Not Good With Children
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  1. Newby

    what a little punk..

  2. pkjo

    Its not going to be that easy to get rid of him :)

  3. Oblivion

    BRB, readin’ some Garfield and Nermal.

    • Gaara1357

      when Pap showed up, Garfield and Nermal were the first two things that came to mind

      • Mia

        Hahahaha me too!

        • BillyMT

          Maybe because they’re orange and gray? XD

  4. Odos

    Am I the only one who thinks Tiger is a good name even for a dog? I don’t know why it fits, but it does for some reason…

    Anyway, I will agree, what a little punk… and you know he’s going to get his way because he’s “Cute…” When will people LEARN, anything cute and fuzzy is inherently EVIL… it’s true…

    • Rick Griffin

      Well that is kinda why he was named Tiger in the first place, it DOES sound like a good name. We even had a dog we named Tiger once (never really kept them for that long when I was a kid . . .)

      • Keeshah

        The Brady Bunch dog was named tiger as well.

        • Watcher

          It needs to be spelled “Tyger” to work IMHO.

          • Keeshah

            Tyger Tyger burning bright?…. Awww no pap set him on fire!!

  5. Nukta

    I saw what you did there. :D

  6. Pontos

    Hahaha, +1 for Garfield reference :D

  7. V

    XD As if Garfield wasn’t awesome enough, now he’s being referenced by HP. Fantasmical all over. Pap’s adorable btw, can’t wait for more!

  8. Fuzzypaws

    What about parcel post ^.^

  9. Goleous

    Garfield… Refer… Wha… Whe… Where am I? This island isn’t my homeland!

    • Rick Griffin

      This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife! How did I get here?

      • tahrey

        “Oh my God! What have I done?!”

  10. Dorian

    When will they ever learn, put a single stamp on it with no return address. They go to the dead letter office and they will find Jimmy Hoffa before them.

  11. Kurast

    There are some locations which require no postage, y’know…

  12. Sleet

    But Abu Dhabi is in the UAE.

  13. Polar_Bear

    Hehe. Totally awesome.
    Anyone else have the Abu Dhabi song that Garfield did in the cartoon running through their head? I know I’ve got it.

  14. Yokel

    Hehe, i remember a Garfield strip where he tried sending Nermal to Abu Dhabi. Swish. Rick here tackles the logistical drawbacks of such a move. Smart man.

    • Freeze Rabbit

      It turned into kind of a running gag in the comic and the cartoon. In the cartoon they even went to Abu Dhabi at one point (though I suspect the writers didn’t realize it’s a real place).

      I think the first time Garfield tried it, the mailman brought the package back to the house for “insufficient postage”.

  15. Fire1052

    Ah, just leave him in the box.

  16. Valerio

    PUPPY for year 2!
    I’ll forgive him just *anything*

  17. Oleo

    Try Texas, instead.

  18. Draco_2k

    Genius. Actually… Genius as usual.

  19. james319

    ouch XD lets hope he doesn’t tell aunt Claire

  20. Shadow Wolf X7

    I say we make a donation drive to help Tiger out. :)

  21. Squival

    lol that puppy was cute until he turned into a smart arse in the 3rd panel ;)
    I fully endorse Tiger’s descision

    • Valerio

      first things first, Tiger must eradicate Bino and all his family :D

  22. falconfox01

    Lol! Pap is cute, but I have found that “Cute” and “Evil” more often than not go hand in hand. poor Tiger! :P

    • D_Leo

      At least Pap’s not a cat…

  23. Keyblade0101


  24. ZukinLWW

    XD Oh, the Garfield references never stop being funny. Well done!

  25. Sage Freehaven

    LOL Nermal.

  26. slowshootinpete

    Tiger should just send him 18th class mail.

  27. Andreas

    Its good to see Tiger again. I like how he’s drawn. The pup was adorable until it opened its mouth. Is Tiger still creeping out Zak. Rather he has a thing for Zak or not, that was funny as all get out. The Lets creep out Zak theam works well. Good luck on the comic. So far it ROCKS.

    • Ann

      L.O.L. OK I hate to do it but I agree with Andreas, Tiger “creeping” out Zak WAS funny as H. E. double Hockey sticks.

  28. Scott A

    Haha! The United Arab Emirates xD What a choice of places to send him. Usually its “the north pole” or something. Kudos, that made me laugh.

    • Valerio

      Why not Timbuktu?
      Heh, Tiger just was run a Pap Test :D

      • Keeshah

        I didn’t know tiger was a female!

        • Valerio

          ouch! bad pun didn’t succeed.
          My bad

      • Polar_Bear

        So if the puppy was left as a streak on the desk after Tiger beat the crap out of him for the remark… would that be a pap smear?

  29. BlueAnubis

    EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! PUPPY!!!! Too cute!! Not quite as cute as baby Princess Periwinkle, but still cute.

    I agree with Shadow Wolf though. This pup is going to be trouble.

    I can’t wait to see the reactions of the other Babalonians :D

    And finally… YAY!! YEAR TWO!!!!!

  30. BlueAnubis

    EEEEEEEEEE!!! PUPPY !!! Too cute! Not quite as cute as baby Princess Periwinkle, but still cute.

    I agree with S hadow Wolf though, this pup is going to be trouble.

    I can’t wait to see the reactions of the other Babalonians, especially Grape’s.

    And finally… YAY! YEAR TWO!!!!

    • BlueAnubis

      hmm, when I tried posting earlier, it said it did not go through, I guess it did not want to show it on my phone. sorry about the multiple posts.

  31. Ginga

    Aww even the pups make fun of Tiger >.<
    Anyways its always nice to see Tiger again :D

  32. Echo

    Tiger should tie Pap’s mouth shut.
    It works.
    Oh, and Pap is sure one to talk! Seriously, what kind of name is PAP?

    • Ann

      I might be wrong so don’t quote me on this one. Though I think Pap is short for Pappino.

  33. J.J.

    Tiger starts singing: “I’m gonna get ya.., on a Slow Boat to China. All by my self… alone.”

  34. Repicheep22

    Ah yes, the adorably evil cutey, they never get old.

  35. JasonF

    Pap? Awww…. he’s just a li’l smear of a guy….

    • hbar98

      *groans* However, you were the first to make that joke, so you win 1 internets.

      • JasonF

        Yeah… it was pretty obvious. I had to read all the replies first to make sure it hadn’t already been said. I was surprised that it hadn’t. Lol

        I gladly accept your 1 free internet. Works like a charm! ;)

  36. Keeshah

    Puppies don’t have to wear a collar an tags>?

    • Mikee

      Depends how old they are. Under 4 months is too young to get a rabies shot, so no tag.

  37. Moonwing

    I love dogs and cats, so when I saw the puppy in panels 1 and 2 I thought it was adorable, till Pap opened his little smart mouth. If I was Tiger, I’d give that little pup to Grape and Spo just to see what they’d do if he said something smart to them. It would probably teach him to hold his tongue, if he was lucky enough to keep it, because then Tiger would be able to say “So, Pap, cat got your tongue?”

  38. kenny fox

    heh heh heh. fun new character.

  39. Kaloyan

    Nice Garfield reference.

  40. Xu-kitty

    D’aww, puppy! Little wise-ass. XD

  41. Crystal

    ha ha, the little pup is going away

  42. Trefoiler

    Ooh, shouldn’t have went there, new guy. Tiger will bring his classic, excessive heritage down on you so fast you’ll start shedding season early just to torture your owner! Or something.

    Anyway, I want to see how many more animals get sent to the Arbelts before people realize how unstable Tiger is. And I use the word ‘unstable’ in the most loving way possible, of course. I’m sure his intentions are pure.

  43. Wolfspawn

    Hahaha! Oh my fluff that’s cute ^^

  44. microbuss

    ohhh c’mon He’s cute So he’s abit of a brat You just gotta play nice is all ;-)