Do Those Still Exist

I am having issues with uploading at the moment and can’t contact my server guy, so the comic is in lower res for the moment

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  1. Asteri

    question answered in two scenes haha
    poor peanut and grape D:

  2. Aliehs

    Hahaha! That’s why grape that’s why! ROFL!

    • black cat

      lol i love the faceses in the third panle

  3. R-One

    Not even words, but four letters….

    R… O… F… L! XD

    About time some kids showed up in this strip too, I might add, lol. =P

    • Frank

      I second that. I’ve always thought this strip needed more kids. After all, isn’t it the kids who always say “But I want a dog! Why can’t we have a dog?” and “Can we keep him?”?

      • Sabine

        Nah, I still do that whenever I see any adorable furry creature.

  4. Yami

    I think Peanut is getting the worse from his expression.

    • Frank

      Remember, though, that Grape’s face is behind her hand. On the other hand (no pun intened) Grape has probably had more experience with these encounters back when she was named Princess Periwinkle :)

  5. Repicheep22

    Ah, the pet-glomp, the bane of cuteness
    Love Peanut’s expression in the last panel.

  6. Zaiki

    Apparently pets don’t like it when you spontaneously hug them every second of the day. Who knew?

  7. Buckdida

    I wonder if pets actually enjoy being pet in this world? Signs point to no…

    • thewhitedragon

      actually, in the dognapping part, peanut loved being hugged by her owner :o

      • Valerio

        not to mention that he asked for a hug while seeing Grape in their mom’s arms. Mebbe it’s strangers that are regarded with ‘prudence’

  8. William Frost

    Poor Grape and Peanut. Animals HATE being glomped.

    • Ragereaper

      My cat doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, most of them start purring when I glomp them. They is huggable.

      • Zaiki

        Same goes for my cat. She’s fluffy.

      • Frank

        My cat tends to let me for up to two seconds, then starts acting like I’m asphyxiating him ;-)

    • Kira

      Glad to see someone else likes Oomph!. (I know, not related to comic) I wonder who the barn cats are.

  9. Flame

    Rofl, poor Peanut & Grape!!! :D

  10. Fuzzypaws

    Elmyra’s in training, all of them… BAD TOUCH, BAD TOUCH

    • Taay

      I’m gonna hug you and kiss you and love you forever (and never use you up)

  11. Sleet

    Oh my, a human face! Shield your eyes!

    • Ragereaper

      GAH! IT BURNS! The pain.

      • Taay

        i just realized that peanut says “hi santa” in the first frame.

        • Ragereaper

          … You’re kinda slow.

          • Taay


  12. Boingo the Clown

    My dog has developed a healthy “Don’t touch me” attitude towards anything smaller than me. Luckily he doesn’t bite or growl, he just walks away VERY fast.

    So yeah, I can sympathize with Rufus and the Barn Cats (sounds like a 60’s band name!)

  13. Valerio

    one of my dogs ADORES being cuddled and petted, strangers included. The other two are quite shy towards other people.

    • Valerio

      PS – Hey Peanut, weren’t you the hug-type doggie? :D

      • Asteri

        then again… being hugged does not equal being strangled haha :D

  14. Sage Freehaven

    “We need an adult! We need an adult!”

  15. Drakel

    I loled.

    Peanut’s face is so cute in the last panel!

    • Ragereaper

      You think a look of abject terror is cute?

      • Ragereaper's Shadow

        Incredibly. What could be cuter than fear?

        • Ragereaper

          I don’t know, maybe them asleep curled up in a little ball? Or maybe them actually trying to look cute.

  16. Ragereaper

    … I want to join in the group hug. Mainly to save them, but it’s still a hug… kinda.

  17. Wolfspawn

    Awww…..I hate kids = -=!

    • Ragereaper

      … T_T you hate me?

  18. jedizero

    nobody has commented on how cute it is how Peanut apparently lumps in anybody with a beard like Santas as Santa?
    Doesn’t even have to be white.
    Santa beard = Santa.

    • CyberCorn Entropic

      I can understand Peanut’s reasoning, too. When I was young (about 4), I equated men older than my dad with “grampa”. Both a department store Santa and Ronald Reagan got called “grampa”. :P

  19. Ezekiel

    If I may… ahem…


    • Zaiki

      Oh hardy har har.

    • Ragereaper

      I must concur. But I think my humor is a little more felt then his. Is that sarcasm?

  20. Ginga

    Oh no! Peanut and Grape are being overwelmed :<
    Oh and lol first panel :P

  21. alazarramir

    Ask and Ye Shall Receive…
    Don’t Ask and Ye Shall Receive Anyways…

  22. Zaiki

    I just noticed how MASSIVE Peanut’s hands look in the last panel…

    • Buckdida

      They are huge. Take a look at the first panel; Peanut’s hands are about the same size as Uncle Ruben’s!

  23. Taay

    aaaahhhhh! bad touch! hahaha

  24. Valerio

    me am huggy/hug-huggy you/me am huggy/and you know what to do…

  25. Akwolf

    I’d be all over hugging those animals <<;

  26. J.J.

    Ohohoho… Why do I have this feeling Peanut & Grape are in for a wild time?

  27. Frank

    Grape: rule one of visiting a farm. Don’t ask questions and you won’t be sorry you asked

    • Zaiki

      Questions like “Where’s the bathroom!?” should be avoided then?

      • Ezekiel

        On a farm…? Yes.

        • Ragereaper

          Depends on how old the farm is and on gender. I happen to live on one.

          • R-One

            Had grandparents who lived on a farm here – and yes, that kind of question is in the top ten “DO NOT ASK” list, lol.

  28. Insignificance

    I wish I could switch places with the kids…

    • Valerio

      get yoself in line, man! *I* saw ‘em first!

      • Ragereaper

        No. The creator of this comic saw them first. He saw them in his mind (and possibly IRL) before you saw them. And also, I saw this at about the same time it came up. I just didn’t comment then cause I didn’t know I could…

  29. Halrun

    To everyone who keeps mentioning why Peanut and Grape are freaking out when they supposedly liked being hugged or the like, ever consider the fact that the Kids are being a bit overzealous and are squeezing too hard? Could prolly explain why Peanut has an expression as if one of his ribs is being crushed.

    • Ragereaper

      Or it could stem from overstimulation. Animals don’t like that. It’s when they turn around and bite you that you know that you’re giving them maybe a little too much attention.

  30. Li the Tanuki

    lol SANTA?? hahahahahaaa

  31. techdude300

    Grape looks like she’s looking at the reader in the first panel.
    No Grape! Keep the fourth wall!

    • Ragereaper

      You noticed it too? I didn’t mention cause I didn’t want to attract attention to it. Now that you have though >.>

    • Rage Nakasa

      hehehe, yus. forth walls are needed.

  32. techdude300

    I can just imagine him saying “accommodations’ in a country accent like “uh-cawm-uh-day-shuns”.

    • MrsKitty86

      Seriously, I just heard that in my head. Yea, I’m from the South, Lol

      • Ragereaper

        So am I and I heard it spoken like normal english. We’re not all hicks down here.

  33. Keeshah

    I can see the next panal already.

    Peanut looking down an shamed..
    an the parents saying, bad dog, no nipping!

    • Ragereaper

      For some reason, I forsaw the next comic as being Spot the Superdog. Really, I hope I’m wrong.

      • Rage Nakasa

        why? Spot the superdog comics are a bit funny.

        • Ragereaper

          Cause I’d like to continue on the story arc.

  34. Prof

    And that´s pretty much the reason why my cat dislikes kids. :/

    • Valerio

      kids are eeeeevillll!

      • Ragereaper

        Well not all kids, just most of them.

        • Two_Twig

          You know those signs that say “keep away from children”? Yeah, they don’t mean keep the item away from the children, they mean “STAY AWAY FROM CHILDREN”. All of them. Its completely true.

          • Ragereaper

            I’m not evil…entirely… I’m all heart. Yes I stole that from earlier in the strip. So sue me.

  35. Valerio

    unevil kids are only of the kind that really cares for pets and play no mischief on ‘em

    • Ragereaper

      Like me. I love my pets, why would I hurt them?

  36. Forvet

    Okay, we know where are pet mice, pet cats, and pet dogs…

    But are there Pet Horses? >.> A most interesting question.

    • R-One

      Check Rick’s DeviantArt page… that’ll probably answer your question, lol.

      No, there isn’t a Housepets! image up there that confirms/denies this. Just going off a theory that, if he can draw them, and wants to add ‘em to Housepets!, he will. And I think Rick’s gallery more than proves he can draw ‘em. ; )

  37. james319

    LOL kids XD

  38. toboe

    “Hi, Santa!”
    A punch line all it’s own.

  39. D_Leo

    1. Open mouth
    2. Insert footpaw

  40. Xu-kitty

    “OH GOD! CHILDREN! Their hands are eeeverrrywheeee-he-he-heeeerrre! T_T”

  41. Oz Sado

    I want to be one of this childrens d^^

  42. Tanek Wuffy

    *chuckles* kids have an affinity for pets…i still remember tying to get my cousins not to chase the cats around the house for hours.
    here it seems that its the same thing, only that Peanut is horrified to have so much attention and Grape trying to steel herself against the mob *snerk*