Probably Taking This Too Far
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  1. Fuzzypaws

    Poor Peanut… ;D

  2. The Brigeeda Rocks

    Oh jeez, Penaut’s just not going to get this out of his head for weeks, is he? XD

  3. DZ

    Poor fellow is having the wet fur contest alone.

    • dzamie

      somehow, i would`ve imagined more squirt guns (or, with cats, tongues)

  4. Jon

    Wow…didn’t not see that coming.

    • Flame

      Same here. :D

      • RageReaper

        I did.

  5. R-One

    Lol, yes, yes you are indeed taking this joke too far, Rick… that’s what makes it so funny.

    Poor Peanut… I think his mind is broken now. You need to follow this up on Monday as well now, you know… this deserves some kind of conclusion. Don’t forget to mock the “Dirty, dirty people’s” expectations when you do so, too. :D

    • Lucas H.C.

      Uh… his tail?

  6. Paranoidman

    Brain overload…

    Something tells me he’s gonna be there for a while.

  7. Oblivion

    And here comes the pictures. *Sigh*

    • Zaiki

      Hey, no extremely dirty fanfics have been made from this comic… yet… mostly because it just came out and people can’t draw that fast.

  8. Zaiki

    No, you’re not. In fact, you should take this as far as you can without breaking the PG rating.

  9. deathfoxx

    man i waited all day to get the first post and i still didnt get it, oh well

    well i didnt see that one coming but i know that is one face that is not going to wear off any time soon

  10. Cahno

    Poor Peanut… But what is he exactly doing? Does he feel dirty? Or is he trying to cool down?

    • CSutra

      Me thinks poor Peanut’s taking a cold bath XP Poor guy..hope some nice girl border collie finds him and is able to point him in the right direction X3

      • Lucas H.C.

        But in case there aren’t any Collies near, some very cute Siamese would fit just right!

        • Keeshah

          Theres Rufus..

          Whats you doing sitting in the pond all alone son?

  11. mayhem

    I’m suprised the water’s not steaming

    • Megaket

      Ye’re not the only one.

      And, aye, when looking at the previous comics comments, this IS what we wanted.

  12. DJ darkwolf420

    why did he leave i would have stayed and watched and maybe joined in

    • Zaiki

      …Just… No

      • Mz. Mowz


    • Unsilenced

      Peanut is not macho…

  13. Mz. Mowz

    Poor Peanut. Although, really, there’s a billion things that could happen that are WAAAAAY more traumatizing.
    Still, poor Peanut!

  14. GameCobra

    Gotta love these awkward moments.

    Reminds me of one of those awkward moments in life where you (Peanut) see something that no doubt is too good to be true, then someone comes along like your sister/girlfriend (Grape), expecting her to do something like freak out and call you a bad person, only to see them join in on the fun instead, leaving your brain wander for ages as to what just happened.

    Then leaving you begging the questions (Panel 4): Were they mad or not?

    and i’m betting this is Grape’s way of Revenge <3

    • Mz. Mowz

      Knowing Grape, probably.

    • GameCobra

      and blah is me. Panel 4 has more questions than just whether they were mad or not. but it’s late @_@

    • Zaiki

      It… actually a mature joke, if you ever heard of ‘Cold Showers’, then you would get it.

      • GameCobra

        ._. *walks away in shame* …sadly, there are those that have been raised naively.

        • RageReaper

          We live a sheltered life. I recently learned all this from school.

          … From the teachers. That’s sad and wrong.

          • Zaiki

            I learned from Scrubs and my extremely perverted friends.

  15. Sweetygirl

    *just dies laughing* Oh this is excellent. I wanted something to happen but this exceeds all expectations XD

  16. Flame

    God. Poor Peanut. He’s paralyzed in a mix between shock and fear!!! ROFL!!! YP

  17. foxfireattack

    Let’s play the crying game.

  18. Pyre moonshadow

    brain malfuntion cool down XD

  19. Flame

    His faces are priceless! XP

  20. Watcher

    Gotta love the pin-point pupils!

  21. Sabakuryu

    oh lord. why are our minds so vulnerable. So many of us are so easy to break. D:

  22. TimidTabby

    What’s just as funny is the fact that Peanut’s face expression and the way his head is turned is the same in panel 3 and 4…the moment Peanut’s thoughts were lost in the void of space…sry, jk fail XD

    • Watcher

      I was JUST about to post a comment about that, lolz.

  23. rider098

    Oh God, I knew something awkward would happen, though not exactly expected this. Peanut has just been exposed to something that he would probably never forget… and never want to forget. XD

    …since when was Grape into slow motion pillow fights? Hm…

  24. Asteri

    ROFL!! Greatest Peanut face I’ve ever seen since “the Christmas Gift” face
    I can see Peanut’s face frozen like that for several hours :D
    Grape must be having fun :D

  25. falconfox01


  26. Shnurui

    No Peanut! Don’t let Grape go in there….Alone…

    • Unsilenced

      Why not?

      • Zaiki

        Because, then the camera has somebody to follow away from the pillow fight.

        • Shnurui

          No….Someone’s got to hold the camera, why not Peanut?

  27. queso

    ive been in his situation before

  28. BanditRingtail

    “This is what YOU wanted. You dirty, dirty people.”

    Yes. Yes it is. =P Though hopefully no one will write fanfiction about this.

    • RageReaper

      Honestly? I didn’t want it.

  29. V

    “This is what YOU wanted. You dirty, dirty people.”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing! XD This is fantastic!!!

  30. J.J.

    Oh my gosh!!!!

    Peanut’s version of a “Cold Shower”?

    Grape: “Peanut? PEANUT! (snap’s fingers). DAD! MOM! Peanut’s zoned out again!”

    • RageReaper


  31. Noah

    I think it’s even more dramatizing because of that Cat Lover insident before! Maybe he secretly is! >.> <..>

    • Lucas H.C.

      Just maybe?
      I bet he is 100% cat lover 4LIFE!

  32. RageReaper

    He needs a cold bath and tissue paper.

    I think I cracked a rib. I need to go see a doctor to get that confirmed.

  33. Rabid_Fox

    What I think makes this for me is the way Peanut’s face doesn’t change between 3&4. For those of you in the know, you can ‘Magic Eye’ him.

  34. Valerio

    And yes, this is EXACTLY what I wanted, and I thank you a lot Rick.
    And no, you haven’t brought this too far, nossir! :D

  35. Sleet

    Oh dear. I don’t suggest you take your fan’s suggestions much longer, or you’ll be unable to handle the monster you’ve created.

    That said, I understand what cold showers imply but I’ve never understood why. I’m assuming some things are best unknown.

    What I don’t get is why when he came to his senses (somewhat) why he went outside instead of saying, “actually I would like to join you.” It’d be much better for him. *shrug*

    • Jason

      Well first off that would be a dead give-a-way of his… species preferance.

      And secondly, Peanut’s just not that forward. He’s much more a run-away type than a join-in type, or even a watching type.

      As for the cold showers, essentially it’s “cooling off” someone who’s a bit “hot and bothered”. And the shock of the cold water helps.

      Anyway, I love the way panels three and four are so similar- in fact it does look as though the head is literally the same lines, and it really hits home. I thought I was too tired to laugh but apparently not.

    • Valerio

      1) Feed the monster, Rick!
      2) lessay, better they stay unexplained, here
      3) you know, boy’s shiness. :D

    • RageReaper

      2) Cold showers help shut the brain down so that you don’t have anymore of those thoughts of yours.
      3) It would not have been easier. If he did, he would need allot more then a cold shower.

  36. Faved

    Grape Is such a tease…

  37. CyberCorn Entropic

    “I’m sorry, but the brain you have dialed is currently disconnected. Please hang up and try again.”

    • RageReaper

      *Busy signal*

  38. Draco_2k

    Peanut has unimaginable self-restraint, that much I can say.

    • RageReaper

      Grape is impulsive.

  39. Wolfie

    Poor Peanut. He gets to think about the pillow fight and then has to also deal with the whole is it okay for me to think of Grape in that way as well. Hence the look. My guess is that if he goes in there he’ll find them doing something completely innocent like playing cards. More’s the pity:(

  40. Lucas H.C.

    I still think that Peanut and Grape would make the cutest and most perfect couple of the history of webcomics!
    Both goes great in sandwiches, don’t they? Why not as pets?

    Besides, someone remember the strip “I swear it is Platonic” (08/08/2008)?
    They could have been raised as brother and sister, but they truly ain’t!

  41. Kobrag

    I feel dirty, my mind is flooded with sordid images. I am tainted =[

    For some reason I always have that old dog lurking in the background >.>

    • RageReaper

      He wants to join into your images.

  42. Ginga

    Looks like Peanut needs some alone time :<

  43. james319

    i guess i sorta wanted this to happen XD i guess

    • Valerio

      who didn’t? ;)

      • RageReaper

        Although I saw this coming, I kinda did wish I was wrong.

  44. james319

    O_o… with each passing day,im loving housepets more and more XD

  45. Sage Freehaven

    Somebody’s brain just got broke.

  46. Ebony

    *twitch twitch* Dagnabit! Now i can’t get the image of them pillowfighting out of my head!

    • RageReaper

      Want me to help? My friends say I’m really good at getting ne image that they want out of there head with another. And I don’t even have to see it myself. I’ve turned ADHD into a mental defense.

      • BlueAnubis

        Oh good, I was thinking I the only one who did that. Yay! there are more of us

        • RageReaper

          Do your images usually leave the person wishing they had stayed with the first image instead though?

  47. keyblade0101


  48. SuperNova

    In panel three, was he thinking about what looks like in there or was he staring at them?

  49. Ezekiel

    You can just hear his sanity tearing in panel 3.

  50. Ravenite

    OMG Rick! You broke Peanut!

  51. jinxtigr

    Oh good, the water’s stopped boiling :)

  52. thewhitedragon

    lool, peanut will end catathonic at this rate XD

  53. Saikyo Mog

    I think they broke Peanut…..

  54. Valerio

    I dunno if he’s gonna get the guts to face his fellows at the Club again…. (Bino saying ‘Your thoughts betray you, young apprentice!)

  55. Akwolf

    oh jesus x333, why did he walk away??

    • Boingo the Clown

      He…He needs some time to think.

      Think really hard. Maybe some soul searching too.

    • BillyMT

      There are moments in a male’s life that, to keep his thoughts from surfacing, he needs a cool shower.

      A REALLY cold one.

      But Peanut only had a cold lake, so there you have it. XD

  56. Drakel


  57. Scott

    Hahaha, very good. I love it!

  58. Two_Twig

    Not sure I would have expected that from Grape, now Peanut will never be able to look at her the same way ever again…. and neither will I.

  59. Manachu Boy

    Bwahaha, that was awesome. Poor Peanut, he’s not going to be able to get rid of that mental image for a while even if he wanted to!

  60. FerretWithASpork

    LAWL… Traumatized X3

  61. Scott

    Oh, just remembered to look at the alt text. You spoil us.

  62. Luu

    I do believe that Peanut’s broken face is something like a real-life Bluescreen.

    Somebody find his Restart button. :(

  63. TLV

    Wonder how long he’ll sit in that river.

    Also, part of me suspects that Grape set the barnyard cats up to this.

    • Two_Twig

      Wait, does that mean she knows that Peanut likes cats AND in that way!?

      By the way that was one of my favorite arcs.

      • Sir Sniper

        Well, if you go back to the “fanfiction” comic a couple of updates back, I’m guessing Grape hopes that Peanut’s, eherm, “species situation,” is that way.

    • Alahmnat

      Is he in de Nile? *rimshot*

      What? Someone had to say it…

      • Unsilenced

        No. No they did not.

        And we are revoking your rights to the internet. =p

      • Echo

        I applaud your bravery in being the one who said that.

      • DragonShinigami

        but soon your internet will fail

      • RageReaper

        Puns are now officially illegal.

  64. Leina Wolfe

    oh god… poor peanut.

  65. Niftykoala

    You KNOW he peeked befor jumping into the water.

  66. Rage Nakasa

    heehahah. Poor Peanut. How is he going to survie this? OH! wait.. he’s got his DS and generator…

  67. Ace

    I don’t think he’ll be leaving that river for a while :P

  68. Sir Sniper

    This is what we’d call a Romantic Comedy, of sorts.

  69. FellWolf

    Heh! He’s got that “My mind is broken right now.” look.

  70. furstreak

    poor guy, they broke his brain, he needed a good hose down just to think straight again lol

  71. Kelahrim

    Lol, well I guess a cold shower is out of the loop, so a cold lake works? This has probably been my favorite bit of the comic so far, just because I’m getting such a kick out of poor Peanut’s misfortune.

  72. CTGrafitti

    bet when he jumped in the water its went “tssss” and steamed a bit like some ol’ cartoon

  73. Arc

    It would appear that Grape joining in on the ‘fun’ finally put him over the edge.

  74. Tobias Rhdoes

    hahaha! Awesome! Seriously, that is funny, and 50/50 on the expected/unexpected scale. Very funny though. I feel bad for Peanut, and yet I can’t wait to see what the rest of this arc holds. It would be bad to end it here, it has so much potential. Also, I think this explains the whole “pets being neutered” debate thing from the last one. I would call that a resounding no.

    • Keeshah

      Never said peanut was fixed, or all pets were fixed.

      Just speculated that Grape was, since she was a shelter cat.
      an since Housepets pretty closely parallels real life.. that is what happens to shelter animals.

      • Valerio

        shelters do that in order to avoid uncontrolled reproduction. But, since someone else pointed out that pets can be educated, I guess they don’t fix them preventively.

      • RageReaper

        But this is a PG13 comic. It wouldn’t have that because of the ratings. And the animals here are so human that doing that would be like casterating a human. It’s just not right

  75. John K

    Thats a new kinda cold shower!

  76. Shnurui

    He’s been ordering pizza with Anchovies again, hasn’t he.

    Such self control.

  77. Valerio

    for some reason, suddenly this situation reminds me of that song “Fata Morgana” by EAV!!
    Obsession may be bad for you, Peanut!

  78. 1337

    i bet peanut wished hed brought that camera now =p

    • RageReaper

      No, he’ll never forget that image anyway.

  79. Bella

    I can’t stop smiling – this is great. Poor Peanut. It looks like his brain broke. And Grape! I did but at the same time I didn’t expect her to do that. x3

  80. Valerio

    wonder how Bino would’ve reacted…

  81. rederci939


    dear lord

  82. Zanzawolf

    “A problem has been detected and Peanut’s brain has been shut down to prevent further damage to his sanity”

    • Valerio

      Hug to reset .D

      • RageReaper

        Unless you’re a cat. Then it’s hug to activate self destruct system.

  83. Xu-kitty

    Peanut’s Mind: “Baseball….. cold showers….. baseball… cold showers….. Margret Thatcher naked on a windy day…. baseball… cold showers.”

    • crazyredemu

      Now my brain is broken

    • Jutah

      For peanut I think it would be more like Mario Kart…… cold showers…… Mario Kart…… cold showers……

      • Lucier

        … grape and barn cats slow pillow fighting….. cold river bath!

  84. Lastpaw

    Lol, must be a cold pool of water!

    Peanuts face must have frozen. Wheres the reset button!?

  85. Milesrose

    When you can’t take a cold shower…

  86. JB

    Oh no, his brain is broken again. xD

  87. D_Leo

    See, this why you wear pants…
    I wonder what comments you’d get back in FA if you posted it there?

  88. Supuhstar


  89. Viper

    I swear I HEARD his brain shatter into tiny pieces.

  90. RobbyThePerv

    They haven’t been there for an hour yet, I so hope we see more of this.
    If you want to see more, try making your own work.

  91. BlueAnubis

    OMG! I just fell out of my chair laughing!

    OK, I know that most of us wanted to watch that, rase your hand if that’s you!

    I suppose that there is no cold shower available at the moment.

  92. Dissension

    In what way did I imply that I wanted this?

  93. Shen HIbiki

    *sits next to Peanut, same expresion*
    0 _ 0

  94. Boingo the Clown

    There are so many fitting background sounds for the last panel.

    - Crickets chirping…slowly.
    - Any song by Caesars on a soft volume.
    - The sound of four giggling feline girls and the soft thuds of pillows.

    • RageReaper

      All three at the same time. >.>

  95. chrisQ

    …now this may sound very silly to you all, but what exactly IS a “slow-motion-pillow-fight” ??? … is that US-slang for some sleazy activity ?… and if it is – what on earth does it mean ??… Help, please !…

    • Rangershot13

      A slow motion pillow fight is when people, 99% of the time girls, have a pillow fight, in slow motion. You know, hit each other with pillows. In a dirty preference, it means……… well….. someone help this guy out……… this is awkward………..

      • Rick Griffin

        A slow motion pillow fight is exactly what it says on the tin. No more, no less.

      • RageReaper

        Pillow fight naked?

  96. kenny fox

    this is win lol. poor peanut. or…lucky peanut. or..both idk.

    • Shen HIbiki

      Poor Peanut.
      He’s not on the pillow fight. XD

    • RageReaper

      Look at his face. Is that the face of pure joy? No. Poor Peanut Butter Samwich.

  97. The Spirit of the Wolf

    Maybe now his comics will look a little better. I mean, at least the cat will look better. He has a perfect image of SEVERAL feline anatomies burned into his brain with a branding iron.
    Now just imagine if Grace from El Goonish Shive were here with Ted… then he’d be in the river with Peanut!

  98. Jake Brown

    In panel 3 it looks like he’s using his (if you see wut i mean) imagination… and it looks like he still is in panel 4. He just moved to a location more convenient for “other needs” that might pop up during his imagining. (i think i put the ” ” in the wrong spot…)

    • RageReaper

      … That’s just wrong. Whenever someone gets that look on their face, it usually means they’re brain has shut down, or they’re trying to stave off those images. Not invite them in.

  99. Lupa

    Cold shower!(bath?)

  100. Copycat

    rock hard

  101. Crimson

    when it rains it pours

  102. Jack -not the reaper-

    im not sure if peanut is happy but unable to express it, or is he like… O-O.


  103. RobertS

    Thank god for conveniently placed large bodies of cold water.

  104. crazyredemu

    Did he need a “cold shower” or did he walk off and sit down and he just dosnt know he is sitting in a pond. 0_0
    welcom to the farm they’ve got fun and games (sung to welcome to the jungle)

    • Valerio

      oh, he *needed* a cold shower. Believe it. (any other specification will be severely judged by the author himself)

  105. Anthro Wolf

    LOL Yeah, I think Peanut needed a cold rinse after that. ;)

    Absolutely LOVE his expression. X3

  106. RockstarRaccoon

    I’m….. not sure what to make of this…. O!o;;;

  107. LH wolf

    I absolutley believe cold shower could be the answer. Anyway, Im sure he is going to look diferently to Grape from now on… I’m pretty confident in his capabilities too un-notice the obvious, so Grape is going to put more effort into it, and that means more fun for the rest of us!! XD

  108. Rangershot13


    uuuhhhhhh…………….. yeah, this is the most mind destroying moment of Peanut’s life.

    • Shadow Wolf X7

      judging by that expression on his face, I don’t think there’s anything left of him… poor dog…

  109. Trefoiler

    Yeah. The paralysis was just the prelude to the massive impending crash.

    Hehe, Blue Screen of Death, meet the Blue Eyes of Death! Those adorable blue eyes of cheek-pinching death! :D

  110. Wes

    Bad thoughts.
    Must unsee…
    Must UNTHINK!

  111. vince the wolf

    i wonder if he actually enjoyed it?

  112. vdblair

    Hold power button or sit in cold water

  113. Thomas

    ahahaha! again facial expression win in 3,2,1…

  114. Chris

    We are a dirty, dirty community and needed to be provided fanservice…now our souls will be satisfied while we burn in hell.

    **** it, this is win!

  115. The Werewolf

    Wait.. that last panel.. was that a STINTZ reference????

  116. Wolfspawn

    Hahaha! Ahh….. classic :P