Unspilled Milk
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  1. Polar_Bear

    Awww! So cute!

  2. Repicheep22

    Aww, Grape has a soft side, who knew?

    • Repicheep22

      Am I the only one to catch the word play? “Earl Sandwich” as in the Earl of Sandwich. Now I have to wonder what Mrs. Sandwich’s name is.

      • -Silence-

        *Whew* I though I was the only one who noticed. It could be a coincedence though, but I think not.

      • VGmaster

        Jill Sandwhich.

        • WiseIdiot

          You, sir, win the day.

          • Zaiki

            We must pester the artist to make this her name.

      • Eli Sunfur

        Her name…it is Patty. The character sheet thing says so.

        • Lance

          Let me guess. Her maiden name was “Melte”.

        • Frank

          or if you want it cheesier still, make her maiden name be “Cakes”

  3. Steelfeather

    Awww, poor Grape.

    I really love this new art direction, the pets looks really fantastic.

  4. JasonF

    Awww… poor Grape.

    Reminds me of my own cat. About 9:00 every night he comes in the room, “Meow, meow… I’m lonely, somebody hold meeee…”

    • JasonF

      Lol How many “Awww… poor Grape” ’s are we gonna get? :P

      • Valerio

        Eight so far.
        Ready to count how many ‘Ouch! poor Peanut!’

        • Valerio


          • Valerio


          • Frank

            Sorry to ruin your count but… Awww! Poor Grape!
            Seriously, I never thought we’d see her like that

  5. Bella

    Awww~. I’m not one to comment much, but I can’t resist. I almost cried myself. Poor Grape, I know how she feels. And it’s nice to see her with a softer side.

    • TomFox

      I’m not too ashamed to admit I got a bit misty myself.

  6. falconfox01

    poor grape, can’t even have a soft moment without peanut putting in his 2 cents, even if it was unintended….I also caught the “abandoned again” part. poor kitty!

  7. MalixDexide

    Awww poor Grape.

    I just love how Peanut acts like he didn’t notice anything. Grape is worrying about Peanut seeing her without her collar and Peanut doesn’t notice. I love Peanut. XD

    • dragonking

      it’s not that she didn’t want peanut to see her without the collar, she didn’t want him to see her crying since she is usually the more mature of the two

      • MalixDexide

        Either way, poor Grape. :(

    • Trefoiler

      I would also point out the odds that Peanut did not genuinely notice this while he was fetching that milk. But you’re right, he is acting like it.

  8. Moonwing

    Aw, Grape is so adorable and Peanut is hilarious. I love how Grape was like “Yes, right after I stab you in the face!” I love that. It’s so funny. ^.^

  9. Flame

    lol, cute,ROFL! Again, good comic.

  10. Zanzawolf

    Awww I feel sorry for Grape. The hug scene is quite touching heh and then it goes back to the funny as Peanut comes into the scene oblivious to everything XD.

    Heh stabby stabby.

  11. Fuzzypaws

    Grape gets all the best facial expressions *giggles*

  12. Valerio

    POOR GRAPE! She really must have something biting at her from her own past. Never imagined she could have such a reaction *hugs kitty*. This could be the basis for a future great story arc on our heroes’ past?
    Also, on a technical note, it’s interesting that animals can actually shed tears.

    • Sugar Magnolia

      We know from the vet arc that she was a shelter cat. Being on the road, and without her collar probaly brought back memories of her orginal abandonment. . Poor Grape. Peanut’s so oblivious. I wonder if he knows she was abandoned as a kitten.

      • Zaiki

        Which brings up the question, how old are they?

    • Switch

      Feelings of abandonment could set in quite quickly and override you own logical response to said feelings. Peanut seems mostly unaffected, but his personality is such that the thought of abandonment really woudn’t have occured to him, as logically he knows it won’t happen. Grape clearly has some anxiety issues about this, but it may simply be that she understands the meaning of a collar and to see her owner remove it and walk away brought about a thought she dreaded so much that logic was thrown out the window. Either that or she literally was afraid of getting the pound called on her and I’m reading way too much into this.

      • R-One

        I don’t think you are, really – remember, Grape was adopted, and had a prior name after all (see the vet story-arc), so some of this reaction may stem from prior events we as readers are unaware of (probably cause they’re only abstract in the artists mind at best!), but that helps build depth to the characters.

        Somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this pop up again in a later story arc either, could be interesting.

      • Trefoiler

        Peanut may not have actually been abandoned at all. Many puppies from kennels barely get to know their mothers much at all beyond feeding. Being a pet could be all he’s ever really known, whereas Grape may have been born a stray, or born into a family and then lost, or any number of things. They’re all equally debilitating, especially if she -were- a stray that nobody would keep, despite her pleading.

        That… is so sad. Why did I reply? I’m sad now!

    • Frank

      Of course pets can shed tears! Next time you look at your dog/cat, look for his/her tear ducts. One of my teachers, Mrs. Newcomb, had a dog whose tear ducts became damaged; he had to blink the tears out for the rest of his life.

  13. TomFox

    Absolutely adorable, warms my cold heart. It seems Grape is not as tough as she makes out to be. What a softy *Hugs*

    • CalaverX11

      …until she stabs you in the face.

      • nucleon

        GAH!!! Not the face… NOT THE FACE!!!

        • Ben Anderson

          Would you rather have it in the crotch? :B Cos knowing grape she’d happily aim for there!

          • Zaiki

            Sounds like nucleon is going to be castrated

          • D_Leo

            Plus, you know, it’s closer to her height…

          • TomFox

            Noez! I need/want those intact! ;)

          • Trefoiler

            “Ever sent a tom off to get neutered?


  14. CalaverX11

    Good god.

    I feel so bad for Earl.

    I cannot imagine what it must’ve been like in junior high.

  15. Yokel

    Indeed. Poor, poor Earl. Also, tears are pulled off well.

    • Zaiki

      Except that they seem to shrink from panel 3 to 4

      • TomFox

        Yeah Grape pulled them back out of pure rage

        • Zaiki

          Maybe she used Guts and Courage to do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a Kamina poster. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t!

          • Moonwing

            I think it looked like the tears shranks because her face got scrunched up when she growled/snarled at Peanut lol.

  16. 1337

    lol i love peanut he appears to have my short attention span.

  17. NickCole

    Awww, I think Grapes feel like she is going to be abandon. D: Since the collar is a sign that you own something/something. *hugs Grape* Justdon’tstabme.

    • Trefoiler

      something/something? I… guess that would be correct… If it’s not one, it’s definitely the other.

  18. BlueAnubis

    to quote my brother, “I am going to pull out a gun and stab you in the back of the face”

    sad kitty ;_;

    • Zaiki

      He’s going to stab you in the inside of your skull with a gun?

      • Echo

        That sounds painful…

      • D_Leo

        No…He’s gonna stab him in the inside of his skull with his BULLETS.

        • Zaiki

          He said gun, not loaded gun. Therefor, the gun must be empty.

          • Lance

            Take a GUN that shoots KNIVES and them BEAT them with it.

        • Trefoiler

          There are actually bullets out there big enough to use as a shank. Sharp ones, too. No preparation required.

          • BlueAnubis

            It is actually my brother’s saying. He apperently means, “I’m going to rip your face off, stab you in the back of it repeatedly with the gun, then i will staple your face back on.”

            And you’re right, it does sound painful

  19. james319

    aww poor Grape shes never been that sad before

    YAY! hugs!

    • Valerio

      and never, ever be so furious. I *do* believe she’d tear Peanut apart right on the spot if she weren’t hugging mom.

  20. Sage Freehaven

    Awww, poor Grape. At least she got a hug (and milk)!

  21. BloodTh

    poor grape… now she has to kill Peanut…

  22. Akwolf

    x33! this place only has the best hugs ever! we need more hugs here!!

  23. Circeus

    Well, now we know Reuben is from Mrs. Sandwich’s side of the family.

    • Gwenhwyvar

      Ha! I didn’t even make the connection…Reuben Sandwich

      he he ^^;

  24. Chochi

    Ok,my turn!
    Done…I´ll back to work now.

    • Chochi

      And I want a hug too XD!!!

  25. Draco_2k

    My god, this is genius.

  26. Yami

    awww poor grape.

  27. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Aww poor Grape, though it seems you used that as just an excuse to show that Mrs. Sandwich still exists. X3

    • Trefoiler

      That’s not true!

      …Not entirely!

  28. Leina Wolfe

    When do the Grape and Peanut plushies come out?

    • Zaiki

      Once they get the “1000 Hugs” Achievment

      • Trefoiler

        I would love to see some achievements won in this comic. Maybe Peanut becomes afddicted to the 360 and starts seeing them everywhere. :) )

        • Zaiki

          That would be hilarious. Especially if they were all in TF2 Mock-Achievement format

  29. Ben Anderson

    Put this down as one of my favourite pages!
    And I agree with Leina Wolfe, we need plushes! 8D

    • Trefoiler

      I just received a $600 check from an old, indebted friend and I would not hesitate to spend half of it on a limited edition Housepets! plushy box set. When you poke Peanut, he cites any of 30 poems, and when you poke Grape– well, you don’t poke Grape. You wouldn’t dare.

      • Zaiki

        I wanna poke grape!

        • Trefoiler

          Fine. Sign this disclaimer first, and you can poke her as many times as she’ll let you.

          You must agree that Housepets! Inc. is not responsible for any injuries incurred through the actions of the Housepets! cast members. You poke this feline of your own free will, and at your own risk. You hereby acknowledge the inherent dangers of your actions and relinquish your right toward all legal recourse (against Houspets! Inc. or members of its cast) stemming from your actions.

          Okay. Poke her. I think she wants you to.

  30. Ginga

    Poor Grape, usually its Peanut that gets all emotional and hugs make everyone happy :P

  31. toboe


    Can I have one?!


    • Zaiki


  32. Clarke M

    You know, I always imagine grape with the voice talent of Streaky the Supercat in Krypto the Superdog. What talent do you imagine him as?

    • Valerio

      grape = female

      • Clarke M

        That does not discredit using that particular voice talent for this character. In fact, Peanut Butter didn’t notice and neither did Grape’s friends, so it’s safe to say that the use of that talent would be valid in my view.

        • Trefoiler

          Grape was always too cool for friends, hence we’re left with Peanut’s ambient cluelessness. And because of how they act, especially around their owners, I always seem to apply a child-like voice to them. That would at least make sense in that, up until their voice change, both human boys and girls tend to sound similar. However, animal voices change as well, so it’s all very plausible.

          I think I’ll leave the voice casting to Rick, anyway.

    • D_Leo

      Yes! The Grape conundrum still strikes!

  33. Crystal

    pore grape. *give’s grape a hugg* T_T

  34. D_Leo

    Without a drop of pervyness, I suggest mrs. Sandvich gives Grape a chest-hug; the poor girl looks like she needs it…

    • Zaiki

      Oh I see what you did there.

  35. Manachu Boy

    D’aww, Grape’s too darned sweet here, just further cementing her as my favourite character of the strip. :3

  36. Amz

    Lol, here’s the title on this one (when you look in the picture properties):

    “Yes his name is Earl Sandwich. If your last name was Sandwich, I don’t think you’d be able to avoid silly naming conventions”

    • Trefoiler

      You are correct. Well done.

      • Zaiki

        Should we give him the “Captain Obvious Award”?

  37. Rabid_Fox

    That’s darling.

  38. Insignificance

    Grape is… “bipolar-ish”?

    • TomFox

      Or as my roommate is ever so quick to point out: “a female”

    • Zaiki

      Bipolar people change personalities for long periods of time, usually several weeks or months at a time. Grape is just female.

      • Gwenhwyvar

        and she is also a cat. Some cats have the tendency to play rough at the least provocation.

        Softly petting and purring and then out of the blue CLAWS! TEETH! and KICKING!

        Peanut, just back away slowly.

        • Zaiki

          Your cat is wierd

  39. R-One

    Heh, Grape’s cute one moment, vicious the next… deadly combination here… for Peanut, anyways, lol.

    Interesting to see Grape’s reaction to the whole collar thing, since she was adopted from an animal shelter if I recall right (mentioned in the Vet-trip story arc a while back I think), and that may very well explain some of Grape’s reaction. Maybe we’ll get to learn more in a later story arc? *hopeful*

  40. Two_Twig

    I’m actually starting to suspect that this arc won’t be centered around the farm at all. I mean, would it not seem almost entirely weird if, after something like this, we would just pass by it and try to focus on the farm plot. In fact, the farm itself could just be a story device used to lead readers in while the story then proceeds to shift to the main story, which could be the history of Grape’s past. I can almost guess that in the next scene, we’ll see Peanut begin to realize Grape’s pain and ask whats wrong; what follows after that could take the shape of anything, but will still result in a flashback of some sorts. Then after that, well, we might see a number of other events take place too: 1.) Peanut tries to comfort Grape and Grape sees Peanut as a better person for it. 2.) Peanuts tries to comfort Grape and Grape overcomes her fear of abandonment. and 3.) *Least likely* After Peanut comforts Grape, and they make ou- er I mean, hug or something…. yeah. This is about as wide as any speculation made by one could possibly be at this given point; and chances are that I’ll immediately be proven wrong, crushing my ego, and send me
    spiraling into a never ending cascade of misery and torment, resulting in death from trying to cut myself with a butter knife…. Oh and great comic too, Grape needs more hugs.

    • Trefoiler

      Shhh! Stop that! It’s supposed to be SECRET :P

    • R-One

      Interesting idea, but this could progress in so many different ways, that it’d take forever to name them all, lol. If this was unintentional, I’d rather see Rick continue the primary story arc as is, unchanged, and table this new possibility for now. There’s so much room for character development here, it’d be a shame to see it all wrap up in, what, another 2 weeks? Maybe a bit more, but that hardly does the characters justice IMO.

      Another approach could make heavy use of foreshadowing to draw this new story-possibility out: Maybe Grape’s going to be overly protective of her collar, or irritable, from now on, to the point even Peanut takes notice (eventually, lol!). This could be done with several one-shot comic, interspersed with a few different gags. Maybe even a few other story arcs in between, from Spot (maybe Peanut gets more ideas?) to Fido, Bino, or any of the other dogs and cats in the neighborhood. The persistent readers will continue to speculate, and it gives time to build up Grape’s story a bit. Then, maybe a month or two down the road, this subject comes up again somehow, and cue flashbacks/storytelling story arc, from Grape’s POV.

      Bear in mind, this is all speculation – if Rick already has a story lined up that covers this subject, then that’s his story, end of subject once it comes out. It’s his comic after all.

      @RickGriffin: If this was unintentional, PLEASE don’t pass up the story telling opportunity you’ve given yourself! There’s so much you could do here to further develop your characters, it’d be a shame if you didn’t. It’s much more interesting to the readers when the characters change and evolve over time, and there’s a very good opportunity here for that – take it. (Peanut will cry if you don’t – yes, I just referenced one of your ad’s for Housepets!, lol – been seeing the link on Sandra&Woo for months now.) = )

    • Frank

      Well, he *did* say something special was coming up with Peanut and Grape.

      uh, I’m not sure what Peanut would think of being called a “person”

  41. RHJunior

    People who abandon pets should be punched in the face.
    With a TRUCK. >:(

    • Valerio

      you’re WAY too generous, my sir!
      A full-loaded military fighter should do better.
      Then resurrect the scum
      To do it again.
      And again.

      • Zaiki

        That, but instead kill them with a Falcon Punch to the crotch/breasts.

        • Trefoiler

          This is a barbaric train of thought. What good is maiming/killing someone who has abandoned a pet going to do? Are they going to become magically rehabilitated/apologetic in death? Is the pet going to become magically un-abandoned/saved/void of emotional baggage? I doubt it.

          If you’re going to have a beat-down, let’s just not get picky just because they’re one gender or another. Instead, open them up and give said beating directly to their lungs. Everybody has those!

          Just saying. Do it right.

          • Valerio

            I stand corrected to your wisdom.
            And hey, I always wanted to prove Hell does exist. What better occasion for such vermin?

          • Zaiki

            As long as I get to Falcon Punch people, I’m happy.

          • Trefoiler

            Valerio: Two words: Shock paddles.
            …BZZT “Did you see anything?”
            *cough cough* “Why are you doing this??”
            “That’s okay, we can try again.”

            …BZZT “Now?”

            Zaiki: Not to worry. The Falcon punch remains a perfect technique regardless of placement.

  42. techdude300

    I’ve never felt so much sympathy for a fictional character. Poor Grape.
    (Also, I wonder what she plans to stab him with)

    • Zaiki


    • R-One

      Every picked up a cat that didn’t want you to? Claws, my friend… they hurt. A lot. =P

  43. Raven

    It is truly impressive how much raw emotion is in this page, drawn so well that they invoke such emotions in others as well as hiding facts that don’t come up right away.

  44. sped

    lol, poor grape, but at least we see a new side of her!

    and i love the new art style!

  45. fan

    I want that last panel as a t-shirt!

  46. BillyMT

    How come tomboys like Grape always hate to be seen shedding out to their feminine side XD

    Also… I wanna huggies too :3

    • Trefoiler

      Well, Grape may be a tomboy-cat/boy-tom, cat, thing, but it seems she also has a little brother of sorts to keep her head level. It’s a leadership thing. An older sibling thing.

      • Zaiki

        She described herself as a ‘Tomcat’.

        • Trefoiler

          that would mean she’s a boy.

          “I KNOW WHAT I SAID” :D

  47. Clarke M

    This is the first webcomic I’ve stumbled upon to have COMMENTS!! Congratulations, your comic now meets my standards for formatting.

    • Trefoiler

      We aim to please.

  48. Sabine

    Awww Grape is like my dog in that way D:

    And aren’t most full grown cats lactose intolerant?

    • R-One

      Not always – but what would be a small amount of milk to us is a lot more for a cat, so it will certainly seem that way most of the time. Plus, it’s a stereo-type anyways, so it makes a great gag.

  49. Lupa

    I love the art. It’s perfect
    Face stabbage is wonderful too!!!
    She’s so cuuute and so is Peanut and Earl Sandwitch just hit me now that somebody explained it x.x
    Still, I LOOOVE the artwork. It makes them so much more unique and it fits their personality more plus it seems more natural
    Keep up the AWESOME work!

  50. Wolfspawn

    Aww Peanut is just beeing a cutzie, buying her a milky ^^

  51. Watcher

    Ever since the new art style we’ve seen a surge of emotion and expression in this comic. If this keeps up, the comic will move higher and higher in my bookmark tab.

    It was always a great comic, but now it is borderline epic-awesome!

  52. Chris

    I serriously have no words to describe it…ever since i started reading, i´ve never been so amused by a webcomic. I agree with Watcher 100% (minus the bookmark, my brain is my bookmark XD)