Playing With Your Food

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  1. sparra

    I like this comic, I think I will take it home and put it in a mayonnaise jar with a stick and a leaf.

    • Taay

      that because what its used to. you should also poke some holes in to top because it is also used to air

      • Taay

        and it will be happy in its 16oz world. (those are some Mitch Hedburg jokes there)

        • sparra

          Yea, i knew it was from some where, it was stuck in my head for a while. Ha, i knew i wasn’t clever. Good comedian that Mitch Hedberg shame he dead

    • Tsunme

      lol!! (mitch hedberg quote)

  2. Ragereaper

    (I’ll post a proper comment when I stop laughing.)

  3. Buckdida

    The media is responsible for a lot of stereotypes.

    Also: the horses names are MADE OF WIN (horrible pun intended)

  4. GenericGirlName

    lol, Action replay. I love these horses.

    Heck, I love this comic xP

  5. Zanzawolf

    LOL XD awesome awesome names for the horses and just all around awesomeness in this strip in general.

  6. Esahc

    @sparra: … to recreate what it’s used to. It’s been a while since I heard a Mitch reference.

  7. Parou

    Another vote for great horse names and cool horse characters!

    Love Money for Nothing/Action Replays line of “We ALSO get that alot!”

    As for the bovine indifference to Grape….. it is pure evil indifference, I swear…. cows are evil under those bovine expressions of boredom!

    • falconfox01

      you have no idea just how evil they are till you’ve lived on a farm that has some….pure evil

  8. Asteri

    Grape and Peanut are portrayed so small in this strip :D

    • Keeshah

      horses are big! an these are not even draft breeds

  9. thewhitedragon

    the black horse still has no name yet?

    also bad bad grape XD

    • Drakel

      Easy Money, Action Replay, and Made of Win has gone back to the stables. Thats the three.



  10. Aloisyous

    Hee hee. Ah, cows. So indifferent… there’s a cow at the local college here with a window in its side so you can see the digestive system at work. Don’t bother it none.

    If I may, can I make a slight art suggestion?

    I’d delete the black outlines of the horses where they meet the boards that are in front of them… or extend that black outline to the entire length of said boards. The effect as it is is a little perspective-bending, making the horses look like parts in front of the boards rather than behind them. It’s kinda pronounced on… uh… the one on the far right.

    Do love the new style of background!

    • Keeshah

      the Ohio state unv.? I can’t believe that cow is still alive..
      altho they could have put the peep window in a new cow too..

  11. Valerio

    funny that the media should portrait horses as dumb four-legged bycicles. I remember so many TV shows and movies where the horse’s intelligence is underlined…
    GREAT comic, this one, anyway. :D

    • Valerio

      PS – if that’s peanut’s first time at the farm, I wonder how he manages the barn’s overpowering smells…

      • Ragereaper

        He’s a dog. Even the common city dog will go find something that’s been dead for a week and roll in it. Plus those stables look pretty well cleaned out.

  12. Squival

    the… the horses look delicious?

    • Valerio

      That sentence is going to bring so MANY ‘nasty’ comments…ogod…

      • Zaiki

        Well, in many cultures, horses are food. We just don’t eat them because they’re too hard to get. Especially in comparison to cows.

        • Valerio

          pss… I knew that, man!

        • gagi

          yup just like here …. we have horseburgers, and hot horse, and horse weeners and …lol

          anways awesome comic !!! this one is right up there at top5, next to the cat fursuit ones :P

        • Frank

          It’s supposedly why Europeans had to bring horses over when they first came to the Americas. The horses that existed in the Americas in pre-columbian times were so tasty to people, they hunted the horses to extinction!

        • Ragereaper

          The french…
          (And I can make that joke because I’m part French. And Cajun. :D

    • Keeshah

      Horse meat is often made into dog food.

      • kusanagisama

        There was a recent bill passed that made it illegal to sell horses for consumption whether it be for human or animal. T. Boon Pickens is one of the guys that supported this legislation (those who live in the midwest (such as Texas), might recognize this guy.

        • Ragereaper

          Not entirely true. They still allow it in the southern states and they allow it if the horse is dying or has been crippled.

  13. rider098

    Wow, that was just hysterical. That last panel just made me burst out laughing. Ah, I needed that, thanks again for the great strip Rick!

  14. Sessile

    Haha! I’m glad that animal sentience was finally reconciled with a carnivorous diet.

    • Frank

      Hadn’t we done that already? Back with “Mouse Mouse Revolution”?

  15. Zaiki

    Those horses do look tasty…

  16. Valerio

    pss… I knew that, man!
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  17. ang

    hahaha i luv the last panel

  18. Ginga

    So thats why Peanut wasn’t in the last strip…atleast he is being honest :3

  19. ParryLost

    Nightmare Fuel: AVERTED!

    • ParryLost

      … Though having talking animals who are forced to carry people around on their backs and liev in tiny wooden boxes is still more disturbing than just pets… >_>

      • ParryLost

        … A little. :P

  20. Mia


    Was so waiting for the day horses appeared in this comic :) Not disappointed :D

    The gray totally reminds me of my young horse Dom with his expressions hehe…

  21. Akwolf

    oO why did he think the horses were delicious? Do dogs normally eat horses??

    • Valerio

      mebbe it’s something instinctive. I remember when I was walking my first dog, a husky, and we met a police horse patrol. My dog just froze and stood there with huuuge eyes, staring at them and licked his chops once. I was positive he wanted to grab the horse and bring him home as lunch.

      • Frank

        The horses do say all ungulates. Dogs descend from wolves. And what do wolves eat in the wild? Deer, buffalo, etc…. which are ungulates!

    • Ezekiel

      Dog food contains horse meat. Didn’t you know that?

      • ParryLost

        Will talking dog food be making an appearance at some point in this storyline? OoO

    • Ragereaper

      Also they do make horses into doggie kibble. And they also put them into dog biscuits.

  22. Ezekiel
    • Asteri

      rofl hahahaahhaha
      I can see Grape being chased as well haha

  23. Valerio

    is moneu for nothing the black horse? HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  24. Chip Uni

    This comic is funny AND educational; I didn’t know that the ungulates included horses!

  25. Keijiei

    “They come down and expect ALL hoofed animals to be blithering idiots….”


    As a deer, I’m not sure what to think about that line.

    • Rick Griffin

      It’s only for domestication

      • Keeshah

        there are farmed deer. usually red deer, an reindeer

  26. keyblade0101

    I love the names of the horses. Action Replay and Made of Win are the best XD.

    • kusanagisama

      Actually the horses names are Action Replay, Made Of Win, and Money For Nothing

  27. toboe

    heheheh… Grape is slightly evil.

    “You guys look delicious” said the dog with food for a name.

    • Ragereaper

      …Good point.

  28. J.J.

    No horsing around… They are regal and intelligent animals.

    Besides, Cow’s are overrated and Sheep… Sheep are just stupid.

    No.. I mean it. What other animal stands out in the blazing sun, 2 feet from shade, and dies of heat stroke? Sheep! Seen it happen! Sheep are just so… Baaaaa

    • BlueAnubis

      yah, sheep will follow each other over a cliff, just one after the other. could you imagine finding the pile of meat and wool after that?

  29. vince the wolf

    HAHAHA im gonna eat your innards oh and te cows like “whatever”

  30. BlueAnubis

    I’m gonna eat your innards!!! *pause* COMMON YOU STUPID COW!! BE INTERESTING!!!

    Those have got to be the most awesome names for racehorses ever.

    I suppose that Mr. Ed would not be so special in a world where horses actually CAN talk.

    • Watcher

      Yeah, but which is Action Replay and which is Money For Nothing?
      AR seems like he’d be the black one to me…

  31. Flame

    ROFL, Grape has a way with words!!! :D

    • Ragereaper

      Very frank and straight foreward. No misunderstanding that lingo.

  32. Watcher

    Come a long way since Mr. Ed…

  33. Captain50

    Oh i just thought… Since pets live to twice their normal age does that mean horses can live to their 80’s. I mean I had a horse that lived to 42 years old so in this universe they could live double that?

    • Ragereaper

      also makes you wonder if the humans live double as well.

    • toboe

      The pets live twice as long because their physiology is different — they are upright bipeds (most of the time)

      • Trefoiler

        You are half right. They live longer, but not because they are bipeds.

        In short, they have humanoid bodies, which means they will act a lot like humans, and exert less energy through the use of tools. The intellect they share with quadrupeds (and the many, many other categoricals among the animal kingdom) may also serve to lengthen their lives. These other animals, however, are likely to experience a compromise in their longevity.

        Yet, I don’t think they care. It’s a horse’s life- they’re just living it.

  34. Keeshah

    However horses are not always the smartest critters..

    they will allow themselves to be worked to death, really they will keep pulling in the harness until they fall dead..

    Now, donkeys an mules, will stop an rest.. hence the stuborness.. I’m on break, go plow it yourself..

    • toboe

      Is that a sign of stupidity, or an over-developed sense of loyalty/obedience?
      Soldiers in wars have marched into obvious death-traps before, with no hope of accomplishing anything…

  35. John K

    the horses need there to be a remake of Mr. Ed, that would totally help their image!

  36. Ezekiel

    This Friday is Cow Appreciation Day – don’t forget!

  37. BillyMT

    “You guys do look delicious”, he said…!

    BRB, gotta choke down an incoming gag XD

  38. Fuzzypaws

    *makes cowburgers for Grape*

  39. Tanek Wuffy

    yes, blame the media for everything, for it is true! and poor Grape, words have no effect on the cow. after living on a farm for so long, i know one thing is true, cows sure like to wait until you’re least expecting them, and then they bowl you right over like a pin…little buggars

  40. Wolfspawn

    Hahaha ^^

  41. Trefoiler

    I’m with Wolfspawn on this one.