He Was Saving It For A Special Occasion
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  1. dylan

    I foresee alot of problems.

  2. Tahoe


  3. Two_Twig

    God Speed Peanut… and good luck to you.

  4. Asteri

    I can see a love story and a lot of misunderstandings up ahead haha :D
    Good Luck Peanut!!

    • Asteri

      hmmm after thinking about it for a bit, there will be a lot more of misunderstanding than love storie D:

      • Drakel

        Maybe it’s better than we think.

        Who knows? Maybe Grape likes chicken as well as dog biscuits.
        Uh… It is Grape… Isn’t it?

  5. Esahc

    Best of luck to the lad. He’s gonna need it.

  6. Xaer QwickBlade

    I sure hope peanut can think on his feet. I forsee a great misunderstanding with that bird… or maybe not. Don’t cats tend to give dead birds as “presents?”

    • RageReaper

      Some. But not all housecats do.

    • LH wolf

      I truly hope he lefts the hen behind… or lost… or stolen by a charismatic coyote, fox, or any kind of chicken-eater animal… no ofence chicken wings-lovers.

  7. Flame

    That’s a weird, BUT it’s bound to be effective!!! :P

    • dylan

      effective for sure…
      but for better or worse?

      • Flame

        Who knows, but we’ll just have to wait and see. :D

        • Loki Impisi

          Peanut uses dead bird. Its supper effective! Barn cats use atract. Peanut has fainted!

          • RageReaper

            Usually I’d bad talk you for using pokeman verbiage, but in this case, it works. It fits, and it is awesome.

          • Flame

            I wouldn’t be surprised, but that probably wont happen. XD

          • Megaket

            What a charming thing to do tough. Now I know how to impress on the ladies.

          • Sleet

            But Attract is not a damaging move!

      • RageReaper

        I don’t see this heading in a good direction.

        • Megaket

          NOTHING can go wrong with a dead chicken. NOTHING.

  8. nihl

    can’t wait for friday’s strip.

  9. Hobbes

    Rufus’s face is priceless in the last panel

  10. DZ

    I hope he hadn’t been saving it for *too* long.

    • RageReaper

      Well, it’s not falling to peices, so prolly not.

  11. W00ty

    poor peanut. He just goes along with everything

  12. RageReaper

    Umm. That trick only works if the girl he’s after is a dog…

    • Flame

      But Rufus probably didn’t know that! :P

      • RageReaper

        The alt text tells us that Rufus didn’t know that.

  13. Scott

    OOOH OOOH! I get the alt-text! Yay! Rover Dangerfield right?

    • RageReaper

      … If I call you a nerd, would that be accurate?

      • Zaiki

        I ask this too.

  14. BlueAnubis

    duh, all problems in love can be solved with a dead chicken.

  15. falconfox01

    on the one paw it’s a cute yet evil joke on Peanut….on the other paw tho, Grape may think it’s lunch

    • Flame

      Cats like birds right? XD

      • RageReaper

        Small ones. Like mice.

        • Zaiki

          Mice are birds!? 0_o

  16. Raaze

    I can’t help but think of all the interesting times not to far ahead. Ah interesting times.

    • RageReaper


  17. Two_Twig

    Honestly though, how could Grape possibly interpret the chicken as a bad thing? I thought cats sort of liked birds. Its the the idea of a dog liking a bird I don’t get. My dog has never shown any interest in anything bird related ever, is that normal?

    • Flame

      Nether has mine.

    • dylan

      But dogs like to chase chickens.
      at least i think they do.
      like in lady and the tramp…

      • Jack -not the reaper-

        or in the “great journey” movie.

      • RageReaper

        Yes, dogs will naturally chase chickens. If they catch the chicken, they will eat it. It’s part of their natural predetory instinct.

        • Nunny

          Even though chicken is bad for most dogs due to the bones fragmenting easily and the meat being to rubbery.

    • RageReaper

      My dog has killed and eaten whole chickens.

    • kusanagisama

      My Husky likes to chase the squirrels that happen to get into my yard. She’ll also watch them play around in the tree, acting like she wants one of them. She doesn’t have much interest in chasing birds, but I have found a couple dead birds in my back yard.

  18. Xu-kitty

    “Unlike this chicken; My Love for you will never die…… however, in the event it does die, it will run around wildly for a few more hours.”

    • chrisQ

      …ooh, that’s a good line… I Iike it a lot – so funny !^^…

  19. Zaiki

    …How old is that chicken?

    • RageReaper


      • Zaiki

        It said he was saving it, but in what?

  20. Rahnee

    Technically, aren’t Grape and Peanut sister and brother

    • dylan

      i think its more like a title.

    • Thomas

      weeeelll… Their eyes are different colors, one’s a dog, ones a cat, their fur color is different, they have different collars, their faces look nothing alike, and the different tails they each bear: It seems like the only thing they have in common is the family they both live with and their last name, but ” A rose called by any other name is still as sweet as any other.” ;)

    • RageReaper


    • Zaiki

      Adopted children are actually common to be attracted to their non-biological siblings.

      • Thomas

        doesn’t it work the same way with step-siblings?

        • Victor

          i think your conversation is going somewhere else in mind

  21. Chochi

    So,a dead chicken is the panacea of all our problems…

    • chrisQ

      …yeah – why didn’t anyone tell me on my first date ?^^…

      • RageReaper

        Because they hadn’t figured that out yet.

        • chrisQ

          …does this work with a rubber chicken, too ?^^…

          • Zaiki

            Only if you’re a clown

  22. Valerio

    EEEEEEEEE, Peanut’s going to propose to Grape! So sweet!
    Pleasepleasepleaseplease let’s hope he doesn’t gett all entangled with his tongue like before -and that Grape doesn’t humiliate him!-

    • Valerio

      PS – Rufus’ face is just WIN! :D :D

  23. Thomas

    This isn’t going to end well is it….. IS IT!!!! :’(

    • RageReaper

      My psychic powers say no.

  24. Thomas


  25. KiraBlue

    -Facepalm.- Oh good jebus, I am both scared and excited to see where this goes.

  26. Valerio

    here’s hoping Peanut won’t get too traumatized if things shouldn’t go according to plan…

    • Thomas

      That’s what’s probably going to happen… sigh* but then again, we must not lose hope!!!

      • RageReaper


        • Zaiki

          “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.” Here being the barn

  27. Chip Uni

    …because giving a living chicken causes too many problems.

  28. Jack -not the reaper-

    Rufus’s face in the last panel is awesome.

  29. J.J.

    Oh boy.. Poor Peanut.

    In love with a Cat… and with Rufus’ help, Peanut will be HEN pecked for sure.

    • RageReaper

      Your rights to the internet have now been revoked.

      • Zaiki

        Second. He should have done an Egg joke.

  30. JB

    Wait, which girl? Grape? The farm cats? I’m confused…maybe it’s because of the dead chicken.

    • RageReaper

      Peanut is after Grape, but Rufus thinks he’s after the collie over yonder at the next house.

      • Valerio

        very woodehouse-esque :D
        Peanut is just a young Wooster with fur :P

        • R-One

          In that case, we need a furry Jeves to come in and save the day in a week or two. =P

  31. RageReaper

    You prolly don’t want to know.

  32. RageReaper

    Also, this answers the question of whether Rufus is blind or not. He can evidently see.

  33. crazyredemu

    Hmmmm… I can see many differnt ways this can go down, most of witch are not perrty,
    to tell the truth I cant see them two together, but then again how each person views the players of this web comic is differnt, so what do I know.
    Ether way this is tied with Suggy Freelance as my faviorte web comic!

  34. Ginga

    Can’t wait to see what happens next :D

  35. Rage Nakasa

    Oy, either this will turn out rea;;y good, or turn Horribly wrong.

    Who votes wrong?

    • Valerio

      I vote ‘good’…BUT!
      Should things go wrong, i think the foundation for a romantic affair will be definitely laid anyway.

      • Valerio

        but of course there is a ‘bad’ option, yet less traumatizing: Peanut happens to hear Grape commenting sarcastically about catlovers, in response to the comments made by the barn cats, and decides that he was really silly to disclosure himself to her. For now, at least…
        Fido to the rescue!!!

  36. Arc

    Good lord, and here I thought the inuendos couldnt get any deeper, pushing the PG rating to its limit.

    • R-One

      The PG rating has been crying uncle for a while now… just not loud enough for Rick to hear yet, lol. =P

      • toboe

        A dead chicken is innuendo? That’s just silly.

        • Blue_Elite

          I believe Arc is implying that the chicken died of strangulation. If you don’t get what that means, consider yourself lucky and think of it no further for the sake of your sanity and (possible) innocence.

  37. Toggle

    hey, i handed a dead chicken to my loved one just now. that look in their eye was true love…that or disgust and disturbance….i cant tell them apart

  38. hbar98

    Comment from a hick:

    When encouraging another person to “get about your business”, we say, “git”.

    But, yeah, I can’t wait to see what disasters await our friends here…

  39. Jimmy Jazz

    ohhh craapp……. thats gonna cause some trouble.

  40. FoxBlood

    The situation will become awkward, but the scene will also become epic! XD

  41. Akwolf

    me thinks country dog is kinda cute…

  42. Sir Sniper

    Its gotta be a blast reading all of these comments, Rick.

  43. R-One

    Never take love advice from other people – it never works out for the best, hence stereotypes like this one.

    And this could be a huge hit-or-miss, lol…. On one hand, Peanut’s giving Grape… a dead… chicken…. But on the other hand… it’s chicken. And If my cats are any indication, cats love chicken (they’ll beat the dog up for scraps even, rofl!)…

    But… it’s a dead chicken… >_<

    Yeah… that about sums it up. Should be interesting to see how Friday works out. XD

  44. Rangershot13

    wow, i never did that and never got girls, so now I’m gonna try it.

  45. Dorian


    • Xaer QwickBlade

      warning warning! may day! may day! Danger will robinson! danger!

  46. Shnurui

    Don’t worry Peanut, they’re about to be. About to be very complicated indeed.

  47. Kaloyan

    -sings softly-
    “I gave my love a chicken, which had no bone.”

    -cough- Oh um, sorry ’bout that.

  48. toboe

    Heh, at first I thought Rufus was playing a practical joke on Peanut… that seemed to be the favorite passtime for my cousins who lived on the farm against us hare-brained slickers.

    • Rangershot13

      The alt text says Rufus thinks Peanut meant the Collie next door, so Rufus is serious.

      • Valerio

        1) Rufus is madly in love with the collie himself, and he wants Peanut to fail. Badly.
        2) Rufus knows that at best Peanut will make ’summer-friend’ with the collie lady, so he’s helping the lad out of some kindness
        3) Rufus knows the collie lady is EEEEVILLL and is ready to have some good laughs at the expenses of poor Peanut

      • Valerio

        PS – before Peanut can get to declare himself to Grape, he’s gonna get in BIIIIIG trouble for having a dead chicken with himself! Let’s not forget that, most probably, uncle Reuben will not be happy with dogs stalking the poultry :(

        • Ezekiel

          I was just wondering how Reuben would react to this… I’m pretty sure a farm dog like Rufus is supposed to be GUARDING the livestock, not doing the exact opposite.

  49. Jake Brown

    Well, the whole “we realize we were meant for each other thing” flew out the window faster than a dead chicken. (actually that’s not saying much…

    suppose it was thrown…)

    • Unsilenced

      The analogy police are here.

      You are in a LOT of trouble young man.

  50. Unsilenced

    Where did he get the chicken?

    Does he just carry around a dead chicken in case he needs one?

    “It was on my utility belt.”

  51. JasonF

    Dead chicken, eh? Not sure if this is a declaration of love, a mob warning, or a voodoo ritual. Either way, it’s likely to end badly…

    What’s the old saying? “A dead chicken in the hand is worth two black-eyes from the puss”
    (I may be off a tad… )

  52. RobbyThePerv

    It actually may just work.
    But will he throw the Dead chicken in first, just because they may start screaming and spend all their time picking on him.

    • Frank

      If it were a dead fish or a dead mouse, maybe it would work. But then again… well, the Alt text speaks for me

  53. David

    Obviously, Rufus is playing a very mean joke on him.

    • RageReaper

      Rufus doesn’t know that Peanut is after a cat. You should really pay more attention. The alt text tells you that.

      • David

        Sorry, but your explanation doesn’t make sense at all.

        • David

          On a side note, reading many of your other comments, I realized that you are the typical board annoying idiot. Please refrain from commenting in any other of my comments. Thank you.

  54. Magical Sarai

    Haha… wow! This has the potential to end very badly for poor peanut! I of course will be laughing no matter what.

  55. Silverpaws

    that rufus it’s a mean dog, I cant imagine grape’s reaction when peanut declares his love with a death chiken on his hand paw

    • RageReaper

      It’s not his fault that he’s ignorant as to whom Peanut is giving the chicken to. The chicken would definitely work were it given to another dog.

      • David

        Omg, RageReaper, it’s official, you are an annoying idiot. Please refrain from commenting in any of my future coments again. Thank you.

        • Chris

          Just thought i would say it, please lay off Rage, he’s actually right.
          On a side note, collies must be easy to please =P

          • james319

            yeah, hes a farm-boy after all right? romance aint exactly their “thing”

  56. Zaiki

    This comic is EGGcellent

    • RageReaper


    • Valerio

      Feathers are gonna fly

      • Keeshah

        These jokes are fowl!

        • Valerio

          I ain’t gonna chicken out!

          • Moonwing

            Man, I’ve gotta say, how come stupid jokes that are corny are sometimes the funniest things in the world?

          • Valerio

            ‘cuz Old Chicken make soup good, moonwing :D

          • Vexra

            apparently you don’t have all your eggs in your basket do you?

  57. Ezekiel

    Panel 3 is the stuff demotivational posters are made of.

    “Advice: Sometimes it’s good to question.”

  58. Theo

    What breed of dog is Rufus anyway?

    • RageReaper

      Go back to the first comic with Made of Win. We say it about a dozen times in the comments.

  59. Bella

    Makes perfect sense to me.

    I mean, in nature many male animals will bring prey to impress a female, so why not the pets? After all, other “animal” traits have passed over, why not this? =3

    (ps – please let it be Grape he’s talking about!)

    • RageReaper

      Who else would he be talking about?

      • Rangershot13

        The only other possibility (which is slim already) is the yellowish barn cat (but I highly HIGHLY doubt it).

  60. BillyMT

    I was saving that bac.. I mean, that chicken… 8D

  61. Barkum

    Rufus has good ole farm boy advice^^ How can anything go wrong?

    • RageReaper

      The chicken could be going to a cat.

  62. Tsikuni

    Since this is the south, this is presumably a prime chicken for delicious eats. I mean, look at that fourth panel. How could you not trust that face?

    @Theo: He looks kinda like a blue merle aussie shepherd to me, though I could be mistaken.

    • RageReaper

      You aren’t. Though maybe without the mix. He definitely is an Aussie.

  63. Fuzzypaws

    That’d better be a free range chicken!

  64. Raven

    I sense tears, bloddshed and much lols coming.

  65. Rangershot13

    It’s most likely not going to work, because the chicken is intended for a dog, not a cat. On the other hand, it might work for Grape, I mean she ate the large mouse whole, so she may like the chicken.

  66. KMakato

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Grape count as Peanut’s SISTER?!

    • KMakato

      Forgot to mention: that was in reference to those who want Peanut to give the chicken to Grape

      • james319

        no not really, if you buy two pets (example:a fish and a…umm…a rock!) their not exactly related,just live in the same place

    • Valerio

      legally, she is.
      Biologically, she and Peanut could form a loving pair without any trouble.
      Most depends on how Grape relates herself to Peanut. If she thinks it’s a taboo, I guess she’ll find a reasonable and sweet way to tell him so without hurting his feelings… At least, until she’ll decide to get out of the closed with her doglover thing ;)

      • Buckdida

        Alternatively, Grape could start beating Peanut over the head with that dead chicken.

      • KMakato

        To that, I say: “The Brady Bunch” :P

  67. Ranma_2k8

    Just thought I’d mention, chicken is commonly among the flavors in cat food, so if Peanut is giving the dead chicken to a cat (which may or may not be Grape) then it might just be well received. Hey, free poultry!

  68. WiseIdiot

    …What an ass!

    • RageReaper

      I’m tired of explaining things to people. Will you just read the comments. Or maybe the alt text. Then you’ll understand Rufus’ motives.

  69. Wolfspawn

    This….Is….COMIC :P More please more :P

  70. Darkky

    Am I the only one getting naughty thoughts at panel two? Ack!

    • RageReaper

      Pretty sure you’re not, but I’m not one of them.

  71. D_Leo

    Can we possibly see said collie? For purely reference reasons of course.

  72. Supuhstar

    I bet Grape will eat the chicken, as she is a cat and it is a bird.

  73. Kat, no realy... my name is Kat

    I don’t know it might go over well enough, I had a pet cat once that some how managed to go out and hunt down a live chicken and drag it back to feed her kittens. It wouldn’t have surprised me except that we didn’t live in the country… I still don’t know where she got the chicken from.

    I found her on the back porch of my duplex tearing feathers out of it with her teeth and then tearing off chunks of flesh to feed to her kittens.

  74. The Bronze Gryphon

    This may possibly be the best advice ever, though he seems to have left out the part about adding barbecue sauce.

    Also, @ Ezikiel, Here you go. This was indeed deserving of a demotivator.

    I present: Advice. http://thebronzegryphon.deviantart.com/art/Advice-129778637

  75. Repicheep22

    This can end one of two ways. Violence or warm fuzzies. I’m not sure which I’d like better.

    • RageReaper


  76. Rai'kuro

    I has question, did Peanut spend all night in that lake o.O

    • Loki Impisi

      Dogs body temperature changes quickly. Five minutes was probably enough to leave him quite chilled.

  77. LucifersAngelFeather

    well i can now for sure say that that didnt work for me :(

  78. james319

    Quite the ladys man XD