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You got me, I’ve never actually watched a full episode of the A-Team. Hannibal was the one who wore the stupid costumes! Research fail on my part. Luckily, this does give me the opportunity to add in a joke I had initially thought of.
Oh, and as a bonus: Imagine Joey in the [...]

They Pity The Foo

The Delicious Bold Taste That Money Can’t Buy

From Science Daily
In brief:
The dog pack hierarchy model is flawed. The original studies were conducted while observing wolves back in the 40s. A recent study has been performed and has found that a “hierarchy” as has often been described is not actually formed, and such roles as “Alpha/Pack Leader” is not an absolute position [...]

The Spirit Of Competition

Just a heads up, the comment box is not a place for politicking (or however you spell that) or discussing things of a nature that don’t have to do with the comic at hand and are considered impolite or rude. The comment box really ought to be a HAPPY place and I have attempted [...]

The More Things Change

First Things First

Meanwhile Back In Babylon

There Went Nothing

He Was Saving It For A Special Occasion

Many Very Convincing Reasons

Probably Taking This Too Far

I got in late tonight, the comic may be up to an hour late

Paralysis Of The Mouth