Yes All Of Them

Ack, no Grape or Peanut today either! Well that’s okay, something special is about to come up, I thought I’d get in a few more lesser seen characters first

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  1. KiraBlue

    Hahaha. XD I love them,

  2. Newby

    the two in the bottom right hand corner are cute…

    • Cyb-009

      …and quite friendly with each other, judging by their expressions.

  3. zero

    Sadly reminds me of the lady who lives next door to me…

  4. Repicheep22

    And I thought John and Kate had it bad, and their kids aren’t even identical.

  5. Kas

    Surprise? I’m intrigued!

  6. Cyb-009

    It’s like the StarWars clone army… with cats. (^_^)

    • falconfox01


    • gagi

      man … i would really like to see that :D

      oo no .. cuteness attack … ^^

  7. Fuzzypaws

    I wonder how many of them are girls.

    • Fire1052

      I see at least… Four that could be.

  8. StainedSword

    The two in the bottom right are being very friendly…

    It kind of looks like a doodle page, showing all the different expressions and poses of one character. Which it kind of is. Like it.

  9. Keeshah

    “we have got to find a better way to do this”

    Have each one choose a number between 1 an 11.

    Mr. Bigglesworth #1… here
    Mr. Bigglesworth #2… here
    Mr. Bigglesworth #3… are you #3? or is that me??

    • Lee Morrison

      LOL obviously you have never tried to train recruits in basic training to count off in sequence. It goes: ” 1….2…3….huh?” Then you start over and get to about 11 or 12 before someone runs out of fingers.

  10. Ebly

    Tag should not read Mr. Bigglesworth.
    Tag should read Mr. Bigglesworth, Mr. Bigglesworth, Mr. Bigglesworth, Mr. Bigglesworth, Mr. Bigglesworth, Mr. Bigglesworth, Mr. Bigglesworth, Mr. Bigglesworth, Mr. Bigglesworth, Mr. Bigglesworth.

    • Trefoiler

      That -does- seem more practical, doesn’t it? I mean, we can’t just -assume- which Mr. Bigglesworth that is on the tag. That would get confusing all too quickly.

      I may be willing to settle for ‘The Bigglesworths’. They all share a last name, after all. The name being Bigglesworth.

  11. Valerio

    someone fetch an aspirin!
    Must be SOME stag party with them around :D

    • D_Leo

      Some of them are girls…

  12. Valerio

    PS – did I mention they are SO adorable?

  13. Rider098

    *knock knock*
    Postman: Package for… Bigglesworth the Cat?
    Bigglesworth (ALL of them): Mine! Mine! Mine! No its not, its mine! Oh yeah? Prove it! Mine! Mine! Yoink! Hey!!!
    *cat roughhouse noises* XP

  14. Valerio

    Mice joke: you’re so fat that there’s not enough Mr. Bigglesworth for you!

  15. Boingo the Clown

    Easier way: Count the maximum amount of Mr. Bigglesworth’s, then see how many Mr. Bigglesworth’s there are in the room.

    • Arc

      And if one is missing? How do you determine which Bigglesworth it is thats missing?

      • -Silence-

        Does it matter? They’re probably all the same, and if they AREN’T, then you can name him/her by a personality trait.

        So, it’s either:

        Mr. Bigglesworth: “Lets go look for the missing Mr. Bigglesworth!”
        Mr. Bigglesworth: “I’ve found him!”
        Mr. Bigglesworth: “Ack, that’s ME. I wasn’t lost!”
        Mr. Bigglesworth: “…but you ARE Mr. Bigglesworth, right?”

        Or else it’s:

        Mr. Bigglesworth: “Lets go look for the missing Mr. Bigglesworth!”
        Mr. Bigglesworth: “Errr…which one?”
        Mr. Bigglesworth: “You know, the one that keeps licking his paw…”
        Mr. Bigglesworth: “Oh THAT one! Sure thing!”

      • Boingo the Clown

        Well, that’s why you first have to know the maximum amount of Mr. Bigglesworths!

        • Lucas H.C.

          Put then all in a room, calculate the space that each one occupies, and then, calculate the size of the room, if there is any difference, someone is missing… the problem is finding out who is missing…

          PS: It’s a shame that I have allery to cat fur… I would probably sneeze myself to death, still THEY ARE SO UNBELIVABLE CUTE, WANNA HAVE THEN ALL!!!!

          • D_Leo

            You too, huh?

  16. Ainoko

    IDENTITY CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. dragonnutds

    here is another way to do it, let each cat choose a “middle” name

  18. Squival

    rofl in all fairness, they do actually look alike so there owner isnt all wrong ^^

    • Thrash

      Imagine if the owner only thinks he/she has one cat.

      • Trefoiler

        “Oh, you! How can you lose your collar ten times in a row??”

        “Just one more! This is the last. Pinky swear.”

        “Well… alright…”

  19. james319

    lol the female cat too? XD yeah i think they should be numbered or given code names or something XD

  20. dragonnutds

    just now notaced, thurd from the botom-right has glasses

    • dragonnutds

      just now noticed, third from the bottom-right has glasses,
      sorry, i was in such a hurry i forgot to run spell check

      • Moonwing

        Well, if one has glasses why cant they tell him apart from the rest? I mean, the others don’t have glasses.

        • Tachyon

          Maybe he only needs them for reading?

          • Moonwing

            true but then his name could be like “Book” or something since he reads and he needs glasses to do it lol O.O

  21. james319

    something special is going to happen between Peanut and Grape? :D i cant wait XD

    • Two_Twig

      You make it sound like something very specific is going to happen between them *hint*… like whether or not they’ll… hm… I think a good some have probably already come to that speculation… myself included. I can’t wait either.

  22. myzused

    I like the one with glasses and his expression. It says “Why me?”

  23. tahrey

    Never mind middle names, just let them choose *first* names…. Mr John Q Bigglesworth etc

    • Tachyon

      Thats actually a good point. Well spotted sir.

  24. Kurast

    Seems they are passing that book around quite quickly.

  25. RNCoyote

    There’s 11 of them. Must be crazy old lazy owning them.

  26. Xu-kitty

    Snuggly kitties! X3
    Also, we could do Snow-White inspired monikers;
    Leadery, Read-y, Snuggly 1 and Snuggly 2, Glassy, Kicky, Nappy, Loungy, Posey, Licky, and Steve.

  27. Devious_Psychopath

    I thought there was only 10?…

    • Tachyon

      Did you count the one reading the roll?

  28. Valerio

    their mom must have had a fit after such a pregnancy!

    • GameCobra

      Don’t forget though, it’s written in the “Cast” section that most of them are not even blood related. some maybe, i’m guessing 2-3, but for the most part, they are all different in terms of who,when, and where.

      we just know that the owner (the mom i’m guessing in their eyes) loves Siamese cats =P

  29. TomFox

    I like how the one on the top of the couch appears to be in the middle of reading Pridelands. Least I figure since they all had to share the same book right? Must be a nightmare knowing that everyone else knows the story except you. Spoilers abound!!!

  30. pkjo

    wow…that’s a looooot of siblings. The one with the glasses happens to be my favorite.

  31. Geek

    Two points:
    A) Alot of them look like they are fed up with this proccess. About half, I’d say.
    B) Why are they neccesarily siblings? Heckavalotta siamese cats look alike. My aunt has like three, and they are the same except for their collars.

  32. BlueAnubis

    BIGGLESWORTHS… Bigglesworthses? Bigglesworthes? Whatever, MORE THAN ONE MR. BIGGLESWORTH!!! YAY!!!!!

    Aww, the couple in the corner is so cute!!! I wonder if there are any other couples there?

  33. Lucier

    there are three things that i need to question
    1. O.o um.. which one is the orginal?
    2. Is it troblesome for christmas presents?
    3. How can the tell who’s the other Mr. Bigglesworths?

    (my head hurts from thinking too much)

    • Trefoiler

      Here are some things I am mysteriously compelled to answer.

      1. I would take it to be the one doing the roll call. Or maybe he/she (I think he) is the oldest or something. Otherwise, it’s anyone’s guess. Or did you mean, like… clones? Hm…
      2. Maybe. She probably gets them all the same thing. Although I can’t imagine the ramifications in the event another ’secret Santa’ process. I think they know each other well enough to get good gifts.
      3. Well, for starters, they eliminate themselves from the investigation. (Ha!) I would even bet they have fully unique personalities, for if they didn’t, they would all be doing the same thing, which they are clearly not.

      (Thinking makes my head smile.) :D

  34. Profesor Rod


  35. Jimmy the purple

    I hope there are 11 female cats, there are so many jokes to be made….
    No wait, don’t explain it and use the lack of knowledge of them as a joke!

  36. sokahu

    …why would a cat need glasses?

    • Trefoiler

      Maybe he/she just wears them to look cool. Or different. Or smarter.

      But, after his unfortunate disagreement with a frying pan… why would Bino need bandages?

      A medical condition may play a part, as well.

  37. Ann

    As bad as I think???? Aren’t they all related????

    • Andreas

      So, then its WORSE than you thought….

    • D_Leo

      Not all of them.

  38. i

    lol i love how they dont look like the mr.bigglesworth from the movie. still there cute.

    i didnt notice the ones in the corner till just now

  39. MrGBH

    Why didn’t their mum just get some collars with “A”, “B”, “C” etc on them? Or different colours with different bells (That make different pitched rings)? It wouldn’t be that hard.

  40. D_Leo

    11 Siamese…
    By rules of probability, one of them is supposed to be cross eyed.

  41. BillyMT

    When the Borg goes feline… XDD

    “Do not resist. You shall be catified!”

    • Trefoiler

      We are the Bigglesworth.
      We will add absolutely nothing of your attributes and replace them with our own.
      You shall become Siamese.
      You may resist, if you please.

  42. Zaiki

    They all look the same, but they’re not all girls.

  43. Lax

    One of them has glasses, the one who was at the convention a few pages back

  44. Tachyon

    Who said I thought they were all girls?