Of Dishes And Taking

I am going to need to take a break for the week (Laptop going in for repair) So I will be running guest comics and bonus material every day until it comes back.

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  1. Ginga

    Hehe Grape is embarrassed :P

    • Zurr

      I think you mean ‘Gapre’

  2. Oblivion


  3. Odos

    Wow… Peanut took the blue right out of her, didn’t he? Turned real red, REAL fast… Heheh… Is it sad that I didn’t read what grape was writing because it was kinda… invading… even though Grape doesn’t really exist?

  4. Repicheep22

    Hey Grape, fan fiction’s nothing to be ashamed of. Neither is that fact that your fan character just so happens to be your name mixed up a bit.

    • Spunky Wedgewood

      Trust me when I say this- fancharacters are bad. Just look at the bad half of Sonic fandom if you don’t believe me

  5. Zaiki

    Petir and Gapre? … Peanut and Grape?

    • Tamer

      I’m think about it too.

      Grape in last panel are so CUTE!

    • johnny40000

      i dont think so unless im not pronouncing it right…

      • Tobias Rhdoes

        I would personally pronounce it Petir as Pea-tear and Gapre as Gap-ray

        • Lucas H.C.

          You know that, by doing this, Petir reminds Peanut even more, don’t you?

          • Trefoiler

            I believe we actually call that the ‘power of suggestion’.

            Now we’ll be lucky if anyone can resist Pee-teer and Gah-pray! Although Gah-prah may make sense too.

            Hehehe… Gra-prah Winfrey…

          • Tobias Rhdoes

            LOVE HER PEANUT! IT IS INEVITABLE! MWhahaha.*coughhackchokedie* Anywho, yeah, I have a feeling that Peanut might get the hint, if he decides to look back over her shoulder again.

          • Zaiki

            It’s too bad Peanut is too oblivious to put 2 and 2 together… T_T

  6. BluFox

    Haha! Right up my alley, hun! Good job!

    “Petir, every moment with you is like a dance with eternity…” Gold!

    • varsaigen

      mut mean its so boring it won’t end :P Kinda like how she must feel being around his idiocracy XD

      • varsaigen

        might D: Uhg. comp lag D:

  7. Sleet

    I’m assuming Petir is an actual character from something (Pridelands probably). Otherwise Peanut wouldn’t have recognized it as fanfiction. It would’ve been regular fiction. Or Twilight. >:3

    • Ragequit

      Actually, Peanut would have realised because the dragon council was mentioned. Look back through the archives and you’ll notice that the dragon council seems to have a relatively heavy focus in pridelands.

      Also, good work once again Rick. Although being Australian, nothing surpasses the Roo episode for me. How did you get such a factual insight into how we Aussies actually view those stereotypes? :P

      • Rick Griffin

        Simple; I just figured you felt the same way everyone else did!

        • CalaverX11

          You can than Outback Steakhouse for that.

          • Mia

            Hehe I’m an Aussie too and was also highly amused!

  8. Valerio

    eeeeeeeeeee, Grape’s totally ubercute :D
    Who knows? Mebbe Peanut could illustrate some?

  9. -Silence-

    I’ve written fanfiction in a car before…it’s difficult.

    In case anyone is wondering, Sonic fanfiction (Yes, I know…talk amongst yourselves).

    • Valerio

      I go Marvel.
      To each his/her perversion :)

      • Zaiki

        I’d make a Twilight fanfic where the vampires cut themselves to death and Bella goes insane and writes illegibly in her diary. Oh, wait, this actually happened.

      • BlueAnubis

        Fun times, I’m doin a Pokemon fan-fic, about the Pokemon, not the people.

  10. Valerio

    funny how Grape’s handwriting is far better (and writing in a car!) than Peanut…

    • Geek

      Well, I think that Grape’s supposed to seem a lot more educated than Peanut–Just a side note.

  11. Flame


  12. Flame


  13. 1337

    lol grapes face is funny.
    im just wondering its pretty obvious that gapre is based off of grape herself but what about petir? if its who i think then this may become more intresting.

    • Zaiki


      • alazarramir

        Nah, it would be from Pridelands would it not? She did have a strong fasination about that book.

  14. Rabid_Fox

    “Every moment with you is like a dance with eternity” made me laugh and I’m sitting in work, slightly drunk, on a Monday morning. So that’s impressive gag writing.

    • Zaiki

      Everything’s funnier with booze.

  15. person1111

    How does someone not notice someone reading what you are writing? especially in a car

    • Rai'kuro

      Actually, if you remember from the Pridelands arc, Peanut is an extremely fast reader. He probably read it all in one glance XD

      • varsaigen

        all three pages? D:

  16. Haraio

    D’awwwww! Grape is so adorable in the last panel!^^ And being a fanfiction writer myself, I can testify to the slight discomfort of people you know reading an unfinished piece. Especially if it’s a love scene :P

    • Zaiki

      Especially if they’re in it.

  17. Frank

    What happened to Peanut’s hair? (or rather, the fur atop his head) It’s messier than usual today

    Also, varsaigen was commenting Friday that Grape looked rather like a dog. I think she looks more like a dog today. Maybe she has a tendancy to look that way when she’s upset? Or rather, Rick has a tendancy to draw her that way when he draws her upset?

    Regardless though, today’s comic is simply priceless!

    P.S. Eli Sunfur: you were saying maybe Grape had something to hide. Maybe this was it!

    • Geek

      Maybe Peanut was sleeping again.

      • Trefoiler

        Oh, yes. Car-head tends to be a bit messier than most bed-heads, what with bumps and turns and such. Also, it can accumulate.

        Trust me, my hair doesn’t fall, it poofs. Can you say ‘Lopsided Bride of Frankenstein?’

        • Zaiki

          Lopsided Bride of Frankenstien

          • Ezekiel

            Oh my. Perhaps I should see a doctor about my face, as there seems to be a palm in it.

  18. Captain50

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Grape that embarassed before.

  19. Wolfspawn

    Aww… Cutie cat ^^

  20. RaYoshi

    Awww, Grape looks so cute when flustered~

  21. BillyMT

    Red like a pepper! XD

  22. rider098

    Phfff ah ha ha! Oh that was good, seems like that roleplaying game gave her some ideas.

    Then again it could just be another normal fanfiction… ;)

  23. techdude300


  24. Starmorph

    Poor Grape, love scenes are hard to write when the character isn’t based on yourself, i don’t do well with people in the same ROOM, i wonder how she did it in the car.

    Oh, hi. I’m new here, by the way. ^_^

    • Trefoiler

      Salutations, etc., always good to have more avid writers about.

      Or, uh, ‘around’, if you prefer. I’m one of those grammar combers, just so you know.

      ‘Grammar Nazi’ may work as well…

    • Zaiki

      In this case, the characters are based off her and Peanut

  25. Akwolf

    x33!! I love this one because I happen to know a couple of friends that write stories and become all flustered when I peek over them x33 but I totally flip when people I don’t know try looking at my art… half because it is unworthy =3=

  26. Rage Nakasa

    Oh, that’s just pure gold.


  27. Geek

    LOL…. Read the Alt thing.

    • Rage Nakasa

      I did. hehe

      • toboe

        Alt text FTW! now I have to go back and read every single comic again…

        (i was wondering where you were getting that lvl 10 princess stuff)

        • Frank

          The alt text starts in the “a mouse named spo” arc. To quote Rick Griffin:

          “with the new 2.7 Comicpress and Manager, I can include alt text on the comic. Hover over the picture for an extra joke/stupid thought.”

          He mentioned it again at Easter:

          “Can you spot all the eggs the dogs missed? Answers in the alt text!”

  28. Crayshen

    “It was fortold, not unlike the fortelling before.”

    Someone needs to work on their sentence variety.

    • Trefoiler

      I would suggest:
      “It was foretold, not unlike any of a looming fistful of prophesies come previous.”

      Or something to that effect. I’ll say again: What fun English is!

  29. Trefoiler

    Panel 1: Win.
    2: Hehe, okay, win.
    3: Whoa, Gra-ape! Win!
    4: Dear doG, ROXOR!

    I had a conversation with someone the other day about the difference between the Non-canon and Fan-fiction. Turns out, there don’t seem to be many at all! It all seems to depend on being a fan, or being a fan with a good publisher.

    Fan fiction? No. Never. It’s all Non-canon! :D

  30. Cullom

    Grape, why must you do this? It seems as though we writers have lost another one to the dark side…. *sigh*

    XD Just kidding. Amazing strip.

  31. Crystal

    I’m like that when I’m working on a fanfic or reading manga online.

  32. Zaiki

    Many horrible fanfic were born of this page alone.

  33. Fuzzypaws

    Grape always has the best expressions. Now let the shipping commence ;D

  34. BlueAnubis

    Aww, She’s so cute when she’s embaressed, (even though she looks like she is going to devour Peanut’s head)

  35. William Frost

    Yay for you Grape! XD