Many Very Convincing Reasons
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  1. deathfoxx

    first to post woooo

    and now it looks like its time for grape to be caught in an awkward moment

    • Zaiki

      Why does it matter that you got first post? It’s not the Housepets! 500

      • Devia_Luna

        Yeah, that’s what I always wondered…

      • D_Leo

        Hey, let the dork have eyr fun, at least there was an actual comment at the end of that.

  2. TLV

    Convincing. Right.

  3. Ashley the Kitsune

    Heh. I wonder what those “Reasons” are besides the tasty dog biscuits~

    • Sabakuryu

      lol, I was thinking the same thing. :P

    • CalaverX11




      • Zaiki

        Lampshades make everything better!

        • Zaiki

          [b]Bold makes everything better![/b]

          • Megaket

            Fail makes life the best!

  4. Flame

    Never really seen Grape act so much like a girl. :D

  5. Asteri

    heh heh I guess Grape wants to worry about that later :D

  6. Paranoidman

    Some romantic tension on the horizon?

  7. Fuzzypaws

    You’re just teasing all the shippers with this whole arc, aren’t you. ;)

    • Zaiki

      It’s the Fanservice arc

      • BlueAnubis

        not to say we aren’t happy about it 8D

        • Zaiki

          Let’s count the abnormal fetishes!

          • Valerio

            Peanut has a thing for cats
            Grape is secretly a doglover, I’m betting on it
            Joey is MOST DEFINITELY a catlover…
            …and Squeaky has a thing for dogs (when disguised as cats)
            Fido is MOST DEFINITELY a catlover

          • Zaiki

            So we got five biological mishaps in the same neighborhood?

          • Lucas H.C.

            I’m betting that too!
            Grape, you can’t fool us, we know who you like!

          • Valerio

            ‘Abnormal’ doesn’t apply here, as we intend it. After all, we ARE talking about fully sentient and self-conscious creatures, here. ‘Falling in love’ assumes a whole new meaning. in fact, I am quite surprised that apparently most Babylon Gardens’ dogs can be so squirmy about an interspecies relationship.

          • LH wolf

            You know, a couple weeks ago I saw an animation related to this.. maybe this will enlight your minds a little bit more than it did to mine (i just had plain ol’fun)
            “There she is” on youtube.

          • Valerio

            LH Wolf, I watched that series you advised and it is JUST AWESOME! It has it all, made me happy, sad, laugh & cry and shout to heavens when they reconciled (heh, even the bunny gang helped, love them trio!)
            thank you very much for this suggestion!

          • Shippo


            The there she is series is not a Youtube series, but a Newgrounds series. It was illegally shipped over without the consent of the artist.

          • Luminosity


            Thanks for mentioning that — for a second there, I was worried someone was going to get away with another youtube theft.

  8. Repicheep22

    This plus Peanut’s earlier reaction makes me think that, at some point, he and Grape are going to wake up unintentionally cuddling each other.
    And you’re right, I know from experience most barn cats are female. Usually pregnant ones.

    • Trauts

      Indeed, I’d like to again point out her “Fanfiction”. ^_^

  9. Zaiki


  10. Trefoiler

    Mmm. She ain’t just city folk, neither. She’s one of them house-pets.

    I do fancy a bit a country talk; consider mine tickled, Rick! I like this farm!

    • Zaiki

      …I don’t think people actually talk like that. My grandma is the most southern person I’ve ever met, and all she does is say ‘yall’ and ‘yander’ a lot… and how far is yander? Or what direction? It’s too broad…

      • Rick Griffin

        Dude, I have lived in North Carolina and Alabama, and I can tell you, they will speak like this. And ‘yall’ isn’t even used consistently as they will use it for the singular, and then use ‘you’ on other occasions. I think it might be for the cadence.

        • Zaiki

          I do live in NC, and we don’t talk anything like that.

          • Rick Griffin

            Where do you live, Chapel Hill? There’s plenty of rednecks in NC that talk like that. I am not one for assuming every single person in an area has the same accent

          • Zaiki

            I live near Durham, about the center.

          • Xaer QwickBlade

            if it helps, im from central Texas, and we mainly use “yall” to mean you plural, or “you-all” basically. Yonder to us (or at least as I understand it) just means “That way”. Over yonder – over that way. I dont notice anything else odd about the way the barn cats are speaking… but that may just be me.

          • Xaer QwickBlade

            -sorry for the double post-
            but then again, i can tell pretty much what southern state someone is from by their certain drawls in accent. something you cant really send over text.

          • Megaket

            DUDES. This is NOT a regular chatroom. Go to MSN. Don’t. GO FOR BROKE.

      • Blue_Elite

        Read this:
        That should clear things up about accent accuracy.

        • Nunny

          You Yanks have far too many accents…..

          (Someone always asks… but i mean Yank as in the general description of all Americans)

          • The Spirit of the Wolf

            And we could call you a limey. But don’t worry, I only got that from YuGiOh the Abridged Series ^^ GO BAKURA!

          • Nunny

            Not a brit :P

          • Shnurui

            It gives more flavor, or flava or Flay Vor, or intrique.

            Better than *a* French Accent and *A* german accent…. But with the new roman empire, I guess it’s now a west Euro accent and an East euro accent?

          • black cat

            hey im not american am english and dont think on our accent cos my accents fine i dont speak pompous or smart in fact im the most reckless girl in my school!

        • Manachu Boy

          Noooo! Don’t link to TV Tropes! Did you not know that that site will ruin your life? It even has a page devoted to ‘TV Tropes will ruin your life’, what more confirmation do you need?

          • RageReaper

            my life to be ruined?

    • Trefoiler

      My first mass evocation! Awesome! Now I -love- this farm.

      Hey, trollers! They’re touchy about ACCENTS; I know y’all keep a list!

      • Zaiki

        I was just trying to clear that up, and if I was a troll I would have insulted you.

        • Trefoiler

          Easy, easy. I never called you a troll. This is just the kind of thing a troll would notice. A lengthy hubbub between- what, a dozen users?- over something not quite so substantial. Now, if you -were- a troll, you’d already be taking advantage of the situation… or you would be trying to convince me you’re -not- a troll through feigned confusion just before seizing such an opportunity…

  11. BlueAnubis


    Aww, Grape is soooo cute when she is hanging out with the girls,doing their nails, talking about boys. Cuute!

    • RageReaper

      He might need a second opinion on the activities of country girls. You wouldn’t catch them dead doing their nails. They just clip them off and are done with them. But I guess these are cats, so they don’t really clip their nails of their own accord.

      • Shnurui


        That’s for them city folk, we just use a good ole knife(usually buck)

      • CyberCorn Entropic

        Nope, when a cat does their nails, they aren’t clipping them. They’re sharpening them. :P

  12. Valerio

    all in this strip is so friggin’ CUTE!
    Grape, stop teasing yourself! Ask the girls to help you out with your hidden doglover side ;)

    • Chiry

      I’m not gonna say that wouldn’t be cute to see… but still I don’t think that would last all that long ^.^
      By the way… doesn’t it seem that Peanut’s been sitting in that pond for quite a while now? It’s getting dark out.

      • Rangershot13

        The brain stains only come out in cold water.

        • RageReaper

          And blood only comes out in hot water. And only then if you act fast enough.

          … I’m not telling you how I know these things. And it’s definitely not because I go out on massive killing sprees often and get blood on my new shirt.

  13. Draco_2k

    The plot thickens yet again.

  14. Wes

    Never get to see her ears DOWN that much.
    Doesn’t want to appear submissive.

  15. gagi

    just when you think you know grape ^^

  16. Supuhstar

    O.o a Dog-lover, eh?

    • Valerio

      just when you think you know someone… :D

      • RageReaper

        Some one just said something similar to that before you. In fact, just above this person.

  17. crazyredemu

    My cats seem to get along better with the dogs then each other, that or they hate all other animals.
    My cat Nightshade is insane she growls like a dog and once killed a full grown wild rabbit but in her defense she was only like that after my mom accidentally poisoned her (Dog medicine is not the same as cat medicine)

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      That’s actually quite strange and very impressive at the same time…

      • RageReaper

        Cats are born knowing how to hunt. Its something that wild cats do to survive. I’ve even seen a wild cat that would have eaten an alley cat for breakfast, be domesticated and take on the big dog of the house to prove dominance. It won. Of course later that evening I caught it up and held it for hours on end. I don’t really know how I do it, but animals seem to like me.

      • crazyredemu

        Impressive now…scary when you see her stairing at you from the shadows (she is dark gray almost blueish)

    • RageReaper

      Dominance thing. They each believe that they have to be dominant. But cats enjoy being around dogs that they think can’t hurt them, just because they feel safe.

  18. james319


  19. Valerio

    given the size of them cats, it’s reasonable they use tools for their claws. Can’t imagine what a couch would look like after a single session of scratching…

  20. chrisQ

    …something just occurred to me: why is Grape’s collar blue(ish) and Peanut’s collar red ? …seeing as they’re owned by the same familiy, I mean – like the Arbelt’s pets (Marvin, Tiger & Zach) all have purple collars…

    • Valerio

      mebbe Peanut and Grape got to choose the colors..?

    • Ezekiel

      Some people give all their pets matching collars, some don’t. I guess the Sandwiches just don’t. It’s like real life.

    • kusanagisama

      Not so odd, my older Yellow husky (she’s about 2 or 2 1/2 years old) wears a black collar, my young 5 month old Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix wears a blue collar.

    • RageReaper

      My pets wear a different collar each week. They’re as rough on thier collars (Which are not very cheap, I might add) as I am on my shoes. But for some reason, my shoes last longer.

    • chrisQ

      …what I meant was, that I just wondered idly, whether the pets in this strip generally are meant to have the same colour collars if they belong to the same family, or not… but it very well might just be exactly like Valerio and/or Ezekiel said… it doesn’t matter much anyway – it’s just me: I tend to wonder about these minor things a lot, sometimes^^… Housepets! is a great comic whatever colour the collars, so there !… ^^

  21. Valerio

    pink tongue + pink pawpads = Instant WIN

    • Tsuji


      • falconfox01

        third’ed (spelling?)

  22. Li the tanuki

    haha!~ Someone got it right! Y’all is actually singular, and all Y’all is the plural…finally someone did it right!

  23. Trauts

    By the way, as a suggestion: could you try to make Grape look a bit more, well, to put it bluntly…masculine? At the first few strips of this comic you would never have guessed she was a female, yet looking at her more recently it’s a lot more obvious of her gender.

    And no, It’s not just phsychological, now that we KNOW she’s female.

    • Valerio

      he’s already doing a great job, considering there are readers who still believe Grape’s a male until told differently.
      I don’t suppose there’s a reason to force certain attitudes on Grape. She’s already a great character as it is now.

      • vince the wolf

        it would ruin her personality if it was altered now :( besides she fits the story perfectly like this

        • The Spirit of the Wolf

          Well, since she is getting her nails done, who’s to say those barn cats won’t go for a full out make-over.

          • Frank

            Who says she’s getting her nails done? She’s getting her claws sharpened!

          • RageReaper

            which is basically getting your nails done.

    • vince the wolf

      it would ruin her personality if it was altered now besides she fits the story perfectly like this

      • Zaiki

        …Didn’t you already say that?

        • RageReaper

          doesn’t matter, it needed saying again.

  24. vince the wolf

    aaawwww how cute grapes nervous ^_^ *senses plot point*

  25. Aerion

    THAT cat does look female, with it’s eyelashes and protruding chest.
    If Grape had looked like that, we’d all have guessed she was female.

    I like her as a tomboy though, keep her that way, and don’t do too many of these feminine things…
    (It’s ok this time, as a reminder that she IS female, deep down…)

    • Mario_Dan

      Agree with you

      • RageReaper

        How old do you think that Grape is? I know Peanut is mentally still an 8 year old (refering back to comic “Channeling you at age 8″), but that doesn’t really give an indication as to what age he is physically.

        • Darth Torrent

          I was wondering about age too. I want a better perspective about where they are in life. Though, I’m wondering wether they age at animal rate or human rate? I hope it’s human or closer to it. It’s sad to think how the life of a pet can whiz by.

          • Buckdida

            *Twitch* *Twitch*

            Nobody checks the cast page, or the forums, it seems.

            Peanut is 4 years old, mentioned on the cast page; Grape is younger. But it doesn’t mention any of the other pets’ ages. Rick said he’d keep improving the cast page though.

            If you poke around in the forums, you’ll see a couple of threads dedicated to the asking and answering of questions (as well as crazy fan speculation). Many of these questions have been answered by Rick.

            The pets live about twice as long, to let you know.

    • Chris

      Their Chests are actually equal, but Grapes collar makes her neck appear unresonably large.

      I smell that this whole arc is going to feature more fanservice then one can hide on the Dark side of moon.

      I even smell some being deleted after being up for a short while because the artist realises that they might be too much…like with that catnip arc.
      Remeber kids, drugs are bad!
      Smoking catnip will do your lungs bad and will NOT make you high!
      Your Cat will like if if you burn it tho XD

  26. Frank

    And she says “y’all”. How cool is that? I haven’t heard *anyone* say y’all since my 8th grade math teacher (a Texan) moved away.

    • kusanagisama

      Even so, it is used incorrectly. Y’all shouldn’t be used on just one person or rather one cat here.

      • Mouko

        She’s not referring to just Grape, she’s referring to ‘City Folk’ in general. It’s plural.

    • RageReaper

      You live up north, don’t ya?

  27. Rangershot13

    DAT AKWARD MOMENT!! Because Grape dog lover.

  28. GameCobra

    I’m not so sure she’s a dog lover in a sense. She goes to dog meetings because they are more sociable. do the cats back at home have that kind of thing?

    I think Grape is just the social outcast for cats back at home due to the way cats are back at where she lives. The Yarnball i think is a good example.

    speaking of Yarnballs. we need to call in Maxwell!

    • Trefoiler

      It has always seemed to me that cats don’t tend to get lonely as easily as dogs. They probably just organize the occasional holiday party during the rare instance where all of their napping schedules sync.

      And Maxwell? You could suggest his appearance in any strip and I’d have to second such a motion.

      In fact, I second your motion. Maxwell for cameo!

      • Zaiki


      • Frank

        Hehe. Ironic thing is, I started on a guest strip with Max in it, but didn’t get it finished because I had a test. The day of the test, the storyline went on! Rick had gotten his computer fixed! Looking back on it now, I can’t remember the punchline I was going to put :-(

      • RageReaper

        Ok, not that I don’t agree with you, although I have to suggest that he appear near Peanut, him appearing near the girls might prove to be awkward, back to original point I was making, how would he have gotten there? Not a stowaway in the back of the car. That was all taken up by Peanut’s generator.

    • Rangershot13

      Ok, that makes sense,but you have to think, IS SHE A DOG LOVER? I mean, why not. She hangs out with mainly Peanut, and the only cat she hangs out with is Max. She also hangs out with other neighborhood dogs.

      But I 4th the motion to put Maxwell in.

      • Ezekiel

        When I first read your comment I thought it said “She hangs out with manly Peanut”.

        Although, maybe she considers Peanut manly…

        • RageReaper

          How do you figure a game nerd and book worm to be manly? You’d have to be even more socially deprived then Grape to think that.

          • R-One

            You’d be surprised what people think sometimes… This is why Psychology is still a hit-or-(mostly)miss field, lol. =P

    • techdude300

      Or even better…..


  29. jinxtigr

    Busted :D
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that :)

  30. jinxtigr

    And the second y’all rings truer than the first, I would say- it’s a great line :)

  31. Ezekiel

    She’s been making that face a lot recently.

    • RageReaper

      Which one?

  32. Zaiki

    Maybe Peanut and Grape will go on a date at the farm?

    • Rangershot13

      I’m not sure that Grape realizes Peanut’s feelings about her yet

      • RageReaper

        You’re probably right.

  33. toboe

    And it will surely require dozens more awkward situations before she does

    • Captain50

      I’d be almost sure of that too.
      BTW is your name suppose to represent Toboe from Wolf’s Rain?

      • toboe

        I thought that was your dog’s name?
        Well, we’re a lot alike, so I decided to name him after myself!

        • Captain50

          I love that quote.

  34. RageReaper

    Reason one: It’s a cats job to make an awkward situation for a dog.

  35. vdblair

    ….Um, is peanut STILL in the lake?

  36. Rage Nakasa

    Wow Grape.. didn’t think you was like that.

    Ok, off the obvious talk on this, do you think we will see come Foxes or Coyotes soon?

  37. Ranma_2k8

    This has been sort of halfway pointed out already, but not fully, so I’ll make the correction.

    As a native Southerner, Rick, I feel you should know that “y’all” is not intended for use as a singular noun. It’s a contraction of “you” and “all,” meaning “all of you” or, in other words, more than one person. Your second use of “y’all” in the strip is indeed correct, but the first one should really be corrected to a simple “you.”

    Other than that slight (and understandable if you don’t live in the South) grammatical error, the comic was amusing as ever.

    • Rick Griffin

      I *do* live in the south. I know that the contraction is supposed to be you and all, but in certain regions ‘y’all’ is singular and ‘all y’all’ is plural. It gets really weird when people are from multiple places.

      • Thomas

        why are people fussin’ over all this grammatical stuff, they should enjoy the comic regardless of wether y’all’ is singular or ‘all y’all’ is plural,

        • Blue_Elite

          Welcome to the world of grammar nazis; where the difference between “defense” and “defence” is more than just nationality.

          Given there is no grammar book for accents (that I know of but surely someone will correct me in that regard >_>) let’s just go with “it depends on the region” for y’all and stop the baseless arguing.

        • R-One

          There are three kinds of Internet users :
          A: Those with moderate grammar skills who feel they must correct everyone who makes a single typo: “You misspelled *insert random word*, it’s really spelled *insert second misspelling of said word*.”
          B: Those who can’t type two words without resorting to that atrocity known as “1337 Sp3ak,” my condolences if you were able to actually understand that *shudder*.
          And C: Those who can spell, and just don’t care if other people can or not. The majority are, thankfully, the 3rd kind, but the other two are the more obvious and vocal, so you see them more. Even webcomics get their fair share of them.

          • R-One

            Quick addendum: Meant to type that this applies to forums, blogs, e-mails, IM’s, and the like – there’s obviously other kinds of Internet users, but they don’t apply to grammar. =P

          • chrisQ

            …well, I must admit, that I practically itch all over, when I see a particularly badly (or should I say: boldly ?^^) misspelled word – so ? Am I a worse person for that ? (no; neither is, of course, the “perpetrator”) …sometimes I feel I must correct the person, sometimes I don’t: it depends on the mood I am in (also, in some forums it would just lead too far to correct every second entry – tedious^^)… nevertheless, I believe, one should accept corrections as graciously as possible – seeing as one could, by chance, learn something (now there’s a thought !^^)… having said that, be assured that I love “y’all”… l.o.l. (UK = lots of love) XXX =0)

          • Disconnected

            Not to be an ass, But leet speak is usually spelled 1337 5p34k. ^-^

          • Thomas

            I try my best to be the third kind!

  38. jinxtigr

    Oh no, I stirred up lots worse and more trouble than I meant to :D
    Yes, I was the first one to mention it but I’m not Southern at all, I live in Vermont- I’m just a writer.
    Mostly I just wanted to point out that “y’all city folk are so cute” is a charming line :)
    It does also imply that the barn cats are much less likely to be bashful about their doglover contingent. Documenting this would SO be another comic, but implying it just makes the joke funnier :)

  39. kennyfox

    y’all city folk are so cute. yep definitely using that one.

  40. kennyfox

    also im from memphis tennesee with family from alabama on one side and missouri on the other side. i say yall quite alot. also you shouldnt be so indignant about who speaks how. this is a diverse world. its not like the 1800’s where people would be burned at the stake if they were different. :P

  41. Wolfspawn

    The country is the best ^^