Another Page Of My Childhood
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  1. Shoji

    I still fall asleep whenever I’m in a car, haha.

    • Severedevil

      Don’t drive.

      • Kegan

        Lol Thats the only time I dont fall asleep, I am too high strung to fall asleep when I am driving. But when I am not driving, anything longer than an hour can have serious snoozing consequence’s.

  2. Barker

    *blink* Farm?

    This is ought to be good.

    • ParryLost

      Looks like we’ll finally get to see whether the food talks too… >_<


      • Zaiki

        That would make eating meat on the farm weird.

        • RockstarRaccoon

          That would be amazing.

        • Keeshah

          Steer — Fritz! you Ate Fritz! he was my bestest friend in the whole world!..

          Farmer — you wanting to be next on the menu?

          Steer — Come to think of it, I hardy knew him… infact he was an real pain..

    • black cat

      total goood
      lol peanut horserideing !!!!
      grape with chickens!

  3. Two_Twig

    Ah, it almost sounds like every one of my old road trip plans as a kid, haha. Gotta love Peanut.

  4. Riversand

    Hehehehe… i love this comic, and i love this page as well, sometimes i’ve done the same as peanut. Keep it up, your work is good.

  5. omega_fox123

    i never can sleep on the way to the destination, but i always pass out on the way back.

    i like this story art already, it has somany possibilitys that i can’t predict whats gonna happen. maybe grape with take back some spot light, peanut has been takeing some stardom from his sister ((must be his comedic value))

  6. Yokel

    Just like the good old days.

  7. Odos

    I could never fall asleep in a car, just couldn’t happen…. Too much stuff to do, too much things to see out the window… and too much movement to actually rest my head well enough… even on the freeway it was a while of moving forward, then a turn… then another turn and all that stuff… Plus I had WAY to much to do… Coloring books, Road trip games, Portable Game Devices and all that jazz

    And also… OOOO… a farm! this should be interesting.

  8. falconfox01

    That brings back soo many childhood memories!

  9. Keeshah

    A farm yes..

    We are finally going to meet, the natural non-morphic type of pets!

    • Trefoiler

      That -would make sense, wouldn’t it?

      But if we aren’t, how do farms conduct themselves with sapient/bipedal creatures? Or are only SOME animals ‘morphic? Like half? It is a profound train of thought, to be sure.

  10. rabidkanid

    This brings back some quick BAD memories of my childhood. Being dragged around by my parents to see every person they know that I’ve never seen before in my life, I have nothing to say to them about, they don’t have anything relevant to say back to me about, and me and my brother feel like some freakin trophies that my parents lug around the whole time to show them. They didn’t care how bored or annoyed we were, we didn’t have any choice.

  11. Valerio

    I shiver at those memories. Back in my childhood, there was nothing but look through the window to spend time. And when uncle would drive, he’d do that at a snail-pace. Booooooring.

  12. Xu-kitty

    D’aww, nappy Peanut!

  13. Valerio

    Asimov and LeGuin. Peanut got taste :D

    • Parou

      I second that! Great classic authors.

      Add A.E.Van Vogt and A.D Foster and you’ve got my roadtrip booklist set.

      Mind you, the frame 4 is no surprise to either Grape or us, eh? :-)

      • Keeshah

        What no Andre’ Norton !!!

      • Valerio

        Foster, yay! Go Spellsinger and Thran Ki-ki!
        I’d throw in The Dragon Knight saga by Dickson. A gemstone.
        And no, 4th panel was no surprise at all. And cuteness standards were respected :D

  14. Cowdog

    Love the expression of Grape in the last panel! :)

  15. james319

    LOL keeping himself occupied XD

    so uncle Reuben is a farmer? i wonder what pigs, cow,other farm animals, look like standing up

    • Keeshah

      It has been stated in the fourms, only the pawed mammals stand-up on there hindlegs an have hands..

      • Frank

        O.o we have forums? Or as you put it, four-ms

        • Keeshah

          Oh Noes!! the floating R syndrome!! i hate it, I hate it when that happens!

      • Trefoiler

        (I suppose there -would- be forums. Everybody has to have one these days.)

        So am I to understand that equines, ungulates, cetaceans, and a further and impressively extensive list encompassing at least half of the world’s mammalian fauna (and, perhaps, more than three-fourths of all fauna) are not bipedal?

        Well, alright, I can believe that. However, their sapience seems to stay intact, if I’ve read correctly (into a certain snake goading a certain dog into becoming trapped in a certain display habitat at a certain zoo). No complaints, just the pursuit of understanding. S’all good.

  16. Ginga

    I remember whenever I go on a road trip I always fall asleep since I just get carsick whenever I try something else :X

  17. Wolfspawn

    Roadtrips are funzie ^^

  18. Dreama

    I do this backwards. I bring a pillow and all, but I never fall asleep and I always end up bored.

  19. Baree

    I am kinda jealous. I can’t sleep in a car. A luxury tourbus, maybe. If I have been up for at least 24 hours, then I might get some hours of shut-eye in a luxury tourbus. But a car? Just not going to happen.

  20. Ekio

    I wish our car trips had been more like that ^-^ My step was up the mind that you were awake unless it was night time and you certianly didn’t play games in the car. Couldn’t read because I got car sick….so yeah those 9 hour trips they liked to take. No fun.

    Love the fact that Peanut can’t stay awake in the car, my kiddos are that way. ^-^

  21. drake husky

    Reminds me of all my road trips as a kid, peanut is so like myself as a kid.

  22. Dirk

    Ah, good times… playing games while my brothers were sleeping…

  23. Felysha

    Haha I still do that for flights. I bring along all sorts of things to keep me entertained, and I just end up staring around or just thinking while up in the air. I’ve started to cut down on things. 1 book, 1 notebook, 1 sketchbook. Usually works well enough. Now i”ll have my netbook also, in case that’s desired.

    • Trefoiler

      Excuse me, but I seem to notice a pattern.

      Is it all thanks to the books at your local library? ;)

  24. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Oh yes sounds like my childhood roadtrips, we brought like everything we could and usually only ended up doing one thing then either falling asleep like Peanut or bugging each other/ our parents.

  25. Schrodinger

    I always snooze in the back seat of the car.

    • Yokel

      Ahh. Hello ‘ding.

    • Trefoiler

      I don’t tend to do that much.

      By the way, did you ever find out what happened to your cat? That’s bugged a lot of people for a long time now.

  26. Demonwerewolf110

    I wish I could fall asleep when in a car…I get all motion sick and stuff. *blegh* XP

  27. Geek

    I wish I could balance a pillow like that. Peanut got cartrip-skillz.

    Seriously, it is friggin difficult to find placement for a pillow in a car where it doesn’t slide out from under your head. I once fell asleep andwoke up when our dog licked my face because I was all sideways.

    • Trefoiler

      In fact, it seems like Peanut may be holding it in midair! As if he’s trained himself to fall asleep… sitting up.

      And I did the same thing, only during a lengthy flight, only it was another person, and they didn’t lick me. This doesn’t sound relevant anymore; I apologize.

  28. Frank

    I can almost see it
    “Welcome to the farm! Let me introduce you to Mr. Ham Sandwich and Mrs. Cheese Sandwich” Oh, the possibilities are endless!

  29. Tahoe

    You so totally are not alone in this….
    This exactly how my childhood road trips went! I really miss doing those.
    Great start to the arc, Rick =)

  30. BlueAnubis

    Aww, pannel 4 just oozes with adorable: carseats, sleepy Peanut, and Grape’s look of “how can anything snore that loud?”

    he he, Peanut likes to do the same things I do on road trips, read, draw comics, play nintendo, and sleep for long parts of the trip. (I once slept through two states on a cross country vacation)

  31. Repicheep22

    Heh, that’s me. I’d pack my backpack full of stuff to do, and usually ended up snoozing half the way there.

    • J.J.

      LOL… That’s how my mother used to get me to sleep as a baby, when I was fussing.

      Put me into the car, and drive around for about 10 minutes… I think that’s why I still do as a grown up when someone else drives.

  32. J.J.


    I love it! Reminds me when I was kid, driving 9 hours from the SF Bay Area to my grandparents place in the Palm Springs area (1 bag of clothes, and 2 bags of toys, books, etc).

    And falling ASLEEP?! That’s me… within 20 minutes if someone else is driving.

    LOL… Love the child car seats :-D

  33. 1337

    lucky peanut i can never fall asleep in a car no matter how hard i try (then again maybe i should bring a pillow like he did)

  34. Crystal

    I was like that last year when I got back from the beach. and a few weaks ago on my way to the place I was going with the high school band I was asleep.

  35. Gwenhwyvar

    It is funny to see Peanut being the one sleeping and Grape awake…maybe there will be some kitty payback for all the times Peanut disturbed her naptime… ^^;

    heh heh

    • Frank

      I doubt it. Peanut’s name has one sylable to many for it to be yelled in desperation correctly :)

      • Rick Griffin

        Simon! Theodore! AAAAAL-VIIIIIIIIN!

  36. Lomstat

    Dont we all do that? i mean, i wouldnt bring books to read in the car, i get all sick and stuff. but i always bring a videogame to sleep on it latter

  37. Keijiei

    I love Peanut’s taste in reading material, but it makes me ask questions about his equivalent age. Exactly how old is Peanut supposed to be, anyway? (Yes, I realize that the Cast page vaguely states that he is less than 5, but that has little bearing upon his mental/dog age.) Do dogs/cats age at a different rate in this comic than in real life?

    Will I stop asking questions now? Yes.


    • Dissension

      They’re supposed to be roughly equivalent to teenagers (if I’m remembering correctly).

    • Trefoiler

      If he is, in fact, less than five years old, and he has, in fact, done and said all the things we’ve seen him do and say, I would make the supposition that they age notably faster than humans. Although, since they are what they are, and not normal animals, it may not be quite as rapid. Perhaps merely three times as fast, as opposed to seven.

      Crap- I hope you weren’t speaking rhetorically. I’m such a sucker for explanation.

  38. BloodTh

    hehehe… I am SO glad my friends pointed this out to me, it’s classic, and it’s kinda how I wish life would go. It’d be a lot more exciting. Very interesting ^^

  39. Mia

    Yay I want to see the horses! :D :D :D Hehehehe.

  40. kenny fox

    hehee adorable

  41. Trefoiler

    Irony! Well played. Though, anyone who can sleep through a car ride is alright in my book. Come to think of it, anyone who can stay awake through a car ride is alright in my book as well.

    Sleeping, however, tends to make a passenger cuter by default. A driver… well, let’s be honest, a driver can look cute too. It’s a shame a sensible person would frantically wake them. Then they make this transition into terrified that doesn’t bode as well for the observer. Especially in the headlights of the other car.