The Other Alternative

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  1. Fuzzypaws

    It takes strips like this to put size in perspective. :3

  2. Barker

    So… the strip with three human faces was a fluke, was it?

    Huh… they really do look like kids when shown like this….

  3. J.J.

    Boy… if the world were really only this simple…

    Great gag: Love Peanut’s reaction (RAZZZZBerrry)

  4. Two_Twig

    Oh Grape, I believe it was you who boldly stated once, “WE ARE NAKED ALL THE TIME.” hehe.

    • String Petoun Ping

      People said a lot thing that does reflect the reality. It’s probably the first time she felt this. She probably never went without a collar before.

      • Two_Twig

        While that is true, I won’t deny that, she still had the means of understanding the fact that she was, in fact, naked. Only now she actually feels naked, which I think is rather humorous.

  5. Yami

    Well jelly it might have something to do with you not having a fish covering your chest, or the fact you wear that collar all the time and it always feels weird taking off something that has been on your skin/fur for a long time.

    I know after 15 hours of sitting at the computer on a hot day, when i stand up my butt feels naked.

    • Geek


  6. MC_Hollis

    Ironic. Cute. Very well done:) Whooo! No. 5

  7. Flame

    Lol, cool! :D

  8. Yami

    that guy would sound just like Archie Bunker (Carol O’Connor) i bet

  9. Zaiki

    They are adorable and why am I posting this at 1:45 am?

  10. Repicheep22

    Well, he did say without leashes. Guess he should be more specific next time.

  11. Newby


  12. Schrodinger

    I laughed. That’s all I can say.

  13. Valerio

    Instant win :D (Peanut should be arrested for excess of cuteness)
    mmmm, wanna rub naked necks now!

    • Zaiki

      That… sounded wrongs…

  14. falconfox01

    lol! Love Peanut in the last panel!

  15. james319

    well the only form of clothing they ever had were the jackets/and the ninja outfits XD

    • Kajex

      And cardboard armor. :D

      • james319

        yeah that too XD

      • Trefoiler

        Don’t forget the occasional paper bag on which a silly hat is drawn!

  16. Merellin

    My cat was like that too, If you removed her collar she refused to go outside. She would sit down infront of the door and wait till you put her collar back on before going outside

    • Ravenite

      Wow. My cat would simply go ballistic if I even dared put a collar on her. I’m still puzzled how she managed to get it off and chew it up and leave it on my bed to find.

      • DragonShinigami

        i put a harness on my cats, both of them. and when they are doing anything wrong i pick them up by the harness. safer on them and me. first time they took a couple steps and dragged themselves to the wall. it was funny and they dont run the risk of choking to death. and people say im mean.

    • Valerio

      one of my dogs simply HATES being collared. he managed to take two off and I gave up.

    • Sabine

      My dog hates it when I take off his collar. I think he takes it as I’m getting rid of him (hes a rescued dog, abused) Even when I put it back on, he stays clingy and need reassurance. Its cute in a sad way

    • Zaiki

      My Dog get’s extremely excited whenever we take her collar off, probably because we only do when it’s ether night or we’re about to put her other collar on and take her to Virginia with us.

      • D_Leo

        Maybe she’s an exhibitionist?

  17. Deadly-Bagel

    Wow, now they actually look naked too…

  18. BloodTh

    … so she doesn’t feel naked unless without her collar… well, I guess there are creatures like thast… some of the most popular anthros wear next to nothing…

  19. icarus

    my grandmother did something similar with the family dog when my dad was a kid :B at the campground they went to, dogs were required to have a 6 foot lead on them at all times.

    so they just tied a rope to the dog’s collar and let her walk around. cause nobody said anything about a human at the other END of that lead…

  20. Ginga

    Hehe first time I saw them without their collars

    • Buckdida

      This IS the first time we’ve seen Peanut and Grape without their collars. The only other pet we’ve seen with out a collar is Fox, during the PETA arc. Darn it. Why do they seem naked when they aren’t wearing collars? It’s a mystery.

      • -Silence-

        I genuinely think it’s their necks…

        I mean, LOOK at them without their collars! They’re so….long!

        • Trefoiler

          It might not have looked that way if the fur hadn’t become patted down by said collars. :P

          Otherwise, I’d bet money on their continued rugged good looks.

          • Zaiki

            But their collars are very lose by the looks of it. If it wasn’t for their adorably large proportions, the collars might fall off if their upside-down!

          • Trefoiler

            At times, I couldn’t tell if the collars were really wide, or really thick. However, some could also be hollow. Peanut keeps his wallet in there, after all.

  21. Valerio

    shame on you! for doing what I was thinking :D

  22. AngelKitt

    OMG, I so love the last pannel with Peanut, I was laughing so hard, it’s so cute! Also love Grape’s comment, hehe.

  23. tahrey

    am i allowed to say “i don’t get it”?

    has he basically made them temporary ferals?

    • Two_Twig

      Yes, I think that’s the case. Without the collars, they temporally have no sign of ownership, making the leashes unnecessary. Very clever Mr. Peanut, very clever…

      • Zaiki

        I think the guys name is Mr. Sandwich, Peanut is the dog, which when you read out his full name is “Peanut Butter Sandwich”, and Grape’s full name is “Grape Jelly Sandwich.”

    • Trefoiler

      Yessir. No leashes turns them into a vary rare type of pet: A not-pet.

      Just like Stripe, the not-cat!

      • Trefoiler

        (Being a very rare breed of dog.)

  24. Akwolf

    xD oh man that is different to see them like that

    Wild animals now~!

  25. toboe

    Mr. Sandwich got sass.

  26. Lupa

    Peanut is comfortable with his nakeness. And confident!

  27. kuisbright

    I love Peanut in the last panel. He’s so cute and naked x3

  28. R-One

    Heh, love the different reactions of Peanut and Grape. It contradicts what you’d almost expect – Grape, the one who’s normally outspoken and confident, makes a quiet, uneasy comment instead about the lack of a collar. Peanut, on the other hand, is the one giving the cashier sass, this case, in the form of a raspberry.

    The only thing that makes it even remotely predictable (and not by much!) is the fact that this kind of contradiction is done all the time in stories, comics, movies, ext – the outspoken character who’s quite in a situation you wouldn’t expect them to be, or vice-versa. Even with that in mind, tho, it’s still a bit surprising, so it’s not a bad trick in the least.

    This one deserves at least 2 follow-ups IMO – they’ve gotta pick their snacks/drinks out still after sorting out the collar/leash situation, lol. ^_^

    • Trefoiler

      I would second your movement for a continuation, I would.

      The role-reversal does tend to be predictable. For example, young, vibrant couples come and go all the time, and often bring each other to meet their families. At that point, I don’t care how outgoing you are, if you’ve retained even a shred of instinct, you’ll be sticking your tail between your legs before you do anything you’ll regret later! And the returning member of that family? Reserved or personable, it all goes topsy-turvy.

      …at least that’s what cocacolonial society and my own experience have taught me.

  29. tomas20

    I agree with tahrey, I don’t understand it either.

  30. kenny fox

    XD lawl

  31. Zanzawolf

    Mmmmm lawltastic XD
    Gotta love loopholes and Peanut’s insane amounts of adorableness.

  32. Geek

    My dog loves getting her neck scratched when we take her collar off. I think it iches or something.

    Also, the reason their necks look thin may just be that after wearing the collar for months on end, a dog or cat’s neck fur tends not to be as fluffy as normal.
    Or it’s the drawing style, heck I dunno.

    • Geek


  33. Geek

    Just thought: Jelly be biggish for a cat, thought that seems to be a constant in this strip.

    Cats being near-dog size, I mean.

    • Geek


  34. Geek


    I just called Grape by her middle name.


    • Geek


      RvB FTW!

      • Geek

        Like Grape once said: Do not have stimulants and free time in the same room. It may lead to insomnia, overposting on comment boards, and in extreme cases insanity.

        That might be only my cat though.


        • Trefoiler

          Jeez, let’s see here…

          It could also be that Peanut is smallish(?) for a dog, or perhaps of a smaller dog breed than so-called normal dogs; no worries, I could get used to calling her ‘Jelly’; “I do not want to catch pregnancy!” HA; don’t be silly, you’re making the internet more interesting; the line between insanity and genius is all-too blurred; I doubt yours is the only one; and, finally, Blarg Blarg, Blarg-Honk.


          • Megaket

            Ia tsu-tsa, parivikkai vailan,
            Tikkai villan titstandum!
            L’laa dipi depi della ruppathi rupiran,
            Kuriikan kukkaja kirikango!

            Hra-tsa-tsa, ia ripi-dapi dilla
            Barits tad dillan deh lando.
            Aba rippadta parip parii
            Ba ribi, ribi, ribiriz den teahlando.

            Ia barillaz dillan deiallou,
            Ara va reve-reve revydyv dyvjavuo:
            Bariz dah l’llavz dei lando,
            Dabaoke dagae dagae due due dei ia do.

          • Trefoiler

            It seems I am bested. Indonesian? Malay? It doesn’t matter.

            Well met!

  35. Severedevil

    Whoo! Take it off!

    • Trefoiler

      HA haha HA.

      MINT, my friend! :D

  36. BlueAnubis

    “There now they’re my kids, and not my pets”

    I first thought that they were goin to do the whole zoo thing again by holding their own leashes. Then I fell over at Peanut and Grape’s reactions

  37. Kipaji

    Is it just me, or is Grape looking very nervous and uncertain in the first panel, holding on to daddy’s hand? Like, she’s now far away from familiar surroundings and ill-at-ease because of it? Dogs genuinely do better with travel and new places than cats do, I wonder if this is one case where Peanut will handle things better than Grape?

    • Trefoiler

      When I saw it, it seemed to me that they were just doing a very cute, affectionate father-daughter type thing that pulled at my heart strings. The rest of that paragraph, however, is both plausible and probable.

      … What the hell is a ‘heart string’, anyway? I don’t remember that in biology.

      • Rick Griffin

        I do. I got to feel a cow’s heart strings in my hands once. It is particularly weird.

        • Trefoiler

          That actually sounds like a fascinating experience, in my opinion. Now, and upon a simple Google search, I also find that heart strings do, in fact, exist.

          Did you happen to find out what happens when you pull at them?

          • Zaiki

            Then people can’t control your emotions?

          • Trefoiler

            My first guess would have been an arrhythmia, but that doesn’t fit, does it?

  38. Drakkon

    I love Peanut. If he ever catches a bad case of ‘free to good home’ I’ll take him!

  39. Shadow Wolf X7

    lol, pets always seem “naked” whenever their collars are removed.

  40. Trefoiler

    BwahahaHA. Excellence!

    I’ve been wondering, though, is Mr. Norris’ rates agreeable or are you going into debt keeping him on your cast?

    :P Nobody else would ask.

    • Valerio

      if that was Chuck Norris, he’d already have made a collar out of that clerk’s skin!

      • Trefoiler

        Close; Mr. Norris would have already round-house kicked him into a book about internet phenomena to reduce the annoyance he’d endure by the time he showed up.

  41. Phantasmas

    Oh Noes!! Peanut is flaunting his nakedness >.<

    • Zaiki

      I’m guessing you stared at that panel in awe for several hours.

  42. Residentfriendly

    Haha~ thats cute xD

  43. R-One

    Wow, lot of folks don’t seem to get the joke.

    This ones on us, the readers, for those who haven’t caught on – We’ve become so used to seeing Grape, Peanut, and any other Housepets! pets with collars that, when said collars are removed, we the readers automatically react with “Hey, their collars are gone, they’re *gasp* naked!” It’s not a 100% original joke, but it tends to remain funny none the less each time.

    Summary – Ricks having a bit of a joke here at our expense, and we’re laughing along with him. Very well played joke. = )

    • Trefoiler

      It does not necessarily require the establishment of nudity, but rather the observation that the character is somehow incomplete. Only then does a reader find it to be the collar, the character’s only consistent article of clothing, leaving them without clothing at all. They will therefore find its nearly identical relationship with the definition of ‘naked’: ‘having no clothing or covering, especially either of which that is otherwise common’, in short.

      That was just a compounding thought, really; another probability. As for the joke, I’m sure he knew we’d get a kick out of it. If we were openly amused by pie-throwing, he’d throw an occasional pie just to make us smile. Maybe as a cheap method for ego-boosting as well, but I’m sure he’s far from suffering -that- kind of emergency.

      All hail the Griffin and his benevolence!

  44. Yami

    Peanut looks so Mischievous like that.

  45. Clarke M

    Swell comic you’ve got there. I haven’t noticed this until now, and it’s a good thing I did. I love it! It’s one of the best discoveries I’ve found on the web so far.

  46. rabidkanid

    “no pets allowed without their leashes”, the the guy takes off their collars and runs off.
    ……..yet another comic strip that didn’t make any sense to me even when I looked at it over and over and I had to ask someone else about it………

    Apparently if they don’t have their collars on, their not pets. which still generally makes little sense to me and if that is the “joke” then I feel it’s a very ambiguous one. They’re still the guys pets even without the collars.

    • Two_Twig

      Relax. In the words of Jackson Pollock ” You need to stare at a bed of flowers and tear your hair out trying to understand it, just appreciate it” (a little off but you get the point).

      • Two_Twig

        *don’t need* sorry

        • rabidkanid

          yeah, I get the point

  47. Os

    They are naked!!!!, my eyes shut

    • Zaiki

      Then open with awe?

  48. BlueAnubis

    you know, I just thought of this.

    Peanut thinking: Ha ha! you can’t tell us what to do, Mr. Ca… Hey! Wait a minute! Dad took my wallet!

  49. BillyMT

    And today on the newest issue of housepets! Fanservice!

  50. William Frost

    According to the other comments, my cat must be a nudist. *Shifty eyes* He hides his collars.

  51. Wolfspawn

    HA! The pets are on the loose ^^

  52. Watcher

    If I’m seeing this right, by removing the collars they are no longer pets but something along the lines of, say, strays?

    Why didn’t he just pull the zoo gag and let them hold their own leads?

  53. Wolfspawn

    I guess that trick is ”Old School now”. ^^ And it’s always fun with something new and creative :P