I upgraded the Comicpress theme a few days ago and apparently there was a navigation bug in the archive. It has been fixed now.

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  1. CalaverX11

    I didn’t even notice. :)

  2. Deadly-Bagel

    Ah, good. Noticed that yesterday when I did a re-read out of boredom, if the next item was news, the next button would take you there instead of to the next comic. Though if you were in news and the next item was a comic, it would skip it and go all the way to the next news. Most annoying.

  3. AshleyAshes

    I was wondering what was wrong with it.

    …You didn’t have to outright delete my comment I made about it yesterday however. :/

    • Rick Griffin

      I didn’t let it through because the comment didn’t make it through the word filters. I appreciate that you pointed it out to me though.