Well apparently the broken piece was important enough that in order to get it fixed, I need to ship the laptop in to the repair center for a base replacement. Thank you, extended warranty! However this means that once the shipping box gets here, I will not be able to draw the comic for about a week. Since I don’t work on a buffer, this means another break.

This time however! I will, if you wish, be accepting Guest Comics for the time period (probably starting next Wednesday) in order to fill in the empty void that is normally a Housepets-free time period. You can email me at my normal address, or post it on the forums.

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  1. Aquablood

    YAY 4 Guest Art! :D

  2. Draco_2k

    Happy unexpected holidays. :)

  3. Tobias Rhdoes

    I am sad about Housepets going away for the week, but a chance to see others ideas of Housepets….yay!!!

  4. JasonF

    Sorry to hear about the crash. I just emailed a guest strip to you. Let me know if you get it! ;)