There Went Nothing
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  1. hamster

    oh poor poor Peanut :(

    • Victor

      i know im sad

      • Severedevil

        Well, when I’m sad, I think of all the things in the world that make me happy!

  2. Colonel Yum-Yums


    • Thomas


  3. Oblivion


    • Victor

      dont be so over dramatic

      • Satan

        He wasn’t, I was busy ripping out his heart and soul for a contract he made when he was younger.

        On a sidenote, this comic is heartbreaking! What did poor Peanut do to deserve this?

        • StainedSword

          Oh, he ripped someone’s heart and soul out after they signed a contract when they were young.

          Oh no!!

          This is a good story arc. I want the next comic nao!!!

          • Victor

            you guys are creeping me out with soul being ripped out stuff

  4. Two_Twig

    I knew this would happen. I didn’t want it to happen, but it did….

  5. Flame

    Man, I feel pretty bad for Peanut. Poor guy. ):

  6. Repicheep22

    Oh, Peanut, we feel your pain.

  7. BluFox


  8. Tphares

    Nawwhhh! Poor doggie. :( And they’re such a cute couple too…

  9. Asteri

    okay, I did NOT expect that D: lol
    pooor peanut D:

  10. Paranoidman

    You did it well. I can definitely feel it.

  11. BlueAnubis

    *Sniff* NOOOOO!!! Peanut! Tell her anyway!!! Go get annother chicken!!!
    I need to be held.

  12. Buckdida


    You’re only fooling yourself!

  13. Scott

    Crushing everyone’s 1st/2nd pairing with their 2nd/1st pairing. You, sir are a genius. I look forward to nights these are posted. Keep up the good work.

  14. CatAnon

    Dang, shot right out of the sky.

    What horrible timing.

  15. R-One

    Everyone else is saying it, so I won’t…. *resists… urge… to say…*

    Seen this kind of thing before for real, tho, and this hardly means Peanut’s ambitions are dashed just yet. He’s hurt, but bear in mind, he heard that whole call, so he’ll probably be very interested in how this date goes later on, if only to hear if it went well or poorly. Of course, he won’t do too good a job of hiding that, but he’ll try at least. And, depending on just how much he likes Grape, he may be happy for her with either result, even if he’s hurt – love can be funny like that.

    Good way to put this plot on hold, Rick… but I’d say it’s not even close for endex just yet. Even if it doesn’t conclude here on the farm, it does give you time to work out a much larger plot for it to follow, besides just baiting your readers (not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you!) for fun. Admit it, even if you had this planned, you were enjoying baiting everyone when they started speculating after the first strip that spawned it. XD

    … but now you have to give us a week or two of Grape’s “date” with Max once the farm trips over, lol. Looking forward to it. =)

  16. Devious_Psychopath

    I believe the term Peanut is looking for is ….

    • Satan

      Or a bit of a longer term…


  17. Mario

    Aww, poor Peanut. HE JUST WANTED TO CONFESS HIS FEELINGS!!! Also, the dead chicken would never work, but worth the shot.

  18. Residentfriendly

    Wait… Why did peanut want to ask grape out all of a sudden?

    • GameCobra

      Well, i think the previous comics recently hinted the reason. >.>

      but the best way to sum it up: He was most likely getting anxious. with the way he reacted with the barn cats and Grape, he probably no doubt caught on that he was liking girl cats and wanted to give it a go with Grape and see how it went.

  19. DZ

    Aw poor guy… that’s gonna eat him alive from the inside and who does he have to talk to about it?

    • Odos

      Well… Umm… There’s always Fido… But that means he’s gotta confess to Fido that he AND grape both saw Fido and Sabrina… Which, in and of itself could lead do dire results, even for Fido being calm, understanding and loyal…

      • Valerio

        Fido would understand. Worst case, he’d lecature Peanut over not sneaking around.

    • techdude300

      How about Joey XD

      • Rangershot13

        I don’t think that is a good idea

        • Severedevil

          He could talk to Joey’s girlfriend. She has an outsider’s perspective on the whole dog-cat crosspairing, and yet knows what it’s like to have an interspecies romance.

  20. GameCobra

    I feel Peanut’s pain. no doubt seeing how he handles this will be interesting still though.

    seeing how he was willing to try a pass at Grape, but arrived too late, he’s either gonna feel rejected or more understanding. i’m certainly hoping he becomes more understanding, but more in the ways of trying to figure out why Grape did what she did. =)

  21. Odos

    I don’t think it’s gonna work with Max and Grape, at all… She doesn’t actually want to BE with him, she’s just forcing herself to go out with Max to keep HER image, kinda like how Peanut was forcing his feelings down to keep his image. But you never like anything you’re forced to do, even if you tell yourself you have to do it, or, that’s my theory anyway.

    That said, I CAN feel Peanuts pain because he’s FINALLY getting up the nerve to actually say something, and then listens in on her conversation… I wonder how he’s going to take it. Probably tell the barn cats, who’ll get the wrong impression. Then they’ll get angry at Grape for the wrong reasons, and Grape’ll be confused, only to find out by the Barn Dog (forgot his name) somehow, probably involving the dead chicken… And it’ll probably be a complete accident…

    That’s what I’m seeing could happen, but it’ll probably work differently, mainly because she’s now going on a date with Max, and I’m sure she won’t like it.

  22. FerretWithASpork

    Awww… poor peanut…


    • Blackgatomon

      D: you are cruel to peanut.

    • Rangershot13

      You suck.

    • Thomas

      T_T really?…. you just couldn’t resist could you??

  23. Fuzzypaws

    You cruel monster :O

  24. omega_fox123

    this is alot better than the awkward situation that i expected

    and for the record the comic will probly run a while befor peanut even tells grape how he feels and even longer till she and he hook up.

    • omega_fox123

      wow i sounded really rude in that post, sorry^^

      • Thomas

        it’s ok, i got mad too…

  25. Sleet

    Aww. I was rooting for Peanut, but still, it probably was never going to happen anyway. If the two main characters got together, the comic would just get sappy and couldn’t have enough plots away from romance. So…

    • chrisQ

      …exactly ! Peanut end Grape wandering twosomely off into the sunset will indubitably be a conclusion ultimately reached (I sincerely hope) – but only when the series finally ends for good… and that (in my view) can’t happen late enough, because I’m hoping for many years of beautifully humorous strips yet to come – which, of course, practically everybody here is hoping for, too, I’m sure… so let’s just “aww” in sympathy for poor, cute Peanut and await further hilarious developments^^…

  26. Valerio

    OK, this wast the simplest solution to end this situation, though so painful for poor Peanut. *hugs doggie!*
    Whatever development you’ll bring to us, Rick, we’ll be waiting. Patiently. Quietly judging you…
    Wonder how Peanut will be able to hide his feelings for Grape, now that he fully decided to embrace them… ’tis will be an interesting awkwardness at home… ;)
    Anyway, I’m still confident that in the end romance will blossom between those two…

    • Valerio

      PS – it was going to be destined to an even more painful way if he actually went to grape acting like that, uttering such words.

  27. Shnurui

    I believe the term is, He chickened out….

    Don’t do it, don’t chicken out… Rufus, where are you?

    • Valerio

      Oy, ’twill be even worse when Rufus finds out why Peanut didn’t even go to see the collie…

  28. Whyaylooh

    Heck, I’d like to be a fly on the wall when that fella from the last comic goes over to ask the collie next door how things went.

    As for this one, though? Ouch. Yeah. Pain.

  29. Cyb-009

    Ah, Grape, so your just a confused dog-lover underneath, trying to hide your feelings… just like the barn cats have seemed to figured out in just a few minutes. (^_^)

    Hmm, I wonder if something will happen when Rufus tries to find out how his “joke” worked out. Maybe he and the barn cats can be of some assistance?

    And if Grape and Peanut would now get together before the date with Max, things will get even more awkward when they get home! (^_~)

  30. Tibarus

    Poor Peanut…. He’s gotta do something while he still can to win Grape over I think…

    Also, I’ve been reading the comics up to now, great job.

  31. Scott

    Forgot to say it before, because I haven’t seen him for a while, but I’m really happy for Max. He’s definitely the character I’d want to hang out with most. Such a cool guy.

  32. Thomas

    my heart was just thrown in a blender :’(

  33. Thomas

    oh i felt his pain!

  34. Draco_2k

    Sacre bleu…

    • lolparty


  35. falconfox01

    Pain! Much Pain!

  36. Trauts


    (Heart tears in half)

  37. crazyredemu

    Well, back to the pond…

  38. TLV

    This comic has been specifically formulated for YOU to feel Peanut’s pain!

    I feel like someone in steel-toed timberlands kick me in the balls x_x

  39. TimidTabby

    ……..I’m confused now.

    Maybe I missed something within the plot and/or rules of the comic, but aren’t Grape and Peanut consider Sister and Brother??? I know concretely it’s not true because (1) they are of different species and (2) because of that they were most likely adopted from different places. But considering how the human parents in this comic treat their pets more like children of the family, wouldn’t the past years they’ve lived together with THEIR foster parents make them more like siblings of the family?

    As cute as the comedic relationships have been, is it really not that weird for Peanut to be infatuated with Grape? If anyone can clarify what the relationship status between these two are for me I’d probably wouldn’t be this confused or unsure about the future of this love arc.

    Otherwise, great comic still Rick

    • EFeral

      There are alot of passible explanations really~ Wouldn’t be as interesting otherwise.

      While the pets have a lot of human qualities, they are at base, still animals. Canines traditionally form packs instead of families, so with that mentality some attraction between pack members wouldn’t be out of the question. Even when tempered by the human’s influence, it might be enough for them to consider ‘like-a-sister-but-not-related’ an option for atleast some. Also, he was already very close to Grape when he found out about her true gender, so it might be possible that alot of the ’sister’ thing was atleast partially based on the thought that there was no gender difference, which (the sister thing) was thrown into confusion afterwards. From which, it may have dissolved into a ‘best-friend’ kind of relationship, and it is quite understandable to be attracted to people you naturally understand and feel at ease with, and know you can depend on. If Peanut had known from the start, he probably would have had some barrier towards Grape that better removes her from the idea of her being a acceptable mate from the start (no promises though). Or, if they weren’t a family, he probably wouldn’t have formed as close a relationship with her, as I suspect his attraction woundn’t form until such a thing happened.
      Also, animals have a reputation for accepting inbreeding. The human’s probably wouldn’t have a problem with it, though some might find a cat + dog relationship disturbing. I think the animals have enough human influence to disapprove of inbreeding though, atleast in some forms, but really I don’t think it’s enough to exclude two pets in Peanut’s and Grape’s situation. If they get flak from other pets, it’s more likely to be at base because they’re crossing a species-boundry, not a house-hold boundry.

      Sorry, probably not very helpful, but those are atleast some of my thoughts~

      • EFeral

        All of this is phrased so poorly.. *shakes head*

    • Rangershot13

      It is illegal

      • Ezekiel

        …that actually explains less than you think it does.

    • Thomas

      ADOPTED, Just think of it as adopted! Humans adopt pets, they don’t give birth to them. Especially not different species of animals… :P . Step-bro / sis. is also a possibility, but not likely. :)

      • TimidTabby

        Hehe, ok. I guess I’m just making a big deal out of this because of how the comic was first presented in my view as Grape and Peanut being a brother and sister duo.

    • Repicheep22

      Think of it this way, you have two dogs, a boy and a girl. If they had puppies, no one would say a word. My guess is it’s something like that.

      • TimidTabby

        I guess that makes sense in a normal situation. I just got the impression the first time I started reading this webcomic that Rick sealed a “brother and sister duo” theme on Grape and Peanut. Guess that’s why i made a big deal out of it.

        Either way, I’ll be interested in seeing where this arc will go later.

        • Thomas

          Nah you’re not making a big deal of it. It’s just that alot of comments lately have followed around the whole “but they’re brother and sister” thing. I can’t wait till Sunday to see what happens next! Although i’m a bit worried about how Peanut will be acting in the next strip 0_o.

  40. EFeral

    A little salt in the wound never killed anyone~ Besides Peanut ain’t out yet, just taking a slightly-wounded reprieve I believe. ..Maybe he’ll enlist the barn cats’ input next?
    Though, this situation makes me wonder if his ‘cat-lover’ side is particular to Grape herself, surfacing second-handedly in her species as a whole, or if he’s simply a cat lover at heart. -Or if cat or dog doesn’t really matter to him (maybe the few females around home put him off a bit? Or he might see a special trait in Grape he hasn’t found in other pets of his species just yet~).

  41. Rabid_Fox

    Nice finger-wrapping of the phone line. Always got to love the little details.

  42. Kobrag

    To the artist: I feel like you shot me man, I have so much incommon with that poor dog. :(

    • Thomas

      me too… :’( :(

  43. Jack -not the reaper-


  44. 1337

    sad so sad

  45. keyblade0101

    :( :(:( Poor Peanut…

  46. Denaya

    Aww. I know how you feel Peanut. :(

  47. Valerio

    Before they go back home, he’ll hug Grape, really tight, without saying a word, leaving her blushing and really perplexed…

    • Ezekiel

      I’m thinking Grape’s going to find him huddled in a corner somewhere.

      • R-One

        Depends on how he rationalizes it to himself… it’s obvious now he has feelings for Grape, but if they’re strong enough, he may end up being happy for her, regardless of any pain it causes him – sappy, but it does happen, even in real life, albeit not too terribly often.

  48. Ginga

    Poor Peanut :<
    I guess he needs more time alone :(

  49. rider098

    “This comic has been specifically formulated for YOU to feel Peanut’s pain.”

    It worked. :(
    Well, here’s hoping that Grape and Peanut will have a nice hug in the near future.

  50. Akwolf

    This seemed so much more depressing than it was comical.

    ..I am too much of a nerd.

  51. Tommy

    Awww, poor peanut…

    • Victor

      i feel sad insideTToTT noooo!

  52. Valerio

    Next in ‘The Adventures of Spot (Superdog)’: Stripe confesses that she can’t be Spot’s girlfriend anymore…because she’s a cat!!!

    • BillyMT

      I can see that coming XD

  53. Drakel

    Aaaw… This is so sad…


  54. alvilan


    • Megaket

      Aye… Even I felt that hurt.

      I’ll… Uh… Be happy as long as this won’t turn Peanut into an Emo and ends up killing himself…
      Or do practically to opposite thing and end up killing someone else.
      I hate when Manga’s go that way, and I don’t want it for a webcomic I like this much.

      • Rick Griffin

        You seem to have confused this comic for an angst-fest. Rest assured, I already recognize that drama is rooted in all kinds of conflict, not exclusively in poorly directed angst.

        • David

          For **** sake, Megaket… *rolls eyes*

          • Megaket

            Well sorr-eh for disliking pain of others -.-

    • alazarramir

      One word which I can and will concurr with – ouch.

  55. Jue

    Aww Peanut, I feel your pain!!
    C’mere you poor little puppy *pets*

  56. Rangershot13

    Oh, I know the feeling of being rejected, and what’s worse, is that Grape doesn’t know what she’s done.

  57. JB

    I can only picture Grape and Peanut together as brother and sister anyways. Thinking of them as a couple is just awkward for me. I mean no offence, it just how I feel.

    Everyone feels your pain Peanut. Have a bone.

    • gagi

      i kinda agree …. they look much better as brother and sister … i cant imagine it otherwise

      but i still feel really bad for peanut

  58. Loki Impisi

    That GOT to suck. Oh well Max is awesome anyway.

  59. Squival

    Awww, how can this be so funny and yet so sad at the same time

    • toboe

      Rick defies the rules of the universe

      • Moonwing

        Just like Chuck Norris and Mr T. (I just HAD to say that, lol)

        • Rangershot13

          eehh, not Mr. T, just Chuck Norris. (Currently, the name “Norris” is not a correctly spelled word. I hope that Chuck Norris doesn’t find out.)

          • Hikori

            However, bruce lee overrules chuck norris.

            Not to mention jackie chan is god!

            And Lord Digital doesn’t just govern the rules of the universe, he made the universe!

          • Mz. Mowz

            Some geeks would argue about Gordon Freeman being as good if not better than Mr. Norris.
            I say we should create an ultimate showdown between the two of them to find out who’s better.

          • The Spirit of the Wolf

            Will it be an ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny?

          • Geek

            **** yeah!

          • Disconnected

            Gordon Freeman wins hands down. Crowbar beats roundhouse kick any day.

          • RageReaper

            While, we’re at it, just for kicks (pun not intended), let’s throw in Sierra 117 John.

  60. Taay

    nuuuuuuuuuuU!!!!!!!!!! =’[

  61. epicallyfailed

    Maybe now that Grape has decided to be with a cat and other cats more often, and Peanut overheard her, he might try to cover his feelings by doing the opposite: seeing a dog

    • Lucas H.C.

      We hope not!

      • Sweetygirl

        Oh Gah as long as its not DAISY D:>

        • Mz. Mowz

          I can see it now:
          D “Hi! I’m Daisy!”
          P ” Uh, I know.”
          D “Hi! I’m Daisy!”
          P *facepalm* (thinking:) ” and I wondered why I like cats”
          D “Hi! I’m Daisy!”

          • RageReaper

            … Hi, I’m Daisy.

  62. BillyMT

    But aren’t they brothers? I mean, they’ve the same “dad” and “mom” and all…

    Ok, maybe stepbrothers :P But still!

    • epicallyfailed

      …and by stepbrothers you mean stepbrother and stepsister, considering the fact that Grape is a girl.

      And personally, I never really considered Grape and Peanut as brother and sister, but always as really good friends. C’mon, they’re pets.

      • Aerion

        Yeah, I consider them more like housemates (or whatever the current word for people living together in the same house is)
        Which actually makes this kind of romance LIKELY.

        • taco

          room mates

      • JB

        I understand they’re pets, yeah, but wasn’t the idea that the Sandwichs adopted them as their children then rather having real kids. It is like picturing a parent adopting a boy and a girl (human to be exact) who aren’t blood related then suddenly those two grow up falling in love with each other.

        I don’t know. Maybe I’m thinking too deep or being way too serious. I do love the characters of Housepets.

  63. Shen HIbiki

    … and bad timing does it’s work again~…

    • Blackgatomon

      Hola Shen!!!
      que bueno verte por aqui.

      de que trabajo?

      • RageReaper

        what good green aqua.
        Do what work?

        What are you trying to say?

        • Shen HIbiki

          He said “Good to see you around here”. ^ ^;
          And his comment was a mistake ’cause he used a translator to understand what I said.. both he and I speak spanish ^^

  64. Tobias Rhdoes

    This is a movie reference, I know it. Still, poor Peanut. He might never be the same

  65. Unsilenced

    The plot thickens…

  66. queso

    AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWw i’ve been in his shoes…they STINK

  67. The Bronze Gryphon

    I saw that coming, sadly. I don’t think this is over, though. Not by a long shot. We had some nice character development for Grape on the way here (and a wonderful ’stab you in the face’ line), so this must be time for some awesome peanut-buttery goodness.

    Rock on, Rick. Even if I feel bad for the characters, this is awesome writing.

  68. Luna

    awwwww I feel so bad for peanut

  69. Valerio

    I have the distinct feeling that the end of year 2 will be marked by their silhouettes embracing behind a window, at their home…

    • Geek

      cliche, much?

      • Valerio

        but ain’t it a nice one?

  70. Pyre moonshadow

    awww thats sad :<

  71. Draven Darklight

    Of course just two comics it looked like Grape had come to a sudden realization. So this may be not only sad for Peanut now, but Grape too in the long run. Right now she might just be doing what society tells her she should do to rather than dealing with her actual feelings. In short, as cool as Max is, this could all end in tears.

    Or maybe I’m reading way too much into this.

  72. snowy

    so…. any one guna eat that chicken >_> <_<
    cus i will =p

    • queso

      NO ITS MINE!

    • xXBluestar117Xx

      YOUR BOTH WRONG ITZ MINE O.o *OM NOM NOM NOM* wait the chicken is over there… I MISSED >=[

  73. Saruchan28

    I so get the feeling that this is a “I’m not a dog-lover, I’m not a dog-lover, see I’m dating a cat” sort of date. Just… A feeling o.o

    • Rangershot13

      So you think she’s in denial? That would make sense. But right now, I’m to sad to go into detail.

  74. Ms. Terious

    Aww… Poor Peanut.. >x<

  75. kennyfox

    omgosh poor peanut D=

  76. Dissension

    Story of my life. xD

  77. Leina Wolfe

    cat humor.
    try not to get hit by a car!

    … come to think of it, i’ve never actually seen a flattened cat….

    • Frank

      I have. They turn green after a month.

      Ugh. How could you make me remember tthat? It’s like when someone reminds you of something you’re not supposed to remember. Where was that? Oh, The Game! You made me lose The Game! >_<

  78. Faved

    I hope your all happy. I remember a lot of you wanting Grape and Max to get together at Christmas now you broke peanuts heart.

  79. Ezekiel

    So, here’s an odd question:

    Did Rick just roll us?

    • Thomas

      yes. yes he did, and it was not amusing… ok maybe a little, nope nvmnd.

      • Geek


  80. Chris

    I feel the pain…

  81. Rangershot13

    So does she like the Chicken or not?

  82. zrofyre

    Poor Peanut! it’s hurts right *there*, I feel so sad for him.

  83. Frank

    Aww. Poor peanut. Still, they’re inside the house and The Kids haven’t piled over them?

  84. Rangershot13

    ATTENTION EVERYONE I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! I really love this comic, but frankly, I don’t think it’s popular enough, considering that I couldn’t find it on WIKIPEDIA. A good way to make it more well known is by starting a few things. We need a Wiki page started.

    I also think that a good way to help is by going to Rooster and joining the Housepets! group. To do so, make a Rooster Teeth account, then go to the Group Forum Beta, from there, search the Housepets! group. Join the group. We can then discuss the comic and make people more aware of the comic.

    • Drakel

      Sure, why not.
      There’s a VGcats wiki page so why not. This updates more than them.

      • Geek

        I thought EVERYTHING updates more than them.

      • Rangershot13

        Indeed, so please, lets make that page more interesting.

  85. Carma

    Holy anticlimax Batman!
    This strip makes me so sad. =[

  86. Crazy

    Hmm I kinda feel that it’s gonna be like Peanut will run away because of his sadness

  87. GameCobra

    Poor Peanut indeed. Hopefully though him and Grape patch this up eventually though.

    But now i’m interested in Grape and Max’s predicament. Max is more of an alley cat and Grape’s a house cat and the two do have common interests in mind, but then we have to hope that Max can show Grape that the cat community is a good community, and for the most part, i’m guessing this is where things backfire.

    Also, i’m sure everyone thinks that Grape’s a Dog Lover at this point, but i think moreso the problem with Grape is she hasn’t known many other cats her age or gender. Grape only knows Sabrina back at home, and from Grape’s view of her, she’s clearly against Dog-loving cats. i’m even thinking Max will shine some light on Sabrina.

    • Ezekiel

      “Clearly against”, or “in denial”?

      • GameCobra

        against – i’m betting she’s not in denial since she just seems to, in general, enjoy messing with the dog community.

        But then again, we could have future story lines where people like Sabrina might convert her. which is what i’m banking might happen in the future. *calls it!*

        • Ezekiel

          I can’t seem to comprehend the basis of your claim well enough to form an actual counterpoint.

          • GameCobra

            Well, in short, i never really seen her do anything that supports her of being a dog lover. if anything, it supports her being against it. Some examples include:

            A) The Cat tail arc
            B) Bino’s secret
            C) Her way of answering how she knows ‘far too much’ about Sabrina.

  88. Raaze

    Wow, that was just harsh and very down. And yes you did make me feel Peanuts pain Rick. Luckily I was just starting to play CoD4. I don’t think I have ever killed so many guys in such a short time. Still I feel the pain.

  89. trace7021

    He will be crying for hours after that poor penutT-T

  90. icarus

    awwww poor peanut, that’s just tragic.

  91. Geek

    Notice: posture de Grape & twirling of the phone cord around de finger; sure signs of A) emotional twitchiness or B) not-being-used-to-the-phone-ness. ;P

    • Rangershot13

      I vote A

    • Trefoiler

      ‘Emotional twitchiness’ is occasionally abbreviated as ‘nervousness’, but even then, A.

      This is a new frontier for dear Grape, mind you. Unlike Miss Gapre, who has undoubtedly broken more than a few hearts! ;)

  92. Darkky

    I’ve lost faith in you Rick.. Poor Peanut T.T How could you even have thought of this?! D:

    • Two_Twig

      Its called “writing a story”, get used to it my good man.

  93. Sage of Smrt thngs

    Grape hangs out with people she likes hanging out with, and Peanut likes hanging out with people he like’s hanging out with.
    Why hang out with someone you don’t want to hang out with?

    • Rangershot13

      because they hang out with the opposite species, which is frowned upon there.

      • RobbyThePerv

        He said “Hang out with”, not procreate.Get your mind out of the gutter and tell me where I can find it!

  94. Tengu259

    He’s reading too much into this. I still would’ve explored whether or not Grape was availible. But then again I’m poly and would’ve been fine with not being her first and only.

  95. Supuhstar

    poor Peanut…

  96. Timmie

    Hmm… so Grape maybe caught with a dead chicken. Not a good thing for a farm animal….

  97. Reo

    ..-stares at where next button should be- SNHIFDEHNKFD NUUUUUUUUUUU! DX

  98. RAWR

    is it just me? or does grape look a hell of a lot more girly?

    • Rangershot13

      yeah, I noticed it, too. Initially, she looked like a guy, but once the truth was told, you could tell.

      • Trefoiler

        True-blue evolution?
        The power of suggestion?
        Or an omnipotent artist playing tiddlywinks with the hearts of his fans?

        We may never know.

  99. LucifersAngelFeather

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  100. Duez

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  101. Rangershot13

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  102. Silverpaws

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    • black cat

      i agrre thats evil
      now peanut thinks grape loves max and grape dont know about peanut loveing her and its all new romeo and juliet (and i hate that storie)

  103. Thomas

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    and the plot thickens…AGAIN!

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  107. Trefoiler

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