Pushing Up Daisies
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  1. Bella

    Niiiice. Gotta love puns. ^^

    Love Rufus’ eyes. And Made of Win is an awesome name for a horse. =3

    • MC_Hollis

      I agree with you about the eyes. Rufus reminds me of that doctor from Family Guy.

      • William Frost

        I agree. That doctor and this dog would get along well. O_o

  2. Oblivion

    Heh heh.

  3. Asteri

    wait, so he’s NOT dead…. right?

    • alazarramir

      He ain’t dead. That’s the whole point.

  4. Ragereaper

    Is he dead or not? I’m confused now.

    Also, I got my critques license. WHOO. Now I can tell you just how crappy your comic is. On a scale of 1-10, 100 :D

    • Tobias Rhdoes

      That isn’t funny…that was just cruel and unnecessary.

      • Ragereaper

        What? Creating a paradox to where I say something, and then counter it? I say his comic is grap and then give it a rating above and beyond any comic I’ve read? I don’t see how that’s cruel.

        • no space

          You said his comic had a crappiness rating of 100, which is tenfold the previously stated maximum. From the context, however, I gather that that is the opposite of what you were going for.

          You did mean to compliment the comic, right?

          • Ragereaper

            Yes. Did I word that wrong. I just assumed that people would assume that 1 would be crap and 10 would be utter awesome. Sorry if I left the wrong impression. He has the best comic I’ve ever read in my life.

  5. Flame

    ROFL, Talk about misleading!!! :D

  6. R-One

    Heh, love Grapes expression in panel 3…. “So he’s dead, then….(?)” XD

  7. KiraBlue

    So, do the pets in Housepets live as long as the normal animals? o.o

    • Buckdida

      According to Rick, they live about twice as long; poke around in the forums, there’s a thread where he answered a bunch of questions.

  8. falconfox01


  9. StainedSword

    Made of Win? That horse is officially made of… Wait…

    That horse is awesome!! :P

    Rufus is awesome, too. Who doesn’t love f***ing with others?

    • Ragereaper

      Someone who isn’t good at it?

  10. Valerio

    love da horsey! Rufus is made of beauty. I’d love to live in that farm.

  11. Thomas

    I love it when people do stuff like that!

  12. Ezekiel

    Opportunistic, isn’t he?

  13. Severedevil


  14. Keeshah

    So Rufus got sold along with the farm to uncle reuben.

    Yea a quadie type finally, an they talk like the other pets.

  15. Ginga

    This strip made me LOL :P

  16. Captain50

    So he is alive?

  17. Valerio

    is Rufus blind? He always seems to look alsewhere when he’s talking…

    • CritterRhode

      I was just thinking the same thing by the way his eyes look toward but not at something. Maybe thats why he stayed on the farm was he is blind and already knows his way around.

      • Valerio

        hmm, daresay Rufus is quite old. His teeth don’t show when he talks…

        • Valerio

          i must correct myself on that. they can be seen in the first panel. Sorry. I stand on the age factor

          • Chiry

            Yeps, Definitely old, and yeah he does seem blind too

            (btw, Made Of Win, lol, so epic)

    • Frank

      He’s trying to keep his eyes on the road while “driving” to avoid getting a ticket :)

    • Ragereaper

      I can’t say whether or not he’s blind, but I’m leaning towards not. Usually a blind person has milky white eyes. His eyes are clear and blue… and green.

      • Ragereaper

        Correction on previous statment. Blind creature, being, person, w/e you want to call the animals in this comic.

    • Kasha

      Actually, if I remember right, when riding a horse you’re supposed to look at where you want to go, so the horse goes that direction.
      Been many years since I last rode though…

    • Ragereaper

      Also Rufus wouldn’t be a very good farm dog if he was blind.

      • Valerio

        ew, ever considered that maybe Rufus served quite well as farm dog and now he’s allowed to living there his last years out of kindness? Seriously you don’t believe that ‘useless’ pets are outright killed, here!

        • Ragereaper

          I don’t believe that they are killed outright IRL either. I happen to own a farm, and I’ve had dogs that have worn out their usefulness. We keep the dogs until they die of natural causes. Sometimes it takes years. My last dog like that maintained some use until she died, but then again, she made Made of Win look small by comparison. People that came into our yard thought that we had a polar bear on the front porch.

  18. toboe

    Rick, you have somehow managed to utterly embody and personify all that is rustic and agrarian entirely within that dog Rufus.

  19. Kaotix

    This is the first strip that made me actually bust out laughing out loud rather than an amused grin or a light chuckle. I mean… I love this webcomic and find it very humorous, but if I was drinking anything at the time I first read this page, it would have been all over my monitor.

  20. Lance

    So this would be a “shaggy dog” story…

  21. Zaiki

    I want to name a pet Made of Win now…

  22. Platus

    Is he pining for the fjords yet?

    • Crayshen

      What kind of talk is that? Look, why did he fall flat on his back the moment I got him home?

  23. AceyWinters


  24. Frank

    I was going to say its like the Dead Parrot sketch, but on horseback… but Platus beat me to it.

  25. Zanzawolf

    Heheh Rufus is now part of my top 3 favorites in this comic. Puns FTW.

  26. Watcher

    My band director has whatever that thing is that causes one eye to be a different color, incidentally green and blue/white are also his colors…

    As for the hourse, that is a name you can bet on!

    • Watcher

      I misspelled “horse”, didn’t I?

      • Watcher

        Good to see an Aussie too…

        • Ragereaper

          TRIPLE REPLY!

          • Echo

            IT BURNS!

  27. techdude300

    So would that make him “Made Of Win Sandwich”?

  28. Scott Panthertaur

    Woot! Bandanna Scarf for the win! I love Rufus’s two different colored eyes. And the fact he is named Rufus. Rufus is an awesome name!

  29. J.J.

    Rufus looks like an Australian Shepherd.

    Had one once.. she lived to 18… Was devastated for weeks after she passed away.

  30. james319

    LOL just keeps goin on XD

  31. vince the wolf

    lol why dos he remind me of the energizer bunny??

  32. Wolfspawn

    Haha! Awesome :P

  33. BillyMT


  34. Nyrufa

    Oh come on, Horse! I’m curious just how far he can keep that joke up.


  35. WiseIdiot

    This is a great strip. It’s funny, and it’s drawn very well. The trees in the background are particularly beautiful.

  36. Naya

    I’m stealing that name when I get a horse! XD Aslo, if you think Rufus is strange for not looking exactly at Grape as he’s speaking, well then you’ve never tried to get an Auzzie’s attention xD

    • Ragereaper

      I have! It is FAIL! I finally got its attention… for a second. Then it ran off and I didn’t see it again.

      • Naya

        It is fail. XD
        Im a (Non-professional) dog trainer, and blue merle Auzzies (which is what rufus is, if not highly reminiscent of) are one of the hardest dogs I’ve ever worked with, attention span wise. They’re like little kids with ADHD. XD

        • Ragereaper

          Hey I take offense to that. Don’t be comparing me to a dog. Try squirrel next time. Or maybe cat. >.>

  37. Lazureus Falcone

    I hope MadeofWin appears in more strips!

  38. W00ty

    this comic would have only been better if it had a “pushing daisies-florist” joke in it.

  39. Kaloyan

    Yeah I agree that Rufus seems blind. If the horse is as sentient as any other animal in the comic it would mean that even a blind dog could ride him, just say where you want to go.

    Of course this is all based on the fact that Rufus’s eyes look dead and lifeless, they just seem to stare straight ahead and vever move or show emotion.

    Was this intentional Rick?

    • Ragereaper

      Rufus couldn’t be blind. If he was, he wouldn’t have much of a use on the farm. A blind dog might get trampled by the livestock. It wouldn’t be able to attack intruders. He might be blind in one eye, but he can’t be totaly blind.

      It’s prolly that he’s trying to watch where he’s driving the horse and looking at Grape at the same time that gives him that stare. He’s multi looking.

      • Marluxia Kyoshu

        They’re not going to kill a dog immediately if it’s worn out it’s use on a farm, you know.

        He may have once been a useful farmhand, but now is not due to his blindness. That doesn’t mean they’re going to kill the dog or shoo him off the property, has to do with a little thing called human decency.

        • Ragereaper

          I know this. I live on a farm. But still, we don’t exactly let a worn out dog handle the horses. Or anything big for that matter. We mainly keep them up on the front porch so we can keep an eye on them. Biggest thing they handle is their stomaches.

      • Mia

        Working animals deserve their ‘retirements’ every bit, if not more, than ‘pet’ animals – and in many cases, they receive their days of leisure…blind, deaf, medicated, whatever the need/cost might be to help out an old mate after years of service.

        • Ragereaper

          Most of my working animals end up being working pets. I’ve rarely had an animal around here that wasn’t treated just like a pet, rather then some workhorse. I lurves my animals.

  40. Ragereaper

    Anybody notice that Grape isn’t riding sidesaddle? Another example of her showing her more… infeminate nature. Of course, I can’t really say that for nowadays can I? Almost no girl rides sidesaddle anymore. They all ride strattle saddle.

    • Mia

      Yup, any girl that dares not ride sidesaddle is completely butch, everyone knows that…

      Are you for real?


      • Ragereaper

        Yes I’m real, but you really wouldn’t believe it if you got to know me even better.

  41. Rage Nakasa

    hehe, oy

  42. Oz Sado

    Is the first time when a horse appears and talk!!

  43. Tanek Wuffy

    too funny, all the little hints that something might have happen…silly rufus