Get Your Shoes On If You Have Them

The guest comics from last week have been moved into the Bonuses section, and the Bino stuff may be put in the About page at some point. (I may want to merge those pages . . .)

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  1. toboe

    “Guys, page’s here!”

  2. Asteri

    a back up generator…
    Peanut sure was prepared :D
    I DO use my laptop as a protable DS charger on longer trips :D (yay for USB DS charger :D )

    • Buckdida

      Pshhh. Car adapter is the way to go for car trips. What if your laptop runs out of battery?

      Peanut sure is prepared. I wonder if there’s a pet branch for scouts? You know, like pet boy scouts?

      • Asteri

        oh, well I meant in plane…
        every break I go back and forth between US and Korea…
        13~14 hours flight… yeah :D
        btw, the laptop still powers while it’s in sleep mode… I never had trouble charging during a flight
        but if I’m in a car, yes. definitely car adopter… why bring extra when one cable can solve the problem haha.

  3. Moonwing

    That’s hilarious. ^.^

  4. Flame

    YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! New Comic!!!!!!! Rofl, Peanut brought a generator! :D

  5. rider098

    Gotta love the expressions in the first panel, I’m sure many fans of this comic had the same look now that its back on track! XD

    Now that they are on the farm, I can’t help but think of Peanut and Grape horseback riding… and how awkward it would be it the horses talked. Let the funny farm moments begin!

  6. Valerio

    aww, their enthusiasm is SO contagious :D
    And now it’s…funny farm time!

  7. Zaiki

    Farming! Farming! Farming!

  8. Ezekiel


  9. Ginga

    Yay, after the long wait they’re finally here :D

  10. myzused

    Ah! Peanut has no hands!!! D:

    • Asteri

      funny, I’ve looked at it for a second time… it does look like he has no hands(?!)
      …but it seems like only the thumb is showing :D

      • Geek

        His hands are fists? or inside the bag?

    • BillyMT

      ~ noclip


  11. BillyMT

    I too hate going anywhere far away from my PC without my DS… >.>;


  12. Leina Wolfe

    in the first panel, it looks like grape had to pee.

    • Zaiki

      She might have to

  13. Geek

    Aren’t generators, especially small ones, wicked friggin’ expensive?

    • Frank

      We’re talking here about Earl and Patty Sandwich here, who buy a DS, a Wii, and all their games and accesories for their *dog*! I’m pretty sure they can afford a generator and its fuel

  14. Rage Nakasa

    talk about over Prepared.

    What.. No PSP? Peanut.. I’m disapointted… you need to at lest play Crisis Core…. Well With how you act with books… you would cry for a week at the ending… maybe it’s for the best.

    • Zaiki

      The only thing I’d use a PSP for is the Monster Hunter franchise and Final Fantasy Dissidia.

  15. Rage Nakasa

    Wait a moment? is that a Blue Pries?

  16. Supuhstar

    I love going barefoot, and hardly wear shoes.

    • techdude300

      When I was younger I couldn’t walk around with just socks. I had to either be barefoot or have shoes on.

      • Captain50

        me too! I love being barefoot.

  17. BlueAnubis

    aww yah! the boys scouts have nothing on Peanut!

    YAAAYYYY!!! We’re here!!!

  18. Toaster Lord

    That looks just like my house. o_O

    • Frank

      Hence Peanut’s “This is it?” :-D

      …I hope your house *has* been touched since 1930

  19. Squival

    26th post!!!
    Just thought I’d announce that, as it seems to be a terribly important, and im guessing fascinating thing to state your post number, as many others have before me.

    Also I endorse Peanut’s wise thinking and planning ahead :)

  20. Fuzzypaws

    Backgrounds are very good. :)

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    Cool post, just subscribed.

  22. Captain50

    Yay it’s back…
    I don’t know anybody who carries around a generator.
    BTW what time zone are you Rick?
    I was up past midnight EST and i didn’t see an update till after i woke up a few hours later.

  23. Wolfspawn

    Hahaha ^^ Good work peanut :P

  24. Ragereaper

    Hindsight is a female from your species, eh Peanut?

    • Ragereaper

      I’m sorry. This was improper and vulgar. I apologize to anyone that might have been offended. And for you other people who weren’t offended, laugh at it. You’re easily amused.

  25. james319

    well,at least he was prepared XD