The Mini Adventures Of Spot

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  1. Esahc

    I keep forgetting that she’s not all there.

  2. Zurr

    Poor Sasha. She doesn’t get it.

  3. foxfireattack

    I’m mildly confuzzled…

  4. Repicheep22

    Well, at least ONE dog doesn’t think he’s a cat lover.

  5. StainedSword

    Oh Sasha, did you forget to take your medicine? You and your wacky shenanigans…

    I bet it will later be revealed in a stunning plot twist that she is in fact a cat. I can see it coming.

  6. Oblivion


  7. Yami

    you know in the cartoons when someone says something really weird, and the other person looks at them strange and the stereotypical music they use for aliens flying around starts play? I bet that’s what happens after panel 4.

  8. Valerio

    it’s alright. it’s Sasha anyway. ;)

  9. james319

    lol Sasha doesn’t get it XD its nice to know that Peanut is sharing the comic with more than just Grape :)

  10. Kajex

    This is a prequel. X3 I love it.

  11. Lance

    “Oh Comic Making Person, how did you know that this is from my life? I know all your characters are real persons and now you gotta tell me the address and phone number of the person my favorite character is based on!”

    Nah, we’ve never heard THAT before.

  12. Goleous

    Still hate the new style and will complain about it, but cool story bro.

  13. Severedevil

    Peanut’s art is getting better.

    • Ms. Mowz

      Or the artist is getting better at drawing suckish-like
      If that’s not clear, I’m saying the artist may be getting better at drawing like a novice is really drawing instead.
      Please don’t hurt me, I don’t want that misconstrued as a bad thing about Mr. Griffin.
      You all know people dumb enough to mistake stuff like that as insults.

      • Pencil

        It took me two readings to get what you mean D8 And yeah, that might make sense. But at the same time it could be used as accidental character development for Peanut, so its a win win.

      • Trefoiler

        If an artist got -better- at making a piece mediocre, wouldn’t the piece get even -worse-? By this logic, the Great Griffin has failed too! (I mean no offense as well, and I think I’ve made that clear in just about every post I’ve made. The Griffin pwns. Hard.)

        And– to compound Pencil’s statements– it makes perfect sense that somebody (i.e. Peanut) who does not draw well, but draws often, becomes better at it. Perhaps the Griffin has taken that into account.

        (hint: In literature, those people are called ’round characters’! (♪♫The more you know…!♪♫))

        This has to be a personal record in parentheses. Huh.

  14. Kurast

    At least we know where her loyalties lie.

  15. 1337

    i love the expression on peanuts face its priceless. i make that face all the time.

    • Valerio

      Sasha’s expression just screams ‘kiss me!’

      • Boingo the Clown

        I…think that went a bit too far. Also, she’s staring at the book. Kissing a book isn’t proper either.

      • Newby

        I know what you mean!

  16. Ginga

    Nice to see Peanut and his comics again :D

  17. Squival

    Peanut’s slowly getting better at drawing too :)

  18. leeukaji

    lol i love the adventures of spot. poor sasha she just isnt all there XD i love how detailed penuts comic is

  19. BlueAnubis

    So I’m assuming that she finds out that Mild Mannered – Professor Spot is Spot (Superdog) between then and when she gets “not-a-catnapped”?

    Ahh Sasha, so sweet, so cute, so… odd. I bet that she is really a genius somewhere in there, but everyone just thinks she’s ditzy.

    • Lucas H.C.

      I still thinks that there is nobody home, if you know what I’m talking about…
      Nice strip, love it!

    • Trefoiler

      Reminds me of Julian (a character in Wagons East!) and his big reveal at the end of the movie. Apparently comedy relief-turned-gunslinger.

      Chances are that Sasha turns out to be a fantastic singer or something. I can’t wait.

  20. JasonF

    Uh oh… his intentions have been hijacked!

  21. Frank

    Can’t wait to see what Daisy says when he shows her a comic :-D

    • Newby

      she’ll probably look at it and say,” HI, I’m Daisy.” lmao

  22. Fuzzypaws

    I wonder if there are any smart dog girls in the neighborhood or if they’re all like Sasha and Daisy. *giggles*

    • Valerio

      considering the IQ levels of Bino and Rex, I’d say we have a fair match :P

    • Dissension

      I don’t know if the girls are necessarily ‘dumb.’ It’s possible that Sasha’s just kinda scatterbrained and Daisy has… ‘other priorities.’

      I guess you’d have to call Sasha more than ‘kinda scatterbrained,’ but I’ve actually had conversations eerily similar to some of hers. *shudders*

  23. Yokel

    From the source, folks. Clearly not a cat.

  24. falconthefox


  25. MalixDexide

    Love Peanut’s face on Panel 4!

    Well… Sasha is right about not being a cat!

  26. Indagare

    Stripe is obviously a “fido felinis” – a dog that looks like a cat.

  27. CalaverX11


    The more I see Sasha, the more I love her.

    • Valerio

      Me too.
      She makes me feel very protective to her. :)

      • Residentfriendly

        she makes me feel smarter~ xD

  28. rabidkanid

    Behold, the logic a lot of people try to get away with in real life!

  29. zrofyre

    This is awesome! I love that Spot and Stripe are back.!

    ( and I must be really slow to recognize the creative liberties in Spot ( dogs predominantly spots ) and Stripe ( cats predominantly stripes ) sad me )

  30. Lucier

    XD reminds me of my oldest sister she’s not all there…

  31. FoxBlood

    Put your ear up to hers and you’ll hear the ocean.

    • D_Leo

      Nah, that’s just static!

      • Dissension

        From the praying mantises’ transmitters?

      • Trefoiler

        I particularly enjoy the echo you get when you talk into it.

  32. Li the Tanuki

    ‘ he’s basically just like you’
    ‘he sounds handsome!’

  33. Yami

    now that is a WTF face.

  34. Wolfspawn

    Is anyone really going out with Sasha? Well… at least she got the looks ^^

    • Trefoiler

      Bino is. I think.

      …but aren’t they pets? Can they even do that?

      (Cat Tail arc reference yay)(A Mouse Named Spo arc as well yay)