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  1. Buckdida

    …A very, very wise choice Grape.

    I kinda wish I coulda said “no.”

    • thehshadowwolf94

      ya, i really want to see what was going to happen.

      • Zaiki


  2. thehshadowwolf94

    wow, peanut you are a god at unintentional comedy.

  3. varsaigen

    Grape looks like a dog in this one (face D:)

    • thehshadowwolf94

      only in the second panel.

    • Rick Griffin

      I apologize; even though this is late, several parts of the artwork had still been rushed

      • thehshadowwolf94

        not a problem, i like it as it is.

        • Flame

          She sort of does look like a dog, but there is nothing really wrong with it.

  4. Moonwing

    Whoa, this is where the saying “Curiosity killed the cat”, comes into play, but instead of the killing being physical, it would be phycological, lol O.O Nice choice, Grape. Way to pick your poison wisely.

  5. Sage Freehaven

    Grape’s lucky; it could have been a different kind of roleplaying group altogether. X3

    • Captain50

      I’m not sure how I should interpret that one.

  6. Flame

    Wow,ROFL, Joey’s friends are weird!

    • Ginga

      They kinda creep me out but Peanut doesn’t mind >.<

      • Flame

        Peanut doesn’t mind much of anything really (^-^).Lol, Joey is a big roleplayer. Maybe it was a good thing that Grape said “No” :D .

  7. Valerio

    good to see that Peanut can hang out with Joey (or did it happen before ‘the disclosure’?)
    And no, they are not weird! they cute and they play D&D, what else could one ask for?

    • BluFox

      … You are a sad, strange little man*, and you have my pity…

      *assuming u are a man, if you aren’t i apologize XP

      • Zaiki

        There’s nothing wrong with D&D, it’s a fun game

        • Pencil


          *Rolls for initiative*

          • Flame

            I’ve never really even played it.

          • Geek

            Then your imagination has not truely lived.

      • Valerio

        D&D rulez!
        In your face! (or whatever else you use)

  8. falconfox01

    saving throw against what I wonders! lol!

    • Trefoiler

      I’m not familiar with the intricacies of Dungeons and Dragons, but failing win a ‘will saving throw’ sounds to me like Buxomina gets to seduce them. But what do I know?

      • Trefoiler

        I think I mean to say ‘failing to win’, but decided not to. Hm.

        • R-One

          Had a similar scenario to the one in this strip in an actual D&D group – and yes, failing the save means something similar to that. Of course, a truly devious DM will cause it to be a penalty to the players (example, she convinces you to pay double for any drinks, plus leave a generous (50 gold or more each) tip, and makes you believe it was all YOUR idea, lol!), instead of whatever idea the players may have had. XD

          • Trefoiler

            I’ve been thinking: If I ever do get caught in such a circumstance, and I do roll for a will save, and win, I would then accept her offer. Just seems like such a… suave gesture.

            Chivalry/Ulterior Motives FTW

  9. Squival

    rofl great strip, my mate used to play D&D and has got some of us into trying it out, we were all really enthusiastic about it but over the year since we said we were gunna play it we only got about 1 game done and that only lasted for about an hour ><

  10. Taay

    good job grape. kepp at it.


  11. Eli Sunfur

    The fact that she is now reading the book for D&D is scary. Could she be hiding something?

    • toboe

      Cats reading D&D books are scary now?

      ZOMG Grape has a dark, dark, scary secret! Abhor the dorks!

      • Geek

        Don’t underestimate us. WE WILL RULE THE WHOLE WORLD, including Africa.

    • OutOfNoWhere

      She’s hiding the fact that she’s actually a princess, and that she’s 10 levels higher than everyone else.

      • Trefoiler

        Or 10 levels higher than Buxomina…

  12. Tobias Rhdoes

    I do think that Grape knows more about, and may be more interested in, roleplaying than she is letting on.

    • Frank

      Well, she did come up with the weather wizard (all hail the raining king, remember?)

  13. R-One

    Eh… sounds like Joey’s group uses the BOEF (Experienced D&D players, you know what I mean. Everyone else… don’t ask), shame on you, shame! It’s either that, or Joey runs some VERY odd campaigns. Hopefully the later. =P

    Poor Peanut… NO idea what kind of mess you’re setting yourself up for rolling a paladin… Tried the class numerous times myself, and no two DM’s interpret it the same. Nine out of Ten butcher the Lawful Good alignment in their attempts to enforce it, even, and in the end, set them up for auto-failure. Example: Paladin captures evildoer, who surrenders, and turns him/her/it in. Alignment failure – evildoer, you didn’t smite them! What? Okay… replay, Paladin smites said evildoer. Alignment failure – they surrendered! Wth… okay…. Replay, another party member beats you to the evildoer this time and resolves the whole scenario… Bang, Alignment failure, no reason given. WTF… and so on. Any action causes you to fail, even if you were not the one taking the action. D&D 4.0 removed this problem by opening the alignment, but in all honesty, who plays 4.0? Most folks stick with 3.5, at least from what I’ve seen.

    This actually happened to me during a D&D game, and at this point, I won’t even roll a Paladin anymore unless the DM is willing to sit down with me and WRITE OUT a code of conduct for their campaign world for paladins, or at least whatever order of them they have in mind. Most DM’s – including the one my group normally plays with – refuse, of course. They’d rather rig the game to force Paladins to fail than let there be a chance of one actually succeeding in any manner besides a bloody (and normally pointless, so you STILL loose) death.

    … and my DM can’t understand why I’d rather play a Ranger after all of that, lol. XD

    • Rick Griffin

      Paladins have always had this problem, and yet they’re still the ones I want to play the most. This comic comes up because I *am* preparing to play in a 4e campaign soon, and yes I will be playing a paladin, who *gasp* is not omniscient like paladins are somehow expected to be. Any GM who restricts a paladin’s conduct like piano wire around their neck should only be restricted to playing paladins themselves.

      • R-One

        I agree fully with that – sadly, most said GM’s restrict paladins in this manner only because they WANT them to fail, or they’re too inept to realize what restrictions like that will do. = (

        • Geek

          I feel happy and grateful that I play with a group that once spent A) half an hour telling werecow jokes and B) spent fourty-five minutes deciding whether a Paladin would have his powers revoked for tossing a landslide on a villian he didn’t know had surrendered. (We decided no, he wouldn’t, because it was an honest mistake, and that is one of the best virtues of any good paladin. Also we ran out of character sheets.)

      • Blue Heeler Sunfire

        4e??? I still love my 2ed.. if only I could get back in a group that would let me play that one. I mean that was a good system. now everything’s the same..

        • Mikee

          Yay!! Another player of 2ed! I will probably never meet you, but it makes me happy to know that there are more out there.

    • D_Leo

      If it’s what I think it is, then yeah, definitely the latter is preferred. Though knowing Joey…

    • Trefoiler

      I would be one to point out that this phenomenon (do this, fail task, do that, fail ideals, do those, fail everything) is not at all very different from several organized religions in the world already. I am not familiar with D&D dynamics (although I am mysteriously compelled to become just that), but if a Paladin is what I think it is, what would they be doing smiting evildoers? They would get in trouble for that, so why not stick to demons and hell-spawn and such? That is, after all, their real goal, isn’t it?

      Don’t hurt me!
      *rolls for reflex save?*

      • R-One

        Technically, the Paladins role is to smite evil in all it’s many forms, and be a bastion of justice and virtue to others. Of course, redeeming those who’ve fallen into evil should count as well, but many DM’s like to make a no-win trap out of that. Same goes for “smiting” an evil-doer, as I mentioned before. Wizards of the Coast didn’t do too bad a job with paladins in 3.0 and 3.5 really – it’s mostly the players that butcher it. : (

        • Ranma_2k9

          …Y’know, I don’t personally play D&D, but I think if I was playing a Paladin in such a game and the DM put me in one of those “you fail no matter what” scenarios, I would smack said DM upside his or her head, make my action, then say, “Go ahead. Say it’s an alignment fail. I DARE YOU.”

          • Ezekiel

            Could always declare a Smite Evil on the DM.

          • Trefoiler

            A paladin would have no business taking orders from an evildoer, this is true. Unless, of course, it was towards a greater good?

            OOH, did I just say ‘greater good?’ I think that may be a whole other can of worms, no?

  14. Li the tanuki

    Ugh, i miss my old female DM…now, every game I go to is just like this. ::rolleyes::

  15. Fuzzypaws

    Hm I wonder what brought up this comic topic today. ;)

  16. Crash

    What’s a ‘will saving throw’?

    • Shadow Wolf X7

      Ya, I don’t know either… but I’m not prepared for a long definition of the term as well.

      • Indagare

        A will saving throw is used to determine if a person can resist a particular spell or temptation. It’s like if you’re on a diet and you really, really want a chocolate doughnut (or something similar that would throw you off your diet). If you resist the temptation you have made a successful ‘will save’ if not you’ve failed. Apparently here the two canines are deliberately failing theirs for reasons I’ll leave to your imagination.

        • Crash

          Haha! Classic.

    • Indagare

      I explained to Shadow Wolf X7 – see the response below.

  17. Odos

    Fightin’ with the legends of yore!
    Never kissed a girly before! (watch it… there’s some language)

    Hehehe… sadly… I’m going to go play D&D tonight, almost right now, actually… But I LOVE D&D jokes that crack down on the HORRIBLE stereotypes. So, needless to say, I LOVE this strip XD.

    • eggswafflerocks

      Stephen Lynch!!! i didnt even have to go through the link to know that song, i have that concert on CD! i think its Holloween….must listen to it nao! xD

      • Geek

        SONG IS CLASSIC D&D CORE VALUE STUFF! Also watch “The Gamers” on YouTube, IT BE HILARIOUS.

  18. tallgrass

    “Aren’t you gonna ask what it was like?”

    Will saving throw: Roll higher than a two!
    Grape rolled a seventeen!


    • D_Leo

      Dude, she has natural 20…
      also, got any Mountain Dew?

      • Geek

        Hehm. Mountain Doom. Ultimate geek drink.

  19. BlueAnubis

    hmm, I wonder if Joey and his friends ever play with Ryan (Fido’s dad) and his friends?

    Lol! Princess Periwinkle is a Princess in D&D!

    Joey looks a bit strange from that angle, must be the hair.

  20. Crayshen

    That may or may not be the best set of tags, ever.

    • Trefoiler

      I -just- noticed that! Hawhaw!

      Names! I want names! A, uh… what is that? …Great Dane and a Dalmation are made of win! Well, this time excluded. ;)

      • Trefoiler

        Hang on! I just realized: Wouldn’t Peanut be one of these friends for letting this happen?

  21. agouti-rex

    Lol at “Joey’s Creepy Friends” tag

  22. avatar

    hmmm… joey’s right hand is placed “oddly”, no?

    • Geek

      Pretty sure he’s reaching BEHIND the screen, dude. Don’t be a

      • avatar

        Wow, you have like zero social comprehension.

        No offense, but what did telling me “Don’t be a” actually accomplish on your end?

    • R-One

      Pretty sure THAT was unintentional – but with the gag in that particular panel, yeah, lot of folks will no doubt look at it like that. Geeks probably got the original intent behind it down pat, most likely cause Joey needs to pick up a d20 (20 sided dice) or something.

      That, alone, is one of the top 5 reasons I never DM with a screen on the floor, lol – even if there’s only ONE table, I get dibs on it, and same for any other DM in a similar situation IMO. XD

    • Rage Nakasa


  23. Captain50

    I just started reading this. Great comic so far! By the way the cat lover thing reminds me of There She Is! The link to that on newgrounds is
    There’s like 4 or 5 episodes. One of the famous videos of newgrounds.

    • Trefoiler

      Eeep! That is TOO GREAT.

      Watched them all; amazing. Thank you!

  24. Rage Nakasa

    Awesome. got to love thinks like that

  25. -Silence-

    I genuinely want to know something…

    Will “Joey’s Creepy Friends” turn up again? Pleease! I love D&D jokes!

    I know the rules extremely well, but ironically have almost never played. If I knew people nearby who played…

    • Trefoiler

      Oh, I’m sure their D&D stylings are but a symptom of their creepiness. D&D jokes would get samey, but the occasional Joey/Squeak joke, and now the expected ‘Joey/Creepy Friends’ jokes are always entertaining.

      See: Several episodes of Red vs. Blue, season 5, featuring Sister.
      Look for conversations along the lines of:
      “Blah blah blah suicide by overdose blah blah.”
      “Yeah, blah bla– wait– WHAT?”

  26. Valerio

    anybody here also played TALISMAN?

    • Captain50

      No, what is it?

  27. techdude300

    C’mon Peanut, fail! You know you want too!

  28. Captain50

    D&D reminds me of the game, which you all just lost! MWAHAHAHAHA

    • 1337

      nice Ma- i mean Captain50

  29. crys

    staus: serious Hangover (-2 con,-1 dex, No spellcasting)

  30. Boingo the Clown

    Oh god, old nightmares are coming back to me…The horribly failed game sessions…

  31. William Frost

    Grape ish own!