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  1. Gunde

    Heh, cute, like always.

  2. Ginga

    Peanut is sure enjoying himself…when Grape isn’t >.<

  3. OutOfNoWhere

    Wait… don’t they drive on the left side of the car? How did Peanut fit through?

    • Frank

      Maybe the car is imported from Britain? Or maybe Peanut is a lot closer to the size of real dogs than we thought

      • Chiry

        Or Mr. Sandwitch is a postman and just used to driving on the right side of the car.

        • Chiry

          wait, scratch that, just read the character page on that ^.^;

      • -Silence-

        What’s wrong with it being Australian? It’s not like Britian’s the only country with the steering wheel on the right…

        • Trefoiler

          What’s wrong with it being British? Or Japanese? Or Zimbabwean?

          Now hush, and don’t worry. That mean old Britain can’t do anything to you anymore. Your cars are every bit as asymmetrically right as theirs.

          Let’s go; I’ll make you a sandwich.

    • Shaboigan

      Or peanut is in the driver’s lap. Thats how I usually see dogs with their heads out the window.

      • Rick Griffin

        Someone, give this man an internet!

        • Shaboigan

          I dont deserve one for just pointing out the obvious.

          • Rick Griffin

            Well considering all the other explainations given . . .

          • Shaboigan

            Just forum-stupidity and the unnecessary need of some people to over analyze your comic.

      • RockstarRaccoon

        You know, that’s actually illegal? This one time my dad got stopped for speeding (as usual), and the dog was in his lap, and the officer gave him an extra note on the ticket for it.

  4. Frank

    Ewww… although I suppose it was inevitable. The dog-and-car-window gag is quite irresistable.

    The funny thing is, the first and only time MY dog ever did that, he fell out. Good thing it happened at a stoplight!

  5. Repicheep22

    Grape’s probably thinking, “And I thought his snoring was bad!”

  6. BlueAnubis

    Eww, that would not be pleasant. reminds me of when my brother spit out the window with me in the back.

    Why is Peanut not on his side of the car?

  7. Keeshah

    There going to get pulled over by a sheriff dog for being out of there car seat!


  8. J.J.

    Peanut: “Aahlahlahlah!”

    Grape: “I HATE baths!”

    Love the right-hand drive :-D

    • Rick Griffin

      Who said the driver’s side was on the right? They’re in America

      • R-One

        If you visualize the car from directly behind, their “Dad” is on the right side of the car, driving. Common mistake – make it all the time myself drawing too. >.>

        • Sabakuryu

          Nah, I think that’s just an optical illusion. to me it looks plain fine. Maybe that’s jsut because I have the premsie that they are in America though. :3

          • R-One

            I’m looking at it that way, and it looks incorrect for an American Vehicle – drivers are on the LEFT side in the USA, with the car on the right side of the road (from it’s POV), meaning you pass Driver vs Driver when on a two-way street.

            Example, but may be distorted when submited.
            D = Driver. P = Passenger. V = Southbound. ^ = Northbound.
            ******** *********
            * * * ^ *
            * P D * * D P *
            * V * * *
            ********* *********

            If no one believes me, go out and CHECK your car right now – guarantee if you stand behind it, and are driving an American vehicle, the driver sits on the left side when you’re looking at the car from behind. Imagine standing behind the car in the strip, however, and Mr Peanut ends up being on the right side of the car from that POV – the wrong side for a US vehicle.

            In no way does it detract from the joke tho… lol.

          • R-One

            Looks like some marks got ommited – “Car” on the left is going “south” on the page (down), while car on the right is going “north” (Up). Hope that makes more sense. >.<

          • Sleet

            Perhaps Peanut climbed into the front seat, to his left. That way he can still be driving on the correct side (…IN AMERICA!) and it would also explain why he’s not in the back.

          • Watcher

            Keep in consideration that Mrs. Sandwich is tagged in the strip. Since we cannot see her, she is either in the trunk, in the back seat, or blocked by Mr. Sandwich’s head.

            Since the trunk is highly unlikely and the back is impossible due to the car seats, the latter has to be true which makes the car left-hand drive.

  9. Calbeck

    When I was a little kid, I got sand all in my hair once and hated it. On the drive home, I stuck my head out the window and scrubbed my head to get the last of the sand loose.

    When Mom asked what I thought I was doing, I said, “I’m giving myself a blow job!”.

    I swear to God, I had no idea what that meant when I was five.

    • Sabakuryu

      Lordy. Ah the joys of being young… *remembers the time he yelled, “Kick her balls!” XD*

      • Forvet

        Not as bad as learning the -old- meaning of gay when your in first grade and being pestered for it until 7th grade. xD

        • BluFox

          Same with me. And slightly different.

          See, in my first and middle name, there’s the same sound: ***ry **rie. So, my baby-sitter called me Ree-ree. Then I told my friends about it….. not so pretty….

  10. Flame

    Wow ROFL, Great Comic!

  11. Sabakuryu

    I wonder why peanut couldn’t have just stayed at the back with grape while doing it? :P Then again, it wouldn’ be as funny as it is now, lol.

  12. Valerio

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Cutie Peanut!
    Ok, the gag HAD to be there…but wasn’t peanut supposed to stay in the back seat with Grape?

    • Frank

      Don’t be such a spoil-sport. Then it wouldn’t be funny because Grape’s face would be dry!

      • Trefoiler

        Frank is right! The joke wouldn’t work at all in that fashion!

        …unless they were somehow strafing the car rightward at similar speeds. That wouldn’t make sense, but four-wheel steering may become advanced enough to allow that someday. That, or we’ll start using spheres like in–

        Yeah, stop myself before making a film reference. That’s exactly what Hollywood wants me to do.

  13. falconfox01


  14. Frostgrip

    Reminds me of riding the bus to school, one kid spit out the window, the next window back would find out what he had for lunch.

  15. Eric

    Awesome comic! I love the detail of the car. Very nice.

  16. james319

    hes always cute ^^

  17. sped

    lmao!…poor grape XD

  18. Geek

    No matter how smart a dog gets, they ALWAYS want to do that. Also, most cats tend to hate cars anyway… Funny how that works.

    • Frank

      Cats tend to feel they’re being locked up when you put them in a car. Oh sure, the cage moves, but it’s still a cage. Cats also like to explore and observe their surroundings constantly. Hard to do when every minute puts you a mile away.

      Dogs, on the other hand, only like to check thier “territory” occasionally. In the wild, canines get on a high place to do this (before going around sniffing everything). These kinds of high places usually have a strong updraft, which can easily mean 60 mph winds. Now how else can we get 60 mph winds when there are no high places around?

      Now, as a human, get atop a building and try saying “everything the light touches belongs to me”. Doesn’t that make you feel powerful? Doesn’t that feel good? Wouldn’t you give anything to be reminded of that feeling? Even if it was just the way the wind felt in your face as you said it?

      • Trefoiler

        OR… seeing as how dogs are prominently olfactory in their investigations, as humans are prominently visual in their investigations, a dog would find the various scents outside the car more interesting than the vistas outside the car.

        Though, your explanation is a lot more fun to read. I feel happy now.

        • Trefoiler

          Actually, it could be a combination of the two. Who really knows?

          *gasp!* There should be an ‘Ask a Pet’ edition!–

          “Hello, I’m Gigi.”
          “-and I’m Osa.”
          “And we play Peanut and Grape on the popular webcomic ‘Housepets!’.”
          “That’s right, Gigi. And for the next fifteen minutes, we will be answering some of the questions you, our readers, have been asking about us pets.”
          “Because we don’t just play them on the internet!”
          “Ahaha. No we do not.”
          “Let’s get started.”
          “The first question is by Robert, from Michigan. Robert writes: …”

          Um, not that, in a strange, redundant superfiction surrounding the Housepets! fiction, their names would be Gigi and Osa. I just… think those would be good names.

  19. AceyWinters


  20. Mystery Ezekude

    Ha ha ha. I’ve always wanted to see Peanut act more like a dog. I would be really satisfied if Grape actually said “Meow.”

  21. Gwenhwyvar

    Out of curiosity…what is Peanut’s breed? My guess would be a beagle and a labrador cross. He is sweet like a lab, but colored kinda like a beagle. idk.

    On the outside of that tangent…Peanut is SO CUTE!!

    • Shippo

      He’s a mutt. I had a dog that had all the same markings. He was a mutt.

      • Trefoiler

        I believe Gwenhwyvar was inquiring toward something more specific. ‘Mutt’ is not a breed, but Beagle-Lab is.

        Labreagle. Beaglab. Labreagor. Bealabradorgle. Labreaglador.

        I think that’s all of them…? Anyway, I think that may be the answer. Labradeagledor.

    • Trefoiler

      The cutest dog in the whole panel!
      Yes you are!
      Aren’t you!?

      Wait. Why would I ask him after I just supplied the answer to that exact same qu– eh. He’s just cute! Period!

  22. Akwolf

    rofl I can’t say this one was as cute xD

  23. Xu-kitty

    And we’re back to hiding human faces, I guess? ^^;;;

    • Trefoiler

      Apparently the strange and shocking failure to obscure Joel’s face was actually intentional due to his swollen role among the animals. Like many other great comics, Housepets! revolves around the animals– these ‘housepets’, if you will– causing their owners, along with many other human characters, to lack description, involvement, or evolution. As a result, they retain a certain aloofness, which, in the case of Joel, ceased the moment he chose to confide such personal information in the canine officers.

      While this explanation was likely unneeded, and bloated considering its subject matter, I have come to a compromise in myself. It seems tantamount to the following: Such a serious strip within a famously carefree comic enterprise begs serious discussion within a famously carefree fandom. Hence the reception observed upon its posting and dear doG, would people stop asking questions so I can eat my dinner!? I’m only one man!

  24. kenny fox

    omgosh XD *slobber*

  25. Fuzzypaws

    Grape needs an umbrella!

  26. soniku64

    I am to lazy to read the other posts to see if anyone else has already said this but…

    Peanut is sitting in Mr. Sandwhich’s lap. You can see Mrs. Sandwhich’s Ear ring under Mr Sandwhich’s ear. The little green circle is in no way connected to Mr Sandwich’s ear. Also you can see some of Mrs Sandwhich’s hair if you look really closly.

    I pay way to much attention to detail. v_v

    • Trefoiler

      I was under the impression that the green bauble-shape was simply another tree passing the car, as seen through the passenger side window. I don’t see the hair you’re talking about, but the oddly un-green/blue area between Peanut and Mr. Sandwich looks to me like Mrs. Sandwich could be leaning slightly forward in her seat.
      None of this really matters, but I’m not one to pass up the submission of a third opinion.

  27. fan

    This is soooo cute! It would make a great t-shirt!

  28. Wolfspawn

    I can relate to that *Giggle* ^^