Paralysis Of The Mouth

I am going to get SO many comments over this, aren’t I?

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  1. Esahc

    I believe Peanut’s brain is borked. Also I think I’m first.

    • black cat

      Wonder what happend to his cute crush on grape??????
      does this mean peanuts gonna be classed as a half cat lover?

  2. R-One

    Somehow, methinks the comment you placed on the image (via mouse-over) is what’ll cause half the comments. =P

    Poor Peanut…. lucky for him Grape isn’t around atm tho, or he’d be turning a nice shade of red, even thru that fur.

    Woot, First or Second post, lol! XD

    • R-One

      Knew someone would beat me to first – hence the “First or Second line” (started with no comments up.) – looks like it was a good idea.

    • The Spirit of the Wolf

      Ummm. I believe Grape is a girl…

      • R-One

        I’m well aware of Grapes gender… “HE” and “HIM” in my first post refer to Peanut, as in “Blushing from embarasment” because his adoptive “sister” would also be present.

        “Awkward situations” are always multiplied exponentially by the number of family, relatives, or friends present, lol.

    • Gaara1357

      i agree, the mouse-over comment will rly get some comments…actually it already has

      • Ravenite

        Out of curiosity, wouldn’t wet fur be a little umm… pongy? You sure they’d enjoy it?

  3. Kiniel

    This comic just made my entire day.

    Poor, poor Peanut…

  4. Ukesagi-tan

    And then his brain began leaking from his nose.

    • EFeral

      ..In the form of blood, naturally~

  5. Polar_Bear


  6. DJ darkwolf420

    i wouldnt even hesitate.
    do you ever wonder what peanut and grape would look like as adults

  7. StainedSword

    Uh oh, what wacky shenanigans will unfold over the following zany days? Tune in next time to find out!

    Everything is better in slow motion.

  8. DZ

    What fun is a pillow fight in slow motion? You can’t get any momentum in your swing ;P.

    • Spoony

      …no, no…. see the attraction of a slow motion pillow fight between a bunch of chicks is…..


      ……ah, never mind.

      • DZ

        Ack, my goodness! You mean to say there’s some hidden implication slipping right past me?

  9. Paranoidman

    I think they broke him.

  10. Repicheep22

    Something tells me there aren’t a lot of G-rated thoughts running though Peanut’s head.

    • R-One

      Probably not… that’s why his brain shut off it’s connection to his mouth, lol. :P

  11. Sleet

    Your “new” cat faces have gone from awkward to legitimately cute in every definition of the word. Now it’s only the situations that are awkward, apparently.

  12. Tanek Wuffy

    i recently started following mr. griffins art on another site and when a friend forwarded me a link to this strip, i nearly fell over laughing in my seat but the tears sure came from laughing so hard… just the look on his face in the final pane…so priceless.

  13. Sabakuryu

    Yes, Rick, you are. :P

  14. Cyb-009

    Poor Peanut, oh the images he must be seeing in his head right now…
    If this was an anime he’d be having one of those ‘blood nose fountain’ moments right about now.(^_^)

  15. Circuit

    Yes, yes you are. But mostly because it’s such a wonderfully cute way to torture peanut. :D

  16. CalaverX11


    I’m game.

  17. omega_fox123

    ….i some how saw this comin…..guess it’s another peanut story arc this time around folks

    • omega_fox123

      i mthink the cats knew he would react like that.

      in other news : Darn you peanut you blew it man!!! your one chance!!!

  18. Fuzzypaws

    Poor Peanut, always denied :(

  19. Adept Omega

    This. Comic. Is. Brilliant. <3

  20. Yokel

    Well that was blunt. I approve.

  21. Flame

    Exactly what I thought!!!! ROFL :D

  22. falconfox01

    slo mo pillow fight!!! (que cheesy 70’s do wop music here)

  23. V

    XD That’s sooooo perfect. SOOOOOOO perfect!!!

  24. Tanek Wuffy

    oh~ i forgot to ask…*snerk* is the grey barn cat single? *chuckles* just kidding~!

    • Valerio

      I was asking myself the same thing for the red beauty :D

    • Shnurui

      Shame this is a pg11 comic:/

      I think the problem is she is “single” Along with all her sisters.

  25. Valerio

    Look at what you’ve done! Now I’m epistaxising all over the keyboard.
    That place is Joey’s paradise. And Sabrina should lock Fido in a cellar all the time.

    • Shnurui

      He is what the Buddhist ordered from the pizzaria.

  26. Kobrag

    He’ll prolly want to be alone and undisturbed for a while ^.^;

    • Valerio

      He’s gonna take a loooong cold bath in the nearest pond :D

  27. Drakel

    The first thing that went through my head when I saw this was “Cat Lover!”


    • Ginga

      My thoughts exactly :3

      • Barker

        Yeah.. I’m kind of surprised that hasn’t been the focus of more of the comments given there was an arc about it, but then again… slow-motion pillow fight.

        • Zetal

          Wasn’t it already apparent that he liked Grape? Why is this new?

  28. Valerio

    Hmm, though they are barn cats, aren’t they supposed to have a collar least they are treated as ferals by the law?

    • Sabakuryu

      meh… Iunno. I think that vries from state to state. And they being barn cats doesn’t necessarily mean there completely domesticated. I would think that if you own a piece of land/property that you’d have fewer restrictions. And besides… Who wouldn’t want a pet that wasn’t free to do as it pleases. I mean I dislike the notion of a parrot having to be stuck in a cage rather than having ait have it’s own perch and stuff. Also I’d rather have a small dog than a big dog unless I have a Big amount of land to let it roam and do stuff.

      I end my long talk there. :3

      • Valerio

        I think it’s more a question of not running the risk your pets getting abducted by the local pound because they’ve got no collar, or worse.

        • Sweetygirl

          Actually, animals on your property are allowed to run around with out a collar. Pounds cant come onto personal property without permission. As a farmgirl myself I’ve seen plenty of barn cats, which are usually strays we let stay and catch the rats and mice. You just dont want them leaving your property or their free game. Which with these cats, Im sure wouldnt be a problem seeing as you can …well… talk to them and let them understand what could happen if they did leave the property.

    • D_Leo

      Dude, collar=clothing

  29. Haraio

    Can we have a new brain in Aisle 3? This one seems to be broken now ;) Also, do you have the phone number to that red-brown beauty? ;)

    • Valerio

      get yoself in line, man!

  30. Krillos

    Smooth moves, Peanut. XD

  31. Valerio

    Anyone else here thought, at the sight of the grey beauty, BAGI?
    Also, ergspftml!

    • Arc

      I was wondering why the grey beauty there looked familiar lol.

  32. Axle

    Poor Guy XD
    Feline Overload!

  33. Rabid_Fox

    A rather convincing cover of “I am the walrum” from Peanut there. Well played, that dog, slipping a pop-culture reference into what could have been a potentially awkward social situation.

  34. Rabid_Fox

    Walrum? I’m delighted by my own typo.

  35. Lazureus Falcone

    Throw the pillow man! You cant let them leave!

  36. Valerio

    Wonder what would’ve happened if they offered to groom him ;)

    • Arc

      He might have gone catatonic :P

      • Tahoe


      • DZ

        This comment gave me my first big grin of the morning.

      • D_Leo

        Dude, that physically hurt!

  37. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Cat’s can be so evil sometimes, I feel for you Peanut. X3

    • Valerio

      Me like evil :D

  38. Cargoss-CCK

    This’ll be my first comment here… just because the author summoned it!
    Also, poor peanut, seems like things like this always happens to him, hmm?

    • Valerio

      cuz he’s so cute!
      Wonder how Rufus ‘interacts with them girls…?

  39. Vdrake77

    Peanut: “Think doggy thoughts, think doggy thoughts-no, don’t chase the cats! That’s what they want!”

    This is both adorable and awesome. Peanut’s never getting over his cat fancy now. XD

  40. hamster

    wet fur contest? *dirty thoughts alarm*

  41. Asteri

    hahahahah poor Peanut :D

    • Asteri

      …or should I say “lucky Peanut..”

  42. epicallyfailed

    Umm… who is he talking to in the first panel? Someone outside the barn? I think Grape is actually there but just outside that door.

  43. Tahoe

    Great way to start the morning! *laughs all the way to work*

    Thanks Rick!

  44. Taris

    “I am going to get SO many comments over this, aren’t I?”

    Yes. Yes you are. :)

  45. Megaket

    First thought?

    “Peanut in Paradise”

  46. crazyredemu

    I was just thinking, are they going to hit on Grape thinking she is a guy???

    • crazyredemu

      sorry checking avatar

    • Madd the Sane

      I wouldn’t be surprised. She has been mistaken for a boy more than once.

  47. Wolfie

    Give me the red-haired one:) hubba-hubba Pleasant shudder thinking about the wet-fur contest. What I wouldn’t give to be in Peanut’s shoes about now.

  48. leeukaji

    LOL oh poor poor penut he is not going to have an easy day XD

  49. Akwolf

    This is so the next installment of his superhero comic

  50. Ace

    Anyone else think they were just playing with him?I figure they do that to city pets :P

  51. FurStreak

    I love it, and the mouseover caught me by surprise. Im guessing they were just teasing him though lol. you never know though until the next strip update. :D

  52. kenny fox

    LOLOLOLOL dunno if we should call him lucky or unlucky

  53. kenny fox

    and dont worry rick =D as many often say,if youre mature enough to get it then youre mature enough to handle it.

  54. Sokahu

    Hmmm, now I can see why everyone thought Grape was a boy… these cats look rather more girly than grape does. Uh, they are girls right?

    • Valerio

      not only they ARE girls, but this suggests that Grape is prepuberal (unless her hormones are WAY unablanced!)
      Peanut, please, close that door behind you NOW… ;)

      • Keeshah

        Grape is a shelter rescue cat, so that means she is most likely fixed.

        • Goldenear777

          Just because Grape’s fixed, doesn’t mean that there’s a hormal imbalence. Cats and Dogs have to be a certain age to be fixed. Grape’s just a tomboy.

          • Merle

            I’ve been hoping that “fixed” is a subject that will never come up in this comic.

          • Zaiki


        • Loki Impisi

          Why would they do that in a world where animals can simply be told no and understand the consequences.

          • Valerio

            I tend to agree. Sterilization can be mandatory for ferals only, I imagine, snce they could be seen as outlaws

          • R-One

            This replies directed at Valerio – curse the reply-system for it’s limits, lol.

            Out of pure curiosity, what gives you the idea ferals are “outlaws?” In the case of cats and dogs, perhaps, but remember that coons, foxes, wolves, and just about any other critter that’s not a pet gets lumped under this term – Rick has said they just about all have sentience (with noteable exceptions, as seen in the previous strip, lol), regardless of if they walk upright or on all fours, over on the forums.

            I could see some population control measures being taken, but it’s possible the ferals would engage in this on their end as well, if only to avoid any extreme human intervention, like hunting. (Yes, another word-bomb, but if PETA exists here, then this probably does too in some form.) The coons from way back showed enough ingenuity to make this a pretty reasonable assumption, rather than a random leap, so it’s not exactly impossible.

    • Watcher

      It’s the eye-lashes.

  55. Ebony

    Peanut’s brain: Malfunction! Malfunction! Processor overload!

    • Trefoiler

      Ai’m given ‘er all she’s got, captain! She can’t take much more!

  56. rider098

    Yes, sadly you are Rick! XP

    Well I certainly didn’t expect that. I can only guess what kind of awkward moment will come of this if that was Grape Peanut was talking to. Ohhh I can’t wait to see what happens then.

  57. Supuhstar

    Uh… Buh… Duh… Fuh…

    Strong Bad is On Point.

    • Rick Griffin

      Hah someone got it

      • Valerio

        care to explain to us mere mortals?

        • Watcher

          You don’t go on HomeStarRunner enough…

          • Valerio

            Me Italian, bwana massa!

      • Sleet

        Holy crap, that is a well-hidden reference. I never would have seen that one coming.

  58. Draco_2k

    Ah. I’ve been missing the digs on illicit, socially unacceptable, morally questionable and outstandingly horrible preferences which Peanut does not, in fact, possess.

    • Valerio

      you suuuure..?

  59. WiseIdiot

    Oh good lord…

  60. Pyre moonshadow

    *brain fucntions shut down, going over to staring and storing in memory*
    thats what i think his brain is doing :P

  61. Jake Brown

    I am really interested in the context or manner in which the last line is spoken…

    annoyence, (don’t think so…)
    teasing, (… d’be ok wif dat)

  62. Fnaxion


  63. Tobias Rhdoes

    Not only should he say Yes now before they leave, but also shut and LOCK the door. Trust me, if Grape walked in on them having a slow motion pillow fight, well….this comic would end in a very violent and bloody manner. Casualties: 4 1/2 (Grape would die a little on the inside.)

    • Drakel

      It’s worth wondering if Grape would actually CARE- and if she did, why?


      • Ninez

        One word: Jeeeeeealousy.

        • Trauts

          Well, we all saw her Fanfiction, didn’t we “Gapre”? ^^

          • Tobias Rhdoes

            I doubt this comic has had out hero’s neutered, but if Grape walked in on them…Peanut would probably lose his peanuts (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

  64. Somebody

    It’d be funnier if they said that to grape hahahaha

  65. Lucier

    O.O Peanut you have one of two options:

    1. Say yes! or…
    2. Remain in shutdown mode and let them walk away

    (PS: Answer quickly for time is running short)

  66. Fnaxion

    Say yes, say yes…don’t lose, just go for it!!!

  67. RobbyThePerv

    Yes you should….whose to say there are only 3 female cats there?

  68. Loki Impisi

    I started acting like Peanut when I saw this strip. I’m lucky I didn’t get whiplash from the double take…

    … This webcomic update was even better than VGcats or Dr Mcninja!

    • Moonwing

      Yeah, this made me almost die laughing. VGcats was funny, but not as hilarious as this ^.^

  69. Jimmy the purple

    Cat’s are known to play with their food before eating it.
    I wonder if they have any lollipops just to toy with him?Not just the suggestive thing but having candy too!

  70. Frostgrip

    Peanut’s dribble confirms he has a feline fetish-thingy.

    • Valerio

      Fido DID know better, when he let him back in the GOD Club ;)

  71. Bigsy

    I like those catgirls and the way they think, I hope we see them a lot in the near future.

  72. Xaer QwickBlade

    Go peanut go!

  73. Duez

    Oh wow! XD I loved the idea there, poor Peanut just lost his fantasy! D:

    Although, you should totally draw them doing the slow-mo pillow fight! :3

  74. Oblivion


  75. Chris

    He just missed an opportunity to score, way to go there XD
    I know how he feels tho, immidiate brain shutdown is a condition that should not be taken lightly, you might fall and hurt yourself.

  76. J.J.

    Could… could it be that Peanut’s discovered….


    Ho boy!

  77. Jake Brown

    OMG!!! they have no collars!!! Poor Peanut!!! His eyes might EXPLODE!!!

    • Shadow Wolf X7

      Oh my, you’re right, they’re practically naked! What kind of webcomic is this?!! >.<

      • Xyie Fourseasons

        That’s what I thought!
        I mean, didn’t Grape a few comics ago comment about the collars-off feeling?

        And poor Peanut. He dropped his pillow! Let’s hope it didn’t land in anything.

      • tahrey

        gaw, beat me to it :D

        somehow they DO look more.. erm… nakeder without collars on

        we can has pillow fiets nao plz?

        • Valerio

          it surely doesn’t help having them posing like that…

  78. Lupa

    Go peanut! Can he get out a Yes between his Duh Buh Fuh’s?
    And they ARE naked! Oh.. mai… gawd!!!

  79. Keeshah

    Strips sub-title:
    Also we were going to have a wet fur contest; normally we don’t like getting wet, but for YOU we’d make an exception.

    Talk about totally blowing the G rating to PG-17, for suggestiveness!!

    • R-One

      Has this strip EVER had a true “G” rating? It’s mostly been PG all along, lol.

      Don’t make me start a tally of arcs that are PG vrs ars that are G… XD

  80. Nyrufa

    And so we return to the Cat Lover arc, do we?


  81. crazyredemu

    I keep coming back every few minutes hoping for an update (and dont tell me when it normally updates that will only make me sad) I feel bad for Peanut, them cats are just messing with him…hussies!

  82. Wolfspawn

    So love it! Peanut is adorable ^^ I’m seeing forward to this one!! More cutzie strips for the people :P

  83. RHJunior

    So close, and yet so far….. aww please let him salvage the situation at the last second…..

  84. Two_Twig

    Hmmmmm….. You know I could try to predict what will happen next…. but my last one was horribly off so I’ll just wait to see how the story processes. Poor Peanut, he didn’t stand a chance.

  85. Schrodinger

    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaahh………

  86. John K

    this is the dirtiest thing EVER!!!

    • Goob the Goober

      I can only think of one thing dirtier then this; DIRT!
      I bet peanut will show them how to get it in their fur…then to the swimming hole with a ‘tire Swing’!

  87. reaperslayer

    AHAHAHAHA i wouldnt blame him X3

  88. Xu-kitty

    Meeeeeeeeeeeee-YOW! =3

  89. Ezekiel

    Panel 5: Peanut collapses.

  90. LH wolf

    Dear mighty Alabama!! Please react!!! Noooo, dont froze!!!……get a mac.

  91. BanditRingtail

    Poor Peanut. This dog is gonna be confused for a few years.

  92. jinxtigr

    ehehehehehehehehe :D
    Poor Peanut. In this comic, he can ONLY get teased. I feel quite sorry for him as I giggle and giggle and giggle at his plight… comedy gold :D
    If they took mercy on him and taught him a few tricks it would be an entirely different comic, and that’s not going to happen :)

  93. jinxtigr

    You know I’ve never seen anything beg as hard as this for Rule 34ing, which I assume is understood, right? Hope so.

    • PopInFresh

      I can assure you This situation will be exploited eventually.

  94. Sessile

    Peanut hits puberty

  95. deathfoxx

    i can see this going alot of different ways

    1.peanut reacts and takes them up on the offer
    2.he stays dumbfounded and lets the oprotunity pass
    3.he stays loyal to his crush on grape
    4.he backs away slowly and closes the door and asks to leave imidiatly
    5.the barn cats turn out to be guys (low chance)

  96. CTGrafitti

    I wonder if shortly after postin’ this rick didn’ smack himself in the head and go “ah cripes, i forgot about perverts”

  97. Zaiki

    [Insert Awesome Face Here]

    • Captain50

      [Awesome Face inserted]

  98. Thomas

    pushing the PG, yet so awesome!! peanut’s face is like 0_o

  99. Cabcat

    Homina Homina Homina

  100. james319

    XD Poor peanut,never gonna get the chance again XD LOL

    • RobbyThePerv

      How long are they staying there again?

  101. vince the wolf

    aaaawwww what a missed chance

  102. White Tiger

    AWWR Poor Peanut! What a missed chance indeed!

  103. White Tiger

    Poor Guy!

  104. residentfriendly

    lol i hope i wasnt the only who tried to say what peanut just said xD

    and btw, why are there so little comments ? = \

  105. Thomas

    well, you could get alot of comments…. or they could disappear ; )