No Excuses
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  1. Silentfox

    who IS Uncle Reuben?

  2. Repicheep22

    Peanut looks like he’s doing the Numa Numa dance in the last panel. And Grape’s adorable.

  3. Kajex

    Dude, -I- have an Uncle Reuben!!! o_o

  4. Fuzzypaws

    The faces <3

  5. kenny fox

    lol cute.

  6. CampSoup1988

    I cant help but wonder if Uncle Reuben lives in NYC?

  7. Newby

    This is going to be interesting…

  8. MC_Hollis

    Woo! #7 Not Bad! :D Yes, I think Grape looked inordinately cute in the first panel… Who am I kidding?!? They’re both cute! <3

    • no space

      I think it’s illegal for anything to be as cute as Grape is in that panel.

      • Chiry

        really close to impossible anyway

        • Lucas H.C.

          My GAWD, so cute, wanna hug then both!

      • Zanzawolf

        Heh if it isn’t then it should be XD.

      • Trefoiler

        I’ve been lobbying for such restraints. The Win and Cute emissions coming out of this website have been riding the toxicity line all year.

        We’re all in great danger. And yet… I can’t look away. SO CUTE!

  9. Sabakuryu

    Uncle Reuben is on grapes side? :3 “I thought you knew” could be interpreted that way.

    That or Peanut just doesn’t know his family.

    Or are we talking bout humans again? o.=.o Id so, we have mr and ms sandwich so… sandwich is the fella’s original last name, so perhaps Uncle Reuben is the bro of Dad? :3

    • Rider098

      From what I understand, if we are talking pets side of the family it would definetly have to be Peanuts side due to that Grape’s original name at the shelter was “Princess Periwinkle” before being adopted.

      If its the human side, then I would have to agree with being the Dads side. That and I had no idea sandwich was his original name. I think I’m taking this too seriously XD.

      • Trefoiler

        I nobody I know calls their aunts or uncles by their last name. I think Reuben may be his first name. The last would seem to be anyone’s guess right now.

  10. TomFox

    This is Super Cute!!!

  11. Rider098

    Great postures and excellent faces, they put a smile on my own.

  12. KiraBlue

    Oh. OH. Reuben Sandwich. Ahaha… oh jeez, I’m not sure if I wanna laugh or groan, Rick. XD

    • Lucier

      Peanut(butter)+ Grape(jelly)= Uncle Reuben(sandwhich)
      lol XD perfect!

  13. Valerio

    Their cuteness factor is so high that I can forgive the Reuben Sandwich! :D
    I wanna squeeze ‘em both :love

    • Toaster Lord

      Don’t you mean it’s- OVER NINE-THOU *head shot*

  14. Goleous

    No. I denie this simplistic pun, it does not exist. as long as I follow this, his name is uncle Peter. Peter Griffin.

  15. james319

    i like there dance moves XD really nicely done ^^

  16. sped

    wow, they both look so great XD * starts to dance too*

  17. falconfox01

    Grape and Peanut are way too adorable! sweet!

  18. Yokel

    Dance you fools! Dance!

    • tahrey

      we can has grape & peanut dancin’ fools animated icons / avatars?

  19. Fire1052

    What is it with you and the sandwiches, man? D:<

  20. Kobrag

    Sandwiches are nice?

  21. Ginga

    Dancing ftw! >.<

  22. Moonwing

    Ha, I think Peanut and Grape are hilarious and adorable. That Dynamic Duo is just priceless.

  23. Yami

    wow grape acting fem in the first panel

    • Score_Under

      Grape *is* a female – we’re told that in one of the earlier strips.

      • Two_Twig

        Perhaps he might acting more feminine than usual.

        • Two_Twig

          “Meant,” sorry.

          • Two_Twig

            not “might”.

      • tahrey

        yes, but she’s a tomboy… tomcat… er….
        you know.

    • Yami

      yeah, she’s acting more fem then normal.

  24. BillyMT

    Well I never met Uncle Reuben either, who’s he? :O

  25. pkjo

    w00t! The ultimate pair is back!

  26. Fenrir

    Haha, I have to say I think Peanut’s face is inordinately cute in the 2nd panel, and Grape is just cute overall :P

  27. RNCoyote

    Both are excited for a roadtrip…..or it could another visit to the vet

  28. MrGBH

    Ummmmm. What’s a reuben sandwich?

    • Shaboigan

      Grilled sandwich made of Corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing.

      • tahrey

        Good God, sounds disgusting…
        just like the ingredient list of any sandwich I make when I’m given free rein. It’s probably awesome. I must write this recipe down and make it :D

        Now where do I go to find Sauerkraut? I don’t believe I’ve seen it in the local supermarket. Perhaps need to get the Polish translation (if’n its not Polish in the first place) and see if it’s one of the mysterious litre-size jars of pickles taking up the shelves in the foreign products (for the migrant workers ;) section.

        • Rick Griffin

          Saurkraut is pickled cabbage

        • Ginga

          Reuben sandwich is actually pretty good once you get use to the mixed flavors and all :P

        • Shaboigan

          Its usually in cans, somewhere near the canned vegetables. Its known as sauerkraut in english too, no translation needed.

  29. Shaboigan

    I would be excited too, I love Rueben sandwiches

    • Valerio

      NOW you made me think of a very, very nasty concept of ‘visit’ P&G must be thinking of…

      • Newby

        ??? Oh! wait…. i get it.

  30. Dragon-Guy

    Heh. I still act like that when I find out we’re going on a car trip. Great artwork.

    … I just thought of something. They call their owners “Mom and Dad” so if their owners had kids would they consider them siblings?

    • Trefoiler

      I think they would still be owners, just smaller, less dominant ones. But then again, simplistic pack dynamics may not translate into the Housepets! world.

      Maybe they -would- be like siblings.

  31. AirTItan

    Nice, very nice.

    Oh! I just had a bad, yet funny idea about who Uncle Reuben is! What if he was the skinny PeTA guy for the arc before the last three comics?

  32. BlueAnubis

    and now to go trough the list of things in my head.

    1. YAY!! Dancin time!!!!!
    2. Alright! We’re gonna go see Uncle Ruben! We’re gonna go see Uncle Ruben!
    3. He he. Ruben Sandwich. Nice.
    4. the music in my head? It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time! It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

    • tahrey

      Hahaha :D
      but ….. hmm …. nope, can’t make it fit the words without sounding forced.

      • BlueAnubis

        actually, I was just thinking about the fact that it is Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly dancing :D

      • Trefoiler

        It’s Peanut, Grape Sandwich time!
        Peanut, Grape Sandwich time!

        Peanut, Grape
        Peanut, Grape
        Peanut, Grape with baseball bats…!

  33. Insignificance


  34. Geek

    Funny thing is, there are wierder names than “Reuben Sandwich.” F’rinstance, try “Esmerelda Weatherwax.”

    And yes, I did find that in a phone book, BTW.

    • tahrey

      Someone must have been geeking out over early Pratchett and not cared about their newborn having a wierd name…
      (mind you, most of Pterry’s characters have unusual but _believable_ names, possibly as a reaction to the craziness of Tolkien et al)

      That or it’s a really crazy fan who changed their own name

      • Geek

        Actually, I found it in a few places… It’s amazing what turns out to be someone’s name.
        Also, “Weatherwax” is a real name. I know someone who’s never really heard of TP who’s last name is Weatherwax. And I am a big TP fan, so he knows about it now….
        Life is odd.

  35. Tachyon

    This is the cutest comic I can remember.

  36. icarus

    sounds like someone must have mentioned the word “car” to the pets.
    i love watching dogs do the wiggle when they find out.

  37. Lupa

    They’re so adorabibble!!!

  38. Two_Twig

    I just want to say I feel like you’ve finally nailed Grape’s look in this one. That may sound weird and it probably does… but ever since you switched to the new style, there was something about Grape that was lacking just a bit, almost like you were still adjusting her new facade as time went by. She never looked bad I assure you, only she just seemed different, atmospherically speaking. However, I can see how comfortable her style has become, and how it now gives me that familiar feeling of “Grapede” (Word I make up) when seeing her like it did in the old style; that can be rather difficult to achieve in some cases, especially when you change the artwork from something everyone was once used to, but you’ve pulled it off greatly. I think its important that readers feel familiar with the characters and I feel I do too once again with Grape. Its just my opinion, but hopefully many can see the immense improvement this comic continues to make with each panel.

    • Trefoiler

      I agree; this Grape seems to carry the character well. The careful balance of the ‘girl-that-looks-like-a-guy’ appearance is captured extremely well. Both her and Peanut’s proportions seem to have reached a charmingly comfy state (for example, the so-called ‘Popeye arms’ may not have complimented their physique as well as the those now seen). And lastly, it seems that after a shaky start, the Griffin has remastered his perfect expressions and fully reintegrated them into his style. I say bravo– and encore!

      On a side note, I hope Rick doesn’t mind me referring to him as ‘The Griffin’ or ‘The Great Griffin’. They just fit, I’m afraid. ;)

  39. Jimmy the purple

    ‘Uncle’ as in, they’re going to visit Uncle Reuben but their parent’s/owners are not.
    Pet-Care center while they go on a real vacation.

    • tahrey

      ooh, nicely spotted… i think.

      let’s see!

  40. foxfireattack

    I’m strongly reminded of the Calvin and Hobbes rain dance :3

  41. Ekio

    Just found your comic and read the archive ^-^ Love it! Can’t wait to see more *he he*

    • Trefoiler

      Welcome to the club! Good to have you.

      You shall not be disappointed!

  42. sparra

    peanut dances just like my dad when the meter expired in his parking spot and he din’t get a ticket. weird…

  43. megnak

    It is simply magnificent phrase

  44. tahrey

    In addition to my other comments I’d just like to say individually that the character art in this particular strip is 100% of awesome.
    Still getting used to Grape actually having cat eyes, but she doesn’t look alien any more and it’s all generally ^_^

  45. R-One

    Good thing the legs are not fully visible in these panels, or these would probably be turned into unofficial T-shirts so fast it’d make your head spin, much like a particular Calvin & Hobbs strip no doubt was, rofl. XD

  46. Akwolf


  47. Squival

    good ol Uncle Reuben!

    also in agreement with the person above me


  48. Os

    happy happy happy ^^

  49. Wolfspawn

    Indeed D’aww ^^ The cutest pets are on the stage :P

  50. Trefoiler

    Ahaha! Who cares who he is!? Keep dancing! You’re making happy in my face!

    Excellent strip! All panels tie for best, and could easily begin solo careers! Preferably as those ‘T-shirts’ I’ve heard so much about!

    • Trefoiler

      Exclamation marks mean I’m yelling! Yay!