, (my dad owned one)

    • Goldenear777

      Or, maybe a pet snake or lizard or turtle. any of those would be both unique and cool.

      • Buckdida

        Or they might just look the same. They can talk, though.

  66. Nyrufa

    Heh, looks like they were planning to give away the cute little things, now they’re forced to keep them.

    Well played Milton, well played!

    • Trefoiler

      Milton probably knew they wouldn’t like that much. Yet, besides, they couldn’t give them away. If the hired help should falter, they might need those two for changing light bulbs and the like.

      …Wait, did you mean the ferrets or the grubby relatives?

      Hahaha… just who will be keeping whom NOW? :twisted:

  67. Dirk

    Did no one notice the ferrets were named after Captain N characters?

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      What’s Captain N?

      • Vash

        It was an 80/90 cartoon that ran for about a year. (I forget the year.) It was more or less a gamer cartoon, with main video game icons (Duke,Rock=mega man, A princess peach wanna be) Being the lead characters.

  68. Mystery Ezekude

    …Heh heh, funny…It’s a shame you didn’t include the “Boot to the Head” joke.

    • yoji

      I soo thought he was gonna go there XD

  69. Blux

    aaaaannnd…boot to the head.

  70. Shadow Wolfx7

    I love ferrets!! :3

    I had two of my own once. heh, even though they’re really not allowed in California. :)

  71. Trefoiler

    Ferrets with money! That’s a new twist on an old classic if I ever saw one!

    As for the budding reputation as a filler, I say nay. One must imagine all the nutty new hijinks the Babylon Garden pets will be wading through once our brave heroes return! To speak to the nature of the cul-de-sac, everyone will- literally- be living across the street from billionaires!

    Peanut: “Hey, did they change the sign?”
    Grape: “‘Mustelid Gardens’? What’s that supposed to mean?”
    Joey: “Oh, that? Some really rich ferrets moved in. They bought everything.”
    Peanut: “Oh. I guess it makes sense, then.”
    Grape: “It does, but you’d need some familiarity with carnivorous taxon.”
    Joey: “…or access to Wikipedia!”
    Grape: “That too.”

    Everybody who gets not the reference: Read between the lines.; it’s subliminal!

  72. Supuhstar

    XD that’s great.